Monday 16 March 2015

I'm fine with Muhyiddin, but does it really matter?

I don't think anything will happen to me if PM DS Najib Razak was removed from his post.

Seriously, what it's going to be?

TS Muhyiddin Yassin becomes PM?

I'm fine with that.

The guy is not so bad.

But does the guy wants that?

Will it really makes Umno and BN stronger for the next general election?

I don't really know the answer to all these questions.

But, I can choose to stand by the side and just be a spectator to all the nonsense.

Actually, it would not really harm me even if Pakatan takes over the country.

My life is that detached from the life of mainstream Malaysians.

I can just blend in and goes with the flow.

Anyway, as for Najib, I don't really owe him anything.

There is no real need for me to support him.

As for his much vilified wife Rosmah, I don't really like her style, but I don't hate her to the point that I want to run her down until people really believe that she is a witch.

I did however joked a bit here and there about her and that's it.

Not more than that.

After all, I am not from DAP.

Yeah, I got my complaints about Najib too, but again I will not criticize him to the point that I sounded like one of those rabid Pakatan people.

I don't know....maybe it will be better if Muhyiddin takes over, but do we really have to whack Najib and his wife mercilessly like that to remove him?

Is Najib that bad?

Is the country really going to the dogs under his leadership?

Everyone hungry today, tak dapat makan, because Rosmah stole your food?

Well, that's my thoughts for this morning.

Need to run now.

Got work to do.

Cheers and have a happy start for the week today :-)


  1. Kepada Tuan yang bakal menjawat Perdana Menteri

    Ini gurindam Raja Ali Haji pasal yang pertama:

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    sekali-kali tiada boleh dibilangkan nama.
    Barang siapa mengenal yang empat (syariat, tarikat, hakikat, makrifat)
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    1. Rumi: "The Alchemy of Love"

  2. Frankly before PRU13, I like Najib. I think he got potential. For one thing he seems saner than Anwar Ibrahim. A few months after PRU13, when he started Talent Corp and all his other wasting money initiatives, I'm beginning to doubt his competency. Then the flip flop like AES came into picture and Rosmah becoming more over the top, I'm starting not to like him. His kowtowing to the Arabs, Singaporeans, Americans and the religionists, convinced me that he is bad for the country. The nail in the coffin is 1MDB-Jho Low-his stepson scandal. That is totally unacceptable. In my books that is treason!


    Who to replace him? My first choice is of course Tun Mahathir. Unfortunately dia sudah pencen ;) I'm ok with Muhyiddin so long as he listens to Tun Mahathir's wisdom. We need to bring back PPSMI and remove religion from national schools & IPTA. We also need to start teaching in English at our IPTA. Our graduates are pathetic. So lembik and lemau. Bottomline, Malaysians are simply not productive. Our youngsters spent too much time on religion and time wasting activities. We should encourage Malaysians to be less selfish, focus on science, innovation and invention that will improve the standard of living of humankind. Only then will Malaysians be relevant in this world.

    1. I sincerely believe that the Prophet s.a.w. taught humanity the Islam of wisdom and mercy, justice and rationality; not the hocus pocus of the radical Islamists and their full-time predilection for accusing other Muslims as heretics and deviants while racing for political domination together with the immoral sodomist funded by Zionists and the headstrong Maoist Chinese party chiefs.

    2. Dear Sir,

      I believe all IPTA/UA at Malaysia are teaching in English at present. Last time I taught my student, it was in English. In fact, tomorrow, the slides, explanation, discussion in my class will all be in English. Maybe a little bit BM 'lah' here and there, but no harm with that right?

  3. You cannot blind yourself to the games that have been played by Jho Low and how the UMNO Ketua Bahagians just came and nodded like parrots. And now Najib is buying a new airplane - yet you refuse to criticise him. Sad!

    1. Their games are about unbridled freedom to enjoy their pleasures at the expense of others . . . while the disenfranchised cry

  4. Anon 12.16
    Why blame solely on Najib for what had happened as per your comment above.
    Iam no fan of Najib too,but to blame him alone is not fair.
    Most of the decisions made were solely his but collectively eitheir by Cabinet Ministers or specifically UMNO Supreme Councils.
    On youngsters nowadays,do you have to blame the govt too.Just look how many programmes had the govt initiated on science,innovation and invention but observe the reception by our youths,The youth nowadays are really pampered,materialistics worst thing arrogant too.Most of them were born on silverspoons and no nuts about hardship.Who should be at fault on this esp the outbringing of the youth..for you surely Najib not their parents.
    Through enough our graduates are pathtic lots esp the Melayus.Who will be your scapegoats now...of course the govt and Najib must go.Did they enter the Varsities to get first class degrees or to be enticed by the Oppo.What had their parents done to encouraged them to study hard and not get involved in any activities that may discrupt their studies.Just to leave the authorities to do this job is not enough.My 2 cents worth question is why the Chinese ,Indians or other races students can excell and my 2 cents worth answer is they entered U solely to study and get a good degrees
    Is Najib that really bad,I would like to qoute Annie"s word above...Is really the country going to the Dogs under him.Has anyone die tak makan cos Rosmah had taken their food?
    You can be an anti establishment yourself but avoid influencing others with incorrect statements and facts.To those who are the same frequencies as yours may swallowed totally but to me and maybe some other Annie fans may not agree to your statements. .

  5. hoi anon 12.16 its seem liked you being reading alot from outsyed the box blog , yeah I liked it..... more progressive..forget about lebai wal retards , arab culture..and fahaman we cannot use brain..just listen and follow..

  6. Wait no more. ....

  7. Johor pun dah mcm tu ..... sapa pulak nak tolong tengok johor

  8. you really are the cream of the cream Annie of da bangang group...

    1. but the way you accused and write shows the opposite of who is the real bangang

  9. Najib is a disaster to the country and he must leave without second thought. If TSMY assumes premiership, BN & UMNO will be stronger in GE 14. The chinese had said that they rejected BN in GE13 because of Najib and nothing else. They did not like the opposition but they were left with no choice.We do not have to wait until we have no food to eat in order to react,that is called stupidity. Our disposable income especially the poor folks,is being reduced and will be severely reduced after Apr 1 when GST is implemented while Najib/Rosmah can afford to spend lavishly including buying new private jet, RM 77m for "international relations",RM 3m a year for a mat salleh konsetan and of course the mother of all scadals,1MDB (only god knows where the money are). Rosmah has been vilified and people believes she is a witch because she behaves like one.And now Najib is using the law against the opposition especially DSAI's family but the ahlongs/loansharks are free to advertise and conduct illegal business freely while committing crimes.


    1. Never in Malaysia has a prime minister proclaimed to be so much only to turn out to be so little . . .

  10. Siapa pengganti Najib (?)
    Siapa pemimpin UMNO yang sangat dibenci cina dan DAP, pemimpin itulah yang lebih layak.

  11. Annie, pada hemat saya Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah adalah ahli parliament yang paling Layak untuk di angkat sebagai Presiden UMNO sekaligus menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Terima Kasih.

  12. Zack
    Do not talk cock here.The Chinese tolak Najib in GE is not they dislike him but they were hoodwinked by Mantan KETUM that PR will win the election hand down'
    The law in Msia will be very very good if no action taken against the Oppo and followers if they break the law themselves and lagi very very very good if judgement made in their favour,If your your not safe,by all means you can cabut anywhere you like because we who are law adbiding citizens will stay put as we are not habitual law breakers.....Taik Kucin lah tulis macam dia terror sangat,...tak faham yang dia marah kat Rosmah tu hal...Bak kata Annie,mungkin kat rumah dia keluarga dia dah nak mati kebuluran sebab perbuatan Rosmah.

  13. Ever wonder why Najib is being attacked viciously compared to his predecessors?Because they did not set-up 1MDB using poor rakyat's money for their personal benefit. Why Rosmah is being vilified so badly compared to the other PM's wives? Because other PM's wives did not use government funds and properties like their own.They never done jet setting around the world using government's jet.Latest rumour is that this lady was in Indianapolis with the private jet overseeing the refurbishment of the new private jet while her "wife" is in Malaysia at that time.


  14. I think this Zack is allergic to Najib and Rosmah and should stay far far away from them,if not he will be non stop barking.He is acting worst than Rafizi Pondan or Tony Pua for that matter.Either he is James Bond or bela hantu raya for getting all the nonsense and factless info or saya dengar orang ini cakap.