Sunday 15 March 2015

Good morning Malaysia

Okay, enough of my sulking.

At the moment, I feel like writing again.

Not much on politics though.

I am a bit tired of it.

Okay, just a bit...

I have been ignoring political stories these past few days but can't help noticing the furore caused by the "blocked" blog of former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad the other day.

I actually just saw the headlines of other blogs on it but didn't actually read it.

I was busy running around and have no time to read.

It's about 6.15am where I am now.

Woke up early, as usual...and have some time to write this.

I just went through that post by Dr Mahathir,


It's not blocked.

I guess there was some system errors causing people not being able to access the site instead of the alleged sabotage.

Well, if there was indeed a sabotage, the saboteurs, I think are really stupid pricks.

It's because I found nothing really new in Dr Mahathir's post.

And it was not even sinister in any way.

The handsome old man was just repeating the same line that the administration of DS Najib Razak need to do better in explaining to the people about issues such as 1MDB.

What's wrong with that?

In fact, I asked the same thing too in a previous post,

Go ahead and read Dr Mahathir's post again if you don't believe me.

Dr Mahathir didn't go around shouting,


True, or not?

So, Dr Mahathir unhappy with the way Najib runs things, is it?

That's his right to be unhappy.

I used to be unhappy too with some of the things Dr Mahathir did during his premiership, but now I love the handsome old man.

So, just chill la. No need to get upset over every single small thing.

As I said, read the post by Dr Mahathir again....and read it carefully before jumping to any conclusion, okay.

Anyway, I am now sitting in this room which has a fantastic view.

It's very quiet though.

Everything out there were just starting coming to life in this early hours of the morning.

The quietness of the place makes me miss someone very much.

Wish that someone still loves me.

Wish that someone never cheated on me....

I don't know....maybe it's just me being stupid again....never mind.

Need to get ready for work now.

I need to be focused today as it was yesterday and the other previous days.

I need to be focused for tomorrow and the days after that too.

That's my life.

Okay, you all have a good day too, okay.


  1. Emmm, perhaps true love ....

  2. Tell that to your sister. Fat fucking Helen Ang. Bitch went to town as usual with Tun's post.

    1. O Bastardos, didnt I tell you not to blow your foul windbag in decent people's faces ever again?

  3. Welcome back Annie. While you were away, i was reading your past postings and noticed that you used to post strong criticism against the gov. But after your article of meeting your PMO friend guy, your postings content had took a 360 degrees turn but you will still add a line or too to voice your criticism. Maybe for a fee or a favor to your friend. I would have done the same too.

    Back to chedet's blog, it is too good to be true that it is a mere coincidence that his blog is not accessible after posting strong points on 1MDB. And only his blog was affected. Maybe he did not renew his subscription? or maybe the "network system" is very sensitive towards exposures on 1MDB and it treats postings like this as "virus",thus disabling the blog.

    Enjoy your vacation and least to worry about that someone as he still loves you. "Takkan Lari Gunung DiKejar".



  4. Yes what a wonderful school holidays morning alhamduli'llah, adinda Ms Annie
    and really looking forward to the open court hearings in the slander suit against self-claimed hero YB Tony on Yg Bhg DS Mohd Najibs IMDB involvement if any.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  5. Don't forget to set aside some of your salary to pay for 1MDB debt via tax

  6. The whole country already knows what will be the outcome of the suits against opposition. Needless to say more... Without an independent party auditing 1MDB, nothing will come up implicating Najib.We all know that. If Najib got balls(which we all know he doesn't), he should either get an independent auditor or called for RCI. Isn't it a better way to clear all speculations and indeed if the independent audit or RCI proves Najib is clean, he will get increased support overnight and BN might just get a landslide victory in GE 14 and people will loose faith in the opposition. But Najib is afraid to do so despite many calls.Why? Is it because "Takut Kerana Salah, Berani Kerana Benar"?

  7. The petition sent by UMNO to White House against Anwar’s petition was thrown out as it was found to be using fake signatures from spam softwares. Such a low class and disgusting tactics used by UMNO. So we are not surprised with Chedet’s blog being denied access. And the decision on Pee Em’s suit against the opposition has already been written.It’s an open secret…

  8. Najib, enough with the games. You cannot win this war with underhanded attacks at Mahathir’s past, and you cannot do it by proxy. You can no longer afford to ignore the questions, as hard as they are, because now answers are not just demanded, they are needed. The numerous failures of this administration to fulfil the hopes and dreams of the rakyat must be accounted for, and an “elegant silence” is not going to help us make any strides forward.

    Najib, be the leader you were supposed to be. We have had enough of extravagance, we have had enough of grandstanding, we have had enough of secret plots (PKR, you are not excluded from this), and we have had enough of your silence. Like it or not, the people are demanding answers and they are doing so in the same voice that has been condemning Mahathir for his excesses.

    1. During Tun's time there was billion of ringgit paper losses on forex.not to mention perwaja fiasco.our leaders do make mistakes but it doesn't mean Pas,DAP or PKR leaders are error free

    2. So, pada zaman TDM juga banyak kehilangan wang Negara. Tetapi TDM meninggalkan legesi yang memberi banyak manfaat kepada pembangunan negara sehingga merubah landskap negara dari negera pertanian kepada negara perindustrian.

      Cuba senaraikan pencapaian Najib yang significant walaupun kecil selama 6 tahun dia jadi PM?

    3. as tun said it is not easy for najib when he inherited a weak govt from Pak Lah.dpt rampas Kedah dari Pas bukan pencapain besar ke

    4. "dpt rampas Kedah dari Pas pencapaian besar" untuk Najib?

      Hakikatnya, secara keseluruhan PRU13, prestasi Najib lebih buruk dari Pak Lah.

      BN dapat balik Kedah kerana kegagalan PAS sendiri:-
      Pertama kerana puak Anwarinas/Erdogan da;am PAS menunjukkan 'kemesraan melampau' kepada extremist DAP yang kebanyakannya Evangelist. Maklumlah DAP banyak WANG. Mat Sabu pun di bayar sebagai Pengarah PBAPP. Dalam issue perebutan Kalimah Allah pun mereka menyebelahi Gereja.
      Kedua, kebarangkalian Mukriz sebagai bakal MB mendorong ramai Melayu menyokong BN. Kredit harus diberi kepada Najib.

  9. Kalau nak tunggu keputusan Najib saman Tony Pua atau audit bukan dari kalangan audit bebas, maknanya 1 Malaysia Di Bodohkan.


  10. You always deliver, my dear.

  11. Hi Annie,

    Long time no write but I still read your blog every now and then. :)

    Re Mahatir's blog being blocked, I was able to determine that it was NOT blocked and I wrote a small comment saying so on another pro-UMNO blog.

    Of cos, like everybody else, it is more newsworthy to scream and shout about nothing even when one has next to zero evidence on hand, rather than to calmly look at a situation, run some simple tests and arrive at a conclusion which, unfortunately, is not newsworthy.

    My comment was thus not published.

    I'm not sure why but I find that more and more blogs/news sites on Malaysian politics are not publishing my comments. I cannot be bothered to write using Facebook anymore because of this.

    Mind you, I am talking about pro-Pakatan sites which are not publishing my pro-Pakatan comments which are whacking UMNO!! Go figure :)

    Oh well, maybe I am just not good enough to be a Pakatan supporter just as I am not good enough to be an UMNO/BN supporter :)

    Never mind, just wait until PRU14 when they both come crawling to me for donations and my vote :)