Wednesday 1 April 2015

Japanese diary 3

Arrived by train at this city several hundreds kilometers north of Tokyo about 11am.

It was more or less a boring journey with the only time I got interested in something was when the train stopped for a while at the Fukushima train station.

It made me realized that I'm passing through the area which was devastated in the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami

About 18,000 people died in the disaster.

I remember well when it happened.

I had put the Japanese flag as my image on my once active Facebook page as a mark of respect for those who died and sympathy for those who lost their loved ones in the tragedy.

The flag was still there when I deactivated the Facebook account almost a year later.

Amazingly, there was no sign of the devastation at all as I observed Fukushima from onboard the train.

The weather was perfect as my traveling companion and I arrived at our destination.

We intend to spend two or three days here during which we planned to venture to the countryside.

This is a picture of this city which I took from our hotel room window when we just arrived,

Anyway, throughout the train ride yesterday, I received quite a number of Wassap messages from home on the arrest of The Malaysian Insider editors.

I never like the TMI's ways of reporting, and believe that the portal is just a tool of Pakatan.

However, I am against putting journalists in jail or lock-up for what they wrote and published.

Any authority which do that will end up being despised and regarded as being oppressive.

Yes, it's just perception but that's how the fight for Malaysians' support were to be won or lose.

I believe the TMI issue should had been handled better by the authorities.

Okay, I'm getting sleepy.

This was my quota of two blog posts which I read yesterday,

Selamat Menunaikan GST 


1MDB, Hudud and the looming darkness

Ya, both were by pro-establishment bloggers who oppose PM DS Najib Razak.

Well, I read the opinions from all sides.

I don't see anything wrong with that.

Ours is after all a country which uphold freedom of speech and expression....eerrrr, okay...never mind.



  1. When Najib sent Anwar to jail, he thought the fight is over and PKR will be weakened and eventually looses its appeal. But he was dead wrong as he always is. With all the exposure of Najib's wrong doings coming from PKR, he started to instruct the police to intimidate the opposition thus they arrested Nurul Izzah, Rafizi etc. They are also targeting the pro-opposition portals to ensure that no one disseminates the information on his wrong doings.He was dead wrong again as he will always be.Myanmar times had recently reported on his wrong doings. I wonder if he will instruct the police to arrest the Myanmar Times author's as well? He can abuse his power to silence the dissents but he cannot stop information from surfacing.


    1. It's simple actually. You break the law then the police has to take action. No ifs no buts.

    2. Zack ,

      The law has long been been there , the only thing during the previous IGP ,the law was remain idle in the book ,that what make this people (the politician and the news edidor) think that they are above all that.

      Most people are favoring what has been done by the present IGP ,except a few , those who 'cari makan' by telling lies .

      P/S Have a good holiday Annie ,how I wish , I could have traveled like you , the fare looks scary to me .

  2. "Any authority which do that will end up being despised and regarded as being oppressive".

    I disagree.
    Singapore still have its ISA. Dissidents were either, jailed without trial, sued bankrupt or fled into exiled. LKY and his son have been doing it for over 1/2 a century and everybody seem to be very supportive of their government. To prevent another May 13, the Malaysian government must act as what LKY did.

    By right, these foreign funded pro-opposition portal, should have not been allowed to operate in the first place. Look at Russia. Only after they enacted the FARA (Foreign Agent Registration Act), there are no more anti-government protest.

  3. Hmmm ... ah so, another day in paradise no?

  4. Annie, since you are away in Japan and will be missing the historical day in Malaysia with lots of jokes circulating via WhatsApp, i'm sharing some of my best pick to keep you smiling and laughing.

    “Bagi menyempurnakan titah perintah Dato’ Sri Najib, setelah diperkenan oleh Datin Sri Rosmah,dengan ini saya mengisytiharkan tarikh bermulanya GST bagi neger-negeri seluruh Malaysia telah ditetapkan pada hari rabu,1 April 2015, bersamaan 12 Jamadilakhir 1436"