Tuesday 10 November 2015

Stupid war chart and a nice but melancholic lunch

Not feeling very motivated today.

Really nothing significant to write.

I don't know how some people can keep on repeating themselves on certain issues over and over again.

I find it tiresome.

Wish there's something new to write about.

Unfortunately there was none for now.

The only remotely interesting thing that happened today was when someone showed me a so-called chart of  cybertroopers who are serving PM DS Najib Razak.

I almost laughed when I saw it.

Rocky was one of those on the chart and according to it, he supposedly was in command of several prominent bloggers.

That's really bullshit.

Rocky doesn't work that way.

I know that because he never commanded me to do or write anything from the first day I started blogging.

Sometimes I described him as my blogging captain but that's not because he gives me instructions and stuff.

It's because he gives my blog the exposure in his blogroll and once in a while I sought his advice on certain matters.

He also helped me a couple of times when I was in serious trouble.

But he definitely never told me what to write in my blog.

As far as I know, it's the same case between him and the other bloggers.

Well, if you don't believe me, go and ask some of the prominent anti-Najib bloggers who used to hang out with Rocky.

I'm quite sure they will tell you the same.

As for the others on the chart, I don't really know them.

Anyway, today I had lunch with my ex.

Since I'm on a carbohydrate diet, we just had some chicken and salad.

We are still good friends and meet once or twice a month these days.

I wish he still loves me but he is not.

But I'm contented.

At least I can still see him once in a while.

I still enjoy having him telling me to care for myself and stop smoking.

Today he even brought me some traditional medicine for my ailment.

After lunch, he went to pick-up his beautiful Singaporean GF at KLIA and I went home.

Somehow I don't feel like going around alone these days and rather be at home if I got nothing better to do.

So, that's about conclude my day for today.

And as usual with my rambling nonsense, here's a song for the night,

Cheers and sweet dreams.


  1. Alamak boringnya...asyik cerita ex..
    "I don't know how some people can keep on repeating themselves on the certain issues over and over again,"....

    I find it tiresome and overdose...

    1. Ok, next time I will tell you about my lunch with Valentino Rossi.

    2. Bagi dia chance la brader, hehe.

      Dia dah fedap dgn people repeating over and over again meaning the political stuff, jadi dia nak tulis yang tak political le.

      Tu le masalah nya bercampur dgn those on the war chart, haha.

      But, really, I have no problem with them, except a few who "suddenly became very-pro Najib" and started rough and antagonistic replies to comments in their blogs in recent times. So, ada yang no comments at all to their posts sekarang.

  2. i wish u would stop being negative and pathetic all the time...geez..

    1. Errr...I will try...sorry...

    2. This is the Malay in you, Annie.

      We need to be DAP Red Beanish at times. Just accuse wildly, no substantiation, no justification and no need to say sorry.

      Ever said sorry to your b/f? They used to say love is never having to say sorry.

    3. Dalam kes ex bf, cuba hayati mesej pantun dua kerat ini yang telah diubahsuai ini,

      Pingan tak retak nasi tak dingin,
      Engaku tak endak aku pun tak ingin!

      Selagi Annie tidak dapat menghayati mesej pantun tersebut, perhubungan yang dibina akan datang tidak akan ikhlas! Hubungan lepas akan sentiasa menghantui perhubungan yang baru!

  3. Hi Annie,

    "kecuali & kebetulan.." entry pembuka intisari blog kali ini seakan dan serupa, yaitu mengenai "les feuilles mortes aka Autumn leaves.

    "I wish he still loves me but he is not.

    But I'm contented." benarkah..? atau berselindung disebalik tirai hati yang telahpun lusuh.. !

    "tu ne peux commencer le prochain chapitre de ta vie si tu relis sans cesse le dernier"/you can't start the next chapter of your life, if you keep re-reading the last one"

    "Never let the SADness of your past and the fear of your future RUIN the HAPPIness of your present"

    Oleh itu Annie, teruskan mimpi-mimpi yang tersangkut itu supaya terlerai bebas menjadi kenyataan yang telah ditakdirkan keatas destin/destiny/nasib dari tidak terus menjeratkan diri sendiri dan stop merokok: Tidak manis dan memudarat-bahayakan kesihatan !

    La Môme E Piaf...

    à plus

    1. Who said "you can't start the next chapter of your life, if you keep re-reading the last one"?

      Just continue to say I love you to the fellow but have another b/f on the side. When the b/f fellow grows to and genuinely loves you, drop him like a hot potato and focus on the other guy.

      Drastic? Inhuman? Why so when he has been so, innit? And Machiavellian-ism exists only in politics, not in love.

  4. i got an impending feeling that your ex still wanna be with you and he wants to be your bf but on the other side...you tak mau dia...

    >james bond

    1. How I wish...but nope, it's as I wrote.

    2. It's called two-timing if he does to you all that he does to her, Annie.

      But it's ok just to meet for lunch and nothing on the side. Side orders at lunch are ok but not other things on the side!

      Have a good day everybody - when dawn breaks, that is.

    3. Her ex still love her. The only problems for Annie's relationship to go further due to her ex do not see the goodness in becoming muslim. Her ex love to drink alochol and eat pork. Looking at the need to pray 5 times really put it off for him.

      Annie should have shown to her ex, the great akhlak and pray to Allah for annur. Younnever knows what they will become.


    4. Funny, Mr Bond, my reading of the situation is the other way around.

      It is our forlorn Annie who is hounding after the ex, still keeping high hopes that he will find a place somewhere in his heart for her. She seems destined for a prolonged heartbreak.

      Still in denial mode, eh Annie.

    5. Yet there are times when one thinks that Annie's mention of her ex is just a part of her clever strategy in attracting readers and commenters.

      Any one wants to admit having an online crush on Annie knowing that she does not have a steady b/f, hehe


  5. Yes there's so much more of the world adinda Ms Annie
    besides So-po and the Ex(?) and you are talented writer.

    Just a suggestion, tell us Malays what you understand of Chinese philosophy
    or what makes you laugh, boleh?

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. She can tell only half. Coz she is only half Chinese, hihi.


    2. Both Sides Now, from Judy Collins 1967 :

      ".. Tears and fears and feeling proud,
      to say "I love you" right out loud
      Dreams and schemes and circus crowds,
      I've looked at life that way
      But now old friends are acting strange
      they shake their heads, they say I've changed
      But something's lost but something's gained
      in living every day

      I've looked at life from both sides now
      From win and lose and still somehow
      It's life's illusions I recall
      I really don't know life at all"

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  6. Auntie Annie is a woman, isn't she? Therefore, no matter what, her emotion gets the better of her. Fikir lain, cakap lain, buat lain, therefore, she is funny in making rojak. Denial syndrome macam pak lah gak. A bit like najib, admitting without confession. Aku pun ikut melalut.

    1. I strongly object to this. Not Annie, hihi. Fikir lain, cakap lain, buat lain are only the DAP fellas. Known for a long time as Cakap tak serupa bikin fellas.

      DAP are also good in making rojak - Pakatun they declared dead, now they have this rojak called PANTAT - Negeri people say it's backside.

      Sometimes PAS in (Azmin would love that, otherwise his Selangor gomen tumbang), sometimes no (Lim Guan Eng emphatically say no), Makcik Jijah says kamsi kamsa.

  7. Annie,

    Nothing interesting to write ?

    You could have picked up the vape fiasco .

    Uncle Maniam said his ministry shall make laws to regulate vape.

    Then his officers went gung ho and raided dem vape joints and consficated dem vapers toys and tools.

    Ismail Sabri of Low Yat 2 fame said dem vapers generate millions of ringgit in revenue and should be encouraged to continue to attain global status.

    Then the religious authorities said a study shall be done to determine if a fatwa is required for dem poor vapers.

    KJ the chameleon, in classic Oxford style told Uncle Maniam rokok, cheroot and rokok daun (Daunhill) must be completely banned as well.

    Now Uncle Maniam tells vapers can continue vaping but must buy their stuff from pharmacies because the candu is classified as racun.

    And all these happened in a space of 7 days.

    Can you see the kind of people we have in the cabinet ?

    And these are the people in whose hands (and heads) the fate of the nation (youth) is being handled.

    I no smoke vape.....but how would the vapers feel with such nonsense ?

    1. But the Pakatun now calling themselves PANTAT are no better lorr.

      DAP don't want PAS in, Azmin wants, fearing his Selangor gomen will crumble. Azizah neither here nor there.

      PAS themselves - the top says they are out, the new No.2 says they are still in the Pakatun, sounding not accepting that Pakatun is dead. Sure lah, because they hate the Harapan founders.

      So, all are haprak. Because Najib is leading. UMNO should replace him and UMNO/BN will run the country better - without him.

  8. Hah, you are referring to the war chart people when saying you don't know how some people can keep on repeating themselves on certain issues over and over again, eh?

    They have to repeat over and over again because the facts are scarce, Annie. Najib has not been saying anything beyond "I never take money for personal gain." That's the only fact there is on the RM2.6 billion, don't you agree?

    And here is the scientific reason why people repeat themselves over and over again - stimulus and reaction.

    Stimulus = something that incites to action or exertion or quickens action, feeling, thought, etc

    Stimulus = a thing that arouses activity or energy in someone or something a spur or incentive.

    So, when people stimulate, you react. When he holds your hand, you blush, or feel loving, or mentally say to his g/f padan muka, hehe

    Similarly, when DAP blokes demean the Malays or the Government or the country, you hit back - as often as they say them. Even if it means repeating over and over again.

    And the DAP Red Bean buggers do make "wild accusations without substantiation or justification" over and over again, especially before PRU13. See what happened when not enough UMNO/BN people repeat over and over again directly to counter them, especially in the vernacular languages - UMNO/BN lost the popular votes. That must be very clear, wasn't it?

    1. Other reasons why people repeat themselves over and over again -

      1. Blog readers are not constant, meaning not the same flers every time. You wanna ensure every fler who visits the blog, especially on the particular post, reads what you say, even if it's meant for a specific bugger(s)

      2. You run into duds, dudes, the hard-headed or the no-headed flers. DAP buggers are often like those. You wanna try knock their heads so often that it'll dent a bit some place and the message(s) go in

      3. Repetition is part of the propaganda war. Don't believe, ask Mao Zedong or his disciples who are not dead yet, although communism is about dead now. Or just ask Lim Kit Siang and son Guan Eng.

      4. There is the Malay saying, cakap 44 kali, nanti jadi. Don't say to the Hokkien gangsters, though, coz 44 means double death.

      5. You want to sharpen your mind - repeating it over and over again sharpens it, hehe

    2. And of course you repeat over and over again to get the attention of as many as possible UMNO ordinary members, Branch C'ttee members, Division C'ttee members, of not just the main UMNO body but also the Youth and Wanita Wings.

      Then the Division Chiefs, the UMNO Supeme Council, the UMNO Presidential Council.

      The message: replace Najib ASAP. Otherwise lose PRU14.


    3. Yeah outsiders go on repeat, Sdr ANON 11: 43
      and repeat and repeat but UMNO has its own mantras
      and one is, the Division Chiefs will in-sya-Allah not loosen the nuts on the wagon wheels with them still enjoy riding it.

      Siapa Tun Dr M(?) dan TS Muhyiddin,
      and plenty all outsiders? Just fix UMNO come GE-14.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    4. We will wait a bit more if the new AG will "repeat" his silence about initiating a meeting to re-activate the Special Task Force on 1MDB which he said has not been disbanded. And to see if the MACC Commissioner and the IGP will repeat what they have said to that effect 3-4 weeks ago.

      And if the Bank Negara Governor will repeat the order to 1MDB to bring back the US$1.83 billion fraudulently remitted abroad to be brought back to the country.

      And if the new PAC Chairman will repeat the former Chairman Nur Jazlan's findings on the poor auditing of 1MDB and mention of Jho Low.

      And if the Auditor General's Final Report will be the same white-washing as was expected of the Interim Report.

      But come year end, not just we but the whole of Parliament will demand to see the PAC table its own report to Parliament as expected. That time we will just lash and lash so long as it's within the law.

      InsyaAllah works both ways. PAS held Sembahayang Hajat to KO UMNO and UMNO/BN lost the popular vote at PRU13. There have been several Sembahayang Hajats done even by those doing the investigations on 1MDB.

      All the non-partisan and a substantial number of UMNO people want now is for Najib to be replaced. But Allah knoweth all. And who are you to be asking "Siapa Tun Dr M(?) dan TS Muhyiddin and plenty all outsiders"?


    5. Yeah just continue live in hope, Sdr ANON 18:44
      for the A-G as there is nothing you can do, OK?

      “ If A-G sees a horrendous crime involving billions of dollars but it involves someone above him, then he can decide he is not going to take to court then there is nothing you can do”

      -- YAB Tun Dr M on November on 11th 2015

      So it may not be what I wish but DS Mohd Najib will prevail unless he cuts his losses and let DS Dr Ahmad in-sya-Allah lead the GE-14 kan?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  9. You "almost laughed" when you saw the war chart - some aspects were true?

    Sure, leadership there does not mean giving instructions like Lim GuanEng's Press Secretary does to DAP Red Beans. Maybe the fler who drew the chart meant that Rocky is the most important or influential of them.

    Though I get the impression that Rocky also has been having less comments than the time when I often peeked into his blog, months ago.

    Well, not wanting to keep on repeating on certain issues over and over again, I bid you ............ Good Morning.

  10. Are you afraid of being vulnerable? Don't we all need a real reference point and right values in life?



  11. Aii yaa Annie !, Wa lasa manyak cembulu maa aa , hati lasa manyak sakit lor rr .

  12. Annie. just Google Najib Razak & Rocky Bru.

    rocky Bru byk dpt sponsorships & incentives from Najib la. look at all his so called CSR program.. the motorbike ride etc etc. look at the sponsors Annie.

    all of this happened after his blog backup 1MDB. byk duit dia dpt (not directly lah. incentives.. the sponsorship for his motorbike ride. etc etc)

    Rocky Bru. he's the boss among the group we call 'The Delusional Presidential Blogger'

    1. No mention of anything before the CSR program? Just asking.

    2. http://www.gmomf.org/kembara-bumi-suci-expedition-to-the-holy-land/

      1MDB dah sponsor byk Rocky Bru punya programs. it's a no brainer that he will backup stupid Najib.

      byk motorbike dia dpt free. but rocky said it's not rasuah la. it's incentives. lol

    3. yeah. his main sponsor was 1MDB. back in 2014. I was at the official ceremony with zahid & Najib.

      it's basically a fully sponsored cross country motobike trip across Europe. yg pegi pon semua member dia.

      it's not rasuah per say. but oh well. as long as he sleeps like a baby at night

  13. The blogger with bloated ego and your boss has written about the chart as well. It seems his head is getting bigger and bigger daily. Thats what happens to an ex journo with an inflated ego.

    1. To be fair to him, he was a good journo and editor. But he must have fallen foul of the "politically correct" syndrome.

      It's so damn difficult to be politically correct these days. You are correct one time and not another time. That can happen in a matter of months, weeks or even days.

      Depending on which path the "hidden hands" take and which side the wind blows. Most of all, which number Mr Cash Is King calls.

      The new AG has said in an interview with Malaysian Insider (wonder if that was the politically correct thing to do) that he was called by Najib himself to fill the post of AG. Some lucky guy.

  14. Well, when 'Cash is King', I'II just keep my mouth shut.
    No money, no talk, they say

    Anyway, Najib is just not fit, even to be the opposition leaders, after GE14.

    Thank You Annie, for posting my comments, all this while.

  15. I think you still love your ex very much.He is not the only men in this world! Go hang around and you will be surprise there are so many good men out there who are still bachelors!

  16. The Girl at the Train Station by Paula Hawkins.

    You should read this book. The main character bears a striking resemblance to your personality.