Sunday 15 November 2015

Massacres were committed by all sorts

The weather seems fine so far today.

Maybe I will do a bit of shopping later.

Don't feel like staying in this room the whole day like yesterday, monitoring the unfolding of events in France.

I'm a bit disappointed that some of the commentators in this blog actually believe that only Muslims are capable of committing atrocities such as the Paris massacre.

Actually others did too.

Here is a long list of events named massacre,

List of massacres

Please click on the link and learn something from it.

Well, I don't want to get preachy on this Sunday morning.

I'm not Hannah Yeoh of City Harvest Church, okay.

You all read and digest it yourselves.

I need to go out and try to enjoy the day.

If I stay in this room I will get stupid and miss my ex again and bore you all with my pathetic lovelorn ramblings.

Everyone needs to have some fun.

Even this ustaz needs fun,

Cheers guys.


  1. Now that Annie has not massacred me with her pedantic and terse "Careful with your history .. People may accuse you of trying to twist it to tell a lie" and my also-pedantic response in the previous post's comments, I now want to join her in an amiable, relaxed and cheerful mood on a Sunday, hehe.

    Hannah Yeoh has never been preachy, has she? At most, she was talking wishy washy. No doubt she got to be Speaker of Selangor DUN, but the songkok doesn't seem to fit her, does it?

    Wonder if she wears it most of the time when in the DUN and speaking as Speaker. Hope she does not complain that it makes her head hot and her hair smelly. It's not the songkok causing those - it's her head and her hair, haha.

  2. Yes, Everyone needs to have some fun. If only Lim Kit Siang and son Guang End know and do that.

    But the only fun Kit Siang may have was with Mama Foo and recently with the stupid girl Dyana what'shername. And after PRK Teluk Intan where she lost DAP's then encumbent Parliamentary seat, nothing much is heard of her.

    Guan Eng has also not heard much with Rainbow after the infamous plaster on his forehead - said to be banged by a flying ashtray thrown by the poor, suffering Betty.

    The above were meant as jokes. But if sounding political or sombre, it's the fault of the reader, not the writer, hehe

    1. If any cap fits her, it's the French.

      Even that broke, didn't it.

      Couldn't decide to race the offspring Chinese, Indian or Malaysian or something.

    2. The 1157 reply should have been for the 09:36 comment. It must have slipped. Maybe slippery when talking about French cap!

    3. born in malaysia but gomen have to tell her to register as chinese (China) or indian (india?).
      indian girl have to pay dowery but chinese girl gets dowery when married. what choice you chose?

  3. Those who believe that only Muslims are capable of committing atrocities have maggots in their brain, haha

  4. Remember Ibrahim Libya and the massacre at Memali. Whose hands are bloodied? Everyone, without exception is afraid of akhirat, where the equaliser is.


  5. Lu tatak kacau gua , Gua tatak kacau lu ,semua olang happy maa aa .

    Lu hantam ,Gua hantam maa aa , itu sutak adat maa aa ,cuma itu cala hantam atak beza lor rr .

    Itu Cristian kasi hantam Manyak halus ,Muslim kasi hantam balik manyak kasar apa atak beza maa aa .

    Itu halus punya hantam lagi manyak mati maa aa ,tapi pelan-pelan punya mati lor rr .

  6. Throughout history there have been massacres. Then there were massacres done as a sport in the Colosseum, the Roman stadium of ancient times.

    They made lions fight human beings. Massacre of a slow kind.

    Funny sense of fun, the bloody Romans.

    1. They have to have gory kind of fun, thinking they themselves won't last long, volcano ashes might engulf them any time - thinking any mountain might explode like Vesuvius near Naples. Nobody knew geology at that time, hihi.

  7. Women may massacre their looks by the kind of mascara they use.

  8. Good of the Police, the IGP saying after Paris attacks, Malaysia doubling security efforts for Asean Summit.

    The trouble makers may want to cause trouble to catch attention in this region.

    Our religious tolerance my not be that strong to sustain exploitation by nasty minded people. They must be nipped in the bud.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Please don't express your intention to kill someone in my blog. Not even if the person is Alvin Tan. Thank you.

    2. Won’t dare to reply to my response to your comment on the above submitted 15/11/15 pm, would you? Won’t dare publish both (that and the removed) comments for readers to judge, eh?

      Because my explanations, in point form, totalling 5 points, justified what I said in my comment on Alvin Tan, weren’t they.

      You interpreting anything said against Alvin Tan for desecrating and blaspheming the Qur’an as an intention to kill - is that the Chinese in You, Annie? If so, the half Chinese in you prevailed in that instance.

      No one taught you the sanctity of the Qur’an? Are you only half Muslim? Having a Chinese ex and still loving him shows that. I should have known.

      And maybe you don’t like me submitting the c&p comment on the history professors’ accounts on the origin of the Chinese. I submitted it one time too many, eh? So you started to find ways to get me out by accusing me of bad intentions. Even if it’s a comment against Alvin Tan who blatantly and flagrantly committed crimes against the country’s laws, social and religious norms of behaviour. This is racism, is it? Because your Chinese race is involved, is it?

      Stupid, innit? When you could have avoided all those questions and points of curiosity by simply not publishing my comment and avoided putting out the words “comment .. removed” and accusing me of bad intention.

      You have bad intention when you print the words “The comment has been removed by an administrator.” It needs repeating: you could have just not published the comment, quietly. You have relegated me to the rank of the DAP Red Beans. In fact some of the comments you published even had similar if not worse tones.

      I could have heaped you with words of bitterness and rancour. But I won’t. I simply explain what could have motivated you doing what you did to my comments on Alvin Tan. Knowing that you would neither confirm nor deny.

      You use that system to show you are smart, wise, following rules – whatever they are, eh?

      Ok, it’s your blog, I know that. Only that I didn’t expect if from a character envisaged from your writing.

      Quite a misleading character. I usually don’t misread people’s character. But then there are exceptions.

    3. Still Won’t dare to reply to my response to your comment on the above submitted on 15/11/15 pm, would you? Won’t dare publish both (that and the removed) comments for readers to judge, eh?

      Because my explanations, in point form, totalling 5 points, justified what I said in my comment on Alvin Tan, weren’t they. The bloke who Facebook-ed photos of him using a Qur’anic page as toilet paper. Won't dare publish those 5 points? And the words I used against the bugger? All those showing no intention to kill.

      You interpreting anything said against Alvin Tan for desecrating and blaspheming the Qur’an as an intention to kill? Yet won't publish the words I used against the bugger for readers to judge?

      Won't confirm, deny or apologise?

    4. Verification:

      1. "You have relegated me to the rank of the DAP Red Beans. In fact some of the comments you published even had similar if not worse tones."

      You tried to relegate me. But readers know by my writing that I'm not that. Never will be.

      2. "I could have heaped you with words of bitterness and rancour."

      Not bitterness. Only disgust.

      Let's see your reaction to my response submitted at about 8.30 am just now 16/11/15.

    5. Not even regretting your insensitivity to the concern of Muslims to their sacred Qur'an, eh?

      Defending Alvin Tan using a sheet of the Qur'an as toilet paper and accusing some one mentioning a hypothetical Arab Muslim massacre as having an intention to kill the Qura'n-desecrating and blaspheming bugger.

      I'll write again on this in due course, here.

    6. I pity you. Torn being a Chinese and a Malay. And looks like religiously, too. It's your business. But offending the Qur'an and Islam is my business.

      Until you express regret for insensitivity to the concern of Muslims for their sacred Qur'an, I'll continue writing on it. Longer ones and not necessarily here after this.

  10. I agree with Mr.Lufang.

    The world's violence and bloodbath escalated, (especially revenge-of-sort that originated from the middle-east) dramatically after US unilaterally attacked and 'murdered' Saddam Hussein (including Libya's Gaddafi), in the name of Democracy. Yes, Iraq is now governed by majority Shia. However, they were far more peaceful under Saddam's minority Sunni.
    Today, those oppressed Sunnis from Iraq, Libya and Syrian rebels, including ISIS, are funded by the US to overthrow Hafez Assad's Alawaite Shia minority government.

    I'm against violence and abhor extremism, especially those targeting civilians for revenge, but that's the way it is, when you are destitute, weak, helpless and not united against mighty foe with aerial superiority.

    Therefore, the roots cause was US and UK's aggression, invading Iraq, by lying to the world that Saddam had Weapon of Mass destruction.

    Everywhere in the world, including Ukraine where the US had a hand, there are bound to be violence. Therefore, its about time. Russia + China to replace the US as the World's Sheriff.

    1. Apparently you have a bigoted view of history!

      Are you ready to rely on the tender mercies of China and Russia?

      That's a mighty big risk to take.

    2. Bigoted or not, Russia and China was never the colonial Master of any natives. Through-out history, neither Russia or China had dropped an Atomic bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki. China had no overseas Military or Naval bases. Russia and China was not known to have instigated and funded the opposition in foreign countries to overthrow their own legitimate countries.

      The European settlers had been know to have decimated the American Bison, to starve the natives off their land. Through 'strong-arm tactic' the white-man practically own land/island, far-far away from home and these places act as port of calls for their Naval forces, some even for nuclear testing and waste dumping.: Falkland, Deigo Garcia, French Polynesia/Guyana, St. Helena ... to name a few.

  11. Who now kills in the name of God? Which religion? Obvious it's only one.

  12. Apa tu si ostad berahi tina duk merepek dale masajid, ya cik Annie?

  13. Nah. Pray for Paris.
    Pacak bendera Perancis besar-besar.
    Sumbat baguette banyak-banyak dalam mulut.
    Kunyah. Telan. Hadam. Tahi kan.

    To those of you who are praying for Paris, here is a list of most of the countries France invaded, plundered, destroyed and colonized

    French Africa
    1967 Afars and Issas
    1899 Alexandria PO
    1924 Algeria
    1892 Anjouan
    1892 Benin

    1922 Chad
    1950 Comoro Is
    1899 Dahomey
    1890 Diego Suarez

    Ethiopia PO
    1946 Fezzan
    1891 French Congo
    1936 French Equatorial Africa
    1892 French Guinea
    1891 French Morocco
    1914 French Morocco
    1894 French Sudan
    1944 French West Africa
    1886 Gabon
    1949 Ghadames
    1897 Grand Comoro
    1892 Ivory Coast

    Madagascar PO
    1889 Madagascar
    1895 Majunga
    1906 Mauritania
    1892 Mayotte
    1907 Middle Congo
    1906 Mohéli

    Morocco (Sherifian Post)
    1921 Niger
    1889 Nossi-Bé
    1892 Obock
    1899 Port Said PO
    1852 Reunion
    1894 Ste Marie de Madagascar
    1887 Senegal
    1903 Senegambia and Niger
    1902 Somali Coast
    1918 Tangier PO
    1921 Togo
    1888 Tunisia
    1922 Ubangi-Shari
    1915 Ubangi-Shari-Chad
    1906 Upper Senegal and Niger
    1920 Upper Volta
    1894 Zanzibar PO

    French Americas
    1886 French Guiana
    1884 Guadeloupe
    1932 Inini
    1886 Martinique
    1885 St Pierre and Miquelon

    French Asia
    1888 Annam and Tonkin
    1951 Cambodia
    1901 Canton, PO
    1894 China, PO
    1902 China, Indo-Chinese PO
    1893 Chunking
    1886 Cochin China
    1892 French Indian Settlements
    1901 Hoi-Hao
    1889 Indo-China
    1906 Kouang Tcheou
    1951 Laos
    1903 Yunnan-Fu

    French Europe
    1931 Andorra French Administration
    1947 French Occupied Baden
    1945 French Zone of Germany (general)
    1919 French Occupied Hungary
    1947 French Occupied Rhineland Palatinate
    1947 Saar (French Occupation)
    1947 French Occupied Württemberg

    French Middle East
    1925 Alaouites
    1938 Alexandretta
    1920 Castelrosso
    1893 Cavalla
    1919 Cilicia
    1902 POs in Crete
    1893 Dedeagatz (Dedeagh)
    1942 Free French Forces, Levant
    1931 Latakia
    1924 Lebanon
    1885 French Levant (POs in Turkish Empire)
    1893 Port Lagos
    1916 Rouad Island
    1919 Syria
    1893 Vathy

    French Pacifics and Antarctic
    1958 French Polynesia
    1892 Oceania
    1955 French Southern & Antarctic Territories
    1859 New Caledonia
    1908 New Hebrides
    1882 Tahiti
    1920 Wallis and Futuna Is

    1. 9.48 everyone wants to have fun