Wednesday 11 March 2015

Shaving (at) the wrong place by the wrong people

There was a head shaving event in front of the parliament building yesterday morning.

Some Pakatan members of parliament and their supporters took part in the event which was to demand the release of DS Anwar Ibrahim who was jailed five years for committing sodomy.

Good effort, but I think they did it all wrong.

So common lah these head shaving thing being done like that.

If you look at the picture, I think you will notice that the shaven guys were just some obscure Pakatan MPs and unknown members of their cheer group.

They should have got more prominent leaders to do it.

For instance, that lady on the right of the picture should volunteer for it.

She is after all the PKR Wanita chief.

Shaving her head for her de-facto leader would not be too much of a sacrifice, I think.

The ulama probably won't be too angry with her if she did that.

The aurat is the hair, not the head, I think.

Once she is bald, I think she doesn't have to wear her tudung anymore.

Then, other than showing her love for Anwar, she can also really scare the dastardly Umno people with her looks.

I know, she is already looking scary now, but if bald, I think she will be even scarier.

I would also like to suggest for her to shave her head herself, possibly using real shaving blade instead the electric shaver that they used yesterday.

That will be real drama, okay.

All the foreign media will definitely cover the stunt and she will be world famous.

Well, if that is not drama enough, I recommend for her to instead shave other parts of her body other than her head.

That will definitely get the world's attention.

Even Obama and Putin will likely want to have a look at how she do it, out of curiosity.

Who knows, maybe they may pressure PM DS Najib Razak to persuade the Yang DiPertuan Agong to grant Anwar his pardon from prison so as to avoid such harrowing incidents from happening again.

How? You all agree with me or not?

Anyway, later on, if she is not comfortable being bald, she can always wear a wig.

Wigs nowadays look quite real, okay.

Oh, by the way...I wonder if Nurul Izzah would want to shave her head for papa. I think she would look stunning being bald.


  1. Annie, you are really naughty. I almost rolled on the floor, LOL. Kesian Make Lampir.

    1. Manyak boloh lea aa , apa pasat itu penjala punya olang tatak kasi botak balu selupa maa aa .

      Wa manyak lagi sukak ,tengok itu Lim's kasi botak ,lagi atak Oomm ,maa aa., Wa pasti undi lagi lea aa .

  2. Ong Kian Meng would like to have a free hair cut anyway. And its plain stupid and insult to law. Just by shaving head, a convicted ********* can be freed. So what about hundred other people who are jailed for the same offense? Why stop there. Shave some more and free the king pin, drug dealer, serial rapist, ah long. Everybody can be free by shaving hair. These people are turning our country into lawless nation.

  3. Dear Annie.

    Anwar is a spent force. The least coverage given to him, the better. I am not too sure if you are a beneficiary of the 'goose that lays the golden age' but I am finding it weird you are not commenting on the big elephant in the room. Maybe your love for Johor is no where as strong as for Malaysia? We are entering an economic crisis here. Any bullshit about Malaysia being fundamentally strong...kindly look at how our ringgit is performing. Also look at the business sentiment on the ground. Not everybody can afford a RM1.2k hair dresser fee. That is near equivalent to min wage. How out of touch can the woman be? Speak to business owners. Speak to people on the streets. Anybody who dismiss their opinions, well I have news for you buddy. These people are voters. How much you think the goose that lays the golden eggs can go around if more people join the gravy train?

    So who is this Chinese fei chai Jho Low? I thought UMNO is all about memperkasakan Melayu? Why is everybody strangely quiet about this turn of events? How much of the money can be recover? Petronas is going through tough times. And the government just dished us with 1MDB fiasco. Where is the accountability?

    The Government is running short of money. Don't believe me? Watch the business news for the next few weeks.

    1. What for you tell this to Annie ? Go and tell this to the three "botak" head guys, those surrounding plus all those brainless politicians that supporting this act as not to wasted anyone precious time.

    2. Labu8455, I agree with anon of 05:32, we should not give air time to these air heads. The brainless politicians would not waste anyones time if everybody just ignored their silly act.

    3. Anon 05.32

      Aiy pun satu kapal sama itu botak maa.. . Ringgit jatuh.. economy sudah destroyed ma.. ini betul ke bos? or sebab botak geng cakap.itu macam..check blogspot for some quick facts. Hope this helps bro..

  4. Church of Satan Founder, Anton LaVey's Last Interview

    1. Ex-Gay Porn Star Talks About Satan and Sodomy

      no sex act is worth losing your soul

      "Of all the creatures in the world, will you approach males, and leave those (the females) whom Allah has created for you to be your mates? Nay, you are a people transgressing all limits!" [Quran 26:166-167]

  5. Anon at 05:32 banyak suara la, suka hati annie la nak blog about whatever..its her blog

  6. Wakakakakakakaka ROTFL.

    How about Bik Mama?

  7. Annie, you are sooo nasty ...ha..ha

  8. Anon 09:06

    How big is your mama's?

  9. A bald cause for Deep Penetration Manouevres DPM Al-Juburi?

    I see you running, don't know what you're running from
    Nobody's coming, what'd you do that was so wrong?
    Look back and turn back, look at yourself
    Don't be afraid just look at yourself.

    If you need assistance or if all you need is love
    There's no point in hiding,
    tell me what you're frightened of
    You've got a friend, just look at yourself
    Don't be afraid, just look at yourself.

  10. Annie ... ROTFL! May Allah forgive me for finding this so funny!


  11. 5.32
    Start packing your bag an migrate as Malaysia is going to bed bangcrupt soon,branai ke?.

    1. Maybe you should migrate to your tempurung. Even Tun Diam and Tun M are concerned about the whole 1MDB issue and its effect on our economy. What 05:32 has stated is whats real on the ground. Doesn't mean he/she should migrate. We need to pull together to improve the situation bit by bit. Asking people to migrate will only result in further devaluation of our ringgit as they cash out and buy foreign currency - Think!

  12. At least these people shaved their own hair unlike the BN government that "shaved the rakyat's hair". This dumb Pee Emm thinks he can fool everyone through his 1MDB shaving tricks through a young chicko but looks like every piece of hair is falling apart. 1MDB now refers to 1 Malaysia Dalam Bahaya.


  13. A very simple statement to all pakatan supporters including their MB "Dah Bodoh Sombong Pulak"

  14. lawak lah anakanda ,

    saya cadangkan kan mak lampir melawat al juburi d sg buluh satu mlm. saya tak hairan kalu anwar bertaubat selepas itu. he he he ....

    1. Annie2 aku atas katil ketawa smpi katil bergoyang...pastu baca pula komen tak ble blah bro rahman pjc..lagila katil bergoyang!!! Baru nk baring2 skit lps subuh...ko ni annie...notti

  15. Shining botak head need no shaving. O la la. I am the one you're looking for.


  17. How many times these goons said our country going bancrupt,if I am not mistaken 10 years ago the same words had been said but Thank ALLAH nothing happened.They acted like expert economists but in real facts they no nuts.They just qoute foreign press statements without checking the real facts and truth.They think it easy for any country to go into bancruptcy and I am sure the government had contigency plan if it happens.My 2 cents question is this 1MDB debacle will lead Malaysia into bancruptcy?Investment is a long term affair and I am aware that everyone know this.If we to remember when KHAZANAH National was introduced by TDM,there were ho ha here and there by the armchair critics,but where are they now when KHAZANAH National produced result.So let this 1MDB thing take a rest now and afterall the PM had ask the Auditor General and other relevent authorities to do audit and investigations.But I am dead sure that these goons will not accept as they will say these agencies will be partial towards govt as free and independent multinational audit firms had audited,but they refused to acknowledge.So I had to agree with Anon 15.15...Mentality of Pakatan Readers.....pse evaluate.

  18. Ye lah Annie..tengok Mak Lampir begitu menakutkan..Tiada nur on her face.

  19. No need to have haircut by the PR as a matter of demos. I can still get a haircut for RM2 at Serom 8, Ledang.