Tuesday 3 March 2015

My bad habit

I have this bad habit of always trying to defend someone who is being attacked by so many people and powerless to fight back.

Most of the time, it doesn't even concerned me.

Honestly, I was not trying to be noble or anything like that.

It's just that I can't stand the sight of someone suffering such bullying.

Of course in the end, more often than not, I got clobbered along with the poor bastard.

Occasionally though, I did win the fight for the victim or at least gave him/her some comfort that they were not suffering alone.

I know, it's quite stupid.

But what to do, I am just like that.

Most of the time, the person I was trying to help didn't even know who I am or what I did.

But, honestly, I am not bothered if I don't even get a thank you from the person.

DS Rosmah Mansor doesn't know me, okay.

Never mind, I was actually just pissed that she was being so terribly vilified when I wrote this,

Megalomaniac editor who made me pity Rosmah

Anyway, I am actually now in serious trouble because of this bad habit of mine.

As I said, it's a bad habit, so, most of the time I have to suffer for it.

Okay, I had previously wrote about my problem at my work place.

Something which to me is bullying but according to others was disciplining.

I may not have good management skills but I believe that to built a good working environment, we need to motivate, guide and inspire our subordinates.

I don't believe that humiliating them in front of others will do any good, even if they indeed had done something wrong.

By the way, it's no fun to be disturbed by a wassap message when I was about to sleep only to find out that it's my colleague being whacked in public again by the bosses for some silly work-related mistakes.

To cut the story short, while in a moment of madness, I did something crazy.

I sent out a message that I did something terribly wrong which I actually didn't do.

It's just to make the whole thing stop.

Of course I got in trouble because of it.

I will know my fate soon.

Worst case scenario, I will be sacked or forced to quit my job.

But never mind, I am ready for it.

My only hope is that my colleagues will learn a lesson from it : that we should  not trample on a person's dignity no matter how much we dislike the person for their lack of skill or talent or personality or whatever else.

Please don't do that even if the person is Rosmah, okay.


  1. Sudah kena beli mengaku sahaja ler.

    1. Okay, saya mengaku. Rosmah dah bagi dua beg tangan Birkin dia yang mahal tu kat saya dan mintak saya pertahankan dia. Cantek beb :-)

    2. kenapa cakap mcm itu...anon 00:51...

      you assume something...and you pick the worst and the bad that you can even imagine...


      better go and pegang any lilin and demo infront of penjara sungai buloh lerrr, if this is how you gonna think...hahha

      >james bond

    3. Anon 90:51
      Bukan itu saja. RM telah beri Annie cincin bermata zamrud sebesar telor ayam kampung, pakar dandan rambut....Eh, macam macamlah, tak cukup ruang ini untuk menyenaraikannya! Bukankah cerita cerita seperti ini yang seronok anda dengar!

    4. Pasal najib ini , tak payah nak cerita panjang "damage have been done"kau cerita la benda baik tentang najib pada waktu ini dah tak guna , Satu saja yang boleh di katakan ,kalau BN dan Umno nak survive Najib kena berhenti kalau tak alamat hayat BN tak panjang , tapi bagus la untuk sesiapa yang memang benci pada BN , kerana nampak Najib susah nak dengar apa yang fakta ,jadi sayornara BN PRU 14.

    5. Zunar has a very nice cartoon of Rosmah saying "Protect me, Protect me."

    6. Betul ke ajib ni anak Tun R ? He must have turned 6 ft under......

  2. Don't worry ma'am : blessings be with the heroine and the hero .....


  3. Changing jobs may be a good decision! If you cant fit and feel depressed, move on, you cant be a hero(ine) to wimps who do not bother to defend themselves. Who knows, maybe there will be a better job waiting for you?

  4. If you have been asked to resign, insist of getting at least 6 months payout.

    1. Annie, check your options under the Industrial Relations Act and Employment Act

  5. MasyaAllah - ini gambar najid dan Rosmah dalam Masjidil Haram. tatapi mengapa Rosmah bercampur dan jemaah lelaki. dia sepatutnya masuk dalam bahagian jemaah perempuan - bukan begitu dato jamil khir baharu ?

    1. > Ini gurindam Raja Ali Haji pasal yang keenam:

      Cahari olehmu akan sahabat,
      yang boleh dijadikan obat.

      Cahari olehmu akan guru,
      yang boleh tahukan tiap seteru.

      Cahari olehmu akan isteri,
      yang boleh menyerahkan diri.

      Cahari olehmu akan kawan,
      pilih segala orang yang setiawan.

      Cahari olehmu akan abdi,
      yang ada baik sedikit budi.

      >Ini gurindam pasal yang kesepuluh:

      Dengan bapak jangan durhaka
      supaya Allah tidak murka.

      Dengan ibu hendaklah hormat
      supaya badan dapat selamat.

      Dengan anak janganlah lalai
      supaya dapat naik ke tengah balai.

      Dengan istri dan gundik janganlah alpa
      supaya kemaluan jangan menerpa.

      Dengan kawan hendaklah adil
      supaya tangannya jadi kapil.

  6. https://helenang.wordpress.com/2015/03/04/annies-bad-habit-and-the-need-for-her-to-see-the-bigger-picture/

  7. 11.46
    Jangan syok sendiri,There will be nothing happen to Najib and the gang come GE 14,but what I am afraid the other way round.Observing the scenario now apart from DAP,the other two parties in PR will hit the dirt esp PKR.Even some of the midlle class Chinese are grumbling now.Not all Malaysians are anti establisment,some are rational and only the arrogant,materialistic urbanites are making noises esp the high cost of living.Actually of we care study the real cause is by their own doing.The rural folks are happy with what the govt doing and bare mind the total voters on Puchong Constituency is the same as 3 Parliament seats in the rural areas.So pse quit the so called 52% who voted PR in last GE as it is not the total votes that count but the total parliament seats you won is the winner of the day.

  8. OMG...Helen "anti DAP/MCA/STAR/Christ" is giving poor Annie a mouthful...Dont worry Annie..I still support you over that delusional psychopath..

    1. Annie had better start worrying when it is RBA that are giving her support.

  9. With your sudden change of writing by protecting Najib, there is only one question we will ask-how much ‘bonu$” you got? I have been reading many blogs, even the prepaid,postpaid and fully paid pro UMNO blogs are no longer defending Najib. Suddenly you are now defending Najib??

    I believe most of us do not intend to vilify anyone. But in the case of RM, we ask ourselves why target RM and why the former PM’s wife were not subjected to the same treatment. When we see the pictures of RM being ahead of Najib in official functions , video showing RM pushing Najib in public, it gives us the impression of a woman with a bad character. If the PM cannot control his wife, how do we expect him to lead a nation of 30 million. And if the reports are true, we are even seeing Najib’s siblings is going separate ways because of this lady. We are seeing now the fruits of destruction from Jibby boy’s administration exploding one by one.

    What do we do while waiting for the next GE? We cannot expect $UMNO$ member$ to vote him out because it is an open $ecret on how $UMNO$ election work$. We cannot tell the “Emperor that his wife is naked” or actually many have told the “Emperor that his wife is naked” but there is nothing he can do. Even shaming the “Emperor’s wife” in public does not bother them at all.

    The most convenient scape goat is to blame the opposition. Even if it is the opposition, they are attacking Najib and not UMNO in total. They know very well that if Najib is gone, someone else from UMNO will take over. So to answer your question, we are just calling a spade a spade, black is black and white is white. If RM cannot behave herself, then she will be subjected to vilification because we cannot see our beloved country to be a joke at international arena with the inappropriate behavior of the PM’s wife. Even the international press is making fun of RM, why not wife of Singapore or Indonesia PM?

    On your job matter, if your job doesn’t motivate you anymore, look for another job.


  10. PM dept should,hire u. They are outgunned and completely out of depth.

  11. Zaid Ibrahim says Najib is also a “disaster” who continues to enjoy support simply because Umno is an “autocratic” party whose members dare not challenge him.

    Also one comment above pointed out that how come Rosmah is sitting among the men in the mosque? Because she wants to enjoy the VVIP treatment which she may not get if she sits among the women? She seems to be doing all the strange and wrong things.

  12. Annie... to be fair, dah berapa kali tulis pasal RM ni. Carilah cerita lain. She is capable to defend herself. Sekiranya her office or hubby's PR team reads apa yg ditulis di blog, there will do something about it. To kurang ajar bloggers tu, just ignore them but yg tak kurang ajar pun ada juga raise issue yang sama. Do something lah pihak yg sana tu. Don't gloat too much, don't show off sgtlah. Tun Hasmah is the best example of PMs wife. Humble, caring, polite n penuh sifat keibuan. Even Datin Sri Wan Azizah when she was DPM's wife ramai yang admire cara dia yg sederhana. Let the husband yg jd perhatian. Isteri patut jadi sumber kekuatan suami. Never outshine the husband. If isteri sendiri tak hormat suami jgn harap orang lain akan. Maybe Annie will understand when she herself becomes a wife.

  13. Zack
    Rubbish again,and you shoud thank Annie for letting your rubbish published..Why are so dumb ass hard up for Najib to step down?Who bloody care about foreign press,eventhough edversed reporting did it effect your daily life.Be grateful you can still write rubbish in the blog of someone you branded as mercenary fingertip soldier.

  14. I will not blame Annie with her bad habit defending RM and PM again and again. Please be nice with Annie, she is too blur and can't even pass her A-Level. Poor girl or man?