Wednesday 4 March 2015

OMG...Helen angry with Annie

I am a bit sad at the moment.

My sister blogger Helen Ang whacked me quite hard earlier today,

Annie's bad habit and the need for her to see the bigger picture

I don't know why she was so angry with me for basically just saying that people should not vilify DS Rosmah Mansor to the point of dehumanizing her.

I mean, is she that evil?

Had she ever called people names?

Is it really true that she stole billions of ringgit of rakyat's money? Got proof meh?

Do you all actually believe that she personally supervised the blowing up of Altantuya's body as alleged by some people? Honestly, I can't. I can't imagine Rosmah with her big hair and carrying Birkin handbag doing that.

Anyway, I strongly suspect that her Birkins are fake, but she can't say it because that will be too embarrassing.

Well, never mind....I don't want to quarrel with Helen.

She is my dear blogging sister. Always will be.

Nothing wrong with having differing opinion of things.

Maybe she will cool off later.

Whatever it is, I am also too tired of people being angry with me these past few days.

My big boss was so angry with me the other day that I thought he would had literally kicked my ass.

It was over My bad habit

I am still waiting for him to give me the sacking order or put me in a freezer.

Then there were the smaller bosses giving me the evil eyes in the office.

I don't blame them though because I used the word "fucking bastards" to describe them.

Actually, I was just using that word as an expression because I need to appear garang at that time.

Actually, I know that they were conceived after their parents got married, and therefore they are not bastards...if you know what I mean.

Meanwhile, as for the smallest bosses, I think they were trying to avoid me like I am a leper or something.

Can't blame them too as who wants to be seen with the office bitch targeted for sacking anyway.

So, that's about it.

As a peace offering to Helen, here is a song for her,

Don't be too angry with me la sis. Everyone angry with me already, okay.


  1. Annie, you have to take position, you can't be another lalang.

  2. Skandal Bank Rakyat RM32 juta yang mendapat perhatian ramai tahun lepas kini diceritakan dalam sebuah buku berjudul "Membongkar Skandal Deepak & Bank Rakyat" tulisan Shahbudin Husin, yang dilancarkan hari ini oleh pemimpin veteran Umno, Tan Sri Sanusi Junid.

    Buku itu mendedahkan hubungan Deepak dengan isteri perdana menteri, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor yang dikaitkan dengan layanan istimewa diberikan kepada beliau dalam isu pinjaman Bank Rakyat. Sanusi semasa berucap melancarkan buku itu di Petaling Jaya hari ini, berkata tidak pernah dalam sejarah Umno seorang bekas setiausaha agung dimalukan dan dihina seperti dilakukan terhadap Sabbaruddin.

    Morale of the story-what you give you get back. Does this applies to Rosmah?


  3. I don't think she's angry with you.
    No need to feel sad.

    You two should just get in touch with each other to avoid misunderstanding and pointless enmity.

  4. We all need quiet time to recollect our True Lord and the abiding light within. Opinions and arguments have their useful limits ...

  5. Annie... I am with Helen... if nothing change, WE Malaysian will end up as victim.

  6. helen the good girl...NO...she must not get angry to you....

    and must not be sad....

    but unfortunately looks like all those red bean army are so strong...

    that they are slowly succeeding in making the good people (both of you) to be an enemy of one another....

    haiz...who will save us next...but nevermind...lets settle the F****** B****** first...

    if the F****** B****** wants to sack you annie...just resign....

    before that...tell them tak payah buang saya lah...saya buang kamu lah...NAH

    (you are so talented,honest & hardworking... so many companies will hired you for who and what you are)

    >james bond

  7. Annie,

    I read Helen Ang's critique of your statement and I do not consider it an attack but a fraternal criticism of your statements by someone who basically respects you.

    The title of Helen's blog is "Annie’s bad habit and the need for her to see the bigger picture"

    She basically wants you to view the public criticism of Rosmah in the bigger picture of the public image she projects by her behaviour and how it could affect the public image of the Najib administration and the prospects for UMNO in the next GE.

    Whilst I do not readily believe everything being said about Rosmah and ever accusation thrown at her but there are certain curious issues about her, like how she could continue eastwards to the US and Europe on the PM's official plane, whilst the PM played golf with Obama, cut short his vacaton and returned alson on another plane.

    Read through Helen's blog dispassionately, think about it and if you feel Helen is wrong of unfair in certain areas then point them out in comments on her blog and meet up for a discussion to arrive at a better understanding your respective political positions.

  8. I dont think she is angry la. She's just replying to your points, like a good sis would.

    1. re: "Whatever it is, I am also too tired of people being angry with me these past few days. My big boss was so angry with me the other day that I thought he would have literally kicked ...."

      "Healing the Hate of Condemnation": some views of Imam Ghazali

      The root cause why people hate being condemned stands at the opposite of that for love of praise. Its treatment, therefore, can be understood therein. We should, however, also say with regard to this question that the one who condemns you belongs to one of the following three states:

      [1] Either he is truthful about what he says and his intention is offering you good advice, and he desires to benefit you;

      [2] Or he is truthful about what he says, but his intention is to hurt you and to display enmity;

      [3] Or he is lying.

      Within the first state, if a person is truthful and wants to offer you good advice you should not be angry with him, condemn him, or feel rancour towards him. Rather, you should seize his favour because the one who brings your defects to your attention has indicated to you a source of danger so that you might avoid it. Hence, you should be happy with such a person and proceed, if you can, to remove this blameworthy attribute from yourself. As for any distress, hatred or condemnation felt as a result of this person’s expression, it is nothing but the height of your ignorance.

      As for the second context, where a person intends to display enmity, [know that] you have nevertheless benefited from what he has said because he has pointed out to you your defect, should you have been ignorant of it. [Even if you were aware of the defect] he has nevertheless reminded you of it, in case you had become heedless of it; and should this defect have become unobjectionable to you he may have made it look repulsive to you so that your concern to remove it is reawakened. Either way, these are causes for your felicity, for you will derive from them benefit. You should, therefore, occupy yourself with seeking felicity because its means have been provided to you as a result of the criticism you have heard. Had you been about to enter upon a king, unknowingly wearing dirty clothes, and someone shouted at you: “You with the dirty clothes! Go and clean yourself!”, you would have been pleased.

    2. The third context relates to criticism directed against you by someone but from which you are exempt in the sight of Allah, exalted is He. You should not hate such a person nor should you occupy yourself with condemning him. Instead, you should ponder the following three things:

      First, even if you are free from the defect which is being attributed to you, you nevertheless are not free from other similar defects; indeed your defects that Allah has kept concealed are more abundant. You should, therefore, thank Allah, exalted is He, that He has not revealed your real defects to this person, and led him instead to attribute to you something else from which you have been protected.

      Second, this accusation may act as an atonement for the rest of your defects; being accused of a defect that you are exempt from cleanses you from other defects that you are defiled with. Moreover, anyone who backbites against you has by that action transferred to you the outcome of his good deeds. Why should you feel sad to receive gifts which bring you closer to Allah, exalted is He?

      Third, the poor person [who falsely accuses you] has harmed his religion to the extent that he made himself fall in the sight of Allah and destroyed himself because of his calumny. Hence you should not add your anger to Allah’s wrath; nor let Satan be spiteful with him by causing you to say: “O Allah! Destroy him!” Rather, you should say: “O Allah! Give him uprightness! O Allah! Please forgive him!”

      It is reported that Ibrahim ibn Adham once invoked Allah to forgive a man who had fractured his skull. When asked why he did so, he replied: “I know that I am getting a reward thanks to him and that I did not get but good from him. Hence I did not want him to be punished because of me.”

      (from "Revival of the Religious Sciences" vol. 3 book 8)

    3. anon 13:41 plus 13:42....

      thank you and good of you to share this piece of information...together with it thumbs up...

  9. Anne, unfortunately Helen was right. You need to see things thru the lenses of fairness and what is good for the country., Don't be blinded by your support for the status-quo that you brush off all views that are opposing them.
    If I were Rosmah, I would appreciate all the negative comments so that I can improve myself.


  10. Whatever our own problems nothing compared to our good No 1, adinda Ms Helen.
    Berat mata memandang ..

    You never give me your money.
    You only give me your funny paper.
    And in the middle of negotiations.
    You break down
    .. Boy, you're going to carry that weight.
    Carry that weight a long time.
    -- The Beatles, 1969

    1MDB? No heavier, the Tun A Razak legacy and DS Rosmah cukup.

    Haji M Zin.
    Alor Gajah DPH

  11. Helen is just a whore journalist. You are much better than her.

    1. Please don't be nasty, okay. Helen is a nice lady.

    2. Helen is just filled with hatred and vengeance towards DAP and the Star may be for unfulfilled promises made to her by them those days when they were in the same bed. But the way she is trying to 'batu api' the Malays/Muslims to hate and fight the the Chinese/Christians is really scary. For that you are much more respectable then her Annie.

    3. 16:37, are you Chinese quack sinseh? or Malay quack bomoh?

    4. Anon 16:37 sounds like Wong Chun Wai.

      He has a lot to lose from Helen Ang's criticisms. His position in the Star Publications Berhad gives him an income of millions of ringgit every year.

      Why do you think all these lies are being consistently spread by this person lurking in Annie's blog about HA?

      Anon claims there are "promises made to her by them those days"?

      I'm a regular reader of her blog and I remember she wrote somewhere that she left The Star dozens of years ago. But I certainly don't recall that she ever complained or even mentioned anything about The Star not fulfilling promises to her.

      What "promises"?

      How does Anon know what happened in the paper with Helen and what promises made (if any) dozens of years ago? Is Anon a fly on the wall with the memory of an elephant?

      This method of making up false allegations about a person is for the purpose of dragging his/her name through the mud and it reflects on the accuser, not the victim of his slander.

      Either Anon is making up this lie to damage HA's reputation, which I strongly believe to be so, or he is himself Wong Chun Wai in which case he might know something about promises made to Star employees.

      Anon must be Wong Chun Wai!

      If he is WCW, then readers will have to ask themselves what is his motive for writing mud-slinging comments like the above ... if not to protect his millions of ringgit salary paid by The Star.

      I for one hope HA will continue to expose WCW and The Star and their churches and all their constant backstabbing.

    5. Anon 19.13

      You really ought to run along and hide behind Helen fucking angs but fat fucking arse. She does nothing but spin and incite. Day after day.

    6. Dear Annie, I am with Helen on this. When the future of our nation is at stake, we can't afford to be small minded. Regardless of how we look at this issue, its just not right for any leader or his family to parade their love/lust for luxury in a country where the gap between rich and poor is still high.

  12. I not angry wif you, Annie. see still reading your blog. As for Bik mama's Birkin bag's authenticity, you need to ask Michael or Jho if they were bought in a Hermes store in Paris, Italy or NY and not Sg Buloh factory.

  13. Zack,
    Carilah cerita lain nak jatuhkan Najib
    Cerita Deepak nidah obselete
    Bacalah tulisan orang dah ditolak UMNO
    Sapa agaknya SU Agong yg di maksudkan,Sabaruddin Cik ke?
    Apahal dengan 1 MDB,setakat itusaja ke yang bolih kau korek
    Sekarang Najib suruh Auditor General buat audit,sabar le
    Mana pergi Tony Phua,Rafizi Bapok,Kadir Jasin...kalau nak cungkil go all out,jangan half cocked,nanti credibility hilang.

  14. Anon 18:39-apa? Auditor General?kah..kah..kah.. kamu ni buat lawak bodoh lembu dalam kondo lah. Inilah akibatnya bila banyak sangat baca cerita dongeng.AG dibawah pengawasan siapa? DAP?PKR?PAS? Kalau Najib telus, kenapa tak tubuhkan RCI atau guna independent Auditor seperti PWC dsb?Itupun aku dengar ada Auditor terkemuka dunia menarik diri?Kenapa ye?Setahu aku auditor ini akan melaporkan yang benar sahaja dan jika disuruh untuk sebaliknya,mereka akan tarik diri untuk kekal integriti mereka.Kalau apa yang ditulis oleh Sabaruddin Chik tak benar,nape Ah Jib Gor atau Rossie tak nak saman dia? Takkan berani saman Harakah aje. Ingatkan lepas Rafizi dedahkan pasal NFC maka kerajaan akan berhati-hati tapi rupa-rupanya 1 Malaysia DiBaham Buaya yang lagi besar.


  15. Annie, in order for Rosmah not to be vilified, she should not be given too much publicity like Mahathir or Pak Lah's wife. When she keeps appearing in every media,coupled with the negative perception that has been painted,it make matters worse. She should just sit at home and be a housewife (or house husband?) to Jibby boy.If she is no longer seen in the media,people will forget her. I wonder if this Paul Stalden guy had recovered from his hangover after too much partying to plan a better a strategy.

    Since you felt pity for Rosmah being vilified, don't you feel sorry for Anwar being vilified too (irregardles of his sexual appetite).

    I have been reading The Star ever since i started reading but since last year i completely stopped reading The Star. The Star is supposed to promote government interest and promote unity being a mouth piece of MCA or BN. But what we are reading is The Star has been the enemy within to spread hatred to the government,or to be more precised, a racist paper.And WCW was appointed by Jibby boy to head his moderation campaign. This Jibby Boy is indeed blurr that he is being screwed left,right, up and down. So do you think he should continue to lead the country? At least Pak Lah is able to smile now as Jibby boy had uplifted Pak Lah's image.


  16. Zack,
    Apa bangang kau ni
    Agaknya harix baca Harakah atau Kelfaian Daily atau terlalu banyak minum air kencing mantan KETUM.
    Delloitte tu under Ministry mana atau Najib dah bagi duit ke..tolol betul
    Saya dah cakap keep on barking sampai tak afa suara,Tak ada kuasa setakat ini bolih menjatuhkan Najib melainkan kuasa ALLAH.Selalu pahala orang selalu difitnah akan berlipat ganda hasil daripada pahala yang diperolihi olih si pemfitnah berpindah kepadanya
    Macam mana nak turunkan Najib,MT UMNO sepi aja,Rakyat didesak beliau,macam Arab Spring..
    Taik Kucing la Zack
    Barukena air fah lari lintang pukang.
    Lagi pun rakyat tifak ada sebab nak memberotak,hidup di Msia ini aman,tak ada mati kebuluran,...melain orang macam sdr tak tenang hati
    Pak Lah....history dah,pse recalled event leading to his dismissal esp in UMNO scenerio,and if I am not mistaken the person who planned the scheme is still in UMNO Supreme Council...see..see


    1. Yang lintang pukang anak yang taat kepada DS Anwar .. kesian kan(?) 09:27
      kena virgil setiap malam lepas tu shuttle ke Sogo(?) dan balik Sg Buloh ..

      semua sebab takut dilupakan dan dah seminggu tiada laporan akhbar BBC Asia dan lain berita dunia.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  17. Kalau kekuatan hang Tuah terletak pada huruf “T”-maka kekuatan Najib terletak di mana?

    N -Nalurinya..kah?
    A -Akalnya…kah?
    J -Jiwanya..kah?
    I -Ilmunya..kah?
    B -Bininya..kah?

  18. Selagi bukan badan bebas yang buat audit ke atas 1MDB, kita semua dah tau laporannya nanti. Skrip dah prepare siap2 oleh konsetan mabuk Paul Stalden-"Kita tidak menjumpai apa2 yang mencurigakan tentang transaksi 1MBD" . Air mani Anwar dalam jubor Saiful boleh jumpa tapi kapal terbang MH 370 yang besar tak boleh jumpa. Pelik tapi benar!! Itulah keajaiban "Bulan & Bintang".

  19. untuk perkahwinan
    kahwinlah dengan apa pun
    dengan sapa pun
    orang ramai tak marah
    buat lah kenduri
    44 hari 44 malam
    tak ada siapa melarang

    jemputlah semua bintang holywood
    jemputlah semua bintang bombay
    jemputlah semua anak raja
    jemoutkan semua tuan sheikh
    tak ada siapa melarang
    jangan pakai duit kerajaan
    jangan guna dana rakyat
    jangan songlap duit negata

    masa bertunang dulu
    terbukti rosmah dan najib guna
    duit kerajaan

    ini di tentang oleh orang ramai
    pekara ini timbul dalam parlimen


    1. Senahak senohong gelama si ikan duri !

      Ada isterinya yang tiap kali berbohong alibi suami, Sdr ANON 20: 15
      walaupun dalam video live bersama Dato S Eskay, China doll .. dan jam Omega yang diakaui dalam simpanan beliau.

      Kerana engkau isteri
      Ku ingin kau mengerti bahawa hidup ini
      Tak semudah yang kita janjikan .. jadi MB boneka dan Ketua Umum boneka(?)

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  20. Not ez to b d pm wife.

  21. Anon 20.15
    Merapu kat sini bolihlah,buat fitnah la tu,kalau ada bukti report,tapi BANGANG macam sdr mana nak percaya Polis SPRM,Hakim,Yang sdr percaya apa yg Mantan KETUM kelentong.