Sunday 1 November 2015

Let's not be silly and stupid

Last leg of my biking trip.

Should reach home by tomorrow.

I'm writing this with my phone at one of the stops.

Went through the top 10 of Rocky's Blogs that rock. It's perhaps the most balanced of all blog rolls. But I was just reading the headlines. Not convenient to read properly using this handphone.

The list of top ten was mostly dominated by pro-Najib blogs.

Guess the rebels are getting tired after all.

As I wrote previously, I don't see how they can force PM DS Najib Razak to resign.

Well, at least not for now.

Even Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad admitted that.

Well, it seems that at the moment the hottest topic is that debate between 1MDB boss Arul Kanda Kandasamy and DAP's Tony Pua.

Personally, I think it is silly.

Debates never solve anything.

It's just ego trip.

Calling people names is also silly.

The rebels did that quite a bit to run down Najib.

I think it only put off people reading all those bad language.

The same goes with pro-Najib people who called Dr Mahathir names.

It's stupid.

Now they are calling Tony Pua puaka. Does that make people hate him or suddenly feel thr urge to vote BN in the next election?

No, right?

Ya, really stupid.

Eh, need to go now.

I will write again when I reach home.



  1. Who's being silly and stupid, Annie? Hope it's not you.

    If you say the list of Top 10 Top Bloggers - who turn out to be mostly pro-UMNO blogs - are silly and stupid, then I agree with you.

    Note that commenters may cease writing comments there because they want to boycott them, make those blogs less popular etc - not because getting tired of whacking Najib.

  2. Last leg of your biking trip? You must have gone very far. Chiengmai? Cambodia? The Angkor Wat?

  3. Oh, ok, you think the debate between 1MDB boss Arul Kanda Kandasamy and DAP's Tony Pua is silly.

    I don't think so. A number of people may be persuaded to oppose Najib some more and become vocal as a result of it.

    Yeah, yeah, you think it would not lead to Najib resigning. But nobody can tell, really. 1-2 shocking facts may come out jolting the public's mind into words and actions that'll lead to ...... I'll be careful of what I say not to cause problems to your blog.

  4. ".. pro-Najib blogs ... the rebels are getting tired"? Some may resort to not publishing the rebels' comments.

    Have you seen the number of "Error 404", "Page Not Available" etc when clicking Google news headlines?

    The speculation is that the RM2.6 billion is also used to pay the experts doing the blocking of news badly against Najib.

    Dia orang tak main kasar? Rubbish to say that. Especially after the Deputy Director of the Police Special Branch talked about "hidden hands" causing then AG Gani Pattail suddenly removed from his post without any notice and on grounds of sickness that even he did not know about or at least never had a doctor certify that. And the sudden transfers of Senior MACC and Police Officers.

    1. Gani was said to have kidney problems but nobody has said of any certification by a doctor that he was not fit to continue doing his work.

    2. Najib has a "heart problem" ... he's certainly unfit for national duty!

    3. I like that one, 1325, "heart problem". He really has. Connected with the mind.

    4. Si bangang itu dah kes mental; kalau2 kita tidak di gilakan olehnya.....

  5. Nope Annie, the debate must go on. Life is sort of boring of late. With this debate coming our way, at least there's something to look forward to and spice up our lives. I don't know when it will organized, but hopefully as soon as possible.
    I don't know wether the debate will be conducted in Malay or English. I hope it will be in Malay. Biar orang kampung semua boleh join sama tengok dan faham. If both of them are not well versed in Malay well they have to better be prepared and brush up the language from now. Read Utusan and Sinar Harian everyday. To get the feel of the language.

    1. Agree with you, bro. But not just to spice our lives but also to get the truths made clearer and clearer. To the point that the criminal wrong doings jolt the eyes of those in authority to prosecute.

      A very clear case of criminal wrong doings is in the Bank Negara's statement on the US1,83 billion it directed to be brought back to this country.

  6. Example of the ones not tired in commenting anti-Najib in a suddenly strongly pro-Najib blog (friend of yours) by a commenter who sometimes also comments in this blog of yours -

    u pun sudah sama label dengan Najib.

    Apa yang u cakap sekarang, baca dan dengar, boleh.
    Percaya ?
    Siapa yang akan percaya lagi...

    Najib undur ke tidak, hari hari rakyat maki...doa tu !!!!
    Siar atau tidak komen ini...ia tidak mengubah apa-apa lagi...

    Itulah tahap awak sekarang...
    Tak jadi kudis, no hal...awak ada ribuan.pengomen.

    That was a sarcasm. Actually at times there are even 3,5, 8 comments only in that blog.

    There are other such "popular blogs" that recently suddenly became pro-Najib now having only 1,2,3 or even no comments at all. One or two have almost become Bernama news c&p-iers.

  7. I have to agree with you Annie...

  8. Look at yourself Arul. Aren't you the soundbox of evasive connivances?

  9. That Arul guy said there's nothing wrong with 1MDB and accussed Dr. Mahathir for making 1MDB highly conterversial. Ohh really? Do you still remember folks, PM had promised preliminary Auditor General report would be ready by early Jun, only to be told later it is classified and couldn't be made public. Dah tak dengar dah pasal AG report since then.
    And then there was PAC hearing. The first one before it got spectacularly dismantled. It went off to a good start at early stage, letters being issued for hearings, PCs of its development, auditors and officials being summoned etc. Then came 1MDB CEO turn. Tarikh dan tempat dah set, surat telah dikeluarkan untuk beliau datang mengadap but guess what, he failed to show up. Citing he was overseas and couldn't made himself ready for the hearing. He also told he had received the letter from MOF quite late. MOF pulak yang salah.. Then a photo emerged later on of him having a coffee with Shahrir Samad at a posh hotel in KL.
    A new date then being set for the new hearing and he promised he would be present this time around. The proposed date had being pushed back until early August to give room for Hari Raya celebration. So rakyat tunggulah sampai lepas raya for the PAC hearing untuk 1MDB CEO.
    Lepas raya, hujung bulan Julai bumm!! kabinet bubar..4 members including the chairman and the deputy chairman from the PAC being appointed to the cabinet and PAC was rendered malfunction until new members being appointed. Its investigation on 1MDB books indefinitely stalled until further notice.
    The meeting between PAC and 1MDB which was scheduled early August did not materialise and all of those gusto and gusty talks by the boss all this while were really just that; a talk.
    We were all had been taken for a ride. You and me, all of us. We had been told to wait. While they kept us waiting and waiting, something else happened behind the scene. Before this, they shouted 'tunggu siasatan, tunggu siasatan, jangan buat spekulasi, jangan buat tuduhan tidak berasas..' but when the time came, something else happened in a big way.
    And now it all start all over again with new members been appointed together with its new head. So it begins once again and we have been asked to wait, AGAIN..And the voices we used to hear before blaring out once again with the like of 'tunggu siasatan, tunggu siasatan, jangan buat sebarang spekulasi, jangan buat tuduhan tidak berasas etc..'.
    So the rakyat left with no choice but to wait for another round. You know what, all this delaying tactics, they're getting pretty good at it.

    1. Support practically all that you say, Sir.

      They may be getting pretty good at it but the issue will go on and on as the public has seen, heard and read enough to know there are a lot of skeletons in the cupboard.

      More of such needs be said, more often, here there and everywhere, so that justice prevails in this country.

      Moe importantly, so that Najib is replaced to avoid UMNO/BN losing at PRU14.

    2. I Love the Sto

    3. Anon 23:16.
      Thank You. Excellent writing. Allow me to copy-paste somewhere else, please.


  10. Siapa jadi boloh dan siapa manyak boloh maa aa ,Wa sutak tak tau lea aa .

  11. Good that you put a caveat to your opinion that nobody can make Najib resign - not for now. There's still a lot of time yet before people start to think it's too near PRU14 to do it.

    I suspect there are those who'll think that even if very late, getting Najib replaced will get many of the disillusioned voters vote UMNO/BN. While the traditional UMNO voters will continue doing so.

  12. A lot depends on

    1. whether the AG resuscitates the Special Task Force on 1 MDB and the results of the investigations by the agencies involved. Having said the Special Task Force has not been disbanded, it'd b utterly strange and damn suspicious if he suddenly announces it is disbanded in time to come.

    2. In any case the investigations by MACC and the Police will continue. It'd also be hugely suspicious if the AG or anybody announces at any point and time that all those investigations do not show any criminal wrong doing.

    3. The Auditor General's Final Report at the end of the year may at best be ambivalent and nothing much may be expected by way of fault finding, the Au G being a government department. But the public are keenly awaiting that anyway.

    4. The PAC may be ditto in terms of incriminating anybody as the new Chairman had said he'd not ask any advice from Nur Jazlan, the former Chairman, who had, for example, pointed out that 1MDB had changed auditors twice in a short span of a few years, not usual for a large company and the auditing work was on the "lower end" of the standard in the accounting field, he being an accountant himself.

    1. The retiring MACC Deputy Commissioner said on his retirement day that MACC was investigating 1MDB and it "involved the most powerful man in the country". He later led a Sembahayang Hajat with the MACC staff, presumably for successful investigations, prosecution and sentencing.

      Divine Providence helped in a previous Sembahayang Hajat - the "suddenly transferred" two Deputy Directors (Commissioners?) had their transfer order flip flopped and didn't have to report to the PM's Dept that following Monday.

      God is all powerful and benevolent. May that benevolence be expressed again as a result of that Sembahayang Hajat.


  13. Bank Negara Malaysia had issued a statement responding to that of the no-wrong-doing statement by the Attorney General's Chambers saying that BNM revoked three permissions granted to 1MDB under the Exchange Control Act 1953 (ECA) for investments abroad totalling US$1.83 billion.

    It said that it also issued a directive under the Financial Services Act 2013 to 1MDB to repatriate the amount of US$1.83 billion to Malaysia and to submit a plan to it for this purpose.

    Surely the above is not just going to be ignored, the US1.83 billion just wastes away if not already wasted, and Najib as Finance Minister, Chairman of the 1MDB Advisory Board and Prime Minster gets away with it just like that.

    It'll be a travesty of justice of the highest order if so. And will be laughed at and even scorned by the world. Obama should be made aware of this and comment during his coming visit as the US has been commenting on other countries' wrong doings - even bombing Iraq almost for nothing - as the "Policeman of the world".

    1. Obama may be coming for sealing the TPPA - free trade, transparency and all. He'll be blind if he is not aware of 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion.

    2. As long as Malaysia sign the TPPA, Obama will close an eye on the RM2.6 Billion and 1MDB.

  14. May those country roads lead you safely back home Annie ..... (just substitute West Virginia with wherever)

  15. Even if Tun Dr Mahathir admitted that, it was in a particular context. The fact remains that TDM has not eased calling for Najib to resign. Despite the threats and insinuations thrown at him.

    Shahrir Samad, Johor Bahru UMNO Division Chief, a former Minister and a BN Backbenchers leader - and one who admitted receiving RM1 million from Najib - has said that if action is taken against TDM and Muhyiddin, it would be hotting up in Johor.

    It has heated up before when Muhyiddin was dropped from the Cabinet, simmered but It'll heat up again if action is taken now, said he. Others have also voiced such concern.

    1. Even the guy known as Najib's bouncer, Minister and Supreme Council member Nazri Aziz, has voiced such concern, defending Muhyiddin. Interesting, innit?


  16. re ,I don't see how ,they can forced PM DS Najib Razak to resign .

    Let's admit that PM Najib Razak is to powerful ,nothing, can bring him down ,should we all be glads about it ,powerful leader we have .

    1. To know how powerful he is, wait till he is no longer PM. By then, I'm sure he wouldn't dare go for his routine year-end vacation overseas, especially in the US.

  17. Hehe tebing tinggi smal t, I will not dispute you.

    I would vigorously dispute it if you were Tebing Tinggi with big t who has been offensive in here with his/her short attention span mentality.

  18. Hi Annie, guys,
    Don't worry, Najib operations at work to cover his backside. While Najib make dunno and enjoy himself and those covering his backside gets promotion into Minister and money. We will catch them and throw them into jail next time. These blood suckers of the rakyat will pay for it when we investigate them proper. Make them cough out the illegal money they take....Najib taking 2.6 Billion....we will make sure he will goto Sungai Buloh for this.

    1. I like the above, bro. Let's keep calling for action by the AG - to initiate a meeting to reactivate the Special Task Force investigations that the MACC and the IGP have spoken about. We should not wait for next time. Ask them to do it now.

  19. How can Najib be so powerful as nothing can bring him down? When the truths about 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion are known, he'll be so ashamed and jittery as to even reign on his own.

    Court cases may reveal more and more of the truths. Anina Langkawai's suit against Najib court case is on. Najib's suit against Ling Liong Sik is awaiting mention in court.

    The WSJ suit - is Najib's lawyer or Najib giving the instructions not smart - the WSJ lawyers have said a long time ago that they would not make it easy for Najib to win and would not refrain from resorting to the Free Speech Act if sued.

    Why is Najib's lawyer saying still waiting for them to reply to his letter asking that? I that just an excuse, knowing that all hell will break loose if the American legal big wigs interrogate Najib and other witnesses in court?

    1. The Tony Pua defamation court case is postponed to 1 December. I'm anxiously awaiting the proceedings. Najib should not be excused when called as a witness.

      He is the "suer" (is there such a word, like the stupid George W Bush said he was the "decider"?) and must appear i court, isn't it? He is an active player in the 1MDB in general and the RM2.6 billion in particular.

      I wanna hear the questions uttered in court to prove no defamation like: do you admit receiving the money, who is it from, what purpose, reported to UMNO and Registrar of Societies or not? why, why why? And a load of other questions.

  20. The Protection of our Enduring and Established Constitutional Heritage (SPEECH) Act is a law in the United States that makes foreign libel judgements unenforceable in US courts.

    But what's wrong in suing WSJ in Malaysia all the same? When winning that will be a huge victory for Najib. Never mind claims for damages etc that may not be enforceable in US because of the Free Speech Act. Najib is not looking for money, is he? More important is redeeming his name. Which has been shitted internationally as well.

    It's silly, in fact stupid, of the lawyer to say it will only be a paper win. Does he not realize that a win will absolve Najib from all the wrongs he has been perceived to have committed?

    No, it's Najib's absolute fear of the truths coming out from such court cases. So the rakyat will continue to call for him to redeem his name. Thru such court cases or outright admission of the facts. Until those happen, Najib is not strong. No siree.