Monday 2 November 2015

Race-based, a Malaysian reality

According to Helen Ang,

DAP Malays need to get their eyes checked

following the outcome of the party's Selangor election where none of the three Malay candidates got anywhere near being elected into the executive council line up.

I think it's not just the Malays in DAP who needed to see clearly what DAP really is as a party.

I think all Malaysians, including even the DAP's Chinese party members needed to realise the reality, or rather, the hypocrisy of it all.

Malaysian politics have always been race-based all these while and it will remain so for the rest of at least our life time.

To think otherwise is actually lying to ourselves.

All that talks about DAP being a multi-racial party were mere hogwash, okay.

The same with other political parties which made similar claims.

But I don't blame the Selangor DAP delegates who are mostly Chinese for choosing those among themselves as their leaders.

We vote those whom we are comfortable with.

In this case, the Chinese are more comfortable being led by fellow Chinese who share a lot in common between themselves.

Malays, Indians, and others would do the same if they were given an option between someone of their own race and others who have the same abilities and credentials.

Most of the time we only choose the other if the person is either exceptionally much better or the person represents an entity which will further the interests of our own race.

That's the fact of life in this country.

Anyway, all these remind me of a class election back then when I was studying A Level at a private college in Petaling Jaya.

I was the only "Malay" in my class, while the rest of my classmates were Chinese and Indians.

Despite that, I was considered as being quite popular among my friends.

I was a rather good student, eloquent, knowledgeable, funny and some even said quite cute.

Those closest to me among my classmates persuaded me to contest for the class president post.

On election day, I actually got only four votes.

That's less than the number of my friends who persuaded me to contest.

It was embarrassing.

The one who got elected was a Chinese boy.

The majority of my classmates of about 30 were Chinese. There were about four or five Indians.

Nonetheless, I accepted the whole thing as it was.

My classmates voted the person whom they are most comfortable to lead them.

The Chinese guy who got elected probably have better knowledge of what the majority of my classmates needed as he was of the same background as them.

So, I'm fine with that.

I just wished I had more votes, though.

It was not so nice for those of my friends who persuaded me to contest but later on didn't vote for me.

Anyway, despite that, I continued to be their friend until after college.

It was just a stupid college nonsense after all.


  1. Race-based will continue so long as there is DAP. Never mind the mostly Chinese membership - UMNO is all Malays, MCA Chinese and MIC Indians - but it's the thinking, mentality and attitude of the DAP Chinese.

    They certainly are a different breed of Chinese, very different from other Chinese. For one, they never said thank you to the Malays for having agreed to citizenship right for the non-Malays at Merdeka.The MCA and MIC Presidents did say thank you in Parliament in 1968.

    That's why they are called ungrateful ingrates - a double whammy.

  2. Instead of thanking the Malays for the citizenship right the Malays agreed to for the non-Malays at Merdeka, the DAP Chinese questioned the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak that was enshrined in the Constitution as its a quid pro quo.

    They flogged the slogan "Malaysian Malaysia" concocted and left behind by the Maha Racist and Maha Chauvinist Lee Kuan Yew when Singapore was in Malaysia 1963-65. Wanting equality without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

    This and the biadap and kurang ajar behaviour of the DAP members and supporters caused the race riots of 1969. Google "13 May 1969: A Tragedy, National Operations Council, October 1969" and you'll get the gory details.

    This DAP mentality, attitude and behaviour will make Malaysia race-based to eternity.

  3. DAP will never accept the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.That which the British Colonial Secretary said during the debates on the Malaya Independence Bill in the British Parliament "was there since day one".

    When the British came to Malaya and wanted to set up a "trading post" in Penang, they went to see the Sultan of Kedah. When they interfered in the affairs of this country and started colonizing Malaya after the Pangkor Treaty of 1874, they dealt with the Malay Rulers and the Malay nobility.

    The Special Position of the Malays was enshrined in the Constitution drafted by them for independent Malaya. That Special Position was extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak upon the formation of Malaysia.

    The DAP not accepting that did so at their own peril. The race riots of 1969 led to the New Economic Policy which produces so many Malays having higher education and able to whack the DAP prim and proper every time they go out of line.

    Still, the DAP will not change and race-based Malaysia it will continue to be.

    1. Those who don't believe that the British said the Special Position of the Malays "was there since day one" during the debate on the Malaya Independence Bill, google Hansard, the record of British Parliamentary debates.

    2. No everyone says special privileges

  4. Not only DAP Malays need to get their eyes checked, they need to gorge them out, wash them a few thousand times, put them back in reverse positions so that they can see inwards and know how stupid they are.

  5. the hypocrisy of it all? No hypocrisy. You get what you see - DAP Chinese, crude, often rude, ultra kiasu - wanting to win always. Mana boleh?

  6. You forgot to say; (if could put the words into your mouth, that is)
    'Among the major races in Malaysia, only he Malays seem to be very tolerant, though'.

    As the majority they allowed other races to have their own places of worship, social/business/language association and schools. etc. Racist NGOs such as Dong Zong (established 1955), Hindraf (establised 2008) and Perkasa (established 2009) was even allowed.

    Remarks: Note, which is the oldest racist.

    UMNO even gave their sure-win Malay majority constituent to MCA and MIC candidates to contest in GE.


    1. The China diplomat say recently when asked by reporters , at MCA (AGM), that Chinese in Malaysia are just like daughter married to a foreigner living in foreign land , where the links and concern still remain

      I am sure they like to remained that way . .

    2. Nonsense and bloody crooked for the ultra kiasu Chinese Ambassador to say that.

      What does he mean? He wants to protect the Malaysian Chinese? Doesn't he know that the Chinese hare are already Malaysian? Fcuk him.

      So-called diplomat saying such things implies he wants to interfere in the affairs of this country. That will not be tolerable as it's not consistent with his diplomatic status. He should be called by Wisma Putra again to explain what he means. Like already done before when he went to Petaling Street.

      Damn bastak of a bugger. He's behaving like Lim Guan Eng who talks without thinking. Or thinks and purposely wants to hasut and subvert.

      Ultra Kiasu Cinapek Chinese Ambassador, GO HOME. This is what the Thais and Vietnamese said to the Americans on placards etc demonstrating during the Vietnam War.

    3. I urge the Police to watch the Chinese Ambassador and his relevant staff and monitor their activities closely. They may be subverting the Malaysian Chinese and making it more difficult for us to achieve national unity.

      They may have diplomatic immunity but keep their records in file for use as and when necessary. If the Ambassador keeps doing the subverting of our nationals, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should declare him persona non grata and throw him out of the country.

      Never mind if they do the same to reciprocate. Our loss will not be as great as getting rid of the bloody Chinese Ambassador bugger.

    4. Malaysia needs to take tough measures against subversion especially by a Chinese Ambassador.

      China already creating havoc in the East and the South China Seas. Against Japan which had long claimed an island there and bloody China building islands near to those claimed by the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc.

      Good the US have sent their naval and air craft to patrol the area. And have announced an increase in frequency of such patrols.

      China is not a Super Power - their Ambassador to US said so himself on CNN earlier in the year. They don't have aircraft carriers and only one was being tested months ago, then quiet, maybe best with technological problems. Hopefully their carriers will cause explosions on board every time they sail.

      And Japan has been increasing their defence expenditure and decided they can participate in overseas offensive missions - no longer just self defence within their territorial waters and air space like limited by their Constitution before.

    5. I'm Malay and I'm on the side of China, exerting its muscle in the South China Seas.

      If you care to use your head, all countries in the far-east that had disputes with China are staunch US allies. Many with US military and naval bases on their land. And China dare to 'ruffle their feathers' with Russia giving the nod of encouragement.

      Through history, China had never meddled in other countries, except during the Malaysian emergency. Unlike the US and the west which are ex-colonist. The US funded the opposition everywhere in the world in the name of democracy but turned a blind eye on Saudi Arabia. Why?
      Saudi even chopped-off people's head in public, and the west said nothing about democracy.

      What happen in Ukraine was also due to the instigation of the west, especially the Americans. The foreign(US) funded opposition, overthrow the legitimate government of Ukraine, through street demonstration. Its President fled to Russia. Mind you, the population of Ukraine is about 50-50; Orthodox Christian aligned with Russia (mainly on the East), versus the Catholic, aligned with the west and US.

      Malaysia had also occupied the Spartlys' Pulau Layang-Layang. Why do you think the PLA had not harassed or showed hostility towards our PASKAL boys guarding our exclusive tourist attraction there.
      You know why?
      Because were non-aligned nation or NAM, but maybe not anymore after we sign the TPPA.

      Do you know that, Dr.M had instructed the Navy to set-up camp on Layang-Layang reef, just 2 month after becoming PM, in 1986? He even spend a night there, soon after a shed was erected.

      About the envoy comments: I think his remarks was justified. At least he went to Petaling Street with a MCA guy who is Buddhist. I don;t think Mainland China is very fond of the Evangelist DAP. China is having the same Evangelist problem of their own, in HK, Taiwan and some part of the mainland too. Google Helen Ang's if you want to know more.

      Just because you hate the DAP Chinese, please do not treat all Chinese are the same. You know why older generation Chinese are with the MCA?
      It's because, they are worried too, that the DAP have been evangelizing their young, away from Buddhism. Just like in Hong Kong and Taiwan where the older generations are more aligned to the Mainland.

  7. Annie,
    Saya amat bersetuju dengan anda bahawa negara malaysia ini tak dapat lari dari isu parti politik yang berorentasikan kaum , memang ia akan kekal dalam masa yang lama , pun begitu sebagai orang melayu apa yang kamu boleh harapkan daripada parti parti melayu ini untuk membela nasib bangsa melayu ini , PAS dengan barisan pemimpin yang ada sekarang adakah kamu yakin mereka ini ada kemahiran untuk membawa malaysia kearah yang lebih maju dan terbaik , tak payah cakap pasal masuk surga ini hal iman setiap individu muslim tiada ada kena mengena dengan parti politik dunia macam PAS , PKR ini lebih tidak lebih sebagai pembantu DAP.

    Sekarang UMNO dulu ia saya memang menaruh harapan walaupun ada cakap cakap yang pemimpin amal kroni dan korup saya pekakan telinga tapi sejak RM 2.6 billion masuk akaun Najib disah oleh beliau dan SPRM dan sehingga sekarang tiada jawapan yang munasabah diberi cuma jawapan tipu kiri kanan hati dah tawar ditambah pula menteri -menteri dan ketua bahagian yang iman pada kedudukan dan jawatan menonjol diri mempertahankan penyelewengan najib serta dengan isu hendak menjatuh TS muhyidin kerana nak rebut kedudukan sangat jelas sekarang pemimpin umno tiada masa untuk memikir hal rakyat terutama melayu dan rakyat ,DAP sudah dikenali dari dulu mereka ada lah parti chauvanis cina tak kira lah bagaimana mereka nak mewarnakan parti tersebut untuk bertukar warna mereka bagi mempengaruhi orang melayu saya rasa majoriti melayu sukar nak ditukarkan minda mereka mengatakan parti ini untuk semua kaum kecuali ada perubahan besar dibuat dalam kepimpinan utama DAP serta perubahan dalam perjuangan meraka sejak dulu dan dapat dibuktikan dengan jelas dan ada kejujuran mungkin akan merubah persepsi orang melayu terutama golongan muda.

    Najib pula dengan tindakan cash is king dan telah menabur wang dengan banyaknya untuk mendapat sokongan gila babi dari blogger blogger geng rocky bru dan blogger10 terbaik pro Najib , pemimpin pemimpin umno yang tiada maruah dan bacul serta orang orang yang ada kuasa yang sewaktu dengan nya telah membuat rakyat bertambah meluat , tolong la walau pun serangan keatas nampak macam reda tapi diminda rakyat imej korup najib akan kekal sehingga PRU 14 , Annie saya berharap kamu tidak lah termasuk didalam geng geng blogger pemakan dedak najib ,kalau kamu pun termasuk maka nilai diri sama la dengan 10 sen , saya tidak menuduh cuma harap kamu bukan la seperti mereka.Jadi kesimpulanya memang parti yang berteraskan kaum akan kekal buat masa ini tapi bagi orang melayu dengan keadaan parti melayu yang ada sekarang yang tiada kualiti jelas menjadi dilema untuk mereka.

    1. Blogger pun nak cari-makan kerana ada perut. Ada yang nak isi perut anak-bini. Bila ada orang offer untuk bayar beribu ringgit sebulan, takkan nak tolak. Kalau mak-bapak bukan-billionaire, bodohla kalau tolak.

      Demi menjilat Najib, selagi blogger top-10 tidak mereka-reka cerita buruk atau memfitnah sesama UMNO, Dr.M dan orang lain, saya kira habuan yang mereka terima adalah 'justified'. Tuan mereka bersalah atau tidak, belakang kira. Lebih-kurang sama seperti kita berkerja di kilang arak.

      Yang paling saya hairan, RPK yang pernah menuduh Rosmah berada di tempat pembunuhan Altantuya, hari adalah seorang penjilat Najib yang paling berkaliber. Beliau seolah-olah tahu apa yang berlaku di hampir semua Kementerian Kerajaan. Baru-baru ini, RPK tanya SPRM, samada benar seorang berpangkat Dato telah main dengan bini orang yang juga kaki-tangan SPRM, dalam pejabat beliau.
      Mungkin RPK mahu menebus dosa beliau terhadap Najib dan Rosmah.

    2. "..UMNO dulu ia saya memang menaruh harapan walaupun ada cakap cakap yang pemimpin amal kroni dan korup saya pekakan telinga tapi sejak RM 2.6 billion masuk akaun Najib .."

      Tolong jangan salahkan UMNO. Salahkan Najib. Itu pasal ramai yang mintak UMNO gantikan Najib.

      Belom dapat. Pun tolong jangan marahkan UMNO. Ada ramai yang dah bersuara. Tapi Najib main kasar. Ada "hidden hands", kata Timbalan Pengarah Cawanagn Khas Polis.

      Masih di cuba utk dapatkan Najib di ganti.

    3. Aku fikir Annie tak termasuk dlm kumpulan yang makan duit jadi blogger upahan. Dia anggap Rocky sebagai Ketua blogger, sebab dia tubuhkan satu pertubuhan blogger dulu.

      Aku tak tau le si Rocky, alih alih kuat sokong Najib. Tapi aku caya Annie kata dia nak kontek PMO pun dah susah, ada yang tak jawab. Kalau dia makan duit, tentu tak camtu.

    4. Aku rasa orang melayu tak perlu dilema. UMNO nyata masih kuat dan popular - 88 kerusi di PRU13, beb. Cuma Presiden nya aje perlu di tukar. Lain dari itu, senang nak pilih UMNO.

      Tapi parti Melayu lain memang bikin melayu dilema nak pilih. PKR boss nya dah masuk jel 5 tahun. Dia masuk aje, DAP dah tak pedulikan PKR. Guan Eng tendang PAS tak runding Jijah pun. Istiharkan Pakatan dah mati pun tak runding dgn PKR.

      PKR plak gaduh antara puak. Jijah main ikut kehendak DAP tak mahukan PAS. Azmin Ali nakkan PAS, kalo tak merudum le gomen Selangor dia. PAN tak tau mcm mana dgn PAS. PAS plak dah kena ludah berkali kali dek DAP, masih ada yg kata masih dlm Pakatan entah apa.

      Jadi, memang pening le, dilema le Melayu kalo nak pilih parti lain dari UMNO.

  8. Clear proof that DAP is crude, rude biadap and kurang ajar - Tony Pua and others been thrown out of Parliament. The Cina Bukit Lim Kit Siang was only recently thrown out and banned from Parliamentary sittings for 6 months.

    Lim Guan Eng was told biadap and kurang ajar by no less than DAP Vice Chairman Tengku Aziz as he stormed out of the party 1-2 years ago.

    So, how for things to change other than race-based with that kind of blokes?

  9. Well, this is how we are being brought up in Malaysia. If you visit any companies here, either foreign or local and you can see it is still race base. If the companies are headed a Chinese and you can see most of the managers/Department head are Chinese...if headed by an Indian, most of the managers/department head are Indian and if Malay, then most of the managers/department head are Malay. So you cant run away from this in Malaysia. If you want to change then rules must be set.

    1. They use the excuse of needing Chinese language qualification. Well, not all need those. Only for business with China. But even in China, they have been learning English like crazy. It's an international language, whereas Mandarin is not.

      That's why in Malaysia there should be single stream education. In line with the Constitution Article 152 on BM. Merge the vernacular schools with the National Schools, direct them to use BM as medium of instruction, the same syllabus as the SK. Mandarin and Tamil can be taught as subjects of choice.

    2. why more and more malsys send their child to chinese school. even strong umno members like RD and others to chinese, internatoonal, englsnder school? 1pm send his son to chinese sch in peking.


  10. Are you really a Malay(?) adinda Ms Annie
    as defined below in Article 160(2) of the Constitution of Malaysia:

    ' "Malay" means a person who professes the religion of Islam,
    habitually speaks the Malay language
    (and) conforms to Malay custom ..'

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Mebbe Haji got cheesed off by Annie offering music with a photo showing a pig in the previous post.

      Hahaha, sori, one-upmanship against you, Haji. Ada chance le aku gamak nya, hehe.

      Have a nice day everybody.

    2. Then deo Singh must also be a chinese. Otherwise why he get the highest votes?

  11. Melayu dalam DAP. Ramai yang mungkin beranggapan kaum Melayu hanya sebagai `perhiasan' dan mainan politik parti berasaskan Cina itu untuk menarik perhatian kaum majoriti. Sesuatu yang tidak boleh dipandang remeh terutama pada peredaran zaman menyaksikan masyarakat Melayu terutama di kalangan profesional, berpendidikan, golongan muda semakin ramai yang berfikiran liberal dan lebih bersikap terbuka dalam menentukan idealisme dan hala tuju politik mereka. DAP telah menarik beberapa ikon dalam bidang sastera, artis, anak-anak muda profesional untuk sama-sama bergelumang dengan parti itu dalam kancah politik negara yang lebih terbuka dan padang permainan yang pada anggapan Melayu DAP ini sudah menjadi sama rata, walaupun hakikatnya bangsa Melayu itu masih ketinggalan jauh ke belakang. Dengan strategi tersirat yang jangkapanjang sifatnya, Melayu DAP ditampilkan sebagai 'perhiasan' untuk menyatakan DAP parti pelbagai kaum. Perlu diingat kepemimpinan muda DAP adalah strategist yang latar belakang pendidikan mereka lahir daripada universiti dan kolej tersohor termasuk US dan Singapura yang matlamat jangka panjangnya begitu jelas. Sejarah bagaimana DAP terbentuk daripada serpihan PAP pada 1966 selepas pemisahan Singapura daripada Malaysia pada 1965 perlulah dikaji dan diteliti secara mendalam. Daripada perjalanan sejarah itu, kita boleh melihat di mana kedudukan orang Melayu di Singapura dan bagaimanakah kedudukan orang Melayu di Malaysia ketika ini. Siapakah yang menjadi dominan dalam sejarah selepas pemisahan itu. Apakah yang boleh dijangka berlaku untuk 10 atau 20 tahun mendatang.

    1. Bang, aku fikir tak sesuai le nak bandingkan dgn Spore. Depa pulau kecik aje, perintah cara kuku besi, Big Brother always on the Wall, lihat dan dengor apa rakyat dia kata & buat, silap silap yang dlm bilik malam malam pun.

      Dah lah kuku besi, LKY plak saman Pembangkang depa, sampai bankrap, hilang kerusi Parlimen, satu masa dulu ada 2 MP Pembangkang aje, PAP amat popular kata LKY bedebah.

      Aku plak tak boleh teringat si bodoh Tengku A Rahman kasi aje Singapore FOC kpd LKY. Meradang LKY buat kangjor, TAR pigi London, balek, umumkan nak "tendang" Singapore keluar Malaysia konon di tahun 1965. Pada hal, boleh sumbat dia dlm lokap ke house arrest ke, umumkan perintah dharurat, tadbir melalui Pengarah Operasi, macam di buat kpd Kelantan bila politikus Kelantan buat hal kemudian nya.

      Pastu kita merengkut sampai sekarang bila lihat Spore dah terbang, di kasi dek TAR degan percuma, Bang. Aku nakkan jangan sesiapa buat gitu lagi. Tada ma'af bagi mu. Sampai dlm sejarah.

    2. Tapi aku setuju kaji keadaan, umpama nya, sejak DAP di tubuhkan. Atau sejak pergaduhan kaum yang DAP cetuskan di 13 Mei 1969. Terutama nya kesan DEB yang timbul dari nya. Yang aku risau Mr Cash Is King coba senyapkan.

      Memang le perlu buat kajian yang professional yang mendalam dan teratur. Tapi sabelim tu aku nak kasi sikit pendapat.

      Yang nyata Melayu ha nya 5% di kalangan professional di tahun 1970, orang kata nak cari doktor Melayu di hospital pun jarang nampak. Tapi sekarang dah penuh doktor Melayu di spital, yang PhD pun dah gitu ramai, mengajar di universiti, kerja dgn gomen, di GLG, mau pun di prebet sektor.

      Ramai pulak yang dah boleh ngentam DAP, bukan saja Red Bean, tapi yang pandai sikit coba menghasut atau subversif kpd hak dan kepentingan Melayu. Dulu sabelom 13 Mei, orang kita pada umum nya sengeh aje.

      Kekayaan korporat pun dah ada 24% di masa akhir di kira zaman Tun Dr Mahathir dulu. Hilang sikit di masa Asian Financial Crisis, tak tau berapa sekarang, sebab Mr Cash Is King tak ada kira. Dia dah dapat RM2.6 bilion, mana ada masa nak kira.

      Tapi pahal pun, Melayu nakkan lebeh, terutama dlm bidang bidang lain ekonomi negara.

      Strateji politik vs DAP? Nanti aku komen satu lagi.

    3. Mungkin DAP ada strategist yang pendidikan universiti tersohor termasuk US dan Singapura. Aku tau yang Tony Puaka tuh lulus Okspod.

      Tapi Bang, Khairi Jamaluddin pun lulus Okspod juga. Ada ramai lain orang UMNO yang lulus unibasiti yg baik baik. Tapi malang nya, amat korapsi. Ini masalah nya, Bang. Bukan lulus berdentam dentum.

      Ingat, Khairi berleluasa di Tingkat 4 zaman Tun Dol. Hah, mcm mcm korapsi. Tapi kedarah nya Lembaga Disiplin UMNO dapati dia bersalah tapi tak halang dia pegang jawatan mcm Isa Samad dll. Jadi, tau ke camna dia menang jadi Ketua Pemuda? Tak payah cakap le kita, Bang.

      Maka sekarang Mr Cash Is King ada RM2.6 bilion plak, Nak bincang duit dari mana, rasuah ke apa pun tak guna, tau saja le, Bang.

      Camna kita nak buat? Aku fikir selagi Mr Cash Is King pegang kuasa, tak akan berubah, buat kajian dek pakar dan keluar syor camna pun. Itu pasal aku fikir Mr Cash Is King perlu di gantikan. Dgn pemimpin yang tak gitu, yang tegas, tak asyik membongkok ke belakang nak menuhkan kehendak DAP, spt buang ISA, senyapkan DEB dsb nya.

    4. Jangan diremehkan negara kerdil ini yang dibangun tanpa sumber kekayaan asli dan hasil bumi. Sekadar menggunakan kekuatan intelektual disokong dengan kesungguhan, integriti, disiplin yang timggi, Spore muncul sebagai negara kaya dengan sumber tunai yang begitu besar. Menggunakan kekuatan intelektual, sumber tunai yang kukuh, ekonomi dan sistem kewangan yang ampuh apa yang boleh dibuat negara kerdil yang sesetngahnya memanggil sebagai red dot. Dengan wang dan kekuatan ekonomi mereka boleh beli tanah, menguasai saham syarikat dan organisasi strategik, Malah dengan wang dan kekayaan boleh beli kedaulatan, beli maruah dan jiwa terutama di kalangan mereka yang terlalu lemah banyak kekurangan dan sentiasa mendambakan bantuan. Belajar dari sejarah dan pengalaman, bagaimana Pulau Batu Putih boleh terlepas kepada negara kerdil ini. Berurusan dengan negara yang pintar dan licik seperti ini sebenarnya lagi mencabar sebab mereka kuat dari segi undang2, tahu susur galur sejarah dan bagaimana menggunakan bahan bahan sejarah warisan untuk perkukuh jati diri dan kedudukan sebagai sebuah negara bangsa yang berupaya mendominasi rantau ini.


  12. re , We vote ,whom we are comfortable with .

    Yaa lor , Bulayu cakap Bulayu ,Cina cakap Cina ,mana bolih paham maa aa ,apa macam mau campor lor rr .

    Malaysian Malaysia maa aa ,memang itu macam lea aa , sekolah lain-lain ,cekap lainlain ,apa macam mau campor lor rr .

    1. As Susan Lankcaster said in the movie Mekanik, 'orang putih ke, orang hitam ke, orang coklat ke, kita semua rakyat Malaysia' (or something to that effect). I sincerely hope that one day all of us will look beyond the color of our skin, the shape of our eyes and the language of our mother tongue. I don't expect to see this in my life time

      Prof Kangkung

  13. Through all that fire and rain may friendships continue to foster love ....

  14. Will the fucking Melayus above just chill....
    Yes we know you hate the Chinese. (because you can never be like us)
    We hate you back, ok?

    1. The Malays don't hate the Chinese. If any, only the DAP Chinese. And those thinking and behaving like DAP Chinese.

      No, they don't hate DAP Chinese and their kind because they can never be like you. It's because the DAP Chinese and their kind do not accept, do not respect and live by the Constitution of the country.

      The Constitution is the highest set of laws of this country. Or of any country. All other laws are made based on the Constitution.

      Any democratic country has a Constitution. Without a Constitution, people will live by the laws of the jungle.

      Those countries under military rule do not have a Constitution. People simply have to follow what the military rulers say. They rule by decrees, no Parliament, no debates and such things.

      You would not like to live under military rule, would you? Like during nearly 2 years after 13 May 1969 race riots. When curfew was on, they shot dead those who broke the curfew, going out at night, etc.

      Read about it or ask old people who were around in Kuala Lumpur at that time.

    2. It's not right for you to hate them back. Because those who may dislike, don't do so against all Chinese. Only against DAP Chinese.

      If you are DAP member or supporter, you need to think hard why they dislike you. Human beings don't dislike anything for nothing. There must be some reasons why they do so against you.

      But I guarantee you that if you accept, respect and live by the Constitution of the country fully and try to obey all the laws of this country, people will like you.

    3. Why polisi not action against Dap who did not live by the Constitution? They should be charged under Isa. Why umno allow registrar of society to register dap who did not live by Constitution?

  15. Gee, I fucking HATE Melayu.

    1. In order to not hate or be hated, you need to accept, respect and live by the Constitution of the country.

      In order to do that, you need to understand the Constitution well. Go to those who understand it well and ask them to explain it to you. Make sure you ask people who don't have hate. Who can give neutral explanations.

      For example, the purpose, the objective and intention of having the Constitution. Why and how they made the Constitution.

      And what freedom means. The limits of freedom. People may be free to do what they like, but cannot do what is not good for others.

      People cannot simply say what they like, as and when they like. Because it may offend others, cause bad feelings. That's why there is the Sedition Act. That is an example of a law that came from the Constitution.

    2. sedition act is made by british in 1948. why not pm or anwar use sedition act and not sue if people made bad feelings about them

  16. 2340/2341 (tongsan yg sama)..sape yg nak jadi macam ngko??!!.. mandi pagi pun setahun sekali.. simpan bangang ngko tu!!

    1. Kalau dia tak selalu mandi pagi, kita tak boleh benci atau tak suka dia. Sebab itu hak dia. Melainkan dia berbau busuk dan lalu di tepi kita.

      Mungkin boleh terima hal dia tak selalu mandi pagi sebab ada ciri ciri tabi'at orang Mongol dalam darah daging dia.

      Memang, Professor Sejarah pun ada tulis bahawa orang Mongol dalam sejarah tidak pernah mandi sejak di lahir hingga mati. Professor C.P Fitzgerald tulis begitu dalam buku nya berkenaan sejarah negeri China.

      Mereka yang di utara China berasal dari kaum Mongol. Tambahan pula, orang orang Mongol telah menyerang, menaklok dan merintah China selama 80 tahun di abad 13.

      Demikian lama, demikian ramai yang kawin dengan orang tempatan, tentera Mongol di galakkan kahwin dengan mereka. Maka dalam peroses hampir seribu tahun, dan hal bahawa mereka berasal dari "the Mogolian steppes", darah Mongol itu semangkin ketara dalam darah daging dia.

      Tidak boleh marah atau tak suka, tapi perlu di fahami.

    2. Berikut ini ia lah komen mengandungi petikan dari penulisan Professor C.P Fitzgerald juga, yang keluar di blog di sana sini.

      Tujuan nya ia lah supaya mereka DAP dan yang sama pemikiran dengan nya sedarkan latar belakang mereka dan akan coba jangan benci membenci dan coba menyesuaikan diri di negara ini. Menyesuaikan dengan cara menerima, menghormati dan mematuhi Perlembagaan negara ini -

      You people keep making fun of the Malays, mamaks, etc, what about you Chinese? What's the equivalent to call you all also having mixed blood? Now, now, don't say you people are pure Chinese.

      Here is what Professor C.P. Fitzgerald says in his book, "A Short Cultural History of China" (600+ pages) - he lived in China for 5 years to research and gather material for that book:

      The phrase "origin of the Chinese people" is in itself misleading.

      1. Chinese culture took root in the plains of Manchuria, a foreign country until after World War II

      2. The northern provinces “have always to some degree been mixed with peoples from the Mongolian steppes". (Hence they are also referred to as the Mongoloid race).

      3. The southern and central provinces of China were, before the northerners moved southwards, "covered" by non-Chinese, the Miao, small in size and who the Chinese were contemptuous of.

      4. The south was occupied by "aboriginal tribes which once occupied the whole of south China". The ancestors of most of the migrants to Malaya/ sia came from the south. The Professor said, "A large proportion of the population of the south calling itself 'Chinese' is in fact descended from one or other of the aboriginal races" - page 6. “The southern people were then treated (by the northerners) as barbarous” – pg 32. Even in modern times, in Yunnan and Kueichou, hill tribesmen number half the population.

      The southerners comprise the following major groups:

      a. Fukienese (Hokkien), "a separate stock, mixed with immigrants from the north and the Yangtze Valley" and speaking "a peculiar dialect".

      b. Cantonese, also speak a somewhat alien language, a form of old Chinese - the south was colonized by the northerners, colonization completed in the 7th Century - some 800 years after China was formed as a political entity by Chin Shih Huang Di.

      c. Hakkas, of Kuantung province, known as "guest families" - they speak a peculiar dialect, despised by the Cantonese and do not inter marry. These people were said to have come from the north, running away from frequent Mongol invasions that culminated in the conquest of China by Genghis Khan in the 13th Century.

      Another Professor, Albert Kolb, also pointed out in his book, “East Asia”, 1971,

      “Chinese culture cannot be thought of as originally Chinese because the Chinese themselves emerged gradually as a blend of many races and peoples”. (Pg 26).

      Remember, the Professor said, “A large proportion of the population of the south (where your ancestors came from) calling itself ‘Chinese’ is in fact descended from one or other of the aboriginal races.” So, if any of you are referred to as descendants of the Miao (who are aborigines and non-Chinese), or other aborigines or hill tribes of south China, don't blame me, I'm just a messenger of the news. You can't also blame Professor Fitzgerald any more because he died some years ago.

  17. Only last night I was thinking there are no DAP kind coming in and commenting in here and maybe none will. This morning I find there is one.

    What I'll do is to speak in simple terms to him, trying to make him understand why his thinking and attitude is not good.

    I need to point out to him that if he changes and starts to respect and live by the Constitution of the country fully, others would treat him fully as a fellow Malaysian.

    Then every Malaysian citizen will be truly Malaysian.

    Then there will be peace and harmony in this country for everybody. For all time.

  18. Sebagai sebuah parti, DAP begitu bijak mengambil kesempatan daripada kelekaan orang Melayu yang dahagakan kesenangan dan kemewahan kemajuan dan pembangunan. Kerana daripada situ mereka boleh menangguk di air keruh. Akibat kelekaan pemimpin Melayu berebut2 kesenangan dan laba sanggup mereka bercakaran sesama sendiri sehingga terlupa dan terlalu seronok dalam kerangka mereka sendiri. Hakikatnya mereka telah berpecah menjadi kelompok kelompok kecil dengan suara majoriti mereka semakin lemah dan tenggelam. Strategist DAP melihat dan mengambil timdakan dan kesempatan daripada keadaan ini dengan menarik perhatian orang Melayu terhadap kebobrokan yang berlaku di kalangan parti yang didominasi orang2 Melayu dilabel dan dijenamakan sebagai parti rasuah, kejam, jijik, penindas, mundur, taksub, ortodox agama dsb. Jangan diremeh apabila DAP berjaya menarik ikon2 tertentu yang ada pengikut mereka dan juga pakar dan ilmuwan yang menyumbang kepada kekuatan parti itu sebagai parti berbilang kaum. Pandangan ikon ikon yang pakar dalam bidang tertentu memberi buah fikiran berasaskan ilmu pengalaman mereka ditambah pula dengan kebobrokan yang berlaku di kalangan orang Melayu berupaya mempengaruhi orang Melayu yang mempunyai perjuangan dan idealisme untuk menolak kepimpinan parti berteraskan orang Melayu. Kelekaan dan kealpaan pemimpin pemimpun Melayu tanpa ada usaha usaha memperbaiki kebobrokan dan kerosakan yang berlaku akan menjerumuskan orang Melayu ke lembah kehinaan dan kepapaan kerana apa yang disebut sebagai duri dalam daging api dalam sekam gunting dalam lipatan dalam parti mahu pun organisasi Melayu itu adalah peperangan melawan hawa nafsu tamak kepada kebendaan wang dan kuasa jauh daripada perjuangan untuk memartabatkan agama Islam memperkasa orang Melayu dan meninggikan imej dan reputasi negara.

    1. Betul, tak perlu khuatir beberapa ketul Melayu yang silap langkah masuk DAP. Tengku Aziz sendiri, bekas pegawai tinggi Bank Negara dan pegawai tinggi di Bangsa Bangsa Bersatu, masuk DAP mikirkan DAP benar benar tak korap dsb nya.

      Di kasi jawatan menarik - Naib Pengerusi DAP. Tak lama, cabut, sebab kata nya DAP tak saperti yang di fikirkan nya, menipu helah, cakap tak serupa bikin.

      Bukan cabut keluor dari DAP sahaja, dia juga menempeleng secara lisan Lim Guan Eng, "biadap" kata nya. Sebab coba rasuahkan dia dengan elauns dan perbelanjaan perjalanan kalau dia terima jawatan di Think Tank DAP yang di ketuai budak mentah Cina pakai nama Melayu, Zairil Khir Johari, di Penang.

      Ada Melayu yang lain yang masuk, di kasi jawatan, tapi aabut juga dari DAP.

    2. Yang masuk DAP bukan peduli sanagt perkara "memartabatkan agama Islam memperkasa orang Melayu dan meninggikan imej dan reputasi negara."

      Aziz Bari, contoh nya. Bekas pensyarah UIA, antara universiti terkemuka di negara ini. Terpegun dengan cara cara Anwar membohong rakyat, memecah belahkan kaum Melayu, sokong Anwar, hingga mengagongkan anak nya Nurul Izzah, di kata nya bakal PM Malaysia. Kupra worak dia.

      Dia masuk PKR, di beri kerusi bertanding di PRU13 (?), kalah. Gamak nya marah PKR kasi dia kerusi yang susah menang. Cabut lari, masuk DAP. Bekas Professor, tapi DAP tak kasi jawatan Naib Pengerusi mcm Tengku Aziz pun - Teresa Kok lebih tinggi jawatan dari dia, sekarang Kok pegang jawatan Naib Pengerusi DAP.

      Aziz Bari dapat jadi ahli Jawatan Kuasa DAP Selangor aje. Tarak peranan di peringkat nasional pun. Malang masib dia, kerja pun sebagai pensyarah Universiti Selangor yang ramai rakyat tak tau pun di mana, rupa rupa nya di Batang Berjuntai.

      Tak lama kot Aziz Bari tahan di DAP.

  19. Melihat kepada kebobrokan yang berlaku dalam Melayu bersahsiah. Ditonjolkan ikon ikon seolah olah mahu memperbodoh bodohkan orang Melayu. Kenapa ini terjadi Siapakah dalangnya ? Sekarang ini terdapat usaha yang begitu jelas untuk merobek robek imej dan reputasi organisasi yang bidang tugas penguatkuasaan dan tanggungjawabnya untuk menjaga dan memperkasa integriti, transparency dan amalan yang mengikut garis panduan dan peraturan serta undang undang. Seolah olah sudah tiada lagi organisasi boleh dipercayai dan diyakini. Kerosakan daripada dalam organisasi adalah lagi berbahaya kerana ketidakyakinan dan ketidakpercayaan akan mewujudkan kebencian kepada massa yang mana suasana tidak ketentuan memudahkan suatu perubahan yang memeranjatkan. Sebab itu jangan terlalu seronok berada dalam kelompok kelompok sendiri tanpa benar benar memahami aspirasi massa.

    1. Ma'af tuan, bukan ikon pun. Conmen ye le.

      Camna pun, mari kita identify, namakan sapa yang konon nya ikon tuh.

      Pastu kita belasah depa dengan fakta dan hujah. Khas utk dan kpd depa. Tak secara umum saja.

      Yang sekor dah masuk penjara. Tapi masih boleh buat hal salepas 5 tahun. Jenis sanggup jual bangsa utk politik dia. Main belakang utk seks dia.

      Yang mcm Mongkol Arif Sabri frus tak dapat jadi ADUN UMNO kali ke 2, masuk DAP, dapat kerusi "safe", menang. Kalau kalah atau di tukar nanti, dia masuk PANTAT (istilah NS) pulak gamak nya.

  20. "..not so nice for those of my friends who persuaded me to contest but later on didn't vote for me."

    Must be DAP now, hehe..........

    Not hating the Chinese, only DAP okay........

  21. Ooohh... I just loove the hate flowing thru here...

    I just fucking hate Malay guys, I absolutely hate Chinese guys and I totally hate Indian guys.

    I do love Malays girls, I do love Chinese girls and I love Indians girls. Mmmmmmm... You must excuse me now... I feel the love coming....