Sunday 8 March 2015

The third handsomest Malaysian politician

I worked very hard yesterday.

Running around under the hot sun the whole day doing my stupid work.

Despite that my bosses hate and want to sack me, I still work as usual even on my off day.

I always try my best.

Simply don't know how else to do my work.

I'm not saying I'm the best worker or the most talented, but I believe I have always tried my best in what ever task I was given.

So, by the time I reached home about 9.30pm last night, I was exhausted.

Ate some rice with fried eggs and bits of spinach before lying down still fully dressed on my mattress (I don't have a bed).

I knocked off immediately.

Woken up only to realize it was just after midnight.

My body was aching all over, particularly the left side.

I actually have spinal problem.

Too weak to immediately get up to take a shower.

Took off my t-shirt and jeans while still lying down.

It's very warm in my room.

Haven't fixed the aircond and only have the ceiling fan.

Took me almost half an hour before I could find the strength to get up.

Had my shower and did the necessary before applying some of these on my back,

That made me felt better.

Then I found out some pictures send by someone via wassap that made me decided who should be the third handsomest politician in the country.

The pictures are those about the rally to free DS Anwar Ibrahim from jail yesterday.

Police said about 2,000 people took part in the rally but the organizer and pro-Pakatan Malaysiakini claimed there were over 10,000.

I got a message from a journalist friend who covered the rally at the Sogo shopping complex saying the police was actually being generous with their figures.

But the pictures were not that of the rally in Sogo but the one they had in London.

Here is the group photo of the protesters,

I guess the organizer will say there were over 100 or 1,000 protesters there in London.

Well, doesn't matter.

What really matters was that this guy in the leather jacket was with them,

Upon seeing this picture, I immediately decided that he should be nominated as the third handsomest politician in Malaysia

Don't you think so?

Very dapper, isn't he?

Normally, when he was among his alim ulama supporters, he prefers to look like this,

Total make over leh.

But don't play play, come June after the muktamar, he may become the Pas president.

Not bad, okay.

By the way, the second handsomest Malaysian politician is this guy,

And the handsomest of them all is still this guy,

Sorry Chinese, Guan Eng not in the top three, okay.

It's because he always look like this to me,


  1. Are u on purpose trying to make the redbeaners wank again Annie? Kesian la kat dia org.....

    1. What? I put picture of Mat Sabu in leather jacket also they want to wank ka? Don't la....

    2. I meant the thot of with very little clothin and of rubbing deep heat cream all over your body for la just ribbing the readbeaners off hihihi

  2. I love cina amoi...cina amoi best..

    1. Disagree. Malay girls the best.

    2. The guy beating snare drum at London wear pink sweater gitteww.... Bang non's old flame ka? Hahaha

  3. Mat Sabu pernah kena demam denggi tapi masih tak mahu bertaubat ke? Could have died you know.

    1. Sabo the radical PAS Islamist Sabo the radical DAP komunis .... the damned idiot. Apa? polis-polis Melayu terkorban di Bt. Kepong bukan mati syahid kah? Apa? Chin Peng dan Mat Indera komunis tu bukan pembunuh kah? dia pejuang kemerdekaan Malaysia kah? phuuui!

  4. DAP pun malas nak join. Program PKR biasa banyak gimik. Penyokong pun nak harapkan parti DAP dan PAS.

    Ikut sumber risik, Guan Eng dah rancang supaya Mat Sabu jadi Presiden PAS. Kemudian dia akan bye bye PKR dan Anwar. Penyokong PKR tak ramai pun. DAP akan lawan semua urban dan mixed seat sementara PAS kontrol rural seat.

    Sekarang ni kerusi boleh menang diberi pada PKR, tapi tak boleh perform. Guan Eng percaya DAP dan PAS boleh bentuk kerajaan persekutuan. Anwar hanya batu loncatan.

  5. Woi Annejing pu..i masam, keturunan cina lahanat. Elok la kau ngangkang padavRukiblu tu. Dia pun kaki jilat pan... Dua-dua pun bloopers prepaig!

    1. Take it easy need to mencarut here...Annie is funny....and actually is right..

    2. Onani-mous 08:03

      Have u missed your daily onani??

  6. Anon 08:03,

    Andalah pemberi komen paling KURANG AJAR! Kalau tahap intelek amat rendah untuk berhujah secara berfakta tolong duduk diam! Nanti orang akan membuat kesimpulan semua penyokong PR serendah intelek anda, kurang ajar dan moron yang tidak tahu berhujah secara bertamaddun.

    Nanti PR akan rugi banyak bila ramai rakyat Malaysia yang mempunyai fikiran waras tidak lagi memangkah PR! Kalau anda orang Melayu Islam, anda memberi malu yang amat besar kepada bangsa ini yang terkenal tinggi budi bahasanya!

    Jangan jangan anda ini anak - - - - - . Hendak menyebutnya pun saya malu!!

  7. Gambar Gaun Eng... tengok dan naik menyampah. Arrogant bastard.

  8. "Annejing", I like that..

  9. Khairy handsome? Please la Annie. Anything associated with Pak Lah is a big no no. Enough la

    1. couldn't agree more... If handsome doesn't come with adab, there goes ur handsomeness into the drain..well.we still remember what he did during pak lah's time..

    2. what did he do?

  10. Annie,
    PR punya demo or ceramah always follow thi SOP
    DAP....will take care of stage/logistic/finance
    PKR....will provide tukang karut/,clown/artis
    PAS....will provide audience/shout ALLAH AKBAR/gulingx
    but now the third one MIA so PR show hancus like you saw at SOGO yesterday
    What la you really have no taste at all,why not choose Rafizi Bapok instead of this Sabu fellow.

  11. Funny witty Annie...keep it up!
    you speak my language too leh!

  12. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and is subjective. However, i think Azmin is the better among them all. As for KJ, he resembles the nickname given to him by UMNO Bloggers-Kera Jantan.

  13. Annie, you have a different taste of beauty and handsomeness. Your handsome guys are more likely to be romeos or gigolos.

  14. Call him Kera Jantan or whatever kera you may want, this Menantu Baba is a billionaire! Although at very young age, he "worked very hard" to be a billionaire or maybe he also have "Harta Warisan Pusaka" like his boss . You know la people in UMNO can never be poor. I wonder when will be next UMNO election so i could dream to nominate myself.


    1. I hope his billions can be of use dalam kuboq dia nanti

  15. Annie, please don't forget the blowjob in the toilet incident. MB Azmin doesn't deserve the rights to be nominated at all. Once beaten twice shame.

    1. Assmin BJ...nice name...hee..hee