Saturday 7 March 2015

Muhyiddin's slow and steady approach

Just reached home.

Nope, I was not working hard and come home late from office as usual.

I actually finished work earlier than usual but someone asked me out to have dinner.

The guy is a rich Indian dude.

He has been trying to be sweet to me for quite a while, but I'm not interested.

After all, the guy is married and I think he has a girlfriend or two (or maybe more) on the side.

But still, he is charming and actually meant no harm.

So, I said's just dinner after all.

We had dinner at an Indian joint....very typical, but I'm fine with it.

Among others, we talked about politics.

He knows that I'm into all that shit.

His main question was on the DPM TS Muhyiddin Yassin's statement on 1MDB yesterday.

You can read the whole thing at Apanama's

Kerajaan tidak wajar 'bail-out' 1MDB, tegas Muhyiddin

The guy asked me what Muhyiddin was trying to do.

I know that he is a supporter of PM DS Najib Razak, but I didn't want to bullshit him.

As you may noticed, Apanama straight away used the "no bail out" part of the statement as the title of his post.

It makes the statement by Muhyiddin looks very much like he was closing all the easy exit doors from the 1MDB issue.

So, I told the guy that I read it as an indication that Muhyiddin was testing the water ahead of tomorrow's meeting between Najib and all the Umno division leaders.

1MDB is after all Najib's biggest headache at the moment.

Worthy to note that the meeting was supposed to be an internal thing but The Star which I don't think care much for Umno had broke a story about it last week, thanks to the big mouth of people like Bung Mokhtar Radin who was the first Umno division chief quoted by the newspaper on the meeting.

I do wonder if the Umno division chiefs quoted by The Star have sinister motives towards Najib and wanted the meeting to fail.

Either that, or they were just plain stupid and gila glamour.

Whatever it is, the Muhyiddin's statement reminds me of what I wrote during the Umno general assembly in November last year,

Well, I don't want to speculate beyond that, as I could be wrong.

Actually, I'm hoping I'm wrong, because if I'm right, I will really have to choose side.

I simply hate to do that.

Anyway, back to the rich Indian guy who bought me the dinner....I think he is worried by the prospect of an internal Umno power struggle.

He stands to lose a lot if Najib is ousted.

Many more will suffer.

So, Najib's people must be prepared from now on to work hard.

They also need to be nice...especially to people like me who occasionally do crazy things such as defending Rosmah :-)

Otherwise, they will sink.

I told that to the guy.

However, out of the blue, the guy asked whether I would like to go to a nice place with him.

Shit, the guy was not paying attention...his mind was on other things.

Useless men.

Wasting my time only explaining the whole thing to him.

It's after all him who asked me to tell what I think about the whole thing.

I politely said, I can't follow him to the nice place as I have a lot more to do in the coming days.

Then we changed topics to the ones which were more personal in nature.

Those I can't write here.

Sorry ya.

Eh, I'm sleepy already.



  1. Bila nko nak cerita dating dengan pakwa Arab...?

    1. Aku tak dating la. Dinner je. Engko kalau tak jeles boleh tak?

    2. lawak lah u annie. well, i think as much as muhyideen is testing the water, the indian guy is trying that on u as well..hehe..njoy it while u can..

    3. Salah ke klu jeles akak..salah ke...

    4. haha. I wonder how this girl name Annie looks like.In my imagination she looks like Nora Danish or Hanis Zalikha,Remember she is of mixed blood, of chinese anad Malay.So, she cannot possibly look like Maya Karin

    5. muke dia mcm anak perempuan rosmah

  2. A very nice Indian setting ...... the musical brilliance of Shankar

    "Seven Deadly Sins :
    Wealth without work
    Pleasure without conscience
    Science without humanity
    Knowledge without character
    Politics without principle
    Commerce without morality
    Worship without sacrifice.”

    ― Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) the father of modern India

    1. Mahatma Gandhi said about Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.:

      "....I became more than ever convinced that it was not the sword that won a place for Islam in those days in the scheme of life. It was the rigid simplicity, the utter self-effacement of the prophet, the scrupulous regard for his pledges, his intense devotion to his friends and followers, his intrepidity, his fearlessness, his absolute trust in God and in his own mission. These, and not the sword carried everything before them and surmounted every trouble."� [Young India (periodical), 1928, Volume X]

  3. "Engko kalau tak jeles boleh tak" kahkahkahkah..

  4. Engkau ni elok aje ngangkang pada Roki blu tu. Sama-sama jilat menjilat. Dua-dua pun prepaid blooper.

    1. Anon 10:36,

      'Cantiknya' bahasa! Lambang mereka yang tidak berpelajaran . Orang yang tidak berpelajaran pula wajib dijawab secara tidak berpelajaran juga! Engkau, '..........ngangkang.......dekat siapa? Pastikan jangan sampai koyak rabak! '.......jilat menjilat..... Siapa yang kau jilat?' Pastikan jangan sampai lidah kamu putus!

    2. la lulusan pondok memang mcm tu..baru kenal dunia moden ayat pun mcm org gile seks je

    3. Anak haram pukimak punya anon 10.36 aljuburi

  5. My former schoolmate who never returned to Malaysia by Zan Azlee

    See more at:

    1. Saya sudah baca artikel tersebut. Kebebasan hak individu. Kalau mereka merasakan di sana lebih baik, 'go ahead, stay there' . Pada saya pula 'Malaysia is the best place to stay!'

  6. TSMY shows that he is a true Malay leader. You keep on whacking the Chinese for looking down on the Malays but are stone silent when the reports of how Jho Low took the 1MDB like kerbau dicucuk hidung. How can the Chinese respect the Malays if Malays themselves allow themselves to be fooled left right and centre. Still you want to support Najib ? Can't u see how he has tried to subvert the issue whereas TSMY is the brave one trying to,restore Malay dignity

    1. Yup. he certainly has extra balls than the rest of umnos who have that 'yes man' mentality.. hats off to him!

  7. Melayu sama melayu gaduh, yang bawak lari duit berkarong karong ikut pintu belakang cina. Lawak


  8. Yg Bhg Tan Sri was fair, here asked to sue for defamation first kan(?) adinda Ms Annie
    vs Pengarah face possible legal action.

    ".. tindakan undang–undang hendaklah diambil terhadap sesiapa sahaja yang melemparkan tuduhan tidak berasas.
    Pengarah 1MDB juga perlu mengambil tanggungjawab bersama dan bersedia menghadapi tindakan undang-undang.."

    NB. Yg Bhg DS Mohd Najib is on the Board of Advisors that includes the Chief Secretary of the government, but not on the Lembaga Pengarah 1MDB. The good Tan Sri was of course on neither heheh.

    Haji M Zin.
    Alor Gajah DPH.

  9. Najib's people had made enough money that could last for few generations thus they should not fear if their boss is being replaced. They can retire and together with their boss, they can live in their luxury villa and watch the "bulan & bintang". At least they are assured that they do not have to eat kangkung after retirement.

    Many are sceptical of TSMY capability in leading the country and i think he will certainly perform a million times better than Najib. At least we know TSMY doesn't have a wife who is a control freak, loves branded goods or have children from previous marriage to milk their parents into buying expensive condo abroad.When Najib first took over from Pak Lah, everyone was excited and thought that being young and a protege of TDM, he would perform better. Alas, he created history for the wrong reason and little did we realize that we actually elected his wife to run the country. Despite Pak Lah suffering Sleep Apnea, a condition that would be very torturing for the person to manage his daily life, at least he did perform much better than Najib or Ah Jib Gor. Apart from that, all his moderation,1Malaysia strategies brought bigger gap in racial polarization.With the only exception that 1MDB strategy really worked-but for himself and his wife.

    Morale of the story -Never Judge A Book by Its Cover


    1. Gurindam 12 Raja Ali Haji:

      Raja mufakat dengan menteri,
      seperti kebun berpagarkan duri.
      Betul hati kepada raja,
      tanda jadi sebarang kerja.
      Hukum adil atas rakyat,
      tanda raja beroleh inayat.
      Kasihkan orang yang berilmu,
      tanda rahmat atas dirimu.
      Hormat akan orang yang pandai,
      tanda mengenal kasa dan cindai.
      Ingatkan dirinya mati,
      itulah asal berbuat bakti.
      Akhirat itu terlalu nyata,
      kepada hati yang tidak buta.

  10. what with this rocky blue ha...everyone mention him lo?

  11. Only apathetic and uninformed Malaysians can live without anxiety-Aspan Alias

  12. Dr Hatta dan para pimpinan dari PAS HQ sampai di persimpang empat berdepan Sogo. Mereka bersama dengan peserta lain yang sedia menunggu sebelum ini. Laungan "Undur Rosmah" berulang-ulang kali bergema di Sogo.

    Read more:

    10,000 orang hadir untuk perhimpunan ini manakala hanya 2,000 yang hadir untuk Malam Bulan dan Bintang Najib.kah..kah..


    1. Undur Rosmah? Tengok siapa kena undur Muktamar PAS, Sdr ANON 20: 00
      dan didoakan in-sya-Allah tiada lagi pukul memukul sampai bulan Jun 2015.
      ( bakar kereta? )

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. Betul ke 10,000 orang. Kalau lihat gambar 1000 orang pun tidak sampai! Kah, kah, kah, bohong jangan tidak bohong!

  13. Rocky? Itu jantan Pakai Rambut Dreadlock....Annie punya unofficial Boss untuk putar Cerita.

  14. Esok genaplah 1 tahun misteri kehilangan MH370, sepertimana misteri kematian Atlantuya. Najib oh Rosmah. "I know what you did last summer." Kalau ada bahlol2 UMNO yang percaya MH370 bukan melibatkan tangan ghaib, anda sememangnya bahlol yang tak ber otak.

    Walaupun PM di caci,dimaki atas kelemahan serta kebodohan nya,dia boleh buat dek aje. Inilah yang dikatakan PM yang tak de kemaluan.

  15. Well most certainly Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has much more gumption and better smarts to be Prime Minister than Najib Tun Razak .

    Just for your information the PM has been absent from Malaysia for more than 70 days over the past 24 months. He has missed many Cabinet meetings.

    In the PM's absence, it is the DPM Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who has been chairing Cabinet meetings. The DPM has been running the country.

    And that is not exactly the entire story

  16. Zack
    Morale of story...Keep on Barking

  17. Nampak tak begitu ceteknya akal penyokong2 UMNO kat sini. Lebih mengutamakan kejadian pukul memukul atau bakar kereta sepertimana presiden mereka lebih mementingkan jubor saiful daripada ekonomi negara. Kita lebih risau jika ada kapal terbang MAS yang hilang lagi atau ditembak, ataupun warga Mongolia dijumpai mati setelah diletupkan dengan bom "tanpa sebab" serta duit rakyat dibelanja macam duit mak bapak mereka.

  18. Bermula daripada pembunuhan kejam seorang wanita Mongolia di Malaysia di mana mayatnya diletupkan, banyak musibah melanda Negara kita. Antaranya kematian anggota keselamatan di tangan pengganas Sulu, kehilangan MH 370, MH17 ditembak jatuh,banjir besar dan kini ekonomi Negara menuju kehancuran. Adakah semua ini berlaku kerana orang “itu” yang sama terlibat dalam kematian Atlantuya tetapi masih bebas? Adakah ini petanda supaya orang “itu” berundur sebelum lebih banyak bencana melanda Negara kita?

  19. To occupied Putra Jaya is very simple. JUST SPLIT THE MALAYS and the road will be CLEARED. That what DAP aka the Chinese is doing to UMNO, PAS and also Pi Kir Arr ..and once Malays is Split then it be long before they realized that UNITED is the key to achievement and that will be too late. Welcome a new country mimicking SIngapura with a new name Malacindiapura pura.. No more Bangsa but PRETENDERS!

  20. 22.8 and 22.58
    If you really hate Najib pse do not qoute all the disasters that had happened because of him being the PM.You are a pure stupid Macai or Moron.People like you only believe Anwar did not sontot and whatever happen even your relations been sontot by him also,you will blame Najib.Nobody can explain what happened to MH 370,can you?Atlantuya case,you tanya lah SUARAM,why quite now....Used your f.... g brain before making comments.

  21. Did you know that 1MDB is actually BS1M just like BR1M,PR1MA etc.If you are wondering what is BS1M, it means Bull Shit 1 Malaysia. muah..ha..ha..ha..

  22. All those incidents happened due to a leadership issues. Harian Metro reported about women were forced to be prostitute to pay debts owing to Ah Long. It seems that these loan sharks are free to conduct their illegal business freely and even expanding as you can see their advertisements everywhere even in front of police stations! They even terrorized and commit crimes on their victims but our Ketua Twitter Negara seems to be busy catching people posting comments on social media! Imagine if ordinary citizens like us who threaten our friends for not paying up debt owing to us the law will be severely be dealt with us. Let’s not talk if ordinary citizen splashing red paint or harming our friends like these loan sharks are free to do so. When former IGP TS Musa Hassan decided to crackdown on these loan sharks, the next thing happened is that his contract was not renewed. This is not only weak leadership but rather crooked leadership at the top level. Malaysia Boleh!!!

    Now instead of condemning my comments,I would suggest the lembus and cows of UMNO write to IGP to ask them to crackdown on these illegals loan sharks.

  23. Malaysia dah terkena badi Altantuya..

    I would like to say that it has been a long long time since we hear some firm words from an Umno leader in a simple plain Bahasa Malaysia. Most sincere too. Keep it up, Tan Sri. We need more of those wise words.

  24. Yes i agree that Malaysia dah terkena badi Altantuya..Let's hear what the UMNO supporters here got to say about the loan sharks menace. How come they are seems to be above the law conducting illegal business and criminal act? Please don't tell me because of the opposition. Rumors is that they are protected from the very top-you know the dumb malay guy who gave himself a chinese name. And it is managed by the political party that lost badly in the last GE but still given ministerial post. You $cratch my back i $cratch your back lor..So Annie, if your PMO friend said that Najib has rakyat at his heart, it should be corrected-Najib has the rakyat below his foot.