Monday 9 March 2015

A good day which could been even better

Bumped into my friend from the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) at a function yesterday.

The guy seemed genuinely cheerful for the first time for quite a while.

He was joking around like he used to be.

"Ah! Datin Annie, how are you?" he greeted me with an ear to ear grin upon seeing me.

"You call me that again and I'm going to fucking smack your head," I replied.

He just laughed it off, despite me making my most garang face.

The guy can be quite funny when he is in a good mood.

I also noticed that he can walk well and not limping a bit like he normally does.

The guy got some muscular ailment on one of his legs. Sometimes it's okay, sometimes not so.

We were chit chatting a bit when a fat lady and her friends interrupted us.

Well, my friend is quite influential, so naturally a lot of people want to talk to him.

I slowly eased off and moved to another part of the function.

Honestly, I am not really comfortable being seen with my friend in public like that anyway.

Whatever it is, I am glad that he seemed to be in a good mood again.

I guess he had managed to fend off those assholes who wanted to pressure him to leave PMO.

Like any other organization, the PMO also has its palace intrigues.

It is good that my friend has the upper hand, as it seems.

The guy is really a good guy.

PM DS Najib Razak needs all his good guys around him now.

If not for my friend, I would have probably now going all out whacking Najib like all those other bloggers.

I actually have a lot of complaints against Najib but whenever I talk with my friend, he would explained why certain things were done the way they were.

Even though I am not always totally convinced, it made me think that if this good guy is still with Najib, then there must be something right with what the prime minister is doing.

I still voiced my complaints though but I didn't attack Najib's personal self.

I wish there are more good people like my friend around the PM instead of all those irritating faces I have to deal with whenever I went to the PMO and Umno headquarters.

Why can't those people be like my friend? Nice, humble and sincere.

Do they all have to look and behave like bastards most of the time just because they are from the PMO or Umno HQ?

Oh, by the way, my friend was probably in good mood because of this,

Umno Division Leaders Stand In Solidarity With President

I wish they didn't use the word "solidarity" though.

It's cheesy.

Also read what says veteran political writer Zubaidah Abu Bakar who is now with Rakyat Post

Najib firmly in driver’s seat as party gives fresh strong mandate 

But I don't think Najib is out of the wood yet.

Things would have been better if his deputy TS Muhyiddin Yassin and others such as Kedah Menteri Besar DS Mukhriz Mahathir were at the meeting.

It would have been more convincing.

Whatever it is, Najib needs to consolidate the party and make sure it remains united for the next general election.

He may have the strongest support in his party but that does not mean that he can easily lead Umno and BN to victory at the polls.

Votes for Umno and BN do not come just from party members.

Najib needs to convince the people out there too that things are well.

But for me, most importantly, he can't let the rakyat feel disgusted with Umno and BN because of those faces in the party and around him which irritate people like myself.

Truthfully, there were many times that I felt like giving up on Najib because of those self serving obnoxious people who went around chanting "Demi agama, bangsa and tanah air" while in actual fact they were just there to fatten themselves.

Najib will only be really safe if he can shed himself off from all those parasites.


  1. The leg is not limp nor is the head. O la la. I am the one you're looking for.

  2. met a lot of these "demi agama, bangsa & tanah air" chap, these people really gave UMNO a bad name...

    1. this is the false and hypocritical "ketuanan Melayu" that is incompetent and corrupted. Bring on the real thing lah ....

  3. I fully agree with your last sentence.
    Me, I have given-up on him. Too late already. Their 'roots' have gripped too much down the line. He should have spiked those parasites and kaki-bodek, long time ago.
    Anyway, if he can persuade his wife to keep a low profile, then there might be more votes for UMNO, next GE. And... stop that 'I Luv PM' thing. It just give the impression that he Luv kaki-bodek and pengampu.

  4. All those pro-Mamakutty factions did not attend and only a small number of divisional leaders.

    PM sure knows how to tell every UMNO member, who's Boss now.

    When will he wield the sword to finish them off for good?

    It's survival of the fittest now in politics.

    No quarters given for fallen enemies. They"ll come back another time if not vanguished.

    Another early UMNO election soon?

  5. Should a lady use f-words in her speech so as to make impression? It's rough out there we know but a firm dignified response can also make the required effect.

  6. salam

    wow. tak heran helen komplen pasal u...u masih boleh menerima apa yang kawan u dari pmo cakap...harap apa yang mereka pertahan itu benar...harap saya n kwan2 salah..harap tdm salah...harap x hakim salah...harap2 blogger yang d kategori bangang salah...

    anie anie...bagusnya kalau saya pun boleh menjadi spt kamu masih yakin dengan pm pasal kwan kamu dari pmo terangkan mengenai apa yang terjadi sebaliknya...harap kamu masih bertahan...

    harap kami semua yang duk canang demi alif ba ta ni semuanya salah..yelah...orng duk kata kata2 je lebih...

    mungkin lalat n semut sudah tidak bermakna sedangkan BN tidak mendapat 2/3 pun mandat...n 161 bahagian yang datang sokong kata UMNO sokong najib sbg presiden...anie anie....harap kami semua salah...tsmy campak mana dari 161 bahagian tu....mb kedah dah memang secara tak rasmi kena buang pun...ape nak heran..tapi tsmy kena perjumpaan tu tindakbalas terhadap siaran akhbar tpm pasal 1mdb...

    najib dah ucapkan selamat datang ke putrajaya kepada pembangkang...annie pun masih yakin dengan pm...


    1. Ya Allah! peliharalah kita dari orang besar yang zalim dan haloba, yang tidak kasihan kepada masyarakat yang tercabar dan miskin.

  7. How many division heads really attended the meeting?

    1. according to Malaysian Insider report about 170 heads attended the meeting.

  8. ingat citer naked emperor? satu artikel yang self xplanatory dari :

  9. Yahoo!! Najib is Safe...

    We can All Celebrate and get ready for the next GE when he will find out how safe he really is (or how Unsafe) he is....

    By then it will be too lateeee!!

  10. I have noticed at many official ceremonies when both DYMM Permaisuri Agong and Rosmah attended, Permaisuri chose to cover her head the Islamic way while Rosmah either had no mini telekung or just a tudung on her shoulder thus exposing her extra-large honeycomb top. I believe she should show more respect to Permaisuri Agong. If she were to go a bit easy on her recalcitrant ways she could probably mellow down a lot of anti-Najib sentiment. Some even say that if she covers her head UMNO will probably get 20% more vote especially from the muslimah.

    1. There is proper adab for every occasion and the Creator will judge our external behaviour as well as our inner motivations. Respecting others is a major part of Malay a dab.

    2. Tudung or no tudung is no big deal. If she can behave like Tun Hasmah, that's good enough. Or best still, just stay at home.

  11. 16.15,
    Come next GE if most of the akar umbi nearly 3millions plus and the UMNO Supreme Councils still support him,you fly kite to see him falls.Pse do not underestimate the strength of UMNO,last GE 13 eventhough all the Chinese voted PR but still UMNO alone won Parliament seats more or less same as three PR parties add together.
    I had the feeling that come GE 14,PR will be a white wash esp PKR .PAS will be split and DAP looked formidable but there are sign now that the middle class Chinese were pissed off with DAP reps as they were too much preocupied with national issues but neglected their constituencies and local issues.
    As long as Najib looked after the votes bank i.e rural folks,Sabahans and Swkians he will be save.Does he cares about the urbanites?.He just say hell to them the anti establishment lots as he knows well that The total voters in one constituency e.g.Puchong is equivalent to 3 Parliament seats in rural areas.Good case was GE 13 the Oppo boasted having 52% votes but failed to capture Putrajaya.

  12. Can your friend explain where is the money of 1MDB aka BS1M? Why this Jho Low college mate of Rosmah's son has been giving instructions to 1MDB CEO? It seems lots of worms and maggots had came out of the can. And we all know where they will go just like Atlantuya, MH370 & MH17. If Mr.Pee Emm is happy because of the support of UMNO Bahagian, our country will be screwed up come GE 14.I know you are doing your PMO friend a favor as you said it, but its like you are telling the Naked Emperor that his clothes are beautiful..


  13. 1MDB had apparently taken a loan to make the US$1 billion payment and should have declared it to Bank Negara Malaysia, Sarawak Report said. It described Jho Low as taking an authoritative role in the negotiations, and said he had insisted that Bank Negara should not be informed of the loan, because it would cause “unnecessary delays”.
    Sarawak Report said the correspondence “appears to confirm that the Prime Minister was fully engaged in these negotiations” and that the correspondence showed that Najib “had personally signed the loan by 1MDB to PetroSaudi, without having passed it by the Bank Negara”.
    It also appeared that Jho Low was “acting as the interface” between Najib and PetroSaudi, Sarawak Report said.

  14. Dear Annie,

    Your friend could not do much as he is also cari makan in PMO's office. Fact is PM is surrounded by many eager to please officers who listens to mrs PM who is calling all the shots. I have been to many functions and was seated near enough to PM n Mrs and the way she behaves makes me shudder to think what would happen to PM behind close doors. So unless and until Mrs PM suddenly have a changed in character and behaviour then PM Najib will be shown the exit soon voluntarily or not.

  15. If Najib wanna get rid of all those parasites he will need to start wth getting rid of his wife because the parasites are there to please the mrs in the first place. So who dares tell his wife to take a back seat and shut the fuck up? Put yourself in Najib's shoes. Does he has the balls to shut her up? I dont think so. So if status quo remains UMNO will be gone in next election. Simple as that.

    1. Ah Jib Gor didn't study hard in school what - did he get his bachelors degree?

  16. Annie,
    I am wondering those commentators above are from Oppo or just plain anti establishment.They keep on harping UMNO is going to be vanished from Malaysian if UMNO now in real trouble.They kept on mentioning 1 MDB,but so far is there anything really serious disclosure that effect Najib and UMNO to the extend of both losing power to govern the country.As far as I am concern Najib knows what he is doing and he just ignore the destractors instead keep on doing his job as PM
    Are these bloggers blind to see the situation of PR now.I just cannot see the rational why UMNO will be gone in the next GE.instead I can confidently write here PR will hit the dirt come GE 14,as there is no one can keep them together after Anwar is jailed. the most hit and will not be surprising to see them losing lots of Parliament seats.Internal bickering/leadership tussle will be the main factor that split the party.It is no secret that WAWI cannot see eye to eye with Azmin,and TSKI will not just sit still and will be the person that making the most damages for revenge.The other factor is that PKR has no real grassroot members and they had been relying on DAP and PAS to win election.
    PAS...the split is imminent amongst members..PASMA,GIK and Ulama group.I dare not comment more as only time will tell.It will be no surprise too if some of the UG supporters esp the Ulama group will become BN friendly as it seem that UMNO support HUDUD,and if it happens PR is can say good bye Putrajaya.
    DAP is the only party that I forsee intact but lately there surfaced some disgruntled Chinese that their welfare was not taken care of because lack of Chinese Reps in the Cabinet.GE 13 had taught them a lesson even though 100% of them vote Oppo,they cannot take Putrajaya.In order for them to be more represented in govt they may revert back what they used to do years go by voting BN reps for Parliament and Oppo for state seats.
    The other salient factor is that do you think UMNO or BN for that matter so naive not to take the opportunity of adding sour to the grapes to all the problem that PR is facing now.Mind you they had been in politics for nearly 60 pse do not be overconfident passing remark of their defeat.Lest most of them forget the same assessesment were made esp by Merdeka Centre for GE 13,and we all knew the result.So please do not just tembak,be realistic and not syok sendiri.Keep Rosmah out as she had no bearing at all who and who will control Putrajaya.It is a plain stupid to do character assassination of someone close to the target as the rakyat is not so stupid to be conned.What matters most is that the country is economically stable,condusive to live in,peaceful and save.Nobody is perfect,that is the reason why we have to support the govt of the day that were chosen by the rakyat,any wrongdoings should be voiced accordingly as per required by the law with solid evidences and not by false accusations and heresay evidences.

    1. Why does Najib have to call all the ketua bahagian's to meet him for a show of support? Bcos he knows he is under tremendous pressure. Same thing happened to Pak Lah sleepy head. His days were numbered due to his son and son in law shennanigans. When they get their own family members to be involved in running the country thats when their days are numbered. It seems pak lah and najib never learned from history or they just couldnt care less. Just like pak lah now is enjoying himself sleeping all day with loads of wealth to keep him sleeping. Same thing with Najib, when he is kicked out he amd family will retire gleeful with billions stashed somewhere to continue their merry way.... Thats the reality..

  17. Malaysia doesnt need a nice guy as PM who is clueless n hire people to think for him n gave them millions n let his wife spend even more.... excuse me. Unless u just want that....N-I-C-E.

    1. No Integrity Clueless Egoist - is that N-I-C-E ?

  18. even with pkr , dap n pas are down at the moment with ketum in jail but still umno n bn still not able to pick up from their fall. people still hate them.

  19. Come next election even the opposition put a monkey as a candidate most likely the monkey will win against BN candidates. That is how much voters either hate BN or voters are damn stupid...voters will say they wanna a new monkey rather the old monkey... Thats all

  20. One blogger wrote-"Umno has leaders, but no leadership". I tend to disagree with this statement. If you can't even control your wife, you are not fit to be called a leader at all. Might as well rephrase it- "UMNO President's wife is the so-called leader".

  21. The PM has cleared himself from any wrong doing of 1MDB with support of 160 UMNO Ketua Bahagian. Whether Jho Low is a friend of his stepson or whether Jho Low has been calling the shots for 1MDB, it is not relevant. Najib has cleared himself with the support of 160 UKB. So we the majority are expected to be dumb and follow whatever he says like a cow being pulled by the nose right? So now the new opera called "Tai Chi" starts and some fellows will be made the scapegoats.


  22. Joke suami isteri..
    Bini : Abang sayang saya tak ?
    Suami : Tentu la sayang.
    Bini : Berapa percent Abang sayang saya ?
    Suami : 94 percent......
    Bini : Mana 6 percent lagi ?!?!?!
    Suami : GST sayang..........

  23. It appears that Tun's blog has been suspended/denied access after posting on 1MDB where he had clearly pointed out through the facts(based on statements from Najib and Arul) on many attempts by them to fooled the people on 1 MDB. We all know whose dirty work to block the access to Tun's blog and this reaffirms that there is huge mess in 1MDB and lot's of cover up need to be done. There is a saying-"Siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas". And it seems that Mr.Pee Emm is having sleepless nights now. I wonder what the UMNO goons here got to say about this.