Wednesday 11 November 2015

Be safe (updated)


It's now 9.30am as I'm writing this.

The Karak Highway is still mostly closed and works still ongoing to clear the landslide.

I was made to understand that the people of highway concessionaire Anih Bhd are doing their best to hasten work at the site.

The authorities are also doing their part.

Good job guys.

My salute also to the journalists who are at the moment struggling to get to the location of the landslide.

I know that it's difficult and risky to get to a location of a disaster like that.

Contrary to what were said about them by some quarters, most of our journalists are quite dedicated to their work and brave.

Hope that they take care of themselves and always be safe.


There are many other things I think we should be worried about now rather than just politics.

The rainy season is back.

Last year around this time there was that massive flood which caused so much damage.

I was in the thick of things at that time.

I remember PM DS Najib Razak and his then deputy TS Muhyiddin Yassin trying their best to visit the flood victims.

Even the elderly Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad tried his best to visit flood relief centers.

Everyone were united in the relief efforts.

Well, hopefully such a terrible flood is not happening again this time.

Even if it happens again, my prayer is that the authorities are more prepared this time.

Some areas in the north have already been hit by flood but on a rather small scale.

This evening there's a landslide at the Karak Highway near Bukit Tinggi due to heavy rain

It cuts off the main land route to the East Coast at least until 10am tomorrow.

For now there were rumours about vehicles being caught in the landslide.

Hopefully it's not true.

I never like that stretch of the highway, especially at night.

It's very dark, very steep and there are many tricky corners.

Very hazardous especially when there are many slow moving and ill-lit trailers on that stretch.

I hope the highway authorities can improve safety there.

As for the coming weeks, Malaysians, especially those living in low laying riverine areas should be prepared for any eventuality.

Those traveling in the rain should also be extra cautious.

Take care folks.


  1. Yes, we ought to be worried about hujan kemarin .....

    1. Hujan kelmarin dah lepas. Tak usah risaukan lagi, ha nya ingatkan petua dari nya.

  2. Help me, save me
    For to morrow may be my turn to help you ...

    - cry of anguish in a natural disaster

    1. The Lord works in mysterious ways - kuasa Tuhan tu jarang sekali kita nampak yang sombong bongkak pedulikan yang susah kena malapetaka.

      Depa yang betul betul susah, nak mintak tolong pun tak reti. Yang politikus satu mcm plak. Asyik mengeksploitasi keadaan, sinsing lengan sinsing betis..

      Tapi tiap manusia ada perit maung nya. Tak gitu Tuhan tak adil. Mana boleh Tuhan tak adil. Susah manusia berlainan. Tuhan saja yang tau betapa perit nya.

  3. In the case of floods, it's a huge mass of water that descends in an endless deluge down to earth.

    In the case of landslides, it's a huge mass of earth, plus water, that descend to the lower level of earth.

    Nothing that mankind on earth can do to prevent or stop.

    But we must help where we can. The least we should do is pray for those who may be trapped and those who are rescuing them ... Ya Allah, selamatkan mereka yang berkenaan.

    1. There was the story of a young Assistant District Officer who braved the rising waters and rode sampans to help the folks during serious floods in Kuala Kangsar. He caught the attention of Tun A Razak.

      The guy was promoted fast, soon became the boss of a Government agency. Wonder if there have been many like that since then. Tun Razak's son would have given them a million or two each.

      Thanks, I mean. Don' be naughty thinking it's Ringgit from the RM2.6 billion - no talk politics this post, okay.

  4. In calamity there is unity - PM DS Najib Razak and his then deputy TS Muhyiddin Yassin trying their best to visit the flood victims.

    But we must not wait for calamities to be united.

    Saying more would be talking politics. Which we should not for this post. Out of respect for those who suffer from floods and land slides during this rainy season.

  5. The authorities should be more prepared this time or any time in the future. The records of past big floods must be there for those holding the relevant positions to use.

    No such things as don't know what to do or not sure this or that. There must be Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in the files that can be followed the moment floods reach significant proportions.

    1. Those SOPs of every department should be compiled in a book with hard cover. Kept on the shelf of every office, in the room of every officer in charge of rescue operations in that department.

      Containing lists of emergency food and equipment suppliers. Minus those who were known to be profiteering from past hard luck times.

      Blacklist the kind like the Vietnamese shopkeepers who stayed till the last minute before getting on boats running away just before the communists reached Saigon. The bastards demanded payment in gold for rice etc.

      That's why there were news reports of those Vietnamese refugees coming to Malaysia bringing a lot of gold in the latter part of the refugee arrivals.

    2. We ought to be thankful to Allah SWT. No volcanoes and earthquakes in Malaysia. Otherwise the SOP Book would be much thicker.

  6. The question of funds - there must be funds budgeted or allotted for relief efforts in every front-line government department involved in relief efforts.

    Or contingency funds that the boss can use for the purpose.

    Kalo tarak, the local goverment agencies like the District Office can just sewa the boats and sampans, buy the food and essential items, keep the receipts and claim. Certified by the District Officer. Takkan Federal gomen tatak bayar genuine relief efforts expenditure claims.

    Only jangan tipu. Tarak ma'af bagi sesiapa mau tipu during malapetaka. Kasi dia malapetaka yg besar kalo buat gitu.

  7. The expedition is organised by Israq Adventure Sdn Bhd with the cooperation of GMM, Fast Bikes Sdn Bhd, Malaysia Airlines, and 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

    no wonder Rocky Bru suka jilat bontot Najib. 1MDB sponsor all his programs. lmao

  8. No deaths. Only Residents of Pahang State Forestry Department quarters affected - rescued. Also a few others.

  9. When you said "most of our journalists are quite dedicated to their work and brave", you using the word "quite" in the traditional English sense, which means "a lot"? Good if so.

    Anyway, let's hope that they take care of themselves and always be safe.

    Every job has its "occupational hazard". Some "jobbers" have to keep their silence until don't know when.

  10. Waaaa. yang ni tak bole tunggu - breaking news, sori, nak kena masuk juga:

    DS Najib to speak to MACC soon on RM2.6b ‘donation’ scandal

    “It is my intention to fully cooperate in the investigation into this case considering that it has resulted in various allegations and slander,” he said in a statement issued to day.

    He said he will testify so that the probe could be completed as soon as possible. But did not give a specific date for doing so.