Thursday 12 November 2015

Our rotten value system

It turned out that

Uncontrolled logging could be cause of Karak mudslide

Again, we were hit by a disaster caused by ourselves.

It's because we were too greedy and failed to care for anything but ourselves.

Preserving the environment doesn't earn us money, so why should we care, right?

Admit it, money is everything to us.

Those who have money will have power and respect.

That's the reality of our value system.

Even the religious people tend to subscribe to that principle.

That's why we got ustaz driving expensive cars.

Even Ferrari.

We may argue otherwise, but deep down inside we all actually regard those with money as the better people among us.

We can;t survive on environment alone.

We can't survive on love alone.

We need money.

That's the all important thing to us in this society.

Money can even buy us love.

Preserving the environment can't.

We are that crude.

We are a society without idealism.

The so called environmentalists in this country are mostly people who have enough money so that they can afford to appreciate what nature has to offer.

They are the cool people.

It's trendy.

But if they don't have money, they will have no time or energy for the environment.

They will need to spend their time and energy to catch up with the rest of the population in the pursuit for money.

Such is the demand for us to have enough money to be appreciated and respected.

If you have money and you care for the environment, then you are cool.

If you don't have money but you care for the environment too much, then you are a nut case.

Oh, and there's the political environmentalists....or should I call them hypocritical environmentalists.

Remember that Hijau guy who contested under DAP ticket?

Why he is so quiet now?

What's the latest with the anti-Lynas campaign?

How many kids in Kuantan have been affected by the radiation so far and turned into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Any Kuantan kids has join the X-men team?

Tired already, is it?

Ok lah, I'll wait for the next general election, for you to make noise again.

Aren't you all depressed reading what I wrote above about our value system?

Well, that's how things are with our profit-driven Malaysian society.

We are only good at talking when it comes to idealism.

End of the day, we are back to worshipping money over everything else.

Today : Darling, I want nothing but to love you with all of my heart.

A few years later: Eh, when are you going to buy me a house arrr? You think can survive with love only ka?

Typical real Malaysian love story.

The same with our environmental story.

Talk only as if so good. Later chop down the forest to make money.

Heck, who cares about saving the forest for our children.

We need the money now.

For us.

It's all about us.

Okay, after reading this venomous posting of mine, please read this one to neutralise it,

Learning from Maruyama


  1. Which " towkeys " have their hands this time , and that's towkeys are never alone .

    1. When the country is led by Mr Cash Is King, what d'ya expect?

      Son of a ....... I cannot say gun - that's Tun A Razak.

      Corruption has permeated all levels of society, where got acceptable value system?

      UMNO really must replace him otherwise UMNO itself becomes utterly corrupt. Money politics of an unprecedented scale. Damn.

    2. Yesterday Mr Cash Is King issued a statement saying he will speak to MACC soon on the RM2.6 billion ‘donation’ scandal.

      Doing so only now when the monies went into his bank accounts in 2013. And after "it has resulted in various allegations and slander,” Himself declaring it so. What the .....

      Now when is "soon"? Another 2 years? And when is the Attorney General calling a meeting to re-activate the Special Task Force on 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion fiasco?

      We want to hear what Bank Negara has to say about the US1.83 billion that 1MDB remitted overseas not in accordance with their approval. Whether the money has been brought back to this country as ordered.

      And the results of the Police "interview" of Xavier Justo in Bangkok.

      All of those, including the Auditor General's Final Report and the PAC conclusions must be completed by the year end.

      Otherwise Cash Is King will further erode the Malaysian value system. With each passing day until the issues are satisfactorily resolved.

      The emphasis must be on the words "satisfactorily resolved".

    3. He has postponed his party elections. If not "satisfactorily resolved", would he postpone the next general elections?

      He would not be able to stand erect, if so.

  2. Hi Annie,

    "kecuali" encore !

    Contoh-contoh diserata dunia banyak seperti Mount Polley Mine dan Primrose oilsands site Alberta Canada, Aral sea catastrophe Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan, Hongjianzhuo lake China etc.

    Contohnya di Brazil,

    China’s Amazonian railway ‘threatens uncontacted tribes’ and the rainforest.

    Chinese premier Li Keqiang is to push controversial plans for a railway through the Amazon rainforest during a visit to South America next week, despite concerns about the possible impact on the environment and on indigenous tribes.

    Currently just a line on a map, the proposed 5,300km route in Brazil and Peru would reduce the transport costs for oil, iron ore, soya beans and other commodities, but cut through some of the world’s most biodiverse forest.

    Financing is likely to come from the China Development Bank, with construction carried out by local firms and the China International Water and Electric Corporation. China’s involvement is partly explained by a desire to reduce freight costs, but it also hopes to create business for domestic steel and engineering firms that have been hit by the slowdown of the Chinese economy.

    For environmentalists, the main areas of concern are the Isconahua Reserve and Vale do Rio Juruá, which is home to one of the most spectacular ranges of flora and fauna on the planet. The route also crosses some of the last large tracts of standing forest in Mato Grosso, Rondônia and Acre, as well as indigenous and protected areas in the Amazon.

    Kesimpulannya, tidak cukup kesan-kesan buruk yang ditinggalkan di negara sendiri dimana China sekarang sedang menghadapi kesukaran dari segi environment/persekitaran yang beracun udaranya, hanya sebab berduit dan berkuasa dimana sahaja ada peluang bagi mengembangkan megaprojects tersebut mereka akan mencari cara dan jalan untuk memperluaskan "empire" mereka. Tapi hairan ya, mengapa tempat yang dipilih itu terkenal dengan negara yang senang disogok-rasuahkan? Dari situ permainan $$$ berjaya membolot apa sahaja seperti kiasan yang terkenal "cash is king" !
    Dan bukan China sahaja, negara jiran seperti Indonesia, ya ampun ! bila mahu bertaubat...

    Demikian, negara kita semestinya lebih menghormati lagi berbelas hati terhadap alam persekitaran, namun demi untuk kaya sekejap sanggup menggadaikan tanah warisan kita terus dijual lelong bagi di-eksploitasi dengan sewenang-wenang !!! dan kemudian bilasaja terjadi kemurkaan alam melanda, khasnya kepada "pemimpin" semua jangan sebok nak melawat sebagai syarat terhadap mangsa-mangsa yang hilang segala harta dunia lagi tidak berdaya itu karena sandiwara keprihatinan demi agenda politik sudah pun lapuk...

    Ferrari + ustaz = ujub, riya' dan ta'azum ! dunia semakin berkiblatkan $$$.

    à plus.

    1. You mean the fatwa-production-house technician with the fast red car?

  3. no honey...

    i am also so sick with people that are most probably diagnosed with dunggu that talks and cares only about monies and monies

    >james bond


  4. Precisely my thoughts, Annie.

    Over-logging on a frighteningly extensive scale.

    It is not only happenning in Pahang but also I believe all over the country.

    And it is happening right here in my homestate of Negeri Sembilan, and in the district of Jelebu to be more precise.

    At the rate they are cutting down the trees and making the hills ugly stretches of bare, red earth, soon there will be nothing left behind of the forest.

    Soon, all the gazetted permanent forest reserves and water-catchment areas will be gone.

    This is a tragedy waiting to happen. What happened to Karak and what happened to Kelantan last year will most probably happen here. And most probably sooner than later.

    Already flash floods have happened in areas which are not known to be flood-proned before.

    And it is all done in the name of development when it is nothing more than just primordial human greed.

  5. Nothing wrong with our profit-driven Malaysian society. So long as the profit is from legitimate businesses.

    But the blasted crooks and coyotes think of profit from corrupt practices, drug deals and what nots. Hang them all or shoot them by firing squads like in China. But the damn thing is that even in China, with corruption given the death penalty, the scourge continues unabated.

    The world is a rotten place to live in now? Let's migrate to mars!

    1. China became terribly corrupt because corruption was rife even 2,000 years ago. Propagated by the eunuchs, ball-less and rod-less male servants of the Emperors' palaces who became the only go-between the Emperor and the people - business people, government officials even.

      Because the Emperors went lazy to go round the country, each trip taking months, on horse backs followed by soldiers and servants on foot, to meet his officials and the public.

      In Malaysia corruption becoming rife less than 60 years after independence. After 2,000 years? Can we last that long even?

      Not unless we change our value system. If that can be changed, that is. Must start with UMNO replacing Najib.

    2. Can't understand why people keep repeating and repeating over and over again? Or bored by people doing so?

      Then don't talk about changing value system. Just grin and bear it. Like Pokdo, Ah Chong and Muthusamy slogging day in and day out in the field come rain or sunshine, physically tiring themselves out and sleep at night. Too tired to even have sex.

      They last long, those folks. In sex? In life lah, you sex maniac thinking so.

  6. Now that you've awakened .....

  7. What the bluudy hell ...... anybody minds my language under the circumstances we are in now? You think Mr Cash Is King and the likes of him would bother if you speak in beautiful language with all the niceties persuading him to resign?

    So long as you don't break the law. And remember that the word stupid is no longer defamatory under certain situations. The High Court has even decided on that some months ago.

    So, what do we do with the drunken Mr Cash Is King? True, corruption has been there decaying our moral values for quite some time. Corruption started since the third human being was created after Adam and Eve. But corruption in its purest form has seeped into our society and exists in so many ways that funds to administer UMNO divisions have appeared to be corruption under Mr Cash Is King's rule. It is corruption especially when the source may be the RM2.6 billion and it's dubious.

    What we do with Mr Cash Is King? Keep on asking UMNO to replace him. Save whatever remains of our moral fibre, man.

    1. Moral fibre? If you think of the strongly knotted ropes used to anchor ships in harbour before the advent of poly fibre ropes and what nots, they were made of hemp fibre and such fibre twisted and intertwined so many times until so strong that a typhoon would not snap them.

      Malaysian moral fibre snaps even before being twisted. Because many leaders are the twisted and twisting kind.

  8. That the Karak landslide is said to be due to uncontrolled logging may need to be established by competent authorities - geologists, climate experts and all.

    Hope to God that they are not corrupt or bribe-able by the logging lobby - is there such a lobby in the country?

    The Government should commission such a study immediately, while the remains of what have been scooped from the highway are still traceable at the dump places and while the paths of the slides along the slopes miles deep into the jungle may still be visible.

    Will the gomen do it? Your guess is as good as mine. Nothing seems to be expectable under Mr Cash Is King.

    No point just guessing like done by the highway operators and of course quickly denied by the forestry department people. None of them are experts in landslides or mudslides or money slides.

  9. Light of the world shine on us,
    Love is the answer.

  10. Aiseyman Cik Annie

    People fighting for the good of the environment are not rich lah...just ask the guys and gals in the field(jungles) doing all the dirty you think they are doing it for money?:)

  11. Thank god the melayu still love their money. It is the only value system that's keeping the taliban group in line. We have still hope that the taliban group will be defeated in Malaysia if we still love our money. Otherwise, I would have migrated also like the rest of melayu.

    1. would have migrated also like the rest of melayu? You talkin' thru your assol?

      No like Taliban eh? We know who you are, DAP Red Beano. You have to deal with PAS Hudud first, ok.

    2. The DAP Cinas like you migrating to mars? Better do so. It's healthier there. No polluted air. Simply no air. You just pass out. Away to eternity. Nice innit?


  12. " Logs are usually nicely cut, but in this case you can still see the roots. The trees might have been uprooted following the mudslide. We have sent our officers to check on the matter before we can make any conclusions"

    -- Pahang Forestry Director, Dato Mohd Paiz on 12th November 2015

    He however acknowledge logging in another area for construction of high voltage pylons route by Tenaga Nasional Berhad from Bentong to Lenggeng. More to come on this?

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  13. A few years later: Eh, when are you going to buy me a house arrr?

    Buying a house is not the problem, Annie. It's the RM24 million diamond ring, the hundreds of million Ringgit apartment in New York etc.

    Down the line, it has reached the level of the Mokcik not knowing what to do with the pair of five feet long and four feet wide chandeliers the corrupt husband bought for the terrace house with 8 feet high ceiling.

    Scolded by the husband who was attracted by the glitter of cut glass he saw at the boss' house.

    And the Ah Soh wanting more and more cash having lost the day's food money at Genting casinos.

  14. I agree with Dear Annie.

    It all boils-down to Money. As they say, cash is King.

    The off-shoot of PAS is also about money. They may claim it's about principal, ideal or trust (amanah), but all these are just to pull wool over our eyes. When it involves politics, its about 'power' which finally leads to Money. If that was not the case, those rejected during the last PAS' Muktamar would have sunk into oblivion.

    "Corruption has permeated all levels of society, where got acceptable value system? " as about commentator said.

    Guess who is the 'father-of-corruption'? Yes that liwat-guy who first impregnated UMNO, from the rear. That was why, someone called him ' Rear Admiral'. And yet those Pakatoons want to hoist him as the future PM.

    "No Money, No Religion".

    That's the famous catch-phrase from OutSyed The Box.

    The Singapore's City Harvest megachurch scandal and that Ferrari guy, was the manifestation to "No Money, No Religion".
    The CHC in Subang-Jaya was also implicated in Singapore's Court proceeding, but politically weak Malaysian government seems to turn a blind-eye, maybe due to the up-coming Sarawak election.

  15. Who cares. So long as my family is ok. All three children in Australia. Rumah 4. Cukup wang sampai kiamat. Oh by the way, leaving for two weeks to Melbourne. Ah when you have money.

  16. Dlm kereta tu badut ugama...mengunakan/jual ugama untuk kepenting dan kesenangan diri...