Tuesday 24 March 2015

Najib being smart on hudud

I think PM DS Najib Razak has so far been smart in his handling of the hudud issue.

He is staying out of it and letting the Pakatan people, especially DAP and Pas to continue whacking each other over the nonsense.

DAP in particular is now very anxious to drag BN into the ring as they needed Pas to get distracted by whatever official stance BN will come out with on the matter.

The party's secretary general Lim Guan Eng had earlier this morning issued a statement on behalf of the DAP's central executive committee, declaring that they were severing ties with Pas president DS Abdul Hadi Awang.

It's quite comical of them, as how can they severed ties with Hadi while still wanting to be a friend of Pas.

It shows how desperate DAP now as they try to prevent Pas from leaving Pakatan and at the same time telling the Chinese community that they are against hudud.

They know that without Pas, Pakatan can't go on while at the same time letting Pas got away with its hudud plans means DAP will lose a huge chunk of the Chinese votes.

The Chinese community don't want this country to become a stupid Malaystan, okay.

It's DAP's headache now.


Guan Eng knows that the only respite DAP could ever going to get is by forcing BN into the picture so that he and his gang can attack it instead of having to continue whacking Pas which he actually still needs, to keep Pakatan going.

Thus, this is the tail end of Guan Eng's statement:

"Umno telah menghasut Pas untuk melaksanakan undang-undang hudud di Kelantan pada 27 Mac 2014 semasa sidang Parliament dengan menjanjikan sokongan Kerajaan Persekutuan. DAP menggesa agar Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak tidak melengahkan masa lagi membuat pendirian jelas dan tegas sama ada akan menyokong atau menolak enakmen hudud di Kelantan, serta menjelaskan peranan Adun-adun Umno Kelantan dalam menyokong rang undang-undang hudud. Najib juga harus menyatakan sama ada beliau menyokong Rang Undang-undang Persendirian yang dibentangkan oleh Hadi."

Well Guan Eng, siapa yang hasut siapa?

Itu Pas kan DAP punya kawan. You sudah blur sangat ke sampai tak ingat?

Oh, and what does Najib owe you that he needs to do all that?

If I'm Najib I would give the irritating little DAP boy the middle finger.

For me, what the PM is doing now is right.

Don't get involved.

This is Pakatan's doing, so, let them sweat it out among themselves.

Najib and the other BN leaders, particularly Umno should wait till the last minutes before making their official stand, that is just before Pas tabled the hudud bill in Parliament, before the end of the current session next month.

If I'm Najib I will tell the BN MPs to vote according to their conscience.

The Muslims can vote for hudud while the non-Muslims can vote otherwise.

This is after all a democracy.

Whatever the outcome, DAP will have to shit bricks explaining to the Chinese community about their dear ally's funny streak of Talibanised madness.



    Britain to investigate Sharia courts, crack down on extremist preachers
    March 23, 2015 9:41 AM


    LONDON (Reuters) - Britain will introduce measures to counter Islamist extremism, including an investigation into Sharia courts and a crackdown on incendiary preachers, if Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservatives win May's election, Home Secretary Theresa May said on Monday.

    May said Britain would no longer tolerate those who rejected the country's values of democracy, free speech, equality and the rule of law, adding that Islamist extremism presented the most serious and widespread problem.

    "To those who choose consciously to reject our values and the basic principles of our society, the message is ... clear: the game is up," she said in a speech in London. "We will no longer tolerate your behavior."



    North Rhine-Westphalia
    Germany won't tolerate 'Sharia police'

    Conservative members of Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition put forward a united front at the weekend against recent developments in the city of Wuppertal. Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said civilians wearing uniforms bearing the logo "Shariah police" could not simply start patrolling German streets.

    Salafisten in Deutschland

    The Salafist scene includes many German-born converts

    The groups reportedly hovered around sites like discotheques and gambling houses, telling passers-by to refrain from gambling and alcohol. Wuppertal's police have begun pressing charges.

    "Sharia law is not tolerated on German soil," de Maiziere told mass-circulation daily Bild on Saturday. "Nobody can take it upon themselves to abuse the good name of the German police

    1. ALOR SETAR, March 25 — The Kedah government strongly feels that that the PAS-led Kelantan government is still not ready to enforce and implement hudud law.

      See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/kelantan-not-ready-for-hudud-says-mukhriz#sthash.aLnTu1vI.dpuf

    2. The Conference of Rulers has rejected the proposed amendments to Act 355, a federal law that the Kelantan PAS government wants to change in order to enforce hudud, or the Islamic penal code, in the state, according to sources.

      The proposal to amend the Shariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 was rejected during a meeting on March 11, attended by all Malay rulers or their representatives, sources said.

      The rulers' decision means the Federal government will no longer move to have the Act amended in Parliament, as was originally intended under a roadmap by the joint federal-state Hudud Technical Committee.

      See more at: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/council-of-malay-rulers-oppose-amendments-needed-to-enforce-hudud#sthash.064EnT56.dpuf

    3. The Rulers, being above politics, have ruled.

      I believe they made a move that will keep Malaysia on the international investment radar screen - a move critically needed when the world economy is under stress, and more countries are becoming increasingly competitive as mnc investment destinations. What they did safeguarded Malaysia's interested.

      Mukhriz has also spoken.

      In doing so, he too has shown his wider understanding of the issue. Perhaps his stint as Deputy International Trade Minister gave him some insight.

    4. Looks like hudud will now be a non issue.

  3. Why is Najib giving that ISIS finger pointing sign? Didn't he tell the UMNO delegates that they should blitzkrieg their opponents Iraq like the ISIS did?

    1. Anon 2.58 you need to check your statements and research things before opening your mouth the finger pointing is referring to the oneness of Allah (SWT) and how we as humans will be going to God.
      It has nothing to do with ISIS apart from their claim that they are Muslims.

  4. Najib is just being himself. When has he ever been brave enough to state his stand on many unpleasant issues. Nothing wise in being silent when as a PM, he is supposed to show leadership and courage. His silence is deafening.

  5. According to Kit Siang, Najib has been remaining silence due to suffering from "labour pains". I think he is remaining silence because he is clueless while at the same time, he has yet to receive instructions from Rosmah on the right statement to issue as she is busy with her new toy-the private jet. The picture of him above looks like he is suffering from "labour pains".



  6. Annie ,

    re, If I am Najib !.

    How , I do wish Najib, does have the thinking like you , but he is not .

  7. He' Just Playing Chicken!

    You know when you play Chicken on the Street you may well get run over by a Car!

    1. Najib is not a chicken. he prefers to do his thinking in silent and make his moves when the enemies are sleeping. Look what he did to Pakatan State Government in Perak.he is a very cunning politician

  8. Itu lah saya kata, annie jangan lebih-lebih... Ini politik. Its nothing to do with Umno.. he..he.. Ini you masih bersuara macam geng songsang !

  9. "Umno telah menghasut Pas untuk melaksanakan undang-undang hudud di Kelantan"

    OMG! OMG! OMG! The joke of the century! That handsome CM of Penang really knows how to make a joke!

    I wonder why the Chinese Malaysians still adore him when he has shown his true colours over and over and over again! I think the Red Bean Army will have a field day in trying to spin this. Soon, PR blind supporters will believe that hudud ala PAS originates from UMNO!!!

    1. 'I wonder why the Chinese Malaysians still adore him'

      Wonder no more...bird of a feather kut???!!

  10. "He is staying out of it n letting it...""
    Since when did Najib head-on on national issues? He thought that problems can solved by itself.

  11. at least we know DAP stand on it.....MCA,GERAKAN not Chinese ka??

  12. The Lim's father and son team is really two of the most stupid father and son politician tag team. Somehow or rather they seems to be too arrogant in the way they play politics. Clearly they aspire to be LKY and son tag team but they are obviously no match for their Singapore counterpart. They both think too highly of themselves and always come out as two bigots. Clearly they will never take over the political leadership of Malaysia. So to the Lim's comedic duo, eat your heart out and continue to be in the opposition. Both of you have made DAP lost half a million votes from PAS supporters. Stupid of you to go against the ulamak's in PAS. The ulamak's supporters will rather die than go against their Tuan Guru's. And DAP make the biggest mistake by putting the joker Mat Sabu as their point man in PAS. He is jester as far as PAS politics is concern. Once he lost the ulamak's support in PAS his days are numbered. The Lim's overestimate Anwar's strength in PAS and listen to his wrong advice. So now the Lim's family will go their grave crying....

  13. DAP membuat perkiraan yang salah tentang kekuatan Anwar dan pengaruhnya dalam PAS sejak sebelum PRU 13 lagi. DAP menjangkakan setelah Anwar dalam genggamannya, Putrajaya milik mereka sekurang kurangnya di belakang tabir.

    Mereka lupa golongan veteran Melayu masih ramai yang masih bernyawa! Bukan mudah bagi golongan ini untuk menukar sokongan sama ada dalam UMNO baik pun PAS kepada gabungan baru.Mereka lebih rela tidak pergi mengundi gabungan baru sekiranya mereka merasa marah kepada UMNO/BN.

    Mengundi pakatan dalam DAP, tidak sekali kali!

    Satu lagi Cinabeng biaDAP ini tidak faham, bahawa tali persaudaraan Melayu Islam berteras kan prinsip, "sebusuk busuk daging, dibasuh dimakan juga"! Macam mana marah pun terhadap saudara seagama dan sebangsa, mereka tetap tidak akan melebihkan bangsa asing daripada bangsa sendiri!

    DAP mungkin terpengaruh dengan domonstrasi demonstrasi yang sering berlaku? Demonstarsi yang melibatkan Melayu Melayu bodoh! Lihatlah, siapa yang mengambil bahagian? Saya yakin lebih 90% golongan muda!

    Jangan lupa bangsa Melayu terdiri dari golongan kanak kanak, remaja (muda), pertengahan umur dan tua.

    Dengan memarahi Haji Hadi malah menghinanya, adakah akan mendapat sokongan Melayu Islam sama ada dalam PAS atau UMNO? LKS dan LGE jangan terperanjat, makin ramai yang akan menyokong Haji Hadi dan makin merundum sokongan Melayu kepada DAP!

    Kecuali lah budak budak yang masih berhingus seperti Aisyah, Rara, Dayana dsb!

    1. Erdogans dan Moderate Malays tersenyum lebar. Mampos kaum golongan ulamak, hidup sepupu di DAP

    2. Nick Aziz dan Hadi Awang terlalu lama menyelewengkan ummat Melayu dengan akidah Takfir mereka yang Islamist itu. Selagi kita tidak pulang kepada pangkal Asha'irah dan mazhab Syafii selagi Melayu kita akan terus mundur akal dan kelabu hati.


    3. Bukan persaudaraan Melayu lebih ASWJ, Sdr ANON 17:44
      ( Ahli Sunnah wal Jammah, tak kira parti )

      Bukan veteran Melayu, sebenarnya idealist muda Muslim alhamduli'llah mahu Syaria, mengikut survey Muslim sedunia oleh Pew Research US:

      ( Pautan ke Pew: http://www.pewforum.org/2013/04/30/the-worlds-muslims-religion-politics-society-beliefs-about-sharia/ )

      "86% favour making Sharia the Law of the Land (Malaysia)"

      Allahu akbar!

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  14. Pengurusan sebuah negara tidak memerlukan putar belit politik.

    Seorang PM yang berwibawa akan bercakap dengan jelas untuk kepentingan rakyatnya tanpa mengira samada pahit atau manis.

  15. Anon 17:44
    "seperti Aisyah, Rara, Dayana dsb!"

    Zaman sekarang WANG adalah segalanya.
    Kerana WANG, bangsa dan Agama pun orang sanggup gadai. Al-Juburi adalah contoh baik. DAP adalah party politik paling kaya. Pasal tu PASMA amat menuruti perintah mereka. Macam semut, dimana ada gula, disitu mereka tumpu. Kalau tidak buat apa DAP bayar Mat Sabu berpuloh-ribu di PBAPP?
    Politik adalah jalan paling mudah untuk jadi kaya. Asset paling penting; pandai berkata-kata, kenal orang (kalau ada cable, lagi baik) dan muka mesti tebal.

    Walaumacam mana pun, bagus juga lebih banyak Melayu masuk DAP. Sekurang-kurangnya boleh kita tanam agent atau spy, sebagai mata dan telinga.

    Tapi....yang paling takuti, mereka pula di 'tanam' oleh DAP, di celah kelangkang.


  16. The smartest thing is to say nothing at all, adinda Ms Annie
    and to absolutely accept Allah SWTs will. More important are an evaluation, guidelines and explanation .. regardless whether Hudud is implemented or not.

    Allah SWT would not care of what political party(?) and failure in Kelantan DN is failure for Malaysia and ummah. Can all especially our leaders and government do our best?

    Inclusive of Rakyat:
    The apparent lack of support from HRHs Sultans gives ample grace of time to really be transparent especially to non-Muslims before Tn Guru A Hadi tables his Private bill in Parliament.

    Charged with authority:
    ( al-Quran, 4: 58 )
    Why are YA Hakims, YA Kadis, Syariah professionals, and Fiqh Jenayah academics, the authority on the subject so silent? What can Majlis Fatwa, JAKIM and PEMANDU contribute?

    Think: So many seminars in comparison and yesterday even a hand-holding workshop on GST 6%. The government can surely do their best to answer Allah SWTs commandments?

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH.

  17. I support hudud. After this all the fucking mat rempit will be riding their motorbike with one hand. Also all melayus have to wipe theor ass and eat with the same hand. Padan muka.

  18. Did this guy just call you guys stupid???

    Mufti Perlis, Datuk Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin berkata tidak salah umat Islam tidak bersetuju atau menolak hukum hudud yang cuba dilaksanakan PAS di Kelantan.

    "..namun kita boleh berbeza pendapat, tidak bersetuju ataupun menolak pemilihan pandangan-pandangan sarjana dalam penetapan hukuman bagi sesuatu enakmen.

    Beliau berkata, umat Islam perlu mengetahui perincian undang-undang syariah itu kebanyakannya tidak wujud dalam Al-Quran mahupun Sunnah.
    Tambahnya perincian mengenai hudud mungkin terdapat dalam beberapa nas (dalil) tetapi dari segi perbincangan hukum fekah, ia boleh diandaikan pelbagai tafsiran.

    "Maka, pendetilan kepada undang-undang hudud kebanyakannya adalah ijtihad ataupun kesimpulan pandangan hukum yang dirumuskan oleh sarjana muslim dari pelbagai latar," katanya.

    Oleh kerana terdapat pelbagai tafsiran dalam nas tersebut, terdapat perbezaan dalam perincian hukum seperti kadar curian, ‎suasana undang-undang itu dilaksanakan dan sama ada taubat menggugurkan hukuman ataupun tidak, kata Asri.

    Katanya, tindakan mengkaji semula enakmen tersebut adalah wajar agar kerajaan Kelantan tidak mengulangi kegagalan pelaksanaan hudud yang pernah berlaku di negara lain seperti di Libya, Sudan, Nigeria dan Pakistan.
    ‎"Yang akhir memberikan mesej salah bahawa syariat Islam itu tidak sesuai.

    Padahal yang tidak sesuai ialah pemilihan pandangan-pandangan ijtihad yang dibuat oleh mereka, katanya.
    Asri berkata, Kelantan di bawah pentadbiran PAS harus mengelakkan gambaran hudud yang tidak kondusif dan seakan menggambarkan kekejaman undang-undang seperti berlaku di bawah pentadbiran Taliban dan kumpulan Negara Islam Iraq dan Syria (Isis).

  19. Just a bunch of arseholes being led by an arsehole.