Tuesday 3 November 2015


I just found out that a bastard broke my friend's heart.

Men are terrible.


If you don't love her and just wanted a fuck, tell la from the beginning.

Instead, you went and told her that you love her and promised to do so till the end of time and other bullshit.

What a bloody slimy motherfucker.

I hope the bastard will died a slow and painful death.

The sooner the better.

What? You think I'm being rude?

What the hell. This is my blog and I can write whatever hell I want.

Told you all that I'm not the nice type from the start, didn't I.

Seriously, what the fuck you all men are thinking?

Going around breaking girls' hearts and think you all can get away with it.

You think you can just get up in the morning and decide that you don't feel like being married anymore?

That you can drop everything to go chasing after other women of your fancy?

You think you can just tell your wife or girlfriend that you don't love her anymore because you feel like fucking a younger girl?


Real bastards.

At least try la to come up with a proper excuse, okay.

I know some of these jerks at my old workplace.

Normally if they are motherfuckers at home, they are also motherfuckers at work.

Really, men who can't control their dick can't control their brain.

My ex's excuse was that I'm not living up to his expectations. That I'm not successful enough.

It's that pathetic, okay.

And in the beginning he made me promised him that I will love him even after I'm dead because he will do the same.

Stupid me actually did that.

And I'm all tied up on it till now.

Bloody hell.


Who cares la.

I'm not in the mood.

You all men can go to hell for all I care.

And you all can bring along your stupid politics with you there.

Okay, I want to listen to some music to cool off.


  1. Dear Annie,
    It has been a while since I share my thoughts on your postings.
    Anyway, as we are tired and fade up with Malaysian politic, its nice to talk about men for a change:)
    Well well....lets see,
    Who made decision to go for wars??? Who loves playing with guns?
    Who mostly joined IS? Who mostly are drug addicts? Who are mostly criminals? Who are the rapists? Who are mostly the 'misleading clerics' ? etc etc etc....We all know the answer to that question.
    But then again, who mostly won Nobel prize?
    Why all the prophets (Messengers of God) are men?
    ump...intriguing huh?
    For me personally, if a woman is intelligence; can stand up on her own two feet, has enough money to support herself, and do not fancy kid(s), well men (most of them) are just good for being a handyman...

    1. Can the milkman, postman or plumber join in? Some of them can be very handy. 1-2 may say look no hands, hehe

    2. get it while you can4 November 2015 at 14:04

      Yr friend should ask herself, search herself why she cannot keep a man. Men are very simple to keep happy. They like toys, beautiful toys make their eyes widened.
      Not understanding these simple facts will cause so called disappointment and heart break.
      But so do women. They like toys too and beautiful men.
      You get what you can. If you are not good enough to attract hot men, you settle for something less like Mat Sabu...nauzibillah hehe... worse still is that chinese man Christopher Khir Johari on his third malay wives search.
      Your friend is lucky enough to get some fark while she can because it is not something you save for old age muahaha..
      Just the perfect excuse to try another man ma.
      Better to fark many men than never to fark at all..

  2. Hahaha, auntie annie, nice piece of joke. You are still a woman who thinks with emotion rather than rational thinking. You still need a man to guide you, that's how the nature is. Unless you can be a lesbian, uh oh, yeah, you can celibate for the rest of your life. Other than that, your ramblings are still woman's language. Last time a bimbo, now a man's hater. Still, you are funny. That's what I like about women, just like you.

    1. Rational thinking is only for the politicians. And the RM2.6 billion so-called donor.

  3. Replies
    1. Dah bulan November ni Bang. Apa pulak lewat nya?

  4. Wow - did your father also included in the "mother f*ck@r" list ? ? ?

  5. Please don't register or implant in your mind that all men are like Ketua Umum, Dear Annie.

    Just because of a handful of sex-maniac, you thought all men are the same? "Kerana seekor kerbau membawa lumpur, emej negara tercemar'. Well, that's what Dato A.Kadir Jasin's wrote in his latest posting.

    Yes I agree with you that some men only live to have a good fuck. They don't even care if its with someone's wife or teenage daughter. Sex seems to be the only thing in their mind. Even religious men are not exempted. Worst still, they put on religious outlook to seduce women. Don't know why women are attracted to religious ketayap-guys with facial hair. One famous sex-maniac even enjoyed bonking the rear of young men and when he was caught, not once but twice, his family and supporters claimed it was a political persecution. Including that blow-job, caught on spy-movie camera, with China-doll.

    "And you all can bring along your stupid politics with you there."

    In that case, Mat Sabu too, have been known to elope with his best-friend's wife. He was once caught 'berkhalwat' in a hotel room no.121, Kota Bahru. Lucky, his sins was cleansed by the Spiritual leader.

    After being ditched by the Party members, Mat Sabu was appointed president of DAP funded new party, Amanah.
    He can't even take care the amanah of his dick. What amanah can he safeguard for the Rakyat?
    And mind you, 'amanah' or trust is earn. Not hoist upon one's shoulder to haul.

    1. He did not hoist it, man. He said Normah did.

    2. Aziz and the boys demolished the freaking hotel to save the ass of his blue eyed boy sabo? Hahaha that's about the time they were drafting their pas hudud thingy! Can you beat that? Sabu to be stoned for adultery with his supporter's spouse in her house.

    3. Sabo wd be the first one to lose his dick. That's why he cabut and form Pan tat.

  6. Damn. Annie is like really crazy mad now.
    Dear, those men/ bastards u mentioned are the exception. There are still a few good man out there.

    Last I read, Tun is also a man too and look at how the 2 Tun's have been together for so long.

    You probably need another long ride somewhere to the beach and check out the blue skies to calm down. Suggest you take your broken heart friend too.
    Don't need men to do this. Let's start with that.

    Don't give up on us yet. We need u as much as u need us. Those deserving ones' at least.

    1. Try those who can count up to one only. The rest are all polygamous without declaring it.

  7. Actually al-Juburi's nationwide street demonstrations were powered by dick-power. Anwar just needed to find virile young arses to plug in order to charge up for the next controversial confrontation with the authorities.

    1. I heard he offered to give up his one-cell-one-man privilege. Dick power does strange thinks to people.

    2. He did did he? The old hard-core must have scared the shits out of the other criminals. Sg. Buloh has never had the likes of 40 mm Rear Admiral Minister.

    3. I shudder at the thought of what the world would be like without dick power.

  8. Annie,
    Actually thats not a real man that you are talking about but a real devil , and there are plenty of good men and good women around , but I don't really know how your social life because its really matters to overcome this problem . About politics you cant run away from reality , Although our country managed to have first world facility from Tun M era ( That Facts) but the mentality most of its peoples is still a third world standard so politics is a part of that social enviroment, like I said before we are having a low qualities of politicians (not all but most) and the worst is we are having a PM thats are the same standard with most of the country in africa referring to the scandal he is facing now.. So be cool Annie ,Adios Amigos.

    1. They are all high quality. But corrupt. Tok Pa and a few others are exceptions.

    2. Women say good men are not fun. They go by the book and forgot to have fun. They go to bed wearing double underwears!

  9. Where have the good men gone to?
    For their women lines drawn and many taboo
    Flirting other women and pretend and goodie two shoe
    What have they turned the world into?

    Many men say they go for kindness
    Seeing beautiful women they experience utter blindness
    As time goes on they can think less
    Wanting to be leader they are shameless!

    I long for man who's tolerable, patient and clever
    To find one that's perfect is a quest forever
    The one I live with is a good mood cherisher
    I want to be with him, regardless, for ever and ever!

    1. They have all gone looking for RM2.6 billion.

  10. Firstly, we human beings are driven by our carnal appetite and our egoistic/satanic desires. But we're also possessed of a rational mind and angelic impulses towards beauty and goodness. All comes from the Lord Creator.

    But you make your own karma by how you value your personal choices in life events- free to act but accountable for your actions.

    1. Make love not war. Making love is good exercise. Ask any doctor.

      Sorry, I don't go make my own karrna to make love. Don't even know what karma is. So long as she says yes.

      Sometimes it's oui only in the wee hours of the morning. Damn it, a meeting scheduled at 9 the next morning.

  11. Your school is of the approval-disapproval attraction-revulsion type of worldly comforts.


    Lovers don't finally meet somewhere,
    They're in each other all along.
    - Rumi

  12. 'Don't go around breaking young girl's heart' A lyric from Michael Jackon's Billie Jean

    Prof Kangkung

  13. Ot takes two to fuck. If your friend said yes in the heat of the moment or for what ever reason, thinking this is her future husband, white knight or whatever reason....can the guy be blamed? Granted, he's a bastard in your eyes but what if he made a u turn and in a few months come back and marry your friend. Would he still be the same bastard?

    1. He won't be the same bastard. He'd be a stupid bastard. Coz a few may have gone in within the few months.

  14. Annie...Najib hd done this wth Rosmah, and now he's imprisoned by her Highness..He cant even squeak..!...Long Live Rosmah Mansor..!!!..He held Najib's Balls now..Why cant u,,Annie,be so successful like her..!!!..Go steal another gal's husband ..!!!

    1. You never know what he does in between Par 2,3 and 4 when golfing with Obama.

    2. Or what Rosmah does when Najib golfs with Obama.

    3. Par 2 ? What is that. Is it the one that slit in the middle.

    4. Hahaha, gud in 858.

  15. Your long bike trip didn't quite purge all that angst did it? You must make the inner voyage ma'am. Ask Allah for the blessings of inner peace and wisdom light in your whole-hearted salat.

  16. Aiyyo Annie, cannot tell arr men always want fucks? Where got tell I want to fuck you first few time meeting one? Sure will say love love love you maaaaa.

    Waaaaa you feel so strongly for yr friend arrr? Interesting to see you come out with the Red Bean mthrfucks etc. Go ahead, baby, it's yr blog, say what you like. But be informed that there are some who might even like you saying those. It's a big change from the usual.

    Didn't even realize you wrote a new post so soon after the last one.

  17. Don't hope the bastard will die a slow and painful death, Annie. The good die young and such blokes lying to get fucks are not good.

    Tell yr friend to think of how to get back at the bugger. Not to kill him but make him suffer emotionally. Teach him a lesson. Tit for tit.

    Two wrongs don't make a right? But it'll make her mornings bright.

    And tell her not to fall for men very quickly. Don't take "I love you" statements seriously. Enjoy the fucks without feeling you are in love. No such things as love at first sight. Show him the door at first light.

    1. Falling for men very quickly makes the heart very touchy. But, really, the problem starts after the touching.

  18. Not all men are thinking fuck. Some think of making love. In the real sense of the word - to do it only when really in love.

    But I have a friend who had a wow of a girl friend who, after knowing her almost a year, didn't touch her except kiss. Despite another mutual fiend and I telling him he was behaving very strangely, he kept saying the girl was not ready. He practically became a sugar daddy to her, yet no real touching.

    Then he found out that she had a Japanese b/f with a nice condo in Bangsar, swimming pool etc and takes her for quick business trips to Singapore which she liked. And we had to frequently take our friend out to get him out of the emotional doldrum until after quite some time.

    So, it works both ways among the sexes, Annie.

    1. When the sexes work both ways, it's called free sex.

  19. This is not you , Annie. I miss the real Annie who most of the DIC ('Do I Care' type). God bless

    1. No, it's not Annie - it's her friend.


  20. "..That it's only the thrill of boy meeting girl
    Opposites attract
    It's physical
    Only logical
    You must try to ignore,
    that it means more than that, ooo ..
    What's love got to do, got to do with it
    What's love but a second hand emotion
    What's love got to do, got to do with it
    Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken"

    -- Tina Turner 1984
    ( 1985 Grammys )

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Sorry, but it's damn out of date to think opposites attract. Anwar Al Juburi will break his jail cell and throttle Lina Turner's throat.


    2. A tad cruel to do a 75-yr old lady(?) Sdr ANON 02: 13
      although Ms Turner had a tight butt heheh in her glory days.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Hahaha, I like your observation, Haji - "tight butt" eh?


    4. From keen observation(?) of bodily form Sdr ANON 11:26

      (Urban Dictionary)
      " Pertaining to the distinct curvature, shape and appearance of the female posterior .. More commonly referred to women who actually have attractive rear ends"

      1) Men: Yes some do crave male rear ends .. and
      2) Why do we still read so so many so-po posts on this thread?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  21. Dear Annie,

    How about we play a game?

    Name some men who we think or assume keep their dick honest? Tun M, Tok Pa, Wahid Omar, TSMY, who else????

    The ones perhaps the exact opposite, Najib, nazri aziz, the late JJ, zahid hamidi( not sure), noh omar, ku nan, salleh keruak, rahman dahlan etc etc.

    Who is running the government? We are all doomed then!!!

    1. 1. Nobody else

      2. JJ, too? Et tu JJ ..

      3. The Civil Service runs the government. Like Tun Dol's time

  22. Dear Annie,

    Since you are on to the topic of men perhaps we can list down men who are known to keep their dick honest and the ones that dont.

    List of men who may keep it honest. Tun M, To' Pa, TSMY, Wahid Omar, Zahid Hamidi(??) and who else?

    Men who are either known to have not so honest dick or seems to be: najib, anwar ibrahim, lim guan eng, mat sabu, nazri aziz, kj, ku nan, late JJ, shafie afdal, zahid hamidi(??), zaid ibrahim, husam musa, salleh keruak, rahman dahalan many more i am sure.

    Looking at the list current ones in power seems to come from second list.

    We are doomed if according to Annie!!

    1. If the dicks are powerful, why should we be doomed? Just don't use contraceptives and soon we'll have a population half the size of China.

      But what puzzles me is why must dicks be blamed, the dick owners aren't?

    2. And while we're on that subject, let's not forget that itchie bitchies do play an equal role in the game of seduction ok?

    3. No, 903, they just close their eyes when the men do it.

      Whatever that it may be.

  23. Unbelievable Annie....so unbelievable....now ur using a lot of fucking words....!! Ur words have put urself same level with the type of men that u hate most...congrats!!

    1. You sound like Sherlock Holmes - "Elementary, Watson ... elementary."

      But if Sherlock reads the words Annie uses, he'd rush for his magnifying glass. Stand to attention, then wriggle with ecstasy.


  24. Lelaki ka pelempuan ka ,macam-macam ada maa aa ,tatak bolih salah lelaki saja lor rr .
    Kalang-kalang pelempuan pon atak itu macam ,kasi patah lelaki punya hati lea aa. .

    Wa ingat sendili masing-masing sentiasa mau jaga maa aa .

  25. The lightest thing in the world is a penis Annie, a mere thought could always lift it up...

    1. Not if you are thinking Teresa Kok. The very name is a kok shrinker.

  26. UMNO had been doing that same shit to Melayu for the last 50 years. And they still love that shit. Go figure.

    1. Yeah, yeah, yeah ... you'd always end up with the figure 69. And she farts on you. At a time when she has diarrhoea!

    2. I quote someone from OSTB's comment section:-

      "DAP Secular? Dap evangelists young turks exploit churches to build cult like followers. They emulate Pas' strategy and it works. If the two cults collided, we are doomed."

      I agree, especially now that DAP and PAS are no longer masturbating each other.

      Therefore, the Malays will keep-on loving UMNO's shit as long as DAP is lead by the Evangelist cult aka Kim and son. Even Mainland China is spook by these foreign funded outfit.
      No offence to moderate Christians though.

    3. Hahaha, DAP and PAS are no longer masturbating each other. You sure they are not doing on the quiet? The new Deputy President or somebody was saying PAS is still in a Pakatan that Guan Eng has long declared sudah mampos.

      The Malays will sure keep on loving UMNO, they just don't want Najib's shit and many been asking he be replaced.

  27. Itu lar ko annie.. pilih nak yg hensem ajer..poket tebal.. bila disuruh janji.. ko main ikut jer..ye la muka hensem ala hero korea.. nama sendiri pun bole lupaaa!!.. bile da kena tinggal.. cam biase lar pompuan.. maki hamun semua keluar..

    Berlambak lg jantan kat luar ni yg baik baik.. muka mmg la tak hensem, gaji RM2,000/RM2,500 sebulan takut ko tak pandang la pulak.. kalo' selera 'tinggi kena ' steady ' lar tanggung bil nya...

  28. Still about men though not in the context of sex. Maybe a bit about love.

    As the comments have reached 54 now and this guy Gani Pattail is such an admirable man, we all should not miss knowing his first public appearance since being "done up" by the "hidden hands".

    He showed up as a panel member at a Bar Council forum on SOSMA, not saying anything against his being suddenly removed from the post of AG, explaining in a mild tone the need for SOSMA (formulated under his stewardship), acknowledging possible weaknesses which, he said, could be remedied along the way.

    Whatever criticism he appeared to have made of Najib was done in a constructive manner - the need to for the government to set up a committee to oversee the act from time to time and advice on any improvements needed.

    He said, "What you should be asking for is where is the committee. They need do the check and balance. “This is something good as Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak promised but sometimes he (Najib) needs to be reminded - that the committee has yet to be set up,”

    Others in his "suddenly dropped" position would have shot Najib with bazookas and missiles but this Gani just kept his cool on those.

    With that kind of character, women should fall in love with him head over hoofs. No malice seen, buried the hatchet that others would have wielded.

  29. Oops, now find another news report which said "Abdul Gani: I will talk, but not today." The previous report was by NST which is pro-UMNO/BN and sure would not mention about Gani saying so.

    thesundaily said, "Despite refusing to comment on matters unrelated to Sosma, Gani dropped hints he would speak out on his sudden removal as AG."

    "I will say another time, not today. Otherwise I won't be interesting for you another day.

    "Of course you will see me, and I assure you I want to see you too. I don't want to comment (on anything else)," he said when pushed by reporters to comment on his removal.

    Earlier during the forum, responding to a question by one of the participants, Abdul Gani had said that he was doing fine, despite going for dialysis sessions three times a week.

    "But bear in mind, when I was in office, I was already on dialysis. So I'm okay. I'm alright, thank you."

    But the following hints appears loud and clear -

    "How does lodging a report and disclosing information about alleged mismanagement, misappropriation of funds, embezzlement or fraud constitute sabotage when the whole purpose was to enable the police or other law enforcement agencies to initiate investigation?

    "What then of the protection of the whstileblowers and the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010? These are things you have to ponder," he added.

    I'm excited at what he will say when next meeting the press people.

    1. Gani also said he has been working every day since being suddenly removed from the AG post. In the house. Looking after the children. "And entertaining friends."

      You'll never know what kind of friends, what kind of entertaining. The emphasis must be on "working", the word he had used.

      I but you he has tons of paper work readied to explode with. The big question is whether he'd bring Najib to court for wrongful dismissal. He'd not be interested in the compensation etc money as much as the RM2.6 billion.

      He'd have none of it, I'm sure. He must be wanting justice to prevail, the truths out and his good name restored. He has my 110% support.

    2. What a spoil. We are here enjoying hilariously funny fucking stories for a change.

    3. Why Annie's blog is so popular is because of the variety, man. The spice of life. While the previously popular Top Ten blogs suddenly turned pro-Najib now some of them have only 1,2 even no comments, when Annie has 50-60 comments on political posts and 70 comments even on the subject of men like now.

      Don't be surprised that the subject of the RM2.6 billion is even a good prelude to a maddening sex orgy. Ask Rosmah if you don't believe.

  30. Talking about sex-craved men.

    The next time you guys, especially those who support PAN, met Mat Sabu, please ask him why he nicknamed Anwar Ibrahim as Al-Juburi in 1997. Anwar was Dr.M's deputy then. Yes, Mat Sabu was the one who first coined that Arabic word, since Anwar portrayed a pious image. Together with the late Karpal Singh, Mat Sabu then declared in Parliament:

    "Kita menpunyai seorang Peliwat sebagai Timbalan Perdana Malaysia".

    Or something to that effect. And that was recorded in Parliament's hansard, 12 Nov.1997, if I'm not mistaken.

    Sadly to Malaysian who are against LGBT and pedophiles, Dr.M dismissed that allegation, outright as 'fitnah' to disgrace BN and the government.

    1. Al Juburi an Arabic word? Wala takrabun ...... I forgot the word for women.

      Must not allow Annie getting away with fucking men (verbally in here) without a reprimand on women, hehe

  31. I'm sorry Annie.
    I've posted this on your previous post, but I have to convey a message to those who are blindly, anti-Chinese and for that matters, China.
    I don't mind, if they only hate 'Cina DAP', though.

    I'm Malay and I'm on the side of China, exerting its muscle in the South China Seas.

    If you care to use your head, all countries in the far-east that had disputes with China, e.g Vietnam, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Taiwan ROC, etc., are staunch US allies. Most, with US military and naval bases on their land. And China dare to antagonize them, with Russia giving the nod of encouragement.

    Through history, China had never meddled in the affairs of other countries, except during the Malaysian emergency. Unlike the US and the west which are ex-colonists. The US funded the opposition everywhere in the world in the name of democracy but turned a blind eye on Saudi Arabia. Why?
    Saudi even chopped-off people's head in public, and the west said nothing about democracy.

    What happen in Ukraine was also due to the instigation of the west, especially the Americans. (and we lost MH17 because of that). The foreign(US) funded opposition, overthrow the legitimate government of Ukraine, through street demonstration. Its President fled to Russia. Mind you, the population of Ukraine is about 50-50; Orthodox Christian aligned with Russia (mainly on the East), versus the Catholic, aligned with the west and US.

    Malaysia had also occupied the Spartlys' Pulau Layang-Layang. Why do you think the PLA had not harassed or showed hostility towards our PASKAL boys guarding our exclusive tourist attraction there.
    You know why?
    Because were non-aligned nation or NAM, but maybe not anymore after we sign the TPPA.

    Do you know that, Dr.M had instructed the Navy to set-up camp on Layang-Layang reef, just 2 month after becoming PM, in 1986? He even spend a night there, soon after a shed was erected.

    About the envoy comments: I think his remarks was justified. At least he went to Petaling Street with a MCA guy who is Buddhist. I don;t think Mainland China is very fond of the Evangelist DAP. China is having the same Evangelist problem of their own, in HK, Taiwan and some part of the mainland too. Google Helen Ang's if you want to know more.

    Just because you hate the DAP Chinese, please do not treat all Chinese are the same. You know why older generation Chinese are with the MCA?
    It's because, they are worried too, that the DAP have been evangelizing their young, away from Buddhism. Just like in Hong Kong and Taiwan where the older generations are more aligned to the Mainland.

    If you love the MatSalleh too much, wait until you meet the skinheads on the deserted alleys of London.

    1. "on your previous post, a message to those who are blindly, anti-Chinese and for that matters, China"? I must have missed that one. For I will oppose that until the tongkang no longer comes.

      I see absolutely no justification for "China, exerting its muscle in the South China Seas." And it's not just in their muscles, I fear it's what in their heads. Grabbing territories - though self-made islands - and menacing the trading sea lanes that have existed since time immemorial. One commentator on a foreign TV channel pointed out some 60+% oil passes thru there.

    2. If China is claiming those islands or rocks on the basis of their historical records which have never been heard of, such claims never put out into and recognized by others in the international arena, or referred to the relevant UN body on international disputes, WTF ...

      On that basis, Malaysia also can claim parts of South China, and especially Taiwan, where the Malays have settled before. A Malay speaking (Bahasa Melayu is a large family of languages) community that settled on the island long before others did, including Mainland Chinese, is still there in Taiwan right now.

      Read the books "The Malay Civilization" and "Tamadun Alam Melayu" published by the Historical Society of Malaysia that was established during British colonial rule and whose current membership and executive committee includes professors in Malay Studies, History, Anthropology, Archaeology, etc.

      The books are available at Wisma Sejarah (a 5-story building they own despite being a non-profit organization).
      opposite IJN
      Jalan Tun A Razak

    3. Looks like you need to use your head, implying that China is justified in doing what they do in the South and East China Seas.

      That all countries in the far-east that had disputes with China, e.g Vietnam, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Taiwan ROC, etc, are staunch US allies certainly don't justify China's action.

      Those US military and naval bases being there are not a threat. But China claiming that those islands and rock outcrops are theirs do threaten in more ways than one.

      Sure they will claim the 12 miles territorial waters around and the 100 (is it 200?) miles EEZ which are known to have abundant mineral, marine and other resources.

      On that score alone, they are threatening the livelihood of nationals of those countries that have been tapping on those resources since Adam or generations after him. Small ASEAN countries. Bullying arr?

      So wat u tok about antagonize them?

    4. You made it a point to state that you are a Malay. But with Red Beans and the like-minded masquerading all sorts since PRU13, and with views like the above, sorry, no take, Mister.

      China had never meddled in the affairs of other countries, except during the Malaysian emergency? Where got history like that, Mister. Chinese soldiers with Vietcong until US kalah in Vietnam War you no say arr?

      In any case, in history they did not meddle much because they were too busy fighting one another in China.

    5. What the "US funded the opposition everywhere in the world in the name of democracy but turned a blind eye on Saudi Arabia" got to do with China menacing in the South and East China Seas?

      What happen in Ukraine was also due to the instigation of the west, especially the Americans? Where got proof? Of course larr USSR will say the US funded opposition overthrew the legitimate government of Ukraine, through street demonstration. Of course larr Its President fled to Russia. But if the population of Ukraine is about 50-50; Orthodox Christian aligned with Russia, versus the Catholic, aligned with the west and US, then how to say US godeh them?.

    6. Alamak, how shallow your thinking that the PLA had not harassed or showed hostility towards our PASKAL boys guarding our exclusive tourist attraction in the Spratly's
      because we were non-aligned nation or NAM.

      Where got NAM any more? Long considered dead, man. Who speaks so except you and 1-2 socialist African leaders.

      So, you expect PLA to harass our boys after we sign the TPPA? And you don't mind that? Are you sure you are a Malay as you claimed to be?

    7. So the China envoy went to Petaling Street with a MCA guy who is Buddhist but said those seditionist and subversive words were ok to you?

      Again, how shallow your thinking that just because Mainland China "not very fond of the Evangelist DAP", what the stupid and provocative Ambassador said is alright and what the Chinese do in the East and South China Seas are ok.

      Aiseh, you don't even realize that every time people say hate in here, it's always the DAP and the like-minded, not all Chinese. What's the matter with you? Read closely lorr.

      Didn't read the comments that said the MCA and Gerakan Chinese are all ok, regarded by the Malays as fellow-citizens, because they expressed gratitude to the Malays for agreeing to citizenship right for them and they accept, respect and live by the Constitution of the country fully.

      It's good to know that the older generation Chinese are worried too, that the DAP have been evangelizing their young, away from Buddhism. But aligning with the Mainland is a no no, man.

      They are Malaysians and must align themselves with Malaysia.
      The country, the YDP Agong, if not the UMNO/BN Government.

      Are the skinheads the only MatSalleh you met or saw when in London? You spent too much time in East London, eh?

      Whatever you do, don't claim to be a Malay when you don't appear or sound to be, ok?


    8. I bet all the anons above are Anglophiles who love watching EPL. Najib is a Fan-club members of MU too.

      Anyway, if I could choose which superpower I want to befriend, I would choose China (+ Russia in the background), anytime.
      At-least, China do not have Evangelist missionaries to bring along, to proselytize the natives.

      Bishop Desmond Tutu once said:

      "When the missionaries came to Africa, they had the Bible and we had the land. They said, 'let us pray.' We closed our eyes. When we opened them, we had the Bible and they had the land."

      Therefore, since DAP is now an Evanglical Party, I hope the 'son of soil', especially in Sabah and Sarawak, be very mindful.

  32. What a drama annie!