Tuesday 31 March 2015

Japanese diary 2

Spend the day exploring Tokyo.

I don't think I should elaborate on it. Just tourist stuff.

In the evening my traveling companion and I went to Akihabara to buy some anime stuff that my cousin asked me to get for her.

Unfortunately, we took the wrong train and got lost.

By the time we got onto the right one and reached the place, it was quite late.

Most of the shops closed between 8 or 9pm. The makan places closed quite late though.

So, we were rushing around to find what my cousin wants.

"Koko ni tokyo ghoul no t-shirts iru ka na?" I asked the shop attendants.

All the about 20 anime shops we went to don't have the stuff.

My cousin is a fan of the dark anime genre while most of the shops sell the "sailor moon" types.

Since the shops were closing anyway, we gave it a rest and settled down for dinner at a soba restaurant.

Most restaurants here specialized in one type of dish unlike those in Malaysia.

I had a set-meal of rice, tempura, fried vegetables and noodle soup. Also air kosong.

After dinner we went walking about a bit.

There were lots of young cosplay girls promoting the nightspots and I don't know what else.

Japanese men have unique taste indeed.

It reminded me of a story told by my friend, a senior special branch officer who when he was much younger used to escort former deputy prime minister DS Anwar Ibrahim.

The guy once escorted Anwar to Japan and found out that he liked going to weird places.

We went back about 10pm and reached our hotel room about an hour later.

My traveling companion is now snoring.

I tried not to read news from home as I don't want to spoil my holiday.

I don't have the time anyway.

Just restrict myself with reading two blog posts per day which title I found interesting.

Just light stuff such as this,

Surviving in the Cat World

or this,

India declared a day of national mourning on Sunday for Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Okay, I'm getting sleepy too now.

Need to get up early tomorrow to catch a train going north.



  1. Enjoy your holiday in Japan, Annie.

    My younger brother, also when he was younger, was a Police outrider in Pulau Pinang He told me that once he had escorted the Rear Admiral when he was the DPM. When they reached an some busy street he was radioed to stop leading the car caring our ex-PM and returned to base. He felt uneasy since the road where he let them off, seems to be leading to weird places.

    Old habit die hard, they say.
    Karpal Singh and Mat Sabu must be telling the truth when they accused our DPM, a sodomite in Parliament, back in 1997.

  2. While you are away in Japan, PM made a visit to the Kastam office in Kelana Jaya which is the main centre for GST handling. Looks like he is so excited and can't wait to get his hands on the GST collection after cleaning up the government coffers. Big mama is nowhere to be seen. With more taxes coming in, guess she is busy preparing her shopping list which may include a private Rocket this time?


    1. What a wasteful freak of an investor.

  3. Probably not one of DPM al-Juburi's type of weird spots:


  4. "Our room"???..... "Snoring"???...............hmmmmm

  5. But under Hudud under Qazaf cannot simply accuse one hihihihi

    1. IF (note that I use IF!!!! ) she did pun, it is impossible to get 4 person to witness the actual "entry" hahahaha

  6. "91-year-old Mr Lee, Singapore's founding father who dominated the country's politics for more than half a century, died of severe pneumonia on March 23."

    IF ONLY . . . .

  7. Despite his daughter being the Governor of BNM, Ungku Aziz wrote this Puisi.

    Puisi Kangkong

    Pucuknya angkuh memanjat bukit,
    Tak sedar akar terendam air parit,
    Rakyat mengeluh lelah dan sakit,
    Sedikit diberi banyak diungkit…

    Pucuknya angkuh memanjat bukit,
    Tak sedar akar di air parit,
    Bagaikan melepas anjing tersepit,
    Dah jadi pemimpin,rakyat digigit.

    You can now figure out now how screwed up Najib is.For those DUMNO’s still kissing Najib’s a**, it only shows how stupid you are.


    1. Shakespearean consultation for "PeeEm Ah Jib Gor" in Hamlet:

      "To be, or not to be: that is the question". - (Act III, Scene I).

      "Neither a borrower nor a lender be; For loan oft loses both itself and friend, and borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry". - (Act I, Scene III).

      "The lady doth protest too much, methinks". - (Act III, Scene II).

      "A little more than kin, and less than kind". - (Act I, Scene II).

      "Rich gifts wax poor when givers prove unkind". - (Act III, Scene I).

      "When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions". -
      (Act IV, Scene V).

      "Alas but when fortunes turn to waste there's always the last kangkong."

  8. You better go to famous Shibuya traffic light crossing at night....

  9. annie.. I love reading ur blog post. but when u sometimes 'selit-selit' things like Anwar like to go weird places really bothers me. jgn mcm tu. u sendiri tak nampak. because the stuff u write to the public can be considered Fitnah u know.