Monday 9 November 2015

Learning from Maruyama

Today I feel like highlighting something positive for a change.

This is a short video about the people living along the Lower Maruyama River and their effort of many years to save the endangered Oriental White Stork,

The wetlands of Lower Maruyama River is now a protected Ramsar site, the same as those that we have in Tasek Bera (Pahang), Tanjong Piai (Johor), Pulau Kukup (Johor), Sungai Pulai (Johor),  and Kuching Wetlands National Park (Sarawak).

I have once visited a place near the Maruyama River.

It was autumn and the place was to me the most beautiful I have ever been to.

There was one evening when I look out of the window and saw one of the protected storks searching for food on the bed of a small stream just several meters away.

It was a magnificent bird.

I really admire the people who made the effort to preserve the environment there and saved the storks from extinction.

I hope we will continue to protect our Ramsar sites too so that our future generation will also inherit the natural treasures like those at Maruyama River.


  1. A little bird told me ....


  2. So maybe not too late for Japan(?) adinda Ms Annie
    where inevitably every plot of level land is planted rice, even between factories and offices. We saw this during our 5-day August slow drive through the Shirakawago UNESCO mountain-village site.

    This is still the dominant strategic policy,
    to subsidise rice self-sufficiency at whatever cost.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  3. why is ur writing like Tun style?

    1. Because she admires the Tun. She has high regard for the old man and keeps saying it'd be totally not right if they arrest or prosecute him for the 22 years service he gave to the country as PM. I agree with her.

      Not just me, even the "suddenly transferred" Deputy Director of the Police Special Branch said he'd never betray the Tun for the same reason.

      I think this country now would be more peaceful if ruled by the Tun. He knows how to handle things. There would not have been the huge1MDB and RM2.6 billion problems.

      We need to have the problems resolved by asking the new AG call for a meeting to re-activate the Special Task Force, as wished for by the MACC Commissioner and the IGP.

  4. This lady Annie can really be romantic. Not of the birds and the bees kind, but of stork. That which carries a baby after the bird and the bees affair, according to western tradition.

  5. Good of Annie to be really finding it enjoyable watching such birds. Such cool, peaceful and delightful affair.

    Some have affairs when watching birds. Or use that as an excuse to do so. Did any of you read about the British High Commissioner what's the name going for bird watching somewhere in Sarawak (or was it Sabah) with a married lady that he was reported to have an affair with. Appeared in a nature magazine can't remember what.

    That was called bird watching of a different kind. The binoculars became useless after a while!

    1. Bird watching can be in the usual jungles and bushes, need not be in wetlands.

      Dong so in wetlands will get you wet. Especially with female company. Naughty, naughty.

  6. Birds fly thousands of miles during their annual migration. Some birds like the flamingos migrate for warmer areas. How nice to have wings to do so.

    Some human beings migrate because of suffering in their war torn countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Others migrate because they do not accept, respect and live by the Constitution of the country, like Malaysia. Oh well, better they leave than cause problems for others.

    Pssst, can't leave politics even for a moment, eh?

    1. Remember, the loose definition of politics includes almost everything -

      Politics (from Greek: πολιτικός politikos, definition "of, for, or relating to citizens") is the practice and theory of influencing other people.

      And why should we make tight - it can be melecet otherwise.

    2. 1.23 - its assholes like you who don't understand the constitution and get manipulated easily that fuck this country up. Grade A assholes like you and your dumno apes.

    3. Oh yeah, 1059? You sure are DAP Rad Bean coz you use the word dumno. And you all are called DAPigs or running dogs.

      Angry arr? Guilty conscious issit? Yet nobody said DAP or pendatang in that comment. Do you know that even Malays migrated? Shit you for being guilty conscious and accusing others. FO your maw.

      We no understand the Constitution? You unnerstand Ketuanan Melayu as we are Masters you are slaves? That's what you told others in vernacular language before PRU1, eh?

      You respect the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers? You stand to attention when the national anthem or state anthem are played?

      It's bastards like you who caused the race riots of 1969 and bring about lack of harmony and long term peace in this country.

    4. Fuck off 12.27 and careful with your accusations. Now once again - just fuck off.

    5. The DAP Red Bean bastard at 10:59 is a hit and run type. He sure won't come back here to read the shit that would be heaped upon him. But I wanna shit him and his kind. Whoever of his kind drops in here will know. And may be pass the shit to the bastard.

      He accuses others of not understanding the Constitution. But it's pendatang like him who has no clue about the Constitution. Never grateful for the citizenship right the Malays have agreed for him and his kind at Merdeka. For which he and his kind should be respecting the quid pro quo or the consideration - the enshrining in the Constitution the Special Position of the Malays, that was extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak upon the formation of Malaysia.

      And when Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore was "licked out" of Malaysia in 1965, his kind hogged on the slogan "Malaysian Malaysia", wanting equality without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras. His kind caused the race riots on 13 May 1969.

      Shove a ton of shit down his throat for accusing others not understanding the Constitution.

      This must be repeated again and again until kingdom come. Or until the bastard and the likes of him disappear. Never mind that Haji down below appearing to resent "ulangan demi ulangan demi ulangan cerita yang sama." He knows only what went on within the confines of the factory he said he managed.

    6. The DAP bastard at 10:59 accused others of "get manipulated easily that fuck this country up." Wonder what he meant, who he meant get manipulated and who manipulate.

      Sure bloody DAP manipulate. Like hell. When all Malaysian citizens respect and look to YDP Agong as a source of inspiration and respect, whose role, functions and responsibilities are clearly spelled out in the Constitution, the bloke Lim Guan Eng wants people to look to Sun Yat Sen. He officiated the opening of a building in Penang named Sun Yat Sen, who had nothing to do with this country except tumpang duduk when running away during the period of the revolution that brought down the established government in China.

      The very first principle of democracy this bastard appears wanting to subvert - wanting to propagate the idea of a revolution against the democratically elected government that the name Sun Yat Sen conjures. Damn the DAP bloke. And the 10:59 bastard who is of the same kind kind.

      Clear therefore that DAP and Lim Guan Eng try to manipulate the Constitution of this country to suit their evil ends. This 10:59 bastard should therefore be put on a raft and floated towards the South China Sea. He can do a revolution there.

    7. same in melaka why build a big portugese ship and conquered the sultan???

    8. Please stop calling other Malaysian as 'pendatang'. They are born here for generations, already. It's not their fault, that their great-great grand-father had to come here, looking for a greener pasture. It was the fault of the natives' great-great grand-father too, that they do not chased them away then.
      Therefore, they have every right to be Malaysian citizen, if they respect the constitution and the Malay Rulers.

      How many times had our PM reminded Malaysian that they are not 'pedatang' anymore?

      If you still insist the use of that word, please re-phrase it as 'keturunan pendatang' or descendant of immigrants.

      Thank You.

    9. And stop using foul language.

      How ever, I agree that Guan Eng's affection towards Sun Yat Sen, was a bad-taste to Malaysian and Mainland China too.
      It's a fact that those who are against China's rule in Hong kong and Taiwan are of the same wavelength with those in DAP. If you care to analyse, almost all DAP's top politicians are Evangelist. That is why some of them went to Hong Kong to demonstrate against Mainland China. The West, especially US are funding them in Taiwan and parts of Mainland China to rile-up a rebel, just like what they did in the Arab Spring countries. The Tiananmen Square massacre was also associated to these evangelist influence.

      That was why the Envoy went to Petaling Street with that MCA guy who was Buddhist. In Malaysia, China and India, people are already afraid of this threat posed by the evangelistic desire to overthrow government through street violence. The Older generation are afraid too, that their younger generation are leaving Buddhism and Hinduism due to this cult or the worship of some sort of Whiteman's religion. They even anglophiles their names in utter disrespect to the parent.

    10. RD,

      That's not clever, is it? What's the difference between "pendatang" and "keturunan pendatang"? Same difference, man.

      It’s utter nonsense to suggest that the word pendatang cannot be used to describe the non-Malays in this country. There is no harm at all in the use of that word. So long as the word is used without bad intention. Like wanting to demean the non-Malays as a whole.

      Note that there was no issue at all with that word. Except when DAP Lim Guan Eng did things not acceptable to UMNO Penang and the Ketua Bahagain called them pendatang. So now we cannot use it all out of respect for DAP? Awww shit. They can show disrespect to UMNO and UMNO cannot do the same to them in return? What the ....

      And there just isn’t an alternative word for it. When describing those who migrated to this country since over a hundred years ago, the only word suitable is “pendatang”. It cannot be “pesampai” or “petiba”.

      You must have checked the dictionary, could not find an alternative word and suggested "keturunan pendatang". But do you realize that it carries the same meaning?

      But on the DAP accusing others of not understanding and manipulating the Constitution and using vulgar words, he deserves more than the word "pendatang." He is a pigshit.

    11. RD,

      Forget about what Najib said regarding the word "pendatang". The Kamus Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka of 1,352 pages does not have an alternative word.

      Najib would even wrongly say that giving financial grants to Chinese schools is in line with the Constitution Article 152 on BM. Yet he won't say anything on the RM2.6 billion except one short sentence that he did not take any money for personal gain.

      Najib does not even know about the Large Family of Malays that the Bugis are a part of. He called himself a Bugis and also pendatang. That is his prerogative.

      But sad that a leader of UMNO, the leading Malay political party that has been instrumental in getting independence for this country and has been leading the independent government for nearly 60 years does not know what a Malay is.

      He should be shoved with the books "The Malay Civilization" and "Tamadun Alam Melayu" published by the Historical Society of Malaysia, that tell about the Malays being originated in the Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu - not from Yunan or Taiwan nonsense - over 6,000 years ago.

      That the Large Family of Malays total 350 million people, speaking a Large Family of Malay Languages, totalling over 1,200. That experts in languages (linguists) have studied and confirm that those people are Malays. The Filipinos called Jose Rizal, their national hero fighting for independence from the Spanish "The Great Malay". There are Filipinos using he name Malayan - if not mistaken, one of their Ambassadors, too.

    12. RD,

      Read the books "The Malay Civilization" and "Tamadun Alam Melayu" published by the Historical Society of Malaysia (HSM), available at Wisma Sejarah, opposite IJN, Jalan Tun A Razak, KL.

      But please don't tell Hj Zain or he will say repeat, repeat, repeat again, hehe. After reading, welcome to argue here on the Malays and the pendatang (academic discussion sure no harm, no bad intention one).

      The HSM is a reputable and dignified non-profit organization, set up since British colonial times, started by Malay Officers and British Colonial Officers. The 5 storey building called Wisma Sejarah opposite IJN is their own. It shows how formidable they are as a non-profit organization.

      Current ordinary and executive committee membership of the PSM includes professors in Malay Studies, History, Anthropology, Archaeology, etc.

      Those books stated above explain the various academic and scientific studies (in later times, including DNA), research and archaeological diggings and carbon dating that were carried out since a long time ago, heightened in the 1960s.

      And now there are so many archaeological excavations in Lenggong Valley etc in the Peninsular, Niah, Mulu and other caves in Sarawak and Sabah.

    13. RD,

      You must have read the many times people say that the Malaysian Chinese and Indians and others who have thanked the Malays for their citizenship right that the Malays agreed to at Merdeka, and accept, respect fully and live by the Constitution of the country, are being regarded as "fellow-Malaysians" by the Malays.

      The MCA and the MIC have, through their Presidents, thanked the Malays in Parliament in 1968. But bloody DAP bastards and their associates, instead of doing so, caused the race riots of 1969, and are often seditious and subversive after that. So, the word pendatang has been used solely for them and their kind.

    14. RD.10 November 2015 at 17:06
      And stop using foul language.

      You telling off 10:59 who started using vulgar language? If so, agreed. But you cannot blame others who tit for tat him. Otherwise DAP Red Beans get away scot free as usual.

    15. Why we love to build a big Portuguese ship in melaka which end the malay sultanate?

    16. 2002,

      If this post is not superseded by another to morrow, I'll show you why China, a huge country and the largest population in the world, with its 3,000 years of recorded history, was treated like a pariah by the West until only 1-2 decades ago.

    17. 2035

      u member of nato. no wonder no johnnie walker.

      cameron and queen gave first clsss to xi.

  7. Yes, make it positive, Annie. Talk about peaceful and gentle creatures like the stork that thrive in wetlands sanctuaries.

    And get our people not to damage but preserve our wetlands sites for future generations. No shooting of birds or other habitat in such areas. No mining of sand and such nonsense.

    Most of all, no encroachment of it by way of the Selangor Pakatun Exco approving any portion of it into housing development sites that took place some time ago. And attracting illegal sand mining for that purpose as reported in the media. One may see a bit of it on the way to KLIA from KL.

    1. Wetlands are always wildlife sanctuaries. Those who damage or sabotage them should be placed there among the wildlife!






    1. Wah, naik harga rokok pun sampai taknak undi UMNO/BN? Kan ke isu 1MDB dan RM2.6 bilion amat lebih besau, Mat.

      Patut ko terima kasih sbb naik harga rokok boleh mengurangkan orang hisap, dam mengurangkan kena kanser.

    2. Hisap dam lebih murah, saya rasa.
      Daun ketum akan dijadikan tembakau rokok-daun. (Daunhill)
      Rokok seludup lebih laris.
      Penjualan vape akan meningkat.

  9. Travelling in autumn is nice, cool and comfortable. Many things appear beautiful. Including the person near to you. Get closer to know how he/she really looks. Strike a conversation only if you find he/she has genuine teeth, not dentures. hehe

  10. birds of the same feather, flock together.

    - Hantu Siber -

    1. Ok if they are peaceful birds like stork and pelicans.

      As long as not with the Hantu Helang 1MDB yang hilangkan US$1.83 billion Bank Negara ordered to be brought back to Malaysia, now don't know where.


    2. Alahaii mengapa out of topic(?) Sdr ANON 05:44
      dan Sdr ANON 8:40?

      Mungkin ramai pembaca lain minat ulangan
      demi ulangan demi ulangan cerita yang sama?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Pahal out of topic plak, Ji? Birds of a feather tu kan ada kait mengait dengan topic pos. Dan komen yang menjawab komen itu pun bole le. Kalo tak suka. scroll over aje le.

      Ji baik dgn Tebing Tingi big Ts ke? Dia tak suka komen panjang sebab dia short attention span, ada masalah doktor pakar sikit.

      Pahal pun, kan lebih baik dari Ji ha nya cakap pasal out of topic? Kan bole gunakan masa tu cakap pasal burung bercinta ke? Asalkan burung, dlm famili stork.

      Btw, Ji awak cakap pasal rice fields in Japan tu tak out of topic ke? Tapi sorang pun tak komen, Ji. Kita faham aje le Ji baru pigi Japan.

      Aiyyo, kalo Ji kata dulu jadi factory boss, teruk le pekerja jadi robot gamak nye, kena ikut abc sapenuh nya setiap masa.

      Pahal pun, nak kasi variety sikit le komen di sini, Ji. Yang ulangan demi ulangan tu mesti, selagi ada 1MDB dan RM2.6 bilion. Yang pasal stork dan wetlands tu, apa lain bole cakap Ji? Kalo Ji tau banyak bole cakap, kan bagus Ji cakap itu, tak le buang masa pembaca membaca komen Ji, dahtu komen yang ni plak.

      Amacam , bole?

    4. Rasa nya Ji tau yang rice fields tu, walau pun berair, bukan wetlands. Tapi kalo waswas, bole google le, Ji.

      Dapatkan le hari yang bagus. (Bole aku tejemah gitu gamak nye.)


    5. I cannot stop you making -ve comments, Sdr ANON 11:94
      about my career which is also not the topic of this thread.

      So carry on as apparently nobody commented and accept your obsession with 1MDB comments here and in all(?) the previous threads.

      Re, Padi fields, video clearly showed some plot don't know how big, being reverted to Ramsar wetland kan?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


  11. " In order to live with the birds "

    In Malaysia they even chase out peoples ,to make way for some ' towkeys ' to make more money on the pretax of development .

    1. In Selangor, ruled by Pakatun, innit? That's why they are now called PANTAT (loghat Neghoghi).

    2. Don't live with the birds - their droppings are unpleasant, haha. Just don't destroy their habitat or kill them until no more for future generations to watch and admire.

      Including the hawks and falcons. Those peasants with difficult lives in the arid and semi-arid Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, use them to catch rabbits etc for food.

  12. "I look out of the window and saw one of the protected storks searching for food on the bed of a small stream just several meters away."

    Did you stay in a Japanese in, Annie? The smaller ones provide an atmosphere of serenity, quiet, yet moving, dignified yet humbling. And the image of samurais crossing swords appearing in your imagination.

    And others lurking across the stream, ready to pounce on the enemy passing by with their swords. Damn sharp swords theirs are. Wanna say more but fear going out of topic, hihi.

  13. Protection of wild birds and their wetlands habitat is necessary considering the occurrence of mass deaths among birds, fish, marine invertebrates in many parts of the world.

    In North America, in India, in Thailand and elsewhere. Some attribute it to the climate change, causing poisonous ammonia to collect in parts of the ocean over time, killing fish etc.

    In Thailand birds suddenly fell from the sky in mass deaths. Whether from acid rain or what, can't remember, but those interested may google it.

  14. Dear Annie.

    I have worked in Japan. A month or two, each time. What I notice about the Japanese; they are very honest and law abiding citizen. Their punk and Trojan-haired teenager even wait for the traffic-light to turn green at mid-night, when there were hardly any traffic at all.

    I once left a bag with 6 SLR cameras + long focal length lenses, belonging to my company. When I returned to that station, an hour later, frantically searching for the bag, the station master came-up to me, asking what I was looking for. I produce the invoice my company gave, with all the cameras serial numbers, he asked me to follow him to his office, compared the s/no. of the cameras in the bag with that on the invoice, then surprisingly bowed to me and said 'arigato' and return the bag to me.

    Japanese too, do not tend to show-off their wealth too much like we Malaysian. Riding the trains, you can't differentiate the house belonging to the poor and the wealthy.
    The neighborhood where I live, I had known people who refinanced their house so that they can afford to renovate it into mansion.

    Therefore I fully supported your advice given to those Johor's elites:-

    "And one more thing, Khaled, please tell your boys to stop flashing their luxury cars around and playing golf in KL. Don't make it too obvious. People are talking, okay."

    1. Mana show off wealth, brader. Cuma nak justifykan taburan RM2.6 bilion tuh.

    2. Tiada kaitan langsung dengan RM2.6 billion tuh.

      Apa yang saya maksudkan adalah ketaksuban sikap 'biar papa asal bergaya' Melayu. Sikap menunjuk-nunjuk untuk menyakiti hati rang. Sikap ini juga yang menyemarakan rasuah.