Thursday 19 November 2015

Kit Siang and gang should be more ethical in their struggle against BN

I have always maintained that DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang is an opportunist who never shy away from exploiting every issue available, including those which affect the people's emotion for political mileage .

I first experienced Kit Siang's hypocritical ways first hand during the campaign for Gelang Patah in the last general election.

He accused his opponent, the then Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman of racialist tactics while it was actually he himself who took full advantage of the Chinese community's sentiments at that time to win in the constituency.

I was therefore not surprised at all when he tried to exploit the murder of Sarawak businessman Bernard Then by his kidnappers, believed to be Filipino Abu Sayaff terrorists.

Then had been held hostage for six month before his murder.

Kit Siang, instead of just focusing on the crime had tried to link the murder to the leadership of PM DS Najib Razak by putting the blame on his administration.

Kit Siang: Bernard's 'beheading' a slap for Najib, APEC

The way I see it, the DAP supremo was once again playing on people's emotion to discredit his political opponent.

It's the same tactic used by DAP when it exploited to the maximum the death of DAP staff Teoh Beng Hock by blaming it on the BN government.

The case of

Teoh Beng Hock

was undoubtedly one of DAP's most potent weapons as far as winning the votes of the Chinese community in the 2013 general election.

I find it distasteful for Kit Siang to exploit Then's death in such a manner.

It's akin to a French opposition leader blaming President Francois Hollande for the recent

Paris attacks 

by Islamic State terrorists.

I believe the French will roundly reject such an opportunistic exploitation if any of their politicians ever attempted it.

Similarly, I hope Malaysians will recognise the vile attempt by Kit Siang to earn political milage by blaming Then's murder on Najib and the authorities.

Ever since the spate of kidnappings in the waters of Sabah by Filipino criminals and terror elements, our authorities have been working hard to secure the victims' safety and release.

There have been quite a number of  cases where they managed to do so.

The authorities have  also stepped up security measures along the Sabah maritime border with the Philipines.

This was to prevent the repeat of the

2013 Lahad Datu tragedy 

where a group of armed men, calling themselves the "Royal Security Forces of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo" was sent by Jamalul Kiram II, one of the claimants to the defunct throne of the Sultanate of Sulu to "invade" Sabah.

We lost 10 members of our security personnel while 66 of the terrorists were killed.

I remember members of the opposition ridiculing the authorities' effort in handling the terrorists so that they can gain some political milage out of it.

Earlier today I received this photo from a friend.

It shows opposition leader Nurul Izzah Anwar of PKR enjoying a good time with Princess Jacel H.Kiram-Hasan, the daughter of the late "sultan" who initiated the Lahat Datu tragedy

It's like a French politician posing with the daughter of Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi of Islamic State to further her political interests.

Reprehensible indeed.

I was made to understand that PKR's Tian Chua, one of the loudest to criticise the authorities' handling of the Lahat Datu  incident was also there when the picture was taken.

What a bunch of hypocrites.

If there is one thing I hate most about members of Malaysia's opposition is their hypocrisy in exploiting an issue without any regard for ethics to further their political ambitions.


  1. Don't hate. However much you dislike anybody, don't hate. You may be disgusted at him or her, but don't hate.

    Just like I'm disgusted at Annie for accusing me having the intention to kill Alvin Tan and not expressing any remorse for that until now (re comments in the previous and past posts), I don't hate her. I just pity her.

    I greatly pity her for being insensitive to the concern of Muslims against blokes like Alvin Tan who desecrated and blasphemed the Muslim Holy Book, the Qur'an, by putting on Facebook a series of photos of him using a page of the Qur'an as toilet paper.

    Don''t hate Annie, just pity her. Being torn between being half Malay and half Chinese. And possibly half Muslim, too. She defended Alvin Tan. Such a waste of the Malay part of her from her father, condoning the fellow insulting the Qur'an in the utmost manner.

    Like wise, don't hate Lim Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Tien Chua and such blokes. Just treat them with disgust. Whack them any which way so long as not breaking the laws. Don't follow Annie's ways. Saying hate here and there up there and in her past posts. Yet condoning Alvin Tan who hates the Muslims to his rotten end.

    A lot more can be said, but another time.

    1. Annie is not much different from Lim Kit Siang, "an opportunist who never shy away from exploiting every issue available". I stated in her
      "Massacre" post the opinion that Arab Muslims might massacre Alvin Tan for desecrating and blaspheming the Qur'an by putting out in Facebook photos of him using a page of the Qur'an as toilet paper and she took the opportunity of accusing me having the intention to kill. Despite the fact that even the Police cannot locate the bloke to serve the warrant of arrest.

      Half of Annie is Kit Siang kind. Hard headed, hardly relenting, doggedly pursuing what they think are right (which often are wrong, even in their interpretation of the Constitution). And Anniie has not expressed any remorse for her insensitivity towards Muslims' concern for their Holy Book, the Qur'an. I, too, must pursue the need to get her to express such remorse. As it's very important that people respect others' religion. Never mind whether she is half Muslim or not. She simply cannot be condoning the bastard Alvin Tan.

      Yes, "the DAP supremo was once again playing on people's emotion to discredit his political opponent." Annie played readers' emotion on the Paris massacre and exploited my comment by wrongly accusing me having the intention to kill. She thought of me as her opponent for hitting back in strong terms at DAP Cina Bukits every time they say or behave badly. She does have a very small mind incapable of sane judgment in her opportunist frame of mind.

      The pursuit for an expression of remorse by her must go on.

    2. Anon, I have decided that something is wrong with you and not going to publish your repetitive comments anymore as they may cause discomfort to other readers of this blog. I'm letting these two comments of yours through because I want the readers to know that something is wrong with you and that they would know that it's your comment if in the future they see a comment being deleted. Nonetheless, let me explained what happened to your two earlier comments which I had deleted. The first one was because you actually mentioned that you wanted to impale (sula) Alvin Tan "like in the days of Malaccan Sultanate" and the second one was because at the start of your comment you wrote that you don't mind whether I publish that comment or not. So, since I have concluded that something is wrong with you (mentally I guess) I have decided that any comments which I think is yours will not be published anymore. Thank you.

    3. Annie, this anon guy should be in Syria fighting on behalf of IS.his statements are full of hatred.
      Prof kangkung

  2. Yes, DAP's politicians are definitely hypocrites.
    They refuse to put on the songkok in the presence of the Agong in the Dewan, yet they are willing to wear baju-Melayu, songkok when they went out to woo Malays votes.
    The CHC' Subang Jaya congregation led by its Speaker would put-on the baju-kurung with the tudung, preach in Mosque and Surau. Also to garner Malay votes.
    What a farce.

    1. Ah...fat ang's minion RD on display again. Are you sure you aren't her in disguise?

    2. she selangor sultan n not mp federal for agong

  3. Bangang si jemuan:- that's how to describe Al-Juburi and his flock of rakus politikus.

  4. That is all LKS knows how to do. He has been in the opposition so long , he only knows how to oppose to everything. There is no sympathy or acknowledgement of the effort by the many parties to secure the release of the Malaysians. If he is so good, he should offer himself as replacement for the hostages the next time.

    1. lks cheap cheap as ransom. ah jib better can worth billion. sympathy for the victim or negotiator?

    2. Lim Kit Siang as a replacemnt? I would say 'a good riddance'

      Prof kangkung


  5. Untuk capai matalamat macam-macam cala maa aa , atak kala mau bohong ,kalang-kalang mesti tipu lea aa .
    Sikalang punya dunia memang itu macam maa aa ,atak etic punya olang mana bolih jaya maa aa . Atak kuasa mau kekal itu kuasa pon mesti tipu ,belum atak kuasa ,mau dapat itu kuasa pon mesti buat sama maa aa .

    Wa ingat Uncle Lim manyak bijak main politik ,itu sebab bolih kasi sapu habit sama itu MCA & Gerakan maa aa . Apa cala tatak hat punya maa aa !.

  6. A malaysian dilemma at one side you a corrupt and weak leader and on the other side you have an opportunies with a lot of agendas .

    1. your quote a corrupt n weak leader= opportunies. false?

    2. Bro, the spelling is *"opportunist" (noun):
      "a person who takes advantage of opportunities as and when they arise - regardless of principles and consideration.

      eg. "most burglaries are committed by casual opportunists"

      * opportunistic (adjective)
      eg. "the calculating and opportunistic politician"

  7. No class punya opposition. Taik lagi baik dari dia least boleh buat baja.

  8. 2.6 billion ada gaya

  9. Inilah pengkhianat negara... tatkala anggota keselamatan kita mempertaruhkan nyawa sehingga ada yang kehilangan suami dan anak kehilangan ayah, tidak ada satu alasan membolehkan Nurul Izzah untuk duduk semeja dan berunding dengan musuh negara. Ini adalah pengkhianatan terhdapa negara.

    Saya cabar Nurul Izzah untuk berjumpa balu dan keluarga anggota keselamatan yang terkorban mempertahankan negara untuk memperjelaskan tujuan dia berjumpa musuh negara!

    1. Dahulu, kita menolong mereka orang Islam sulu Dan moro islamic libration army. Sekarang mereka ungrateful by biting the hand which feed them

  10. I wonder apa yg dia bincang dgn anak si kiram tu.. eloo missy..can u stage another attack or not, this time u get the abu sayaff fella as well...they can kidnap as many as they want la..n later can potong kapla oso if they feel like it.. this time you come near hari raya la.. you know la our askar, polis, marin semua balik kampung.... once you take over Sabah the BN cannot win oredi..then i can release my daddy la... bla bla bla

  11. Al Fatiha kepada Perwira PDRM yang terkorban pada melindung daulat keamanan Malaysia di Lahad Datu .....

    1. (maafkan daku, ini dia dedikasi lagu)

      "Kembara" by Hujan the band

  12. Bernard's beheading is a slap on LKS and LGE faces as the terrorists hated to see LKS and LGE's hypocrisy and publicity.

    1. isis behead norwegian and chinese. slap for norway and lks (chinese) n also western n eastern powers. saudi n mid east countries ~ hooray?

    2. we wanna slap your f**king bloody head to put some good sense back into it ... hooray!


  13. We have a successful Foreign policy, anakanada YB Nurul
    that promotes MORO autonomy over Mindanao and Sulu that more and more excludes the irrelevant and bitter Sultans their murdering conspirator Dr Nur Misuari.

    Lets stop your idiot policy of prospecting on fresh wounds to free the sodomy convict father.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  14. Hi Annie,

    disini Peranchis semenjak peristiwa hitam suasana harian begitu berat... dan baru tadi terserempak dengan satu pertunjukan video yang membikinkan diri ter...tawa lansong tersedak-sedak karena kelakarnya video tersebut tahap "ya ampun..." lagi pathetic sesungguhnya !

    Ianya mengenai seorang mp dari Kucing Chong Chien Jen, kus semangat... kok iyapun enggan berbahasa Melayu/Malay-sia bahasa kebangsaan, sekurang-kurang bahasa english-nya boleh dikira tinggi, malang sekali lagi teruk dan parah rupanya... part paling pathetic pabila "to, to, to diulangi dengan pelatnya, jangan diharap dengan grammar yang tunggang terbalik dimana apa yang ingin dijelasi tidak terang sampai saya sendiri tidak faham seperkataan pun !
    Saya menyarankan mp tersebut pergi berhijrah ke UK sahaja karena tidak layak menjadi kerakyatan Malay-sia diatas sebab enggan berbahasa kebangsaan walhal beliau selaku ahli PARLIMEN ! Bukan saja memalukan tapi kesal sekesalkan bahawa masih ada pemangku wakil rakyat yang merendahkan bahasa negaranya yaitu tempat beliau lahir dan hidup, sekiranya begitulah benak ahli parti pembangkang DAP, maka itu janganlah menuduh liar bahawa orang melayu biadab mengatakan mereka ultra kiasu ! Demikian tidak hairanlah mengapa mereka terus di label kan "kaum pendatang" !!!

    Sehingga sekarang saya masih tersenyum pahit dan suami saya pula (orang Peranchis) yang menonton sama dengan saya berhujah "kalau disini, sudah lama dihentam teruk yang nanti akan menjadi satu "polémique/controversy" sebulan lamanya", namun ianya mustahil, contohnya lihatlah menteri kebudayaan & komunikasi/Ministre de la Culture et de la Communication Fleur Pellerin nama kelahiran Kim Jong-suk asal-usul/lahir dari Korea selatan, bahasa Peranchis nya tip-top !

    "Usaha memartabatkan dan memerkasakan bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kebangsaan, bahasa rasmi, bahasa ilmu dan bahasa ranah-ranah lain hendaklah dilihat sebagai amanah besar yang perlu dilaksanakan oleh semua peringkat warganegara. Kedudukan bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kebangsaan, bahasa rasmi dan bahasa ilmu merupakan salah satu kontrak sosial yang perlu senantiasa dipertahankan dan ditingkatkan oleh segenap lapisan warganegara, daripada penggubal dasar kepada pelaksana dasar dan masyarakat awam.

    Yang paling utama ialah ketekalan sikap dan pendirian para pemimpin negara agar peranan bahasa Melayu sebagai salah satu pancang pembinaan negara bangsa terus ditingkatkan dan diperkukuh. Bahasa kebangsaan, yang diungkapkan oleh Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang pertama, Almarhum Yang Teramat Mulia Tunku Abdul Rahman Putera sebagai roh bangsa dan negara yang merdeka tidak seharusnya dikorbankan atas nama pembangunan dan kemajuan, kerana kemajuan yang hakiki turut meliputi keupayaan kita maju dalam bahasa dan landasan budaya kita sendiri". petikan oleh DATUK DR. AWANG SARIYAN.

    Mohon maaf ya Annie, buahpandangan saya terkeluar dari topik Annie seperti diatas.

    à plus.