Saturday 21 November 2015

Najib's people better behave after this

I decided to spend tonight in Janda Baik.

It was raining just as I reached here.

So much for the good weather in the morning.

Spend three hours at the place on top of the hill having tea and cigarettes while waiting for the rain to ease off.

Didn't read my book though as I had intended. Just contented with enjoying the hilltop scenery despite the rain.

It was still drizzling when I rode down the hill to this chalet.

Got myself a room as I didn't feel like riding home in the wet condition.

I hate riding in the rain.

Anyway, this place is nice.

There's a small stream running in front of the chalet and the sound of flowing water is very soothing.

I was relaxing and having some more tea and cigarettes when I got a call from a friend just now.

He is one of the Umno rebels.

My friend sounded a bit upset.

I wish he didn't call as what he told me broke my relaxed mood for the day.

He said he got credible information confirming rumors that Umno deputy president TS Muhyiddin Yassin and vice-president DS Shafie Apdal will be stripped off their party posts at the coming supreme council meeting on Tuesday.

"It's true. They are not going to do it at the Umno HQ but at the parliament building after the Dewan Rakyat sitting that day.

"They don't want Umno people to gather and protest like during the last supreme council meeting at PWTC. They can't gather to protest at the Parliament building," he said.

I don't know how true was my friend's information but I did asked him whether Muhyiddin and Shafie will indeed be absent from the meeting as rumored.

"It's as reported. Muhyiddin will be in Japan and Shafie is performing umrah in Mecca that day," he said.

"So, what you all rebels going to do about it?" I asked again.

"Don't know yet," he said.

The way I see it, if what my friend said is true, then it should not come as a surprise.

The Umno leadership needed to remove Muhyiddin and Shafie if it choose to be led by Najib till end of this term.

Otherwise the duo will be thorns in Najib's side.

And they need to be removed before the next party general assembly early next month.

As I had previously wrote, it would be awkward to let the duo deliver their speeches at the event.

Muhyiddin should be the one to open the party wings' meetings and deliver his closing speech as deputy president on the last day of the assembly.

Shafie as a vice-president will have to deliver his speech too on the last day of the event.

The party leadership should be concerned because the duo will likely not hold back their opposition against Najib in their speeches as they wouldn't have much to lose now that they had been dropped from their posts in the government.

Muhyiddin is formerly the deputy prime minister and education minister while Shafie was the rural development minister.

Najib dropped them from the Cabinet during a reshuffle a few months ago after they made several statements questioning the handling of the 1MDB controversy.

I think Muhyiddin and Shafie already knew what's coming thus their absence from the country next week.

Maybe they wanted to spare themselves the embarrassment.

I wish it has not come to this, but what happened has already happened and there's nothing that can be done to prevent it.

If it is true that Muhyiddin and Shafie will be cast out, then I hope members of the Najib's camp have already formulated a strategy on how to handle the fall out.

It will not be easy to win back the support of disillusioned members and supporters.

All those media people, cyber warriors and bloggers who are supportive of Najib must be more convincing now when they argue that what their bosses are doing were right.

Just whacking left, right and center like what they are doing now is not going to help Najib.

People don't like it when Najib's people behave so gung ho and act as if they are so powerful that they can bully others all over the place.

This is an example of Najib's people doing what they should not be doing,

Cowardly cyber bullies in the PM's camp

Najib's people may argue otherwise but the facts remain that BN will need every single vote that it can get in the next general election just over two years from now.

Bear in mind that in the last general election, BN barely made it through despite everyone being fully supportive of Najib.

Stupidity of Najib's people in believing that the world is their oyster after the rebels had been shut up will lead to disaster come the general election.

It's not them who won the fight against the rebels.

It was the sheer power wielded by Najib as PM and Umno president which cut off all the avenues to remove him from his post which broke the rebellion.

All that came with a price, of course.

Najib's people are fools if they think they had overcame the trust deficit arising from the rebellion the past months.

This is the time for them to heal the wounds if they know what's best for their boss and themselves.

The time to whack people is over.

I hope Muhyiddin and Shafie will be the last ones.

If Najib's people continue to be stupid, then we may just wait for the next general election to see the consequences.


  1. Jika benar, ternyata Najib sebagai 'Panglima Bugis' tidak ada telor untuk memecat TS Muhyiddin dan DS Shafie seperti mana Dr.M memecat Peliwat pada 1998.
    Kita tunggu atas alasan apa yang dia nak pecat mereka berdua.
    Demi 1MDB, maruah dan integrity UMNO tercalar.

  2. So the national bangsatwan gonna axe his stalwart friends is he?

    May the cosmic repercussions soon befall the despots

  3. Hi Annie... I heard about it a few days ago. Guess it doesn't matter anymore that these two were ELECTED by Umno members. Guess these top umno leaders are confident they would win the next GE with the help of Pas... Heard about newly chummy-chummy pact too... don't know how true it was though

  4. Every single person hates to be fooled including you. Najib fools the people but the Malays can be pacified with a bag of rice, sugar, coffee and rm50 and their votes go to worry be happyyyyy. Next time I join you for a ride with my fjr1300.

  5. Dato najib rasanya akan ikut apa yg tn
    guru dia i.e Tun Dr Mahathir Mohanad buat dlu...

    Org Muo

    1. Beri hujah secara depan2lah macam guru dia buat tahun 97 dulu kalau betul panglima

  6. Good bye UMNO. Nothing more to talk about. Doomed

  7. If PAS becomes UMNO friendly in coming GE,and with solid support from Sabah and Swk component parties it is not Good Bye UMNO,but that new Oppo set up jadi Pakatan Haprak.......hancus

    1. Kalau Iban, Melanau, Kadazan, Bidayuh fikir fahaman Islamic conservatism Umno-Pas takde effect kat Sabah-Sarawak, they'd better think again


  8. If Najib continues with his dirty tricks Annie, then it is time for me and my family to part company with UMNO.

    Before this we plan to refrain from giving our votes to the UMNO/BN parliamentary candidate in the PRU14 while continueing with our erstwhile tradition of backing the UMNO/BN state seat candidate.

    Now it seems that all bets are off.

    I have with me 10 votes under one roof and the figure will go up more than five times that number if I were to include my extended family.

    We will cast our votes en bloc.

    If Najib persists with his evil ways, then it is goodbye UMNO.

    We will deny the BN candidates our votes.

    And I write this as a staunch UMNO supporter.

    1. ali saja? what about the 40 THIEVES??

  9. Sementara ada kuasa, pecatlah. Yang akan protes bukan penyokong yang kena pecat. Yang akan simpan undi ialah orang yang cintakan kebenaran. Simpan undi maksudnya tidak buang undi. Sokong umno tapi tak suka najib. Nak undi pas, haji hadi pun dah bertunang politik dengan najib. Untuk undi yang lain memang tidak tergamak. Jadi yang terbaik adalah simpan undi. Akibat akhirnya tetap serupa, undi kepada umno dan pas pasti terjejas. Jika pakatan dapat kekalkan momentum sokongan mereka, mungkin mereka mampu memintas umno/bn dalam pru.

    Bukan sahaja orang2 najib yang keliru. Yang paling keliru ialah najib sendiri. Sangkanya dia telah menang dalam perang media baru. Dengan lambakan blogger yang menyokong segala tindakannya, khususnya blogger yang kononnya berpengaruh, najib dibuai keyakinan palsu bahawa dia telah menang di dunia siber. Memang jika diperhatikan ulasan banyak yang memihak kepadanya tetapi dapat dibaca juga yang tersirat bahawa wang berperanan di sebalik sokongan itu. Dan perlu diingat, khalayak pembaca tidak mudah terpengaruh dengan spin yang nyata di merata2. Lagi ramai dipecat semakin hilanglah baki kebenaran yang boleh disandarkan dalam tubuh umno. Najib berani menjual, akar umbi telah ramai yang sedia membeli.

  10. If anything good to come out from this,its an UMNO-PAS collaboration. Whats with Tun M ganging up with all people Zaid Ibrahim . I'm always fully supporting Tun but now dunno lah seems quite confusing.

    1. You mean Najib ganging up with Jho Low to rip us off is not confusing enough?

    2. You really think perwakilan Umno, ketua bahagian umno yang ramai2 tu betul2 sokong ideologi Pas? And Najib of all people? Ini semua sebab terdesak je

  11. This article kept insinuating the stupidity are indeed from Najib's footlickers. It should be bold and blunt that the stupidity starts from Najib himself! The rest comes naturally ie. even the so called battle-hardened bloggers on bugis's payroll. Why? Because,

    1- They are defending the indefensible,
    2- They are defending a crumbling fort,
    3- They are still halucinating that the rakyat will be con, again

    Initially drumming about the 3 million UMNO's members behind him, Najib now realised that numbers are now his wet dreams!

    There's no need to rebutt or we would simply go in circles.

    1. Bro., they are holed up on a tiny island called Pulau Jibgor Ketua Bahagian salivating on their piracy treasures stolen from the national treasury. But the People's Tsunami is fast approaching their wretched shore.

    2. cash is king. lunch time cari maksn. 2.6 billion is not for all. gua tolong lu, lu tolong gua.

  12. I think you should stop giving so much importance to the UMNO's in-house jostling. To the general masses, especially the younger generation, they are getting irrelevant by the say. In two years time, of GE takes place as scheduled, they will be busy packing their personal belongings, you be carted away from Putrajaya.

    What is most important for the people is to continually exposing their wrongdoings and to stop further pilfreges so that the incoming government will have something left to rebuild the country.


  13. Is it really done decision(?) adinda Ms Annie
    as there are so many alternatives for the General Assembly next month.

    Party unity:
    The Supreme council must be unanimous that unity is the fundamental principle for national success in party politics, and will get a covenant from both the Tan Sri and DS not to touch on internal party squabbles but national issues for Bumis and nons in their speeches next month.

    They will in-sya-Allah agree, to keep their post. If they agree but later go back on their promise in December then the Assemblys MC can cut them short. Import a cowboy, to lasso their necks as back up.

    UMNO must progress and cannot thrive solely on traditions, since Tan Sri Muhyiddin has broken many traditions in his obscene behaviours to topple an elected leader in government and party by undemocratic means. This is not tolerated in any party but anywhere in the world except by army coup.

    " Jangan mati anak, biar mati adat"
    If need be they should not be allowed to speak at all
    but sense will in-sya-Allah prevail kan?

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Wahai Zin: "biar mati anak, jangan mati Adab."


    2. " Biar mati adat, jangan mati Adab" Sdr ANON 20:19

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  14. I just cannot understand some people used to write that they and their Jingbangs will not votes UMNO.......kalau 1000 ke ataunlebih tak apa la,ini 10 orang,and these people I bet comes from urban or semi urban which were known to be anti establishment.Kalau nak threatened pun guna lah otak sikit.Most of UMNO kerusi were from Rural areas which UMNO jaga dan beri banyak perhatian kepada penghuninya.
    The scenerio now of the Oppo pacts are not that condusive of winning or toppling BN,they really had to pull their socks.
    The rakyat were getting fade up esp in urban areas where their reps were more interested in blowing national issues but neglected their responsibilities as local ADUNs and MPs.Pro blem of Public interests were not looked upon seriously,cleanliness,blocked drain which caused flash flood,tarif hike and other bread and butter issues
    On this Ajibgor fellow,lets be patience,definately the truth will prevail,do not be Maggie Mee Judge to handle the verdict of guilty before any investigation completed,afterall as it is now are we as rakyat really effected esp our daily life by this 1MDB or 2.6 billion donation.What I observed the rakyat still fill the Supermarket,patronised food outlets and shopping centres,travelled for holidays with families and other activities as before.

    1. Rakyat still full supermarket, patronise outlets and travel .... doing fine, why umno still need 2.6 billion from mid East prince? 2.6billion give to Palestinians? Who is in greater need? Who is weak and need donation? Or who is greedy and who is more deserving if they are weak people??


    2. 22.32

      Your writing sucks.


  15. 0.35
    If sucks why boither to read.This is the problem with you all.Like you Iam no fan of Ajibgor and whatevewr typed were which I think all factual.It is your right to labelled it sucked,do I care,it did not do me any harm to me or you either
    Stop exposing the denial factors which were the trade mark of haprak Oppo esp when the comments did not merit their likings
    If the Prince wants to donate ,even if you yourself reject,you will be called Fool of the first Order.Do not make a fool of yourself by not knowing about Political Funding are the norms all around the world and it no difference in Malaysia.Do not tell me here that all the Oppo parties here survived esp during elections on their own parties your eyes
    Most of the NGOs here which were inclined to Oppo were funded by foreign agencies.....buatx tak tahu atau sengaja tak nak beritahu.....hypocrate.

    1. So political funding masuk personal account is ok in the civilsed society now?

    2. political funding from mid east?? means political interference worst thsn china man strolling in jln petaling. Elect Commission having lunch cari makan juga over foreign interference in the erection

    3. bersih 4 rm rm donated by rskyat. red shirt bean transport. t shirts, makan, air all funding by umno party


    4. 14.37

      After reading your arguments, the only right conclusion one can safely come to is:

      Firstly, your English sucks.

      Secondly, your reasoning sucks, too.

      Thus, the unavoidable finality of the outcome is only a sucker of the highest degree can come up with such arguments.

    5. suck here, suck there , everywhere you suck, you love sucking?


    6. I rest my case.

  16. Double standard.....bila Oppo dapat funding tak bising pun
    Apa ada hal kalau masuk personal account kalau donors want it that way....yang sibuk tu kenapa....poorah
    Pokoknya bising pasal masuk personal account ini timbul bila Caix kata duit tu dari 1 MDB.....tapi sekarangg akui,lak duit dari donors......poorah
    Padan muka kena kelentong Tony Puaka
    Ajibgor ketawa besar tengok gelagat Caix kena kelentong TDM,Tony Puaka,


    1. Obviously 22.01 is part of the corrupt and depraved UMNO member/cybertrooper horde.

  17. This is the fault of you all anti estb gp.If any adverse comments which did not suit you,automatically the commentators are UMNO cybertroopers......I have to borrow the word used by the above blogger.......SUCKS

    1. i also pinjam blogger saying. i rest my case