Thursday 5 March 2015

Mental block after kena marah

My mother called today and scolded me.

No end of people getting angry with me, it seems.

She said I shouldn't bother my big boss with my nonsense at the office.

She knows and thinks highly of him.

The two of them work together from time to time.

Really, I'm not kidding you.

'If he sack you, I am not going to say anything," she said.

"Do you know what you did is insubordination. Kalau kena buang kerja memang padan muka you," she added.

When my mother scolds me, I just keep quiet.

No point talking back to an angry garang Chinese woman.

"You mau jadi heroine ka? Heroine your head lah," she continued before rattling away  in Mandarin for another 10 minutes about the need to be grateful for having a job.

Looks like I need to shut up after this and just keep quiet in the office.

Very tiring all these.

I thought I was doing the right thing defending those poor bastards in the office.

Apparently not so to my mother.

Well, never mind.

Next time if I am not happy with things, I will just bitch in this blog.

No harm to do that, I think.

Eh....I forgot already what I really wanted to write just now.

Nope, not about Rosmah again.

Tired of defending her. Bukan dapat apa pun. Kena marah ada la.

You want to whack her so much, go ahead lah.

None of my business, actually.

Just try not to overdo it and make yourself sounded like a bitch in heat, okay.

Really forgot what I wanted to write....

I think I just write properly tomorrow morning je lah.

Sorry ya. Wasting your time reading this.

Actually, I just reached home from office.

Brain tired and not functioning properly.

Need to rest.

Here you all watch this nice video clip of snippets from my favorite Japanese movie ever,

Good night.


  1. Annie, if you had indeed scolded your bosses with words like "stupid bastard", that was a big no no. Remember the ancient rule-Rule no 1-Your boss is always right. Rule no 2-If your boss is wrong, refer to Rule no 1. Nevertheless, it is not good to scold anyone directly with such words although it is merely a figure of speech because our Asian culture is completely different from the Western culture. I had stopped using my old time favorite FOUR LETTER WORD for a long time and to satisfy my cravings to hear such word, i always read The Malay Male blog. I just love the choices of words that he used in his writing.

    1. no freedom of speech ?


    2. Hai..Yaa !, Anon 3:10 ,mana ata freedom maa aa , Lu masuk itu hospital eaa aa ,Lu atak sikit luit aaa ,Lu mau masuk itu wad kelas 1 , itu lokter cekap tatak bolih lor rr ,susah mau jaga .

      Lokter susah tatak bolih , itu sakit punya olang tatak apa punya .

      Itu buah pingang punya sakit ,atak bantuan punya, mau buat hospital punya cuci , lokter cekap tatak bolih , mau kasi itu privet punya cuci ,kasi kawan untung . Kelajaan belanja juta-juta tapi itu servis tatak. apa macam lea aa.
      Najib atak cekap itu rakyat didahulukan , siapa lapat dulu ?.

      Fleedom mau pilih pon tatak ada maa aa .

  2. One can't come to defend everyone. Superman can only save people in Metropolis at one given time. Stop worrying about other people so much. Sometimes they deserve what's coming to them. Don't deny their right to learn a lesson be it positive or the opposite

  3. Annie,

    Learn from me la...don't bother to defend others la coz they don't give a shit about you if you are in trouble.
    I am a mother of 3 kids, raising them thru sweats and tears on my own, very tough you know. So from today after kena marah from your garang chinese mom, u better mind your own business la. Kesian you for being nosey la Annie. Ok mau titun oredy...good night.

  4. he..he.. your jodoh will be coming soon, annie... cheer up !

  5. re: "Do you know what you did is insubordination. Kalau kena buang kerja memang padan muka you," she added.

    Mother Freedom says that rights can only come with responsibilities

    Freedom, keep tryin'
    People stay alive and people keep dyin' for
    Freedom, so don't lose it
    Ya gotta understand ya just can't abuse it
    Freedom, get movin'
    Never gonna stop till everybody's groovin' on
    Love for - one another
    Callin' some friend and callin' some brother

    Hey tomorrow
    You're not so far away
    Mother freedom
    We'll know you well someday

  6. So Now ....You Fool! Buta Lagi Ke?!

    1MDB Sudah Pokai! CEO akan cuba bayar hutang hutang dan lepas itu akan ditutup.

  7. Typical Chinese attitude of jaga you own rumah and not care if your neighbours are robbed, raped or ransacked! At least you have Malay blood of tolong menolong and jaga jiran, kawan dan keluarga. I have seen these low-class self serving attitudes from most of my Chinese friends and colleagues, they will not help you if you are attacked but ask you for help when they themselves are attacked. It's karma, if you help people without any thought to yourself, one day you will be rewarded.

    btw, my ancestors were chinese and this is the bad attitude that I detest!

    1. If we trace our ancestors long enough we will finad that we have either chinese, indian, arab, javanese. hai and a mix of other races. So, never really believe with Ketuanan Melayu concept because there is not many pure Malay around

  8. If you trace your ancestors even will find that you are from Adam and Eve. How far do you want to go...we can focus on when did the human race branched to being "chinese"...when they we sons of Noah?...
    Before anyone shoots me and label me "rascist" just being sarcastic

  9. Listen to your Mama lah..
    Stop writing for a while. Take a break.

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