Saturday 7 November 2015

Promise me you'll remember

It's weekend and I have no intention to get serious today.

The weather is perfect where I'm now.

There' some hu ha over the police and MCMC raid of Malaysiakini and The Star Online last night.

But I can't be bothered.

That sorts of things happen from time to time nowadays.

One of these days they will probably get me too.

So, no point in worrying.

When it happens, it happens.

I have actually been sleeping the whole day.

Still tired from my long ride the past week.

Today was the first time that I can really rest.

My body was aching all over.

Thought of going to the spa but decided to save the money.

Been spending quite a lot during the ride.

I shouldn't but it's done already.

It's worth it, anyway.

Took off my mind from all the usual nonsense.

Once in a while I just close my eyes and do whatever I feel like doing.

As for now, the political front is more or less static.

Nothing much anyone from any side can do to change things.

Not worth writing about it.

Personally, I think we spend too much time on politics.

Once I had a conversation with my ex's sister.

She works in Singapore all her life, married a Singaporean and her children are Singaporeans.

She told me that one of the best things about Singapore is that the people only think about politics two weeks every five years.

That's the campaign period before their general elections.

The rest of the time, they work.

That's why Singapore is what it is now.

Here, we Malaysians never stop with politics.

Aren't you all tired of it?

Shouldn't we get back to work? Or have a bit of fun instead?

No, I guess.

We are just stupid.

Anyway, I really miss my ex at this moment....

I really hate it when I miss my ex.

It makes me feel extra stupid.

My ex never miss me.

Eh, what nonsense is this that I'm writing....sorry, I'm not sure what I'm trying to tell you all in this posting.

Okay, listen to this song is better...the video is from my favourite Japanese movie of all time.


  1. Annie, why don't you tell us about your biking odyssey?

    Where you went, where you slept, what you ate, what you did, etc?

    Will surely take minds off politics!


  2. Annie, Annie, Annie.

    Get over it, will you?

    Your ex jilted you, ditched you, dumped you, and most probably he doesn't feel any regret or remorse about it. I bet he is having a great time now with his new find, and laughing at you and at your stupidity.

    Yet here you are moaning and groaning about your loss.

    Get a life, you sucker!

    Get some sense into your thick skull.

    Don't you have any honour or self-respect any more?

    Annie, Annie, Annie.

  3. They have become a nation of robots in Singapore? The result of Lee Kuan Yew's Police state, kuku besi rule?

    1. Correct, these days its a haven for the elites and suffering for the common man. Gone is the old PAP fraternity.

    2. You are a dinosur. Lee kuan yew long gone. If you still think of lky, than Singaporeans still think of mamak Dr.m

  4. Even in extremely hard working Japan, they think of and talk politics. So many Prime Ministers resign because they think the people expect them to resign when they don't perform satisfactorily. The people think, talk politics.

    Shinzo Abe resigned less than a year into his term in 2007. Yasuo Fukuda in 2008, Yukio Hatoyama in 2010, and Naoto Kan in 2011.

    Lee Kuan Yew of course ruled until he died - the latter years he ruled through his son Hsien Loong. The robots just keep quiet. Lee Kuan Yew even sued Opposition Members of Parliament, made them bankrupt and lose their MP seats. At one time there were only 2 Opposition MPs in Spore. LKY claimed he and PAP very popular. Shit.

    1. our pm very good. he unlike lee kuan yew , dare not to sue.

  5. Politics (from Greek: πολιτικός politikos, definition "of, for, or relating to citizens") is the practice and theory of influencing other people. You talk and do politics even when you want sex but the other fellow is not quite in the mood.

    Of course in Singapore you think and talk less of the subject of achieving and exercising positions of governance when you have Big Brother on the Wall, always hearing and watching what you do, maybe even in the bedroom.

    1. Certainly Malaysia has less people charged under sedition, sosma etc than singapore

  6. You fail in your love life because you don't talk politics with your ex, Annie.

    Come on, baby, talk it with him. Talk it, talk it and talk it until he says yes.

    Whatever that yes may be.

  7. Why should they get you, Annie? You haven't been seditious, subversive or defamatory. Gosh, you even do not take sides on the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion issues. You even said you got hemmed in by both sides despite being neutral.

  8. It's the attitude. How one looks at things. Politics can be fun. So long as you don't get too involved. Or know when to detach yourself a bit as you get to feel too resentful of politikus who have turned hantus.

    And they really can be hantus. Monsters of all sorts. Te sum of RM2.6 billion is monstrously big. If that comes from state funds, the account holder is definitely a monster crook.

    Remember, I am not accusing, ok.

  9. Nothing much anyone from any side can do to change things? Don' be too sure. God is almighty. And works in mysterious ways. There have been many sembahayang hajats.

    More than once in the MACC office alone.The last on was led by the retiring Deputy Commissioner himself. The one who said MACC is investigating the 1MDB, "the investigation involves the most powerful person in the country."

    Not long after that, the MACC Commissioner said something to the effect of hoping for the new AG to initiate a meeting of the Special Task Force on 1MDB. The IGP also said he was ready for such a meeting.

    A few weeks have gone by. The public is waiting for news on that.

    1. That is how umno create politics. More politics.

  10. Surely no harm to say the public is awaiting news on a meeting to re-activate the Special Task Force. The AG has said it has not been disbanded. It needs to be re-activated. It's high time now.

    The Police may still be interviewing Xavier Justo in Bangkok. The bloke has withdrawn his 3 year jail term appeal. Stupid bloke was not thankful by trying to appeal. He could have been jailed for a longer period.

    Hope his withdrawing the appeal would enable him to have a free mind to answer all the questions Malaysian Police ask him to the fullest and in a factual manner. We will wait for news on that, too.

  11. Have a good rest, Annie. Go for a massage to throw away your body aches. Your readers here would volunteer to massage you. But I won't recommend you accept any offer. They may have rough hands. Those playing tennis, badminton or squash may have them. Golfers, too.

    Don't also accept offers from any one who doesn't play such games either. Especially one who doesn't play any games. Coz he may fall dead on you with a heart attack. hehe

    Have a nice week-end, folks. Don't do anything that I wouldn't do.


  12. Annie,

    It's seems that you got so many " ex's " , even ex sister ,I just don't understand .

  13. Still at it haven't you...

  14. Annie i suggest you try this song "" to lift your spirit......cheer