Friday 13 November 2015

TNB's sembahyang hajat, I think better give Edra to them

(Note: This is the 1,000th post of this blog)

Someone asked me today whether I'm going along with several prominent bloggers in their calls for 1MDB to sell the equities of Edra Energy to Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB).

I told him that honestly I don't really have an opinion on it.

I'm not an expert in these sorts of complicated business stuff.

Anyway, those bloggers who are backing TNB's bid for Edra Energy are mostly my seniors in blogging and supporters of PM DS Najib Razak.

They seem to know what they are talking about and wrote long eloquent arguments on the matter.

They are so eloquent in their business talk that it's hard for me, a simple person, to understand what they are trying to convey.

Honestly, I ended up not reading their postings. Ok, just a bit....before I got too bored to read till the end.

I only read in full Rocky's posting because the guy wrote very short and simple about the whole thing.

What I understand is that Rocky and his gang were wishing for 1MDB to sell the equity of Edra Energy to TNB instead of foreign companies because of long term national interests.

They don't want foreigners to control our energy sector.

Okay, I think that's fair enough.

Just now, I called my friend in TNB to ask him how much his bosses wanted those equities of Edra Energy.

The guy, knowing that I'm not very smart when it comes to business stuff, told me that TNB actually wanted those equities very badly.

They want it so badly that today, after Friday prayers, they had a sembahyang hajat (special prayers) for Allah to grant them the best on the bid for Edra Energy.

My friend said the TNB management had informed the staff all over the country about the sembahyang hajat and requested for them to participate at their respective places.

Other than the sembahyang hajat, TNB staff were also requested to continue praying for the company to get the best out of the bid.

Non- Muslim staff were also requested to do the same as according to their respective religion.

"We just want the best out of the bid no matter what is the outcome," said my friend.

Well, I think what he really meant was he wants TNB's bid to be successful.

Typical Malay, being shy to tell what he really wants.

Just say it la friend...aiyooh.

Okay lah, since TNB went to that length to get Edra Energy, I think 1MDB should give it to them.

I don't know how to argue in detail about these sorts of thing like all those clever senior bloggers but I'm sure that I don't want some foreigners to handle the switch of my light bulb and decide when I should have light or be in darkness.

Anyway, as everyone knows, 1MDB is already in serious shit. It should not pile more of it by getting into a fresh controversy by opening the door of our energy sector to foreigners.

For links to clever arguments on this Edra Energy matter, please click this link which has the other links,


  1. The foreigners they want a hand in everything if possible and local jolly wanker will do what ever possible as long they lynch something in returns.

    Next time Annie, they will also want to control where our shit goes.....IWK?

    1. Let them control where our shit goes, mate. So long as Vincent Tan would not ask for more tongkats.

      Last time he wanted the football betting license. Not given out. He already got the lottery license tongkat given to him long ago. That made him multi-millionaire and now a billionaire.

      Is he involved in Edra and got shit there?

  2. It is better for TNB to stop being a barua than to do sembahyang hajat

    1. They got to know where their bread is buttered, mate. Last time the TNB boss didn't play politics (Arni Arope), he lost his job. It's not playing politics, but playing balls actually.

      Got balls salah, don't have balls (the eunuchs) salah. Who said this is not a cruel world?

    2. Ani Arope didn't lose his job because of IPP, which was signed anyway. He lost it because the technical staff revolted because he give preference to the administrators to rule the company and benefitted enormously at the expense of the core group that makes the company runs, ie the engineers. Ani Arope just not cut to run TNB. He was not sacked, just contract not renewed.


  3. re, Anyway, as everyone knows , 1MDB is already in serious shit.

    Aii Yaa ,Annie ,Najib selalu cekap everything is fine maa aa , mesti mau pecaya pada pemimpin maa aa .

  4. everyone knows pretty well that the policy on majority share holder thingy. so with or without solat hajat i think its a clear decision.

    unless some idiotic tried to be clever. but these days, morons are everywhere. many of them become ministers. so save the money and dont bet on tenaga getting it.

    the trouble is tenaga money is less compare to the foreign one. and 1mdb - with respect to their sheer stupid management style - needs money.

    my last dollar is on idiots are raising in numbers

    1. If TNB does not get it, wonder what will be the position of "the several prominent bloggers in their calls for 1MDB to sell the equities of Edra Energy to Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB)"?

  5. What if the foreigners bid is way much higher then TNB and will make very good profit for 1MDB? With the profit 1MDB can repay most of its debts and free itself of it's present predicament and help PM to solve this 1MDB mess. If I am PM I will surely save my arse first rather then let everyone ganging up on me with the 1MDB noose around my neck.

    1. 1mdb is set up to make $£¢€¥ n not a charity org

    2. That's the talk among those saying "mau tutup huge lobang" here and there. Maybe also to cover the RM2.6 billion. Or the US1.83 billion Bank Negara ordered to be brought back to the country.

    3. i give u an advice.
      if u are the PM then first thing is dont do stupid thing like 1mdb. its a flawed concept doing business.
      number two is although u wanted to create ur legacy its safer and wiser for u to go slow and steady
      third is dont ever accept monies meant for ur party into ur personal account
      fourth and others better wait next time i tell u

      the beef is not 1mdb debt. it is about the company was wrong in their accumulation of debt during do business. and also this energy business also is wrong in the beginning. and therefore the solution also is wrong

      ST and EC had become very silent on this. particularly the policy of sensitive issue like power and electricity. its been stated there there should be no foreign majority holder in power and electricity business.

      yes the foreign people offer more money but how about the policy? but as i say morons are everywhere.

      and ah u should ask 1mdb why the earlier proposed IPO didnt successfull?

  6. It's not just for long term national interest. It's for national security interest and the guy is sensible and yet helpless, hence the solat hajat. Why can't we have foreign airlines to fly domestically? It's because our fly zone is security sensitive to prying eyes. Why can't we have foreigners to have a stake in our TM, we don't want our conversations to be tapped and information to be stolen (if anyone remember, KJ almost succeeded in persuading Pak Lah to sell a chunk of TM to Temasek when Pak Lah was the PM). Why can't we let foreigners to own a power grid in our country? I bet you can answer it yourself now. The guy isn't doing it for TNB, he's doing it for the country, as I said earlier, the guy is a very sensible man.

    1. "National" and "security" interest may be subjective to the biugers. They can always make them so. Heck, they can always change the definition, the basis or the criteria for determining what is national and what is security interest of the country.

      Cash Is King, mate.

    2. KJ? What does the Okspod biuger know? He even publicly declared wanting to be PM by 40. Will shortly be missing the target. So many rivals have always been alert on what he does or doesn't do and soseh here and soseh there.

    3. let foreigners own a power grid in our country? Risky, mate. An easy weapon to sabotage our country. Just cause a few black outs a week, foreign investors will cabut and new ones will blacklist this county. Just not keeping adequate supply of fuses will do the harm. Control the purse strings, give only a tiny budget for that will do the trick.

  7. The government should have asked TNB to buy over the IPPs instead of Edra in the first place. And I am doubly sure TNB would have got a better deal than the one paid by 1MDB via Edra.

    1. But then it would not have been a "complicated process, a high-powered, ingenious corporate planning for a RM45 billion body like 1MDB.

      And remember, straight-out deals would not provide opportunities for ....... you complete the sentence, mate.

  8. I haven't read what Rafizi Ramli said. Or what Annie says above fully.

    Just by her 1st few sentences, I wanna say it's a folly to have outsiders hold a substantial control over our energy operations.

    In war, that would be a primary target of bombing or sabotage operations by the enemy.

    But how substantial would Edra's production over the total, I have not checked.

    Will say more after I have a breather from the evening's do.

  9. Earlier on, we were talking about the creation or implementation of projects that would spin a percentage to tutup lobang that has been gaping for a while. It may be military purchases, energy production, whatever of significant size that'll make it "worth the while".

    There's always the "commission agents". They say during British colonial times, and a bit after Merdeka, the British Crown Agents took the commission. After that, individuals took it. For their own huge pockets, such that a military brass' wife said that however much she lost gambling in the London casinos in a year, there'll still be a lot of her husband's money left behind.

    In recent times, the commission was also for political purposes. Remember Altantuya? One cannot spell it in full. Readers have to go between the lines.

    1. Clarification:

      a retired military brass' wife.

  10. Anyone thinks it possible that it had been planned for TNB? That foreigners' bids were entertained mainly for the purpose of determining acceptable price levels TNB should pay?

    Think about it. And think hard.

  11. The sembahayang hajat matter -

    When "hidden hands" played a part, only God can help. So they sembahayang hajat at the MACC. God came to the rescue. The "sudden transfer" order was rescinded.

    Any "hidden hands" in this energy issue? Must be so powerful that TNB staff now sembahayang hajat.

    Soon sembahayang hajat will be associated with anything where "hidden hands" play a role.

    James Bond 007 would have to use a silver, nay, a gold bullet to neutralize that..Any gold bullet around in the country? If not, the "hidden hands" will continue to rear its ugly "head" endlessly.

  12. Aiseh Annie, why should they care much about "1MDB already in serious shit." It would not appear as piling more shit as the previous shit did not even exist

    Because "soon" Najib will give a statement to MACC about the RM2.6 billion and everything would be settled, resolved. The huge sum is not from 1MDB or anything like it. It's from a Saudi prince, MACC would confirm it, AG would announce no wrong doing, everything will be nice and juicy and everybody lovey lovey.

    At least that's what Pokjib is thinking. Is he right in thinking so? It depends on whether you believe him or not.

  13. You are like me, Annie. I'm also not an expert in these sorts of complicated business stuff.

    But then, the more complicated it is, the more spins the business takes, the more room for the ahem ahem ... And you, me and so many others would not understand them and they'll say why the hell you and I want to say anything at all?

    Just believe what they say, it's all above board, no hanky panky, the 1MDB Board members who resigned because the Management did not follow instructions were stupid, the AG says no wrong doing, so be it ...........

    Wat ta blinkin' ........... cockadoodledoo

  14. Does Rocky, along with the several prominent bloggers, know it's going to be given to TNB? Or they are "guessing correctly"? They wouldn't be called pro-Najib if otherwise.

    Najib must be seen to be "doing things the rakyat wants". Or "deciding in line with the calls made by the rakyat." Never mind if such sentiments are made by his "active supporters". Paid or otherwise.

    Then everybody will be happy. Those who sembahayang hajat will be seen as having God answering their prayers. And sembahayang hajat will become an institution in this country. Done by all who want to cross the "hidden hands". Who they believe may not do things to their wishes. Like the TNB staff and, previously, the MACC staff.

  15. God, please let me know who the "hidden hands" are. So powerful that they create, frustrate as well as castrate.

    Castrated he who said the RM2.6 billion was a donation. Before his colleagues complete the investigation which "involves the most powerful person in the country". Before Najib makes the statement to MACC that he the other day said he would.

    And now the "hidden hands" are playing a role in the 1MDB decision to sell the equities of Edra Energy to TNB.

    Please, God ..........

  16. Hah, even the brick in the wall guy thinks there are "hidden hands" in directing the Treasury Secretary General to write to the Energy Commission.

    Saying "Knowing well EC is not empowered to make such decision, why did Treasury Secretary (KSP), Tan Sri Dr Irwan Serigar Abdullah wrote the letter to EC? Does he not know the jurisdiction of EC? Or someone directed him to write to EC on the expectation that the Board of EC will oblige?"

    Actually, those questions need not be asked. The Tan Sri, Irwan Serigar, is not dumb. But damn loyal, follows instructions. He was chosen to be the Treasury boss based on an assessment of his loyalty to boss(es). He is No. 2 in rank in the entire Civil Service. Promoted there on the recommendation of the No. 1 in the Civil Service - Ali Hamsa, the Chief Secretary to the Government. Don't know if over the heads of others more senior to him. Like Ali Hamsa was.

    "Hidden hands" almost in every major decisions.

  17. In politics the world over, sometimes politicians don't mind a few people die so that they can do or "achieve broader objectives". For example, send a few "agent provocateurs" in extremely dangerous situations knowing that a few may die and clashes occur, and it justifies declaring martial law and effecting changes they want during or after it.

    So, going against or changing stated policies that the brick in the wall guy spoke about is nothing compared to the above.

    Altantuya? No proof, ok?

  18. Anyone thinks there's nothing strange and believe Rocky is merely stating his own "un-tailored opinion" when agreeing with Rafizi Ramli that "the Government should not, must not and cannot allow foreigners to buy 100 per cent of 1MDB's Edra Energy"?

    That he is not speaking what the "hidden hands" want him to?

    Quite difficult when he has been labelled as very pro-Najib, innit? Being so, he should not, must not and cannot be allowed to be pro-Opposition Rafizi. Quite a troublesome bugger re the condo cows and such.

  19. Banyak benda yang Rafizi cakap itu dalam semua isu, betul, lebih dari 70% tetapi kerana dia "pembangkang"dan "cerdik" dan selalu baca blog cai perdana "mykmu" maka 99.99% dianggap tidak betul.

    Kecerdikannya mengatasi 200% dari arul kanda, shahril, kj, Salleh, ahmad maselan, rahman dahlan, shabery chik dan ramai lagi...
    Kecerdikannya 1000% dari tawfik ismail.

    1. Sapa cakap, Mat? Kamu cakap? Kamu orang Fizi. Banyak minum fizi drinks ke? Takpe le asalkan tak minum ketum, ok.

      Apa dia cakap "lebih dari 70%" betul? Yang lain tu bohong spenuh nya ke? Padan le kena saman. Dah bicara dan mintak ma'af ke?

      Di tohmah dek Bank Negara di Mahkamah, tarak boleh mintak ma'af punya. Kalau keluarkan malumat bank yang Private and Confidential, berbuih le fizi drink dia.

    2. dia "pembangkang" dan "cerdik"? Awat dok taruk pekataan cerdik dalam tanda " "?

      Tak pasti Rafizi tu cerdik ke? Tak usah khuatir lah. Ramai orang pikiaq dia lagu tuh.

  20. Hahaha, hohoho, hihihihi,

    Rafizi 200% lebih cerdik dari arul kanda, shahril ... 1000% dari tawfik ismail.

    Merepek la hang nih. Tapi terima kasih lah bagi kami ketawa pagi hujung minggu nih.

  21. Solat hajat dan mengharap yang terbaik itu adalah yang dianjurkan. Kita tidak tahu apa yang terbaik untuk kita kerana melibatkan masa hadapan. Kita merancang tapi perancangan Allah swt adalah lebih dominan. Maka bukan sikap orang melayu tidak berterus terang di sebalik maksud solat hajatnya itu. Jika tnb perlu berhutang lagi untuk memastikan edra tidak terlepas kepada entiti asing, bermakna hutang negara akan meningkat. Nak bayar hutang, tnb perlu bayar kos yang akan ditanggung oleh pengguna.

    Melihat pada perspektif lebih luas, urus niaga ini selaras dengan modus operandi najib razak dalam beberapa skim. Kenaikan gaji kakitangan awam, gabungan mas-airasia dan pemansuhan akta hasutan adalah yang paling ketara. Dia buat keputusan, bila dikritik dan jelas keputusannya salah, dia bertindak seolah dialah wira penyelamat. Bloggers pujaan annie yang sama berhujah dengan hujah yang sama dalam kes tabung haji beli tanah trx.

    Sekali lagi dalam perspektif yang lain, najib mencetuskan kacau bilau dengan penubuhan 1mdb. Trx adalah akibat dari 1mdb. Edra juga adalah produk 1mdb. Penjualan edra adalah salah satu rancangan utama rasionalisai 1mdb.

    Seharusnya najib berfikir rasional dengan meletak jawatan selepas segala sentuhan kecundangnya mengheret negara ke tahap sekarang. Begitu juga rockybru, bigdog, abitw dan yang lain2 juga perlu rasional untuk menghentikan tindakan menegakkan benang basah bagi pihak najib.

    1. Jadi, apa yang bagus kita buat, Bang? Kita teruskan menibai mana yang tak betul le, yek?

      Kalo ada orang yg bosan kita asyik ulang aje masa menibai, itu dah nasib dia orang lah, ye tak? Dia orang bole scroll over aje.

      Memang, cara cakap boleh beza, Tapi fakta dan hujah nya sama aje, ye tak?

      Contoh nya, mcm Abang kata - najib mencetuskan kacau bilau dengan penubuhan 1mdb. Trx adalah akibat dari 1mdb.

      Aku plak suka kata mcm CheDet kata - tak caya RM2.6 bilion tu donation, curiga, mungkin itu dari 1MDB. Yang US1.83 bilion tuh apasal tak bawak balik Malaysia.

      Jadi, orang bosan ke tak, kita cakap cara apa pun, bolak balik ke situ juga, tak pe le, ye tak? Kita nakkan sebanyak mana pembaca fikir mcm kita lah. Mcm blogger pro-Najib nakkan pembaca percaya apa diorang kata, betul tak?

  22. Annie,
    Share holders of both seller/suitor are the same people