Thursday 5 November 2015

Chinese schools as a weapon

In his latest posting, prominent anti-Najib blogger Syed Akbar Ali gave his thumbs-up to the Chinese education system in this country.

You can read it at,

Adenan Satem Says Najib Is Stupid.


To my ketuanan friends please listen up.  Right now the sekolah kebangsaan (gomen schools) which have turned their backs on English and promote a strongly religious indoctrination in all gomen schools are actually performing a great disservice to generations of Malay and non Malay school children.

Yesterday's news said that at Form 3 level in Malaysia, 87% of all students obtain grade 'D' and 'F' for Science and Mathematics.  

Only 13% of 15 year olds in gomen schools pass Science and Mathematics.
  • In short, the sekolah kebangsaan are making our students stupid. 
  • Our gomen schools are manufacturing stupid children.   
  • Sebelum masuk sekolah anak-anak kita belum cerdik. 
  • Bila dah habis sekolah depa kurang cerdik.
Can someone please go and check the Mathematics and Science scores at the Chinese schools?  

To my ketuanan friends the only way to make the Chinese schools go away is by reverting the gomen schools back to the English based education system.  And remove ALL religious indoctrination and religion based influences and activities in all schools. 

Just like it was when my generation went to school in the 1970s and 1960s. And the generation before that in the 1950s, 1940s and 1930s.

In the 60s and 70s few Chinese sent their children to the Chinese schools. All sensible Chinese parents sent their kids to government English schools.  The enrolment at Chinese and Tamil schools was very low.

Then beginning in the mid 70s, the gomen started messing with our education system.  We began changing the teaching of all the school subjects in Malay. This was the single biggest mistake that has set back the country.

And the Malays have been set back by light years from the non Malays and the rest of the world.  Somehow they do not seem to understand this. Sampai bila kita tak nak faham perkara ini? Sampai Hari Wesak ke? Public holiday?

(As I keep saying all that free money from Petronas all these decades have been used to overdose and lull the Malays and Muslims into believing that they are on the right path. Well sorry folks you are not on the right path. Now the oil money is drying up. Wake up.)

Then after the Liwat fellow came into power in the 80s and became Education Minister, there was a second wave of committing suicide - the  'jom-kita-jadi-Arab indoctrination in gomen schools. The tudung, the baca doa, the guru agama becoming the strongest influence in schools, overruling sports activities, banning singing, banning music, banning dancing, banning swimming trunks for boys, banning swim suits for girls, over regulating the girls etc etc.   

The Chinese are always cleverer. They saw from very early on that the inmates were taking over the mental asylum. So they pulled their kids out of gomen school and sent them to their Chinese schools. 

The Chinese also began investing heavily in Chinese schools. Chinese schools are multi storeyed, they have lifts and their classrooms are airconditioned.  The standard of English in Chinese schools has also improved.   Many teachers in Chinese schools have Masters degrees. Even teachers in Chinese kindergartens have Masters degrees. 

Chinese schools have always had a strong emphasis on Mathematics and Science. Now they are also strong in English, debating, music and arts. A very well rounded education. Plus they teach strong discipline.  These are all very lacking in the gomen schools.  And they do not have religion in Chinese schools.   

As Adenan Satem says, certainly the Chinese school system is producing hundreds of thousands of graduates who are contributing significantly to the nation. How else do you think the Chinese keep producing so much goods and services in the economy?  Why else are the Chinese so wealthy (in such large numbers) compared to the others?

And yet the ketuanan guys want to abolish the Chinese schools.  So that depa pun semua jadi sama taraf, sama-sama dunggu.  

Please note that I have to put quite a lengthy excerpts of Syed Akbar Ali's post because he normally would take down his posts after just a few days.

I found his argument this time quite interesting and therefore deserves to be recorded.

It's not everyday that I see a prominent non-Chinese blogger standing up for the Chinese education system.

All these while, I thought I was alone in defending the Chinese schools among my blogger friends. They are all mostly staunch supporters of the Satu Sekolah campaign which advocates the abolition of vernacular education in this country.

I guess Syed Akbar was being more idealistic than myself in defending the Chinese schools because I have been mostly motivated by the fact that my mother is a Chinese school graduate.

Mine is actually rather personal and therefore a bit selfish.

Or maybe as usual, Syed Akbar just wanted to whack PM DS Najib Razak and this issue was another opportunity.

Whatever it is, I guess the Umno rebels will from now on have to go the Syed Akbar's way. Hit Najib with all that they can find and bleed him of support.

Bear in mind though that many or most of the rebels are themselves hostile towards the Chinese education system all these while.

Nonetheless, I wonder what Najib and his people will say about the UEC issue now.

Will they play along and give it recognition like in Sarawak?

I know that the ultra Malays won't like it and will abandon him if Najib does so, but if he don't, then the Chinese votes will surely all go to the opposition.

Either way, Najib is going to lose on this one.


  1. Aii yaaa ! ,ini semua cekap mau pancing undi maa aa , nanti lia kasi cadang itu sekolah Iban and sekolah Dayak lea aa .

    Malaysian Malaysia maa aa .

    1. Aiyaa to Akbar Ali is keling ma... sebab itu dia kata Cina bagus..
      Malays are malays and we strive to be perfect humans...
      If the Chinese education so good why is China still a developing nations. Why do their poor people like Lim Goh Tong came to Malaya?
      Why stupid Chinese run away from China?

  2. well it had nothing to do with politics.

    i survive through national schools and malay boarding school just fine with all the so called " religion indoctrination"

    and im not the only one.

    whts wrong with learning the basics of islam such as rukun iman, rukun islam, the fafa books. those are all necessity for muslim. its like the getting started manual for muslim.

    outsyed make it sound like we are learning various islamic ideology from various interpretations when we are standard 1. those usually comes latter when u r in college. by then all of us will be wise and mature enough to distinguish which is which, and from there it is up to us.

    so whts wrong with tht. outsyed the box has always been like this. he make it sound like only his version of islam is acceptable. i only read the non religion stuff from his blogs anyways.

    others are welcome to chip in too. are u all affected by the "religion indoctrination" in national school ?

    wht is different in vernacular school i think is discipline.

    those living in outsyed the box era, arent those time when religion are still close at heart then compared to now? and yet my parents come out just fine too.

    i think i understand outsyed the box's arguments with islam today. but i think hes barking at the wrong tree.

    1. And you making wild accusation "religion indoctrination" in national school"? Where got proof? Proof in the real sense of the word, with empirical evidence, not just cakap cakap, ok?

      And if there are prayers in Arabic even in BM during school assemblies for those facing SPM exams, what "religious indoctrination" shit statement is that? The non-Muslims don't sit SPM? The non-Malay pupils don't have to raise their hands in prayer like Muslim pupils, isn't it.

      I doubt you are a Malay attending "malay boarding school" - DAP Red Beans often masquerade as Malays saying all sorts of seditious, sometimes even subversive, things.

    2. aiyoo bro/ sis,

      I also disagree with this " religion indoctrination" statement

      i was quoting outsyed. hes the one saying tht. its copied up there in annie entry.

      i was making a point wht outsyed called "religion indoctrination", according to him is not harming us at all in any way.

      I hope u noticed the word "so called". it means i disagree with the statement. and it should be called or rephrase as something else.

      plus it doesnt make sense with the rest of my comment if i ineed agree with this word "religion indoctrination"

    3. Point taken, bro 0942. Regret being carried away by the Syed bloke. I wanna whack him there but no point trying as he has not been publishing contrary views.

      He whacks Najib and the Gomen yet he is autocratic himself, tak mau dengor apa lain orang kata. Cakap tak serupa bikin fler.

    4. I used to read this 'outsyed the box' guy. I was impressed with his arguments. Later I have the feeling that this guy acts as if he knows everything and he is always right.As an academician, I don't simply accept the words 'according to a study'. At the very least you should mention which study that you are referring to? Whether the study was done by a reliable party. The sample of the study etc. All my three children are schooled in the sekolah Kebangsaan. The eldest is currently doing his ACCA under MARA sponsorship in Ireland. The second is currently doing her Medical Study also in Ireland and also under MARA sponsorship. The third one is in form 2 and currently doing quite all right.
      I have known quite a number of Malay students who were sent by their parents to Chinese School and end up doing clerical jobs.The only advantage that they have over their peers is their ability to speak Mandarin

      Prof Kangkung

    5. Well done, Professor. I savour every sentence you put out. Agree with you fully. The Syed fler should read this - he may be angkuh but his friends may tell him dia kena basuh by so many here.

      Good to know you are an academician. May I promote you to Pofessor without the kangkung? Instead of such so-called liberal bugger as Azmi Shahrom - his sedition case being heard yet after the Federal Court rejected his attempt to have the Sedition Act declared invalid recently?

      I simply wonder how such a character got appointed to UM academic staff. Yes, academic freedom. But there must be certain limits. The bugger doesn't even know the Sedition Act - or thinks he knows better by bringing it to court. Now kena tempeleng by the Federal Court verdict.

    6. @Prof Kangkung 5 November 2015

      I am glad to know that 2 of your kids have scored MARA sponsorships. On merit, no doubt. Kudos.

      What about the kids (Chinese, Indians dll) who don't get to apply for MARA sponsorships?

      Are they "rubbish" to be discarded by the longkang?

    7. Ahem, Prof K - what about the VVIPS who send their kids to international schools or to study overseas?

      Singapore, I hear, is a favoured destination, even though school fees for non-Singaporeans are onerous (the tanking ringgit, lah)

      Would you care to bring your erudite intellect to bear on this phenomenon?

      Without falling afoul of the Sedition Act?


    8. capcha,

      the reason for it, is the perlembagaan. did it appear out of nowhere? there has got to be a reason. dont ask question weve answered so many times.

      on the contrary try to think about all those allocation the vernacular schools got even though the gov have no obligation to give according to the perlembagaan. now jpa scholars is based on merit according to mr najib which actually againts the perlembagaan but you wouldnt want to talk about tht do you. we tolerated uve tolerated too. lets live it at tht. or we gonna have to go down the history lesson again.

    9. Capcha,

      Nobody is going to throw anybody to the longkang.

      You sound envious. You should not be. Here are the reasons:

      1. The Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak have a Special Position under Article 153 of the Constitution. That Special Position was enshrined there as the consideration or the quid pro quo for the Malays agreeing to the citizenship right for the non-Malays at Merdeka. Te Constitution was discussed and debated in Parliament and approved by the representatives of practically all the races in this country.

      2. The New Economic Policy (NEP) was implemented after the race riots of 1969 that were sparked by the DAP and their kind. It was determined that the long-term cause of the race riots was the huge imbalance in the economic and educational position between the Malays who formed nearly 60% and the Chinese who formed only 23% of the population of the country.

      3. In 1970, the Malays had only 1% of the wealth of the country and about 5% among the professionals in this country - doctors, engineers, accountants, etc. Now there are many Malays in the professional fields. At the last count, the Malays have 24% of corporate wealth but their wealth in other sectors of the economy, like commercial and residential properties is not known. They must have a decent percentage of ownership in all sectors of the economy for long term peace and stability in this country.

    10. Capcha,

      The Chinese are the richest community in this country for many decades already. They have a system of mutual help through so many clans and sub-clan associations, trade and business guilds of all sorts that are exclusive and non-Chinese cannot join, where so many Chinese multi-millionaires give many million Ringgit donations for scholarships etc.

      In fact, so much was donated that UTAR refused RM30 million donation offered by a Chinese Engineer multi-millionaire before PRU13. Robert Kuok donated RM100 million to a Chinese educational institution in Kajang where he announced that he was "twin-footed" - one foot in Malaysia, one in China.

      Despite that, the Malays did not envy the Chinese or resent Robert Kuok who got the sugar monopoly from the Malay-led government after Merdeka that made him a multi-millionaire and later a billionaire. The Chinese have nearly 10 billionaires whereas the Malays have only one - Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari.

    11. Capcha,

      The Malays were left far behind because the British colonial rulers gave them hardly any tongkat in education, and no tongkat at all in business during the 80 years of their colonial rule in this country.

      They gave only 4 years of primary education in schools far away between one and the other in the kampongs where most Malays lived. Whereas they gave not only primary but also secondary education in the towns where most Chinese lived. More than those, the British gave the Chinese in the towns English education, which was the passport for success during British colonial rule and for a long time after that.

      And the British gave all sorts of tongkat to the Chinese to do business - mining license, mining land leases, land to plant rubber, rubber and tin trading licenses, lottery and gaming licenses of many sorts - easy money to accumulate capital to do bigger businesses.

      So the Chinese prospered during British colonial rule. But even after Merdeka, the Malay-led government continued to give tongkats to the Chinese. Example: Robert Kuok got the sugar monopoly, Vincent Tan got the lottery license that made them multi-millionaires and later billionaires. Nearly 10 Chinese billionaires now. And they donate to the less fortunate Chinese through the various associations.

      So, please don't grudge the Malays getting MARA and other sponsorships. Please note that Najib even gave the top results Chinese students scholarships although their community is the richest in the country for mny decades. That's one of the reasons many Malays want him replaced - of course other reasons include the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion issues.

    12. Yes, Lachs Evandry, what about the VVIPS who send their kids to international schools or to study overseas? What about that? What's wrong with that? You laughing because Anwarul Al Juburi is on your back?

      You suggesting those VVIPs don't have the money to pay for the soaring school fees in Singapore? Or you think they are corrupt? You have proof? Or Lim Kit Siang or Guan Eng are also on your back?

      What "erudite intellect to bear on this phenomenon"? You intoxicated by the exuberance of your own verbosity? Trying to impress with your English, eh?

      What Sedition Act is it? More likely the Act that forbids carnal intercourse, or sex not in the course of nature that you may be charged it if you allow Anwar or Kit Sinag riding on your backside.


    13. Political power make some leaders sounds silly and crazy as well , I thought we had no more of Nik Aziz .

      The leaders now are just thinking of retaining their power , never thought about the future .

    14. Reported dayaks are making noise Kelantan religious teacher was send to dayaks Christian school.

  3. I agree with OSTB. In-fact, I even sent my eldest son to SRJKC in 2000.

    1. Not your other children? If so good, why not?

      Is your eldest now a Maths and Science wizard? Wonder what he does for a living now - if already working. If still studying, what were his SPM results and university course or degree. I really wanna proof that Chinese schools are good.

      I agree with what Professor Kangkung said above. I also have a relative sending her children to SRJKC - the son could not even get a medical course that he wanted and the daughter is doing a law course - surely not testimonies to the claimed Maths and Science bias of Chinese schools.

    2. After seeing the hardship faced by my eldest son in SRJKC, e.g.
      - 1st. 6 month, he was reluctant to go to school.
      - too much homework.
      - non-halal canteen food since he was the only Malays in Tai Thung, Salak South, then.
      my wife was against sending other children to SRJKC. Today, I regret that I had heeded to her wish.

      My eldest son is now in USM.

      I also agree with OSTB, regarding the Islamization of schools is not 'healthy' especially in primary. Here's why:

      - My 2nd. son, form 2 then, once said, Allah is shooting Satan, after a lighting struck, followed by a thunder in the sky. The SRJKC son just laugh-out-loud. He said it's blasphemy, to say that God would want to use a man-made 'gun' to shoot Satan. Then we have to teach him how Allah created it, scientifically.

      - Another son, year 5 then, together with his school friends, stole a bicycle, two blocks away from home. I scolded him and asked him to return it immediately. Later that night, again I advised him against stealing and that is when he said:-

      "Ek..eleh, Abah. Esok Arith besar, I pergi Haji, habis la dosa Arith, Abah".

      I do not know how the Ustaz teaches about the Haj in school, but my son become a thief because he taught that his sins could be cleansed in Saudi Arabia, one day.

      I think this is one reason why there are too many petty-theft today.

      My first son was good in science & mathematics and maybe that made my other children strive harder to compete. Of-course parent play a role too. I made a strict rule; that all my children, until the age of 18, can only go out of the house compound, on Saturday and Sunday and that's only until 1900hrs. I forbid them even to go to the surau, especially during Ramadan, with friends.
      If you want to see Malay children wasting precious studying-time at night, wait until it's Ramadan.

    3. Rd yr eldest son = 1st son go to chinese school = good in science n maths

    4. woa RD, u sure u wanna place the blame on ustaz. im sure he did not imply tht ur son can do whtever he wanted and then go perform haji and thts tht.

      but maybe just maybe, it has something to do with the upbringings in ur home instead ?

      when it is about ur son attitude, id rather not blame the school but the parents though. not to say this is typical of parents, but..

  4. How on earth you must blame the government when your children did not perform in school??? Oh I know, that is the current mentality of parents nowadays. If their children are not performing well, they blame the government. If their children did not finish their homework, they blame teachers. If their children got D and F in exams, they blame government school's structure. Dear all, try to think of how did some children managed to get an A, B or C in their exam. And many of them are coming from SBP, MRSM, SMKA and control school in various places. They are from government school, aren't them? How they can achieve that? By putting extra work and their parents do not always blame the government. That's how things work. It's not always blaming here and there that will make things better.

    1. Bravo. Well said, mate. Agree with you 100%. Hope you say more along that line, frequently, here, there and everywhere.

      I see a lot of nonsense spilled out by the anti-national elements, wanting to create distrust and hate, especially the DAP bastards and the like-minded.

  5. the issue here is should we recognize UEC. it had nothing to do with najib or adenan satem.

    theres a bigger things at stake here.

    and i agree that whtever it is, we should follow the curriculum, only then u will be recognize. should we follow other international institutions? well bare in mind we are different. we are multi racial, we are unique, so we handle things differently. are we not berdaulat? we get to decide things without following others right? are we not merdeka?

    but i have to agree tht najib is stupid on various other accounts.

    1. Me, too, agreeing that najib is stupid on various accounts. Even on Chinese schools.

      One thing letting such schools as they are but giving financial assistance is encouraging the schools that use Mandarin as the medium of instruction and is against Article 152 of the Constitution of BM.

      Yes, merge the vernacular schools with the SKs, by directing them to use the same curriculum and syllabus as the SKs. Don't have to do anything else to the schools except re-train the teachers etc.

  6. I think that, for the sake votes for the coming Sarawak state elections, not only Adenan Satem has gone stupid but also senile. He forgot Article 152 of the Constitution on Bahasa Malaysia,

    Saying wasted "Malaysian talent", what talent are you talking about at UEC level, old man?

    You can take the UEC holders as clerks etc in the Srawak Government service but don't forget the Ibans, Dayaks, Muruts etc who, together with the Malays, form the vast majority in the State, ok?

    And don't forget, the bloody DAP will start claiming that they were the ones making noise on UEC and now you have helped them.

    1. How many graduates of Malaysia's public universities are still unemployed or underemployed as of now?

      Hasn't the MEF (Malaysian Employers Federation) stated more than once that a poor command of English is handicapping the employment of local graduates?

      Has the government, up to now, imposed "hiring quotas" on the public sector and MNCs operating in the country?

      Lofty rhetoric doesn't pay the bills, lah!


    2. So does trying to be a smart Alex. Hihihi ........

      But you are not smart, really. You don't even have the numbers. Just throwing questions around to show you know. You don't. If you do, you'd provide the details. Or the links to established facts and data. Not the Merdeka Centre kind of surveys!

      You won't dare put out the figures because you can be argued their relevancy to kingdom come?


  7. Syed Akhbar have Otak tak center when talk about Islam or we call it gila Ism Dementia.He thinks he know everything buat actually most Moron than Prime Moron.At least Prime Moron never insult Muslim brothers

    1. If you give examples where he and Najib went gila or moronic, easier for people to believe what you say.


  8. " Can someone please go and check the Mathematics and Science scores at the Chinese schools? "
    -- YM Sdr Syed Akbar on November 4th 2015

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. So what Tuan Haji? You checked? What are they?

      Even if good, it's because they follow the regurgitate system, say and repeat, say and repeat, work hard, etc. Not necessarily brilliant pupils.

      Any figures on how many of them turn out to be leaders in the various fields of activity in this country, compared to those who went to SKs or the fully residential schools?

    2. With HOTS its is a different story. No gap already.

    3. Wish you say what's HOTS. The only thing HOT that I know is Rosy to Jibby when the aircon doesn't work, hehe.

    4. Even the Centre for Public Policy Studies report - VERNACULAR SCHOOLS REPORT (April 23, 2012) - did not give figures showing the excellence of products of vernacular schools compared to those of the national schools.

      They ought to have such figures when defending the vernacular schools. They end up only bad-mouthing the SKs, as usual.

  9. The Syed bloke doesn't like the Ketuanan Melayu because he thinks he is not one of them. He is Arabic. The Malays accept those of Arabic descent as Malays but he appears to have chosen to think he is not by making fun of the "Ketuanan guys".

    The bloke should show proof that he did not benefit anything from Ketuanan on account of being treated as a Malay. Shit fellow.

    1. He is mamak steroid using syed from India.

  10. The Arab upstart callously uses the word "ketuanan" thereby making a slur on the Malays and the Ketuanan Melayu. He is one of those who think or try to project that Ketuanan Melayu as the Malays are Tuans and the others are Slaves. Yes, shit thinking is the right word for such buggers.

    Now hear this, you stupid Syed and the like-minded:

    Ketuanan Melayu is never a case of the Malays are Tuans and the others are Hambas or slaves.

    Ketuanan Melayu is only a reflection of the fact that the Constitution spells out the roles, functions and responsibilities of the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, the Rulers Council, etc. Without the Agong consenting to and signing the appointment letter, no PM can function officially. So do the Malay Rulers in respect of the Menteris Besar.

    Yes, the Agong acts on the advice of the PM but, when the PM is not consented to or officially appointed, he does not have to.

    The Agong also has the Council of Malay Rulers to refer to, who can act collectively on issues the rakyat may have gone to them to air their grouses, like the Rulers Council did recently when telling Najib to resolve the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion issue ASAP.

    As far as the Malay Rulers in the states are concerned, Sultan Perak even acted on his own by calling all the State Assemblymen to state their stand when he saw a lack of majority for PAS MB Muhammad Nizar. It ended with Nizar becoming an "MB Sakejap".

    Ketuanan Melayu is also the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumipueras of Sabah and Sarawak under Article 153 of the Constitution from which the NEP was drawn up. And Ketuanan Melayu is also reflected in practically all Articles of the Constitution that are protected by the Sedition Act. Including Islam is the religion of this country. And the authorities have decided that it's Sunni Islam, not Syi'ah that you misplaced Arab may be veering towards, d'ya hear?

    Ada faham? Ngarti? Wakaru? Comprendo? (I forgot the Arabic word).

    1. Maybe he understands Swahili. His ancestors may have originated 100 miles from Timbuktu, moved to Arabia selling salt, one lost his way salty and smelly and found himself in then Malaya.

      If he can make fun of Ketuanan Melayu why not we make fun of his origin.

    2. Sunni Islam as influenced by the Wahhabism school of thinking? Let us at least acknowledge that Sunni Islam, as practised in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, is the offshoot of the Wahhabi school.

      Shi'a Islam is a fact of life in the Middle East. It is playing out in the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran for premier pole position in the Middle East.

      As for the "Ketuanan Melayu" concept, all the fancy terminology doesn't alter the hard economic facts one iota.

      "Ketuanan Melayu" isn't going to boost Malaysia up the competitiveness rankings. It is not going to influence foreign investors to consider Malaysia over other countries.

      That is the reality.

    3. Dill Pickles,

      What will push Malaysia up the competitiveness rankings? Throw away the Constitution, the Sedition Act etc? Utterly ridiculous.

      People have explained at length what it's all about, that the Constitution which has articles that reflect the Ketuanan Melayu have been approved by Parliament and you talk about that being an impediment to competitiveness rankings? Balderdash.

    4. Anonymous 5 Nov 16:15

      Are you saying, hand on heart, that the "Ketuanan Melayu" philosophy is one of the factors that have attracted foreign investors to Malaysia?

      Gee - that will be news to Mustapa Mohamed and his colleagues in MITI and also to the good folks in MIDA and Iskandar Malaysia!

      And you dismiss the need to be competitive, do you? Maybe, if you believe that everything will be handed to you on a silver platter without having to study, train and work hard for it. Maybe such mundane concepts are alien to your mindset and worldview. If only the rest of us are so privileged!

      Please don't obfuscate by bringing in the Constitution, the Sedition Act etc. That is just blowing smoke to detract from the real issues at hand.

  11. In other words folks, Syed is saying that the wahhabis have made the most of the emphasis on religion in over emphasizing the wrong things about Islam.

  12. The only thing good about this Syed bloke is he agrees "to make the Chinese schools go away".

    But the method is not by reverting the gomen schools back to the English based education system. Neo-colonialist minded fler.

    Must be by absorbing the vernacular schools into the National Schools system by making them use BM as medium of instruction, same curriculum and syllabus as the SKs. Allow Mandarin, Tamil and Arabic taught in schools as optional subjects.

  13. Lanchiao Ketuanan Melayu. Please continue with your stupid national school so you will remain stupid. No need to talk so much la. Compete in the real world without Petronas money then talk la.

    All this maruah shit coming out of your ass is just rubbish in the Internet. In the meantime, we can pitch our best guy and your best guy and see la.

    Give la permission for the Chinese to build as many private universities as we can afford. I dare you. Takut? It's like the fucking Proton. Built buy Melayu using outdated Japanese technology and in the meantime heavily tax the non-national cars. Then beat the chest and say we are damn garage, we build our own car. Lanchiao.

    All fucking delusional.

    OSTB speaks the truth and he is no longer Melayu??? Hang punya definition for Melayu is what? Syed is way smarter than all of you lot.

    1. Look at the anarchistic thinking of this badly schooled bugger 14:43. Talking like a secret society member, thug and gangster saying pitch our best guy and your best guy and see la. That's all he knows. Tiu nia seng.

      And no sense, utterly no logic daring the authorities to give permission for the Chinese to build as many private universities as they can afford. Possibly to send DAPigs and running dogs there.

      Running down Proton but not knowing even his relatives may be using. He is not only fucking delusional but also schizophrenic. Maybe a bit understandable - being ultra kiasu, biadap and kurang ajar, wanting more, more and more but cannot get. Sure becomes mad after a while.

      And to spite the Malays he praises OSTB. Asking for a definition of Melayu is ok but he should know about the Chinese that History Professors have written about and put out in the Internet where relevant. Sure will be relevant if he squeaks against the Malays unjustifiably again.

    2. He is right though, that bugger 14:43.

      The Malay Gomen can render SRJK irrelevant, if 'English based education system' is brought back to life. That's what happen to SRJK in the 70s. They almost died on their own. Malays never send to SRJKC, then. And majority of Chinese and Indian parents, chose English schools. But once that liwat fellow became Education Minister and started Arabization in the 80s, SRJK was revived.

  14. This bastard 14:43 is the DAP type that caused the race riots of 1969. He should be arrested and charged with sedition. Saying Lanchiao Ketuanan Melayu simply causes ill will to the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. If ot for the laws, he'd be skinned alive.

    This bastard is more than stupid. He is bangang, biadap and kurang ajar not wanting to argue in a decent and civilized manner, using foul language and all.

    Saying Compete without realizing his kind in China were treated like pariahs by the West until only 1-2 decades ago. The Chinese in China was so pathetic, suffering for hundreds, even thousands of years until communism set in.

    Mao Zedong caused hell of a lot of misery economically etc until 1-2 decades ago. Yet this bastard talks about competing when the Malays do not have that kind of business knowledge and whereas the Chinese had invented a currency, weights and measures over a thousand years ago.


    1. Adenan Satim cekap ini kelajaan UMNO manyak boloh maa aa ,tatak mau angkat itu Cina sekolah .

      Wa manyak ingat itu Adnan Satim suloh olang Sarawak semua undi DAP lor rr ,nanti bahasa Cina balu bolih kasi angkat maa aa .

      Cina mesti manyak sukak itu macam ,itu Cina punya ambassador mest pegi lawat Serawak kasi tepuk Adnan Satim punya bahu maa aa.

    2. Maki-hamun kerana benci kepada sesaorang atau sesuatu kaum tidak akan menyelesaikan masaalah yang dihadapi.

      Tolong-menolong antara satu dengan lain akan membawa kepercayaan.
      Melayu sama Melayu, pun susah nak tolong-menolong, macam mana bangsa lain nak tolong.

  15. Hi Annie,


    Beginilah ya, yang iyanya kebanyakan rakyat Malay-sia sudah dirasuk dek penyakit "syok sendiri" sebenarnya... yang berada lagi berduit hantar anak sekolah berbayar taraf antarabangsa dan yang kiasu pula masih berbenak seolah mereka duduk di China lagaknya yang beragama "the City Harvest church aka evangelical Christianity" sampai mati mereka akan iktirafkan sekolah vernakular mereka.

    Ambil contoh negara jiran seperti Singapura, Jepun, Taiwan, Korea dan China negara "bermata sepet" yang bersekolah dengan satu asas dan satu bahasa mereka, kecuali Singapura yang perasan bersepupu dengan UK ! Berjaya dan maju bukan karena bahasa sahaja, akan tetapi yang sebenarnya cara pembelajaran yang menghafal sampai dunggu sama seperti ciptaan robot-robot mereka yang ada banyak bersepah terdapat dikilang-kilang industri mereka... kalau dilihat dari airmuka pelajar sekolah disana semuanya berupa lesu, mata termenung jauh = renungan kosong tidak bermaya karena bersekang mata berlajar tanpa henti bagi menghafal segala formula yang disarankan, maka itu jumlah membunuh diri dinegara-negara "bermata sepet" (bukan menghina tapi bagi menegaskan lagi rupa ciri bangsa tersebut) adalah yang tertinggi didunia!!!

    Sikit-sikit Maths & science kononnya, bukan semua manusia boleh jadi jurutera, jurubena atau doktor kalau semua manusia sejagat hidup sama taraf hidup dan kerja itu namanya " human-like robots " akan melanda !!!

    Satu article ditulis oleh Jeff Yang "Asian parents: Your kids are not ROBOTs

    You know how the caricature goes: We're STEM-brained but inarticulate. Industrious but uninspired. Capable but lacking in creativity.
    We're robots who can only copy and clone and grub and grind.

    It's a perception that's regularly used against both Asian-Americans and Asians in Asia. Just last week, Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina calling China a nation of people who can "take a test" but who are "not terribly imaginative," applying a broad-based insult to a population of over 1 billion.

    And yet, as much as we may publicly bristle at the notion that Asians are "boring academic robots," it's tough to cast this image off when loud segments of our community are doing their best to reinforce it.

    Case in point: The Asian-American groups that gathered a few weeks ago to file a complaint with the Department of Education, charging that Asians who get higher grades and better test scores are being shortchanged by admissions officers at Harvard College following the standard practice of "holistic review."

    Holistic review gives colleges a means to analyze qualified students — even the complainants don't suggest that candidates who make it as far as the review process are anything less than academically outstanding — to assemble incoming classes that are diverse in interest, opinion, experience and, yes, culture, race and ethnicity.

    Nyata senyatanya berlajar secara menghafal saja dan dapat scores tertinggi pun akan tetapi kekurangan general knowledge + art & culture tidak mencukupi karena "That's because these advocates have chosen to focus on SAT scores as their primary evidence that colleges do not embrace "meritocracy." But the fact is, unlike in Asian countries like China, Korea or Japan, American colleges do not use the results of a single national exam as the sole metric for college placement, and for good reason. Doing so is a recipe for cranking out students who are focused on "learning to the test" and who don't have the time or bandwidth to pursue their own personal pastimes and obsessions — the kinds of things that tend to enrich character, expand horizons and make you a more interesting person".
    Sebabnya bagi orang Asia untuk menjadi "more interesting person" tidaklah penting, yang terpenting sekali ialah gimana dapat gaji yang tertinggi yaitu $$$ semata itulah punca hidup mereka yang diutamakan dahulu !

    à plus.

  16. The Syed fler is not very bright after all. Saying Chinese schools gained popularity when Malay medium was introduced in schools.

    He does not realize that Chinese schools got big registration increases only when China rose economically and trade with China increased greatly. That's when the hype of a so-called better future with Chinese education came about. And stupid Malays joined the band wagon sending their children to SRJKC.

    But, as Professor Kangkung pointed out, all they got better than their SK-educated parents was the ability to speak Mandarin. Even so, nobody has shown figures of Malays employed by Chinese firms on account of their Mandarin knowledge.

    So much hotchpotch, no real beef.


    1. This Sayed guy, used to call everybody dungu , maybe now it's reflect on him .
      Maybe Arab are genetically smart ,that why we lost billion of dollars to the Arabs

    2. Anon 19:47 might be too young to know.

      What Syed said about that liwat-guy was true. It was Dr.M fault also. Too neutralized PAS 's Islamic influence and at the same time, to weakened the rebellious student activist groups, the BN gomen under Dr.M, brought in the liwat guy into UMNO.

      Back then, no Malays would want to send their child to SRJKC. Even Chinese and Indian parent prefer the gomen English medium schools, rendering vernacular school obsolete, then.

  17. He is not a prominent non-Chinese blogger standing up for the Chinese education system. He is a crazy non-Chinese blogger talking mostly from his assol.

    Saying the Chinese school system is producing hundreds of thousands of graduates who are contributing significantly to the nation, if he means university graduates, where is his source of the information? Looks like he just guesses that, because he says How else do you think the Chinese keep producing so much goods and services in the economy? Those graduates produce goods, meaning manufactured goods, open up factories? Again that was just his guess.

    The last straw in his stupidity is equating Chinese school education with the number of wealthy Chinese. How stupid can that be. Those rich Chinese billionaires like Robert Kuok and Vicent Tan did not attend Chinese schools. Vincent Tan attended the High School (English medium) Batu Pahat. Robert Kuok attended English College (English medium), Johor Bahru.

    WTF argument that assol Syed. And yet saying the ketuanan guys want to abolish the Chinese schools "so that depa pun semua jadi sama taraf, sama-sama dunggu", when the dunggu-est of them all is the talking thru the assol bugger. Chissshh

    1. English College JB is no longer an "English medium" school. As too the CHIJ and SIGS in JB, also Muar High School and Batu Pahat High School.

      Have their academic standards dropped? Are they attracting the best and brightest among students in Johor?

  18. Najib's doom will not be due to his stand on Chinese schools but on the mess he created with 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion.

    I simply cannot see how he is going to resolve the issues even if the Auditor General's final report and the PAC report will whitewash the anomalies, and the rakyat will not be satisfied and keep clamouring for a satisfactory resolution.

    Especially when Bank Negara has pointed out the irregularity of of US1.83 billion in two sums of 1MDB money (i.e government money), including US700 million diverted to an account different from intended and declared to BNM.

    And the new AG cannot ignore indefinitely the statements by the MACC Commissioner and the IGP on a meeting to re-activate the Special Task Force on 1MDB.

  19. So sickening people trying to blame everything on government school. Typical Chinese mantra. I was from govt school and my math and science were excellent. Hate it when people like to stereotype and memfitnah.

    1. all politics blame game. u blame me n i blame u


  20. Here is more the USA surgeon, Sdr ANON 22:31
    heheh on Islamization of Education
    ( )

    " Examine the typical school day. There are only so many hours, thus time devoted to the study of prophetic traditions and Qur’an must come at the expense of other subjects. It is not surprising then that Malay students do not excel in English, Science, or Mathematics. Too much is expected of them"
    -- Bakri Musa US blog on August 28th 2011

    MOE have long emphasised Pendidikan Bersepadu kan?

    Haji M Zin, PIBG veteran
    Alor Gajah DPH