Thursday 5 November 2015

Won the battle but not yet the war

The active rebellion against PM DS Najib Razak seems to be tapering off.

In his latest posting

Game Over: We have won!

Rocky wrote,

Of late, even the Tun's attacks on the Prime Minister have been rather subdued. The lieutenants seemed to be taking longer breaks in between postings and potshots; perhaps they have tired themselves out with their heavily recycled accusations and run-of-the-mill questions. We all are. Tired,

I made the same observation in this previous posting,

Let's not be silly and stupid

as I noticed that the frequency of blog postings among my rebel friends had slowed down significantly over the past weeks.

Despite that, I believe the unhappiness of many with Najib and his administration will persist.

Najib and his people should not lie to themselves. The trust deficit is still there.

In that sense, the rebellion has indeed done great damage to Umno and Barisan Nasional.

Even if the pro-Najib camp managed to totally vanquish the rebels, they will face an uphill task to win back support of those disillusioned by what happened these past few months.

From the start of the open rebellion, I have advocated a soft approach on both sides as I fear that a no holds barred fight would do irreparable damage to BN's chances of retaining power after the next general election.

I had wrote about the need for a dialogue between the warring factions and finding a peaceful solution to the conflict.

I was against both sides attacking their opponent in a manner which will leave lasting scars which will prevent them from getting back together before facing the real enemy which is the opposition.

Unfortunately things turned out to be the opposite.

It was an all out war, actually.

I tried my best to take the middle ground to blunt the severity of the attacks coming from both directions.

Of course my blog being an insignificant anonymous one was of little influence. But I did try, nonetheless.

My stand throughout the whole thing was that even though I'm not attacking Najib, I will defend Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

For me, attacking the 90-year-old statesman, who is loved by quite a large portion of Umno supporters and ordinary Malaysians was the worst thing the pro-Najib camp had done.

They should have engaged Dr Mahathir with finesse and intellect instead of what they did, which I can only describe as crude stupidity.

I feel that the pro-Najib's camp's approach was rather shallow and lack the necessary imagination.

Now, I'm quite certain that those who love Dr Mahathir will not be voting for BN as long as Najib leads Umno and the coalition.

For me, the bottom line has always been on winning the next general election.

The nonsensical attack against Dr Mahathir was actually so unnecessary, as I knew after the opening two or three weeks of the rebellion, the pro-Najib camp will win anyway.

They hold all the important cards from the start.

And true enough, when push comes to shove, they used those cards to shut down all avenues for the rebels to bring down Najib.

Najib also clearly made it known that he would not surrender to the rebels, no matter what.

They won the battle with the rebels because of that and not because they are smarter or more persuasive in their arguments.

Therefore, despite their apparent victory now, I also feel that they had lost the fight for public perception.

The Najib camp now seriously need to think of how to turn around the trust deficit suffered during these past months of fighting the rebels.

Honestly, I don't know how they can do it.

Then again, I'm not an expert.

Maybe there are among the highly paid Najib's people who know how to do it.

Maybe all those hot shot big time editors at the mainstream media have the experience on how to turn things around and make Najib popular again.

Well, for one they can use their newspapers which were read by millions to convince the public.

TV3 can help too, I guess.

Yea...I'm merely guessing all that.

I just hope that they don't do the same mistakes of doing things which make the people hate Najib more like what they did while fighting off the rebels.

They should also keep in mind that the rebels will continue taking pot shots at Najib, bit by bit chipping away support from their boss.

Their pot shots may look insignificant but over time it will hurt nonetheless.

I talked to one of the rebels the other day and he told me that a single posting against Najib in his blog can garner up to 20,000 pageviews after it was linked by one of those pro-Dr Mahathir's Facebook pages.

I think the Najib camp should worry about that.


  1. Frankly Annie, my families and I have voted for BN as long as I could remember but not the coming PRU. I don't think I could tolerate the mountains of mistake they hv made. Should allow some new leaders from some other parties to lead this country,

    1. Don't blame UMNO, the party that has been of great service for about 60 years. Blame Najib. Let's keep on shouting, pleading, urging and clamouring for UMNO to replace him ASAP.

    2. The danger of allowing other partiies to lead this country is that it could be much worse. If Anwar comes in, remember that he walloped RM3 billion as Finance Minister before.

      Read the Statutory Declaration by Murad Khalid, Assistant Governor, Bank Negara, who was made responsible to look after Anwar's needs as Finance Minister, who has purview over Bank Negara. Google those words and you'll get to the SD.

      And if the Oppos win at PRU14, the PM then would arrange for a pardon for Al Juburi (like Tun Dol did before), takes over as PM, and he'd run havoc to balas dendam by way of amassing tens of billion Ringgit wealth and scores of handsome young boys at condos and lobos.

      Otherwise, if Mat Sabu wins, hell, the seditious, subversives and communists will be heroes ...... crazy fellow saying communist Mat Indera who burnt Balai Polis Bukit Kepong is a wira.


    3. Ini kali mau UBAH maa aa , itu Bulayu cekap eaa aa ,'satu ekor kerbau bawak lumpor ,semua terpalit ' maa aa , Najib buat kotor ,UMNO mesti habit punya lor rr .

      UMNO habit BN habit ,itu Uncle Lim ,pasti manyak gumbila punya maa aa .

      Game is over ,battle is won , Najib pasti manyak syok ,tapi Wa ingat itu Uncle Lim pasti lagi shok .

      Manyak kesian Bulayu , baca sejalah Melayu .

    4. Out of pity for this bloke talking like a kera sumbang, mentioning Kit Siang and saying mau ubah entah apekenama nye, for so long tak di peduli orang di sini dll blog, I will response one time now.

      What are you talking, stu? What do you mean "Manyak kesian Bulayu , baca sejalah Melayu"? Are you making fun of Melayu? You want us make fun of you and your kind? You'd cry if and when we do.

      You can say anything you want any funny style you want. But when you talk of ubah the Oppo Hippo way or say things that appear not kind to the Malays, we'll whack you prim and proper, do you hear?

      I'll let you pass this time. But I'll piss you the next time. So, watch you words.

    5. Najib advertised himself on CNN just now - I didn't bother to know what about. Must be a huge bill, advert on CNN.

      Question is: will that be paid from the RM2.6 billion or from the Budget of PMO, or Said Keruak's Ministry or what?

      And who does he target the advert to? Malaysians watching CNN or Americans reading WSJ and NYT?

    6. Dearest Annie, I am a Malay and of 69 years old. Najib has created insecurity among the Malays. He has destroyed all the trust that we have in UMNO all this while. We could tolerate the corruption among senior UMNO members. But the climax is that Najib has betrayed our trust in UMNO.

      I will be NOT be voting BN/UMNO in the coming election. I have advised my children to do the same. Hopefully UMNO and BN will fall deep. The current weak position of the Malays are the result of corruption in UMNO/BN government. Just look at the Malays in Johor. Very obvious isn't it. In fact currently the Indians are better off than the Malays. Our image and hopes have been suffering for since Najid hold the helm of this nation.

    7. This is not intended to offend 14:12 considering his age. But I do need to say that he needs to think that it's his children and grandchildren who will suffer if the Opposition is allowed in at PRU14.

      They are not a viable alternative. In fact, they are not an alternative at all. The country will be much worse off under them. Apart from endless fighting among the parties, they are mired in corruption, too.

      I agree with the opinion at 06:32 AM above. Anwar is corrupt - RM3 billion stashed away by banker and the Edge Media Group owner Tong Kooi Ong for Anwar 20 years ago is much bigger than the RM2.6 billion in Najib's accounts in 2013.

      Even DAP who talks against corruption is corrupt. Tengku Aziz who was ex-Bank Negara Adviser and, later, United Nations Senior Officer in New York, joined DAP upon retirement, believing that DAP was genuine in combating corruption, was appointed Vice Chairman.

      A year or so into the experience, he was completely disillusioned with DAP. The last straw for him was when Lim Guan Eng tried to bribe him by offering him, in lieu of renewal of his Senatorship on DAP ticket, a post in DAP's Think Tank and saying loudly that there were travelling allowances and expenses payable for that.

      Tengku Aziz shouted said that Guan Eng was "biadap" as he stormed out of the party. DAP anti-corruption nonsense, as far as Tengku Aziz was concerned.

      (Continued) ...

    8. Continuation for 14:12 PM commenter -

      Lim Guan Eng has been accused of sales commission corruption from the sales of Penang state land like the 100+ acres at Bayan Mutiara sold at RM1.07 billion. And that the money was kept in numbered bank accounts (no names on the accounts) at a Swiss bank branch in Singapore.

      Heck, no less than the then Selangor DAP Chief Ronnie Liu publicly complained of money politics by DAP higher ups and it led him losing the post to Teresa Kok. He said so at no less than the DAP Selangor Convention.

      Everybody is corrupt. But UMNO/BN has had 57 years of proven reliable service ruling independent Malaya/ sia, honouring practically all election campaign promises. Whereas some elements of Pakatan Rakyat even said campaign promises are only for campaign purposes and are no binding. Imagine that. And Pakatan could not even survive long - Lim Guan Eng kicked Hadi out and he and his father declared Pakatan dead without even consulting PKR.

      How to rely on a band of political adventurers like that to run the country better than UMNO/BN? Therefore, the thing to do is speak up endlessly about replacing Najib, not replacing the occupants of Putrajaya.

    9. I am of 14:12. Comments by 15:17 is quite rational. But if UMNO/BN remains under those who glorify their Bugis and Javanese origins, it is better that we risk change.Malays have become a community with tainted pride. Let us be sincere and honest to ourselves. In Johor privatisation means opening for non-Malays. A Ghani Othman betrayed us giving lands under Tebrau Teguh to the master builder under suspicious share swap.

    10. The point is, 68 % of the voters do not trust Najib's leadership anymore. They don't trust Najib because he is a thief and a corrupted leader in Umno/ BN. Who ever believe in Najib, they are thieves too.

      A branded thief is always a thief. That's what the voters are perceiving toward a day light thief.

      The 32% who support Najib say Najib is a good and fair leader but Najib's problem is his wife. No matter what, the voters seriously feel that Najib's decision making has been directly influenced by the First Lady, his wife.

      His reputation as Prime Minister is in the sewerage. The voters are ashamed of his very wrong doings to a point they cannot forgive him anymore and will stay till the next general election.

      How much Najib tries to appeal for forgiveness, they won't forgive Najib anymore and that is for sure.

      The damage has been done. It is hard to mend it. By the way, the point is not about Tun Mahatdir, it is solely about Najib, his wife, cohorts, 1MDB and the stolen money.

    11. 19:53,

      It's not a matter of "UMNO/BN remains under those who glorify their Bugis and Javanese origins", as others in UMNO are also Malay, as per the definition in the Constitution. More so of the Large Family of Malays that constitute some 350 million people - as per the books

      "The Malay Civilization" and "Tamadun Alam Melayu"
      published by the Historical Society of Malysia
      (that existed since British colonial days and current membership and executive c'ttee includes Professors of
      Malay studies, history, anthropology, sociology, archaeology)

      available at Wisma Sejarah (5 storey building owned by them despite being a non-profit organization)

      opposite IJN, Jalan Tun Razak, KL.

      Which community in the world is not with tainted pride. The Chinese have some 3,000 years of written history, but it's full of wars, suffering and miseries such that communism sets in and only became strong in the last 10-20 years.

      But I don't understand "A Ghani Othman betrayed us giving lands under Tebrau Teguh to the master builder under suspicious share swap." You would have to explain with facts and figures for readers to believe you.

    12. Not that "Najib's problem is his wife." It is he himself. If he has balls, he'd stand up to his wife. No matter whether, as some people say, di kasi makan nasi kangkang and what not, he grew up abroad, never lived in a kampong, therefore wouldn't believe with nasi kangkang, except what he has under his kelengkang.

      Actually, Najib does not lead. At home, he allows his wife to do what she pleases. At PMO, too, he allows his wife to do as she pleases. Having an office with a complement of staff, issuing statements like having "a legacy of wealth" that was shitted by Najib's own siblings.

      Never before has a PM's wife behaved like Najib's wife. True, Najib's name has become shit largely because of the wife. Buying hundreds of million Ringgit worth of properties with her son in New York etc that attracted the attention of the western press such as the New York Times. So, when Sarawak Report published the 1MDB explosive stories, of course NYT and WSJ exploited them in New York.

      And, through NYT and WSJ, Najib's and Malaysi's name became shit across the world. Najib must be replaced. Pronto.

    13. how can ah jib keep his power. of course umno and all the ministers support him even jb mp receive million. even ex pm cannot dethrone him. vice pm sack still umno back pm

    14. Gamuda the new bumiputera!8 November 2015 at 18:11

      More malays are exposed to the corruption of power of UMNO Ketua Bahagian. So things move slowly. We are all thinking how to assume Malay powers that have been stolen by keling kerala, tamil Azeez, Marican, Tekiu Nan etc.
      Its the lull before the storm. The Red Shirts are just a manifestation of Malays rising from the ashes of Najib Goldman Sach influence. Goldman Sach is a Jew company. Bloomberg the richest Jew in the US is the friend of 20 billion Christian Idris Jala biggest friend kipasing IDris Jala as the best Pemandu in the world.
      and Pemandu consisted of two thirds keling and Cina kafirs. That is the Government of Najib that must be eliminated slowly even if it means getting rid of UMNO.

      UMNO the brand doesnt mean anything now.when even the Deputy Presidents and Vice Presidents are not involved in policy making.
      Beside th 42 billions there are more 40 billions mega projects given to Gamuda Chinese, MMC Indian etc..
      The country is being robbed by UMNO Governemnt.

  2. Waiting for obama lah....

    1. Aku pikir Obama datang ke Malaysia jumpa Najib akan meloyakan lagi tekak ramai rakyat dan pengundi.

      Najib nampak mainkan Amerika dengan China. Ada masa nampak bebaik dengan China. Ada masa bebaik dengan Amerika, Main golf apekebende.

      Tapi aku rasa orang kampung pun dah tau bini dan anak tiri dia shopping bukan aje intan belian, tapi harta benda rumah, apartmen dan kondo di Amerika. Mana dapat duit, orang kampung pun dah boleh jangka.

      Orang kampung pun dah ramai pakai talipon bimbit. Kalau mahal nak simbang di talipon pun, senang nak janji nak jumpa simbang.

      Aku rasa ada yang simbah air ludah juga masa simbang. Kat sapa, tau le. Dia orang susah, tungkus lumus toreh getah, angkat kelapa sawit nak dapat berapa Ringgit. Ni ada orang hentam berjuta duit cukai. Yang aku selalu dengor dia orang kata orang kampung pun bayar cukai juga. Maklom aje le apa makna nya.

    2. Tak salah nak laungkan gantikan Najib. Asalkan jangan lemah semangat aje. Depa dah tepuk tangan ngaku menang konon. Belom tau lagi. Laporan odit besau dan PAC pun belom keluor.

    3. Specially to Anonymous 6 November 2015 at 15:17

      As government coffer had grown thin through years of wastage and pilferages, whatever left is being disputed between the warlords. Those underneath who are used to pieces of the cakes, will now turn against its master. Rocky might claimed that the war is over, but the Malays will never forget, they will strike when the opportunity arise, even at the demise of the race.

      Largely, UMNO no longer fight for the rakyat. Rakyat tak perlu di "bela" (e as in berak) tetapi hanya mahu di "bela (e as in betul) but those aristocrats don't care. Tun M is right, it is all about self preservations of the bangsawan and UMNO upper echelons. I shudder to think of their calamity they are facing in explaining to Allah SWT when the time comes.

      I am not as old as Anonymous 6 November 2015 at 14:12 but I don't really care about UMNO, It is time for them to go, too rotten to the core. The Malays will not be any worse off that what they are today, Insya Allah. My family and many of my vast circle of friends think the same too.

    4. Disagree with 0857.

      government coffer had grown thin through years of wastage and pilferages? Coffers always grow thin. Especially at each year end. So a new Budget is put to Parliament, approved and spendable the next year.

      Of course, if you allow the alternative like DAP and gang to replace UMNO/BN, Lim Guan Eng will sell State lands some more to refill coffers, like at Bayan Mutiara for RM1.07 billion.

      And DAP, PKR, even PAS also corrupt. Heck, the old man now Arwah Nik Aziz gave 10,000 acres Kelantan State land to Perak DAP Nga Ngor cousins as bribe to agree to Muhammad Nizar become "Menteri Besar Sakejap" before, remember?

    5. Anon 10:49

      You are talking from from your knee cap, not from the reality of life below the previleged. Yes, the opposition are no better but they are no worse either. UMNO can only get worse.

      I live in Selangor. Under Pakatan, at least public services such as road, public amenities and garbage collection much better than BN days. You just don't see wastage such as bonsai on road dividers.

      UMNO, enjoy your pickings while it last, not very long to go.

    6. 15:39,

      But you are talkig from Anwr A Juburi or Lkim Guan Eng's assol. The only not smelly thing that you said is "Yes, the opposition are no better".

      Bullshit saying in Selangor road, public amenities and garbage collection much better than BN days. I live in Selangor also. Either you are in a constituency belonging to one of he Exco members or you are half blind.

      Obviously you are DAP or DAP kind. Singapore spends hell of a lot on landscaping. Malaysia tries that you shit. Choice of materials may be an issue but you don't know the prices of those on road dividers, do you? And of other expensive plants used for road landscaping.

      Don't be surprised if the bickering Selangor PANTAT fellas might lead to Azmin' s gomen to fall to morrow.

    7. Don't compare with Singapore lah.

      Do you that 70 % of local council budget in Selangor are spent on garbage management. In BN days, those money are spend of meaningless projects with overblown cost?

    8. DAP cannot be worse than UMNO because new Malay entity like Red Shirts are rising. They know UMNO have been stealing from the Malays and enriching the coolies Chinese as exposed by RockyBru richest 50 malaysians are chinese coolies.
      They are so rich that they can buy the police, macc or AG we dont know. They are so rich that the combine Malay Sultans are no matched for the wealth of even one chinese coolies on Rocky Bru list.

  3. Where got won the battle? Rocky saying so is part of the mind-forming attempt otherwise called propaganda trying to get people believe it's over, they have won, so it's pointless to keep on attacking Najib.

    No, not so. "subdued .. longer breaks in between postings .." are relative terms, their own perceptions. Note that he said " We all are. Tired, .." We, said he. Meaning the Establishment that he represents. For a force having RM2.6 billion resources to be tired is certainly worth noting.

    1. There must be a lot more of the RM2.6 billion not yet spent. MACC may have an idea about it. The retiring MACC Deputy Commissioner said a few weeks ago the MACC investigation on 1MDB "involves the most powerful person in the country".

      We must keep clamouring for the new AG to re-activate the Special Task Force which he said has not been disbanded. We just want to hear the truths, get Najib replaced and UMNO/BN continue to rule.

  4. It might seem tapered-of right now. But wait until the TPPA is signed and the public gets to know more in the details.

    Wait until the debt of Malaysian PFI hit the fans.

    Then the attack will intensify again.
    Anyway, do not worry too much, Annie.

    Whether or not, Najib resign, UMNO would still win GE14.

    Like Dr.M said; "The Malays are more afraid of DAP's winning the election" So they will still vote UMNO, and now, PAS.

    1. With people like 00:53 (a staunch UMNO supporter) below saying they will not vote UMNO/BN, there's no telling whether UMNO/BN will win PRU14.

    2. Aku tak reti sangat TPPA tu apa. Tapi aku tau 1MDB tu Bank Negara pun dah kata bersalah. Lagi pun yang RM2.6 bilion tuh tak masuk akal pun orang luor yang kasi.


  5. Oh yes, they can claim that victory is on their side, but they cannot claim the truth.

    And yes, they can buy over, cajole, coax, sue, threaten, transfer, terminate, fire or imprison anyone deemed as a threat to them, but they will never ever regain that trust.

    Come PRU14, and they are in for a rude surprise.

    They will be taught a lesson they will never forget.

    And I am saying this as a staunch UMNO supporter.

    1. Not that they cannot claim the truth. Najib doesn't want to tell the truth. The source, the purpose of the RM2.6 billion, etc.

    2. This is no UMNO that we know traditionally. Jib Gor's groupies have pawned away the noble soul of UMNO to satisfy their insatiable greed for gold and power at all costs - therefore ruining the rakyat.

    3. what about ministers support najib through thin n thin? still u vote for them?

  6. The threat of "investigating the 7", after the SOSMA "arrest of the 2" may have played a part in the "longer breaks in between the postings" of those who may be involved. But it's far from over. Even this battle. Not considering the war yet. Which might be long and protracted.

    The touted year-end Auditor General's Final Report and the subsequent PAC Report would tell the intensity of renewed attacks or lack thereof. Should there be white-washing of the wrong doings like those stated by Bank Negara, the public will make a hue and cry again.

    Meanwhile, the public is awaiting news about the Malaysian Police interviewing Xavier Justo in Bangkok and the new AG's response to the statements by the MACC Commissioner and the IGP about a meeting to re-activate the Special Task Force on 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion.

    1. Lagi depa ugut atau pakai cara kuku besi, lagi lah rakyat marah. Aku harap satu masa nanti dapat tau sapa dia tangan ghaib hidden hands tuh.

  7. Good that you wrote about the need for a dialogue between the warring factions and finding a peaceful solution to the conflict, Annie. Yes, it's unfortunate that things turned out to be the opposite.

    But do keep on trying to make both sides realize that the enemy is out there and PRU14 is just half a term away. No, your blog is not an insignificant one and the influence may be considerable as more and more views have been expressed, by knowledgeable and thinking people, too.

    The previous post is an example. Even an academician calling himself Professor Kangkong and others with good English and substantive comment content weighed in. And your pageviews have certainly increased a lot.

    I'd say well done. And as General Eisenhower would say to his Chief of Staff during World war II, "Carry on, General." Don't mind me, I'm no General. I just like to whack wrong doers in general.

    1. Yang pakai BM pun ada masuk mcm komen aku nih. Aku rasa Professor tuh pakai nama Professor Kangkong sebab sengaja merendahkan diri.

      Melayu selalu buat camtu. Ultra kiasu DAP pun ambik peluang le ngata depa lebih pandai dan mcm mcm. Yang sekolah SJKC pun.

  8. "Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death."

    - Sun Tzu

    1. Ever thought that Najib is following this advice, too? Except that he uses money, positions, etc as bait. RM2.6 billion, beb.

    2. Najib? He has perverted the meaning of "loving father"! He's sold his soul to the devil.

    3. what about his party umno? the party still wants to be ali' s forty thieves. remember jb mp receivd a million

    4. Aiyyo, Ah Beng, you don't know that DAP also got money politics arr?

      Or refuse to remember Then DAP Selangor Chief Ronnie Liu complained at a Selangor DAP convention that DAP Kit Siang and Guan Eng used money politics to get him out and get teresa Kok into the DAP Selangor Chief post.

      And they said Guan Eng collected many millions from the sale of state land in Penang like the 100+ acres at Bayan Mutiara sold for RM1,07 billion.

    5. U DAP red bean Ronnie liu crony?; your Ronnie liu in last week in dap selangor erection get very high votes and now in dap Selangor committee. You copy umno style of politics last week?

  9. This is your best post in recent times, Annie. Balanced, constructive, respect for elders, etc.

    Well done. Keep it up, baby (can this word be female for beb? hehe)

  10. Annie uses the words "trust deficit". Polite, diplomatic. Annie should be a Diplomatic Officer at Wisma Putra. Only ask her to forget her ex and don't allow men to cheat her friend promising love for sex. All hell will break loose when that happens.

    As far as I am concerned, it's "the absence of truth". How can it be otherwise? All these while - since 2013 - all that Najib said of the RM2.6 billion is "I have never used money for personal gain." Absolutely nothing else.

    Dia anggap rakyat semua bodoh. Tiada ma'af bagi nya. UMNO mesti gantikan dia.

    1. Kesian roh Tun A Razak yang di cintai. Do goda dek anak sulong nya Ajib.

  11. Not all are "potshots". Many are targeted, well-aimed, even using telescopic lenses, especially on what FLOM and her son Riza been buying, hindreds of million Ringgit apartment and other properties in New York, Los Angeles, Hollywood, etc.

    Goodness even Najib's siblings took aim. They wrote a signed statement denying the "legacy of wealth" shit spewed by the PMO on the sudden wealth displayed by FLOM and son. And Nazir of CIMB continued attacking 1MDB after that, criticizing on audit matters.

  12. Not that Najib and his people "lie to themselves". Najib would know the facts but has turned "Three Monkeys" - No see, No hear, No talk.

    "His people" have no clue on details of source and purpose of the RM2.6 billion, simply mumbling, some - especially the "suddenly pro-Najib" ones - using harsh, unfriendly and antagonistic tone. The gabage they put out range from an Arab oil Sheikh to Arab prince, and the purpose ranging from to fight Al Qaeda, ISI, even DAP. Ridiculous. Ludicrous.

    The difference between "ludicrous" and "ridiculous": Both terms are used to indicate absurdity; the subtle difference is that ludicrous means amusingly so, and ridiculous means inviting ridicule or mockery.

    1. You guys notice so many "sudden" happenings during Najib's rule in recent times? Sudden removal of Gani Pattail from the AG's post, sudden transfers of MACC and Police Senior Officers, sudden pro-Najib stance of many of the Top 10 bloggers.

      I'm waiting for the "sudden replacement" of Najib as UMNO President/PM.

  13. i think those wanting to not vote BN next term, should let Bugis knows. bugis and his team of moroniacs. let it be known to him why you are not voting BN again.

    and who are you calling rebels? the ones trying to get rid of bad people or the ones who doing things contradicting to the values of the party?

    1. Jangan marah UMNO sampai tak undi BN le. Marah Najib aje, mintak UMNO gantikn dia.

      Selalu kita jeritkan, tergerak jugak hati lebih ramai Ketua Bahagian ke, Majlis Tertinggi ke.


    2. UMNO tatak mau buang Najib maa aa , kalau mau buang Najib mau buang UMNO sekali maa aa , tatak bolih pilih - pilih lagi lea aa .

      Sikalang memang itu macam punya ,mau UBAH ,betut-betut punya UBAH lor rr .

  14. I think you were right...people who love DrM would not vote for BN if Najib remain...I would be the one..

    1. I love dr M. And goodbye to bn

  15. Hi Annie,
    Love this song from Amir, thumbs up bro....

    Mana Hilang 2.6 Bintang - Amirudin Hizadin

  16. Najib is going down. He's taking UMNO along with him. And its members allow it. It is done. Now everyone is waiting to finish off all this stupidity in 2 years time. Their minds have already decided. And the corrupts think they can get away easily with tons of money they got indecently. Justice will always catch up to them. Here or in the hereafter.

    1. Aiseh, talking like a Tokong, eh? Like you know everything, eh? You attended DAP school arr?

  17. Annie, it would be good if you do a survey of this.

    Not only by TDM admirers, but also to those yang 'adil dan berfikir'.

    Untuk kebaikan semua; better kasitau awal2 untuk rujukan dan tindakan berkaitan.

  18. On the first day he become PM, we already had a glimpse, whats coming from the dimwit. He redesigned the coins, rendering havoc on the usage of vending and ticketing machines.
    Maybe in prelude to his 1Malaysia ideology, he had manage to erase the Malay identity from the coins without much fuss. No more gasing, congkak and Wau bulan. More conclusive, maybe?

    Not to mention that submarine purchase when he was Defense Minister. Buta-buta, the Rakyat had to pay hundred of millions to 'orang-tengah' Razak Baginda to 'negotiate' with the French Sub-maker. Why the hell he do not want to use gomen's officers, only God knows.
    One thing is sure: Altantuya would haunt Najib and BN, come GE, every 5 years or so.

    1. I like the word dimwit. And maybe he is also hard headed wit. Or just plain stupid. Sure so if he erased evidence of Malay culture.

      Anybody heard he had a Chinese wife for a brief period? The girl living in Taman Tun Dr Ismail KL when he was in Education Ministry or something. Before Rosy. Said to have a child by her. Maybe the son he sent to study in Beijing. Am not accusing, just asking.

      If so, maybe the influence of that wife. Bending backwards to please the Chinese yet got the Chinese tsunami.

    2. Haunt Najib every 5 yrs or so? God forbid. Not the haunting but the staying for "every 5 years or so".

      He must be replaced. Soon. Never mind the nay sayers. This is a free country, we can say it as many times as we want.

    3. Another thing about the new coins; they are attracted to magnetic field. The older coins must have been made of pure stainless steel which do not stick to magnets. Maybe, the new coins are made of -cheaper material to compensate for the gold-colored finishing.
      Whether or not the new coins are reliable and safe, time would tell.

  19. Not everyone is waiting to finish off UMNO/BN. They just want Najib out. Ordinary UMNO members cannot do much but can shout for it. Rhey want UMNO/BN to remain in power forever.

    Can or not, we'll see in the coming months - even year. PRU14 is in another 2 1/2 years.

    1. Hoping for a series of snap polls to gauge the voters sentiment. The last by-election in Teluk Intan, BN barely scrapped through. This was before the full blown 1MDB debacle and the rm2.6B in the you-know-who personal account. It'll be interesting to note how it'll go this time around.

    2. Kalau betul nak ada "Rawang Move", boleh gauge lah, Jo. Tapi, kalau jadi, makna nya Azmin kena letak jawatan MB, sebab itu kawasan dia, kan? Melainkan perang dgn Jijah dah sampzi ke tahap itu.

  20. And the sad thing is the Malays will never be the same again. They have become minorities in power while being the majority in numbers. Our children and grandchildren will bear the brunt. Perhaps even us in our own lifetime. The future would perhaps be like this. Being 2 Malay firefighters among 200k others like the Malays of Singapore. Well maybe they are luckier, 2 Malays in a sector representing the success of a race. That is something. Down with all the corrupted leaders. Hope to see u guys in hell. The sooner the better.

    1. minorities in power? Says who? How do you count, man? Or woman.

      Pru 14 is still 2 1/2 years away.

    2. Pm, dpm, finance, home affairs, sultans, aging, immigration, banks, ports, some Darby etc are controlled by majority not minority. U always blame minority when the majority cannot answer the 2.6 billion. U scare of majority???

    3. Pm, dpm, finance, home affairs, sultans, aging, immigration, banks, ports, some Darby etc are controlled by majority not minority. U always blame minority when the majority cannot answer the 2.6 billion. U scare of majority???

    4. Ask umno, look how many ministers support the pm. The goodies have to be distributed

  21. All of my friends and family members who voted for BN in ALL past elections have openly said they will not be voting for BN anymore as long as Najib, Zahid and the other dunggus are still in power. We are Malays and we are tired of UMNO ruling us and making a mockery of everything. The days of UMNO ruling as they like is OVER!

    1. You don't sound Malay. You sound Pakatun coba menangguk di air keruh.

  22. Baffled by the statement the Malays are minorities in power? Says who you say? Well, says DAP, MIC, Gerakan n MCA. Want our support? Make us filthy rich n gave us powerful ministerial. How you say? Make policies in our favours. Contracts to be monopolied as in YTL n broadband. Simple. Make us the providers n the rest users. .The rich would be richer. Unchallenged by any competitors. Most of the contracts n projects would be always monopolised by the privileged few. The rest will get BR1M. Even some would be undeservedly.

    1. Hahahaha, says DAP. But how come MCA and MIC also in? Got links to statements reliably attributed to those representing them? Of course Achi, Minachi, Thamby, Chong and Beng will say but they don't count, Missy.

      You no hear claims that the Indians are even better wealth-wise than the Malays? They got 1 billionaire for 6% of the population, Malays got 1 millionaire for nearly 60% of the population, Achi. Where got fair? Astro given to Ananda Krishnan not a monopoly? What the ....

    2. Correction:

      Malays got 1 billionaire for nearly 60% of the population, Achi. Where got fair?

  23. The Malays are divided into UMNO, PKR, Pas, Amanah, DAP n Gerakan.. Some are prominent, some are stooges in their respective parties. Have I counted correctly Mr Anon?

    1. The Malays are divided into UMNO, PKR, Pas, Amanah, DAP n Gerakan? The handful of Malays in Amanah, DAP and Gerakan make you think those parties have divided the Malays by taking them as members?

      Aiyyoyo, which school you went? Susah lah to argue with you having that kind of logic, Achi.


  24. The Sarawak 11th state elections, Sdr Ms Annie
    will be the clearest indication of BN win or not
    for the state also has the most MPs and Ministers
    ( 31 seats )

    We only have to in-sya-Allah wait until 2016.
    Being critical of selected federal policies has stengthened TS Adenans local base although he has so far pulled the full support of Sarawak Bumi parties behind the PM.

    It is almost solely economic development catch-up there kan(?) so DS Mohd Najib is shoveling out appropriately more minsters and goodies for the 1.7+ million Sarawak Bumis.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  25. Annie,
    Sorry to say here that I once admired TDM,but not now
    His actions recently were aliens to his character before
    He had jilat his kahak sendiri and I am still puzzled why
    He kutuk Demos but now he joined them
    He despised foreign journalists or press but now he turned to them for assisstance to sabo the govt
    Most of the facts uttered by him esp in 1MDB were distorted,...42 bil...then 27 bil.......lastly no money missing
    He brought out Alantuya case which was some people compared him with having the mentality of Malaysia Mr Bean......[find yourself who he is]
    The last straw was when he started attacking PMs families...that was very ungentleman of him
    To top it all he even admitted that he han not enough proofs to pinned PM
    To commentators above barking that they will not vote UMNO again come GE 14,they are welcome,Ithink BN will not loose anything cos there will be others esp the rural folks and semi urban rakyat who are grateful and know how to berterima kasih[bersyukor]
    My advice to those who really hate Najib for reasons that they only knew,pse wait for the results of all the investigations that are ongoing now and do not rely on presumptions and speculations.If Najib alone step down does it guaranteed that all the problem that Malaysia faced now will be solved immediately and am very anxiuos who is this ultraman that will replaced Najib

    1. No need to say sorry so long as you are sincere, this is free country, and others are also free to dispute you in no uncertain terms.

      "those who really hate Najib for reasons that they only knew" - not so, Mister, the public also know the reasons. Mostly 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion reasons.

      wait for the results of all the investigations? When? PAC has not even started to meet, arguing about Tony Pua and all.

      Investigations "that are ongoing now" - how active are they? Why the new AG not yet responded to the MACC Commissioner and the IGP saying to the effect of initiating a meeting to re-activate the Special Task Force on 1MDB?

      do not rely on presumptions and speculations? If Najib not saying anything, how for people not to speculate? You realize that since 2013, all he has said of the RM2.6 billion is "I did not take any money for personal gain." Nothing else. Absolutely nothing else.

      You can't expect active human minds to suddenly go dumb like the 3 Monkeys Najib had been behaving - No See, No Hear, No See like already said up there.

      If Najib alone step down, it is guaranteed that things will move even better. Ever heard the statement that the Government moves even when there is no Government? Like during he elections when Parliamnet is dissolved and the Civil Service runs the Government.

      Not necessarily all the problem that Malaysia faced now will be solved immediately but sure like hell the investigations will go full speed, no hidden hands, no "sudden transfers" to scare them etc.

      No need ultraman to replace Najib - ultraman is only a cartoon character. We will have a real man - Muhyiddin, he is the Deputy President and by tradition over these 50+years, takes over when the President goes away. If bring in another man, it will kecoh some more - don't, just follow the natural process of succession.

    2. yes
      najib step down if not all, many of the problems will be solved. i can guarantee u.

      for example when a new better guy come he or she will order full transparent forensic on 1mdb. not one person will be spared. for example if the new better guy come and let every single honest people do their job and if..i really mean if okay... if the corrupt people and his wife are jailed, then people will sit up take notice. the world will take notice.

      this way all negative vibes will be totally wiped. uncertainties gone. new guy in town ringgit will become stronger

      then when they are jailed then people will forever be on their toes. no more hanky panky statement no more go out 4am to avoid pay toll or the rakyat 'want' slow internet speed. with these stupid people out of the main working group of the nation malaysia will be more progressive. everyone has own KPI to fullfill and with honest they will do work. no more minister KPI by updating blog.

      the opposition also will be fearful and respect to the new better guy. they will think 10-20 times to bring up something next time.

      all in all i think when najib goes down malaysia will be all right. after all malaysia peaked under someone else not najib

      so he is replaceable. easily

    3. Whatever you think of Dr.M is irrelevant.

      Najib announce the 'rationalization' of 1MDB's debt shows that its business strategy is irrational in the first place.
      When we already have Khazanah, why create another sovereign investment body?

      "A sovereign investment fund is an investment fund created or controlled by a government, usually of a country with trade surpluses and abundant foreign monetary reserves."

      Note: 1MDB's capital are all borrowed.

      Altantuya would likely not have the opportunity to infiltrate, sexually into the dealing of purchasing a submarine, if Najib as Defense Minister then, had utilized government officers instead of Razak Baginda.

    4. Correction:

      dumb like the 3 Monkeys Najib had been behaving - No See, No Hear, No Talk like already said up there.


    5. OK our ratings with WEF peaked, Sdr ANON 14:60
      alhamduli'Llah under him says DS Mohd Najib on September 4th 2015

      Ref. WEF link:

      What country comparison indices are we reading?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    6. Use Razak Baginda sebab ada kira le, Bang. Apa dia, tau sama tau aje le.

  26. Happy to read 1640 and 1652 comments also rebelling against Najib.

    So, who says the Najib camp Won the battle and The active rebellion against PM DS Najib Razak seems to be tapering off?

    Of course lah those "bought blogs" taper, cease, even suddenly become pro-Najib. Don't know how many of the Top !0 are like that.

    But those anti-Najib who don't operate blogs and only tumpang others' blogs are even more voluble when the "bought blogs" become arrogant, instead of helping explain things.

    But pity them, they don't have facts to explain with. Nobody is speaking. Most of all the main actor - Najib. And won't sue WSJ and NYT so that we can hear what's revealed in court. And Anina Langkawi, Khairuddin and Chang, and Ling Liong Sik cases not yet trial stage.

    So, we comment to the best of our knowledge lah.

  27. I think the definition RD put out above must be repeated - so damn important for the public to know and appreciate that Najib has been dubious, to say the least -

    "A sovereign investment fund is an investment fund created or controlled by a government, usually of a country with trade surpluses and abundant foreign monetary reserves."

    Note: 1MDB's capital are all borrowed.

    1. I copy-paste from wiki la, anon 17:22

    2. In Norway, all the money from oil is banked in sovereign fund for future generation. In future, when Norway's oil dries up, their children and grand children have money in sovereign fund. Here, the umnoputras care for themselves. They take 1000 for themselves and give 1 for rakyat

  28. Rocky sendiri isytihar menang dan perang berakhir. Dalam perang kena ada yang mengaku kalah baru dikira berakhir. Rocky yang letih kot. Sama juga dengan bigdog dan angkatannya yang semakin hilang kawan. Dengan kata lain mereka dipulaukan. Dan dari istilah itu sendiri mereka adalah minoriti. Mungkin letih dipulaukan menyebabkan Rocky buat pengisytiharan menang. Kurangnya bunyi bising bukanlah tanda kekalahan. Selagi Najib berdegil, Umno/BN semakin lemah. Semakin ramai orang Melayu khususnya telah berlepas diri dari kepercayaan hanya Umno yang terbaik untuk Melayu dan Malaysia. Semakin lama kemelut 1MDB berterusan, bilangan yang membebaskan diri dari kepercayaan itu dikhuatiri semakin meningkat. Sekiranya bilangan mereka cukup ramai, kemungkinan Umno/BN tersungkur dalam PRU tidak boleh dipandang ringan. Usaha untuk memenangi kembali sokongan hanya berkesan jika krisis diselesaikan dengan cara yang sepatutnya. Jika hanya penyelesaian kosmetik yang dibuat, mereka yang telah hilang kepercayaan kepada Umno/BN akan terus berpaling darinya. Rasionalisasi yang dicanangkan adalah contoh nyata penyelesaian kosmetik yang tidak menjawab masalah sebenar. Najib kena berundur, tidak ada pilihan lain.

    1. Memang mungkin Rocky yang letih. Dia bekas editor surat khabor besor, terlatih journalism di Englaaaaaand kata about dia ke apa. Mesti fasih dengan perinsip journalism who did what unto whom how when and where.

      Habaigh, fasal RM2.6 bilion dia tak tertanya tanya ke who how and what purpose. Memang le tak boleh nak harap journalism award atau Nobel Peace Prize ke. Mana ada mcm Washington Post yang siap dgn Deep Throat sebagai punca atau penasihat makumat rahsia suruh Follow The Money dsb nya.

      Di Malaysia cuma ada nate' hidden hands aje. Sudden itu, sudden ini, satu hapah maklumat tak dapat. Dah tu kena ugut plak. Yang aku tak faham tuh, ngapa si Rocky with that kind of journalistic background gi masuk kem Njib plak.

      Rasa nya aku faham, tapi tak leh cakap sebab Annie pandang tinggi si Rocky. Ok lah, itu hak dia.

    2. "Sama juga dengan bigdog dan angkatannya yang semakin hilang kawan. Dengan kata lain mereka dipulaukan."

      Bukan main angkuh hamba Allah tuh. Cakap kasar, tak boleh ada dissent di blog dia. Yang DAP Red Bean tu patut le dia halau. Tapi orang biasa pun, sebut SR, WSJ, NYT aje, dia melompat. Mana boleh camtu. Patut nya kasi penerangan le. Ulang berkali kali pun apa salah nya, sebab mesti ada yang tak biasa masuk, nak baca.

      Jadi, siapa yang komen di situ pun kata ko punya blog kami punya komen. Ko simpan le blog ko, kami bawak komen ke blog lain.

      Tak tau le dia sedor ke tak bahawa nilai blog dia sekarang dah merudum. Sebab dah tarak orang komen. Banyak pos yang langsung tarak komen sekarang. Kalau ada pun satu aje. Apa nilai nye camtu. Ramai orang masuk blog bukan nak baca pos, tapi juga nak baca komen.

      Itu le cerita nye blog blog kem Najib nih. Tak reti nak ambik hati peserta dan pembaca. Camna nak dapat sokongan utk Pokjib? Dahtu nak claim menang apekebende nye pule. Chiisshh.

  29. Wah, ini menggembirakan aku lagi. Setuju 100% apa yang di kata di atas.

    Nyata si Rocky ha nya menembak ke atas angin. Buang peluru saja. Nasib tak baik, kena burung yang terbang begitu tinggi, peluru pun tak tembus, ha nya bikin burung itu kentot atau berak, tahi nya jatuh di atas kepala.

    Aku rasa ada yang di antara Top 10 itu masuk blog Annie ni, baca komen kita. Mesti punya, sebab Annie pun member Blog House tuh, aku rasa.

    Bila baca, baru dia orang tau. Yang tak di beli kem Najib tu, takpa le. Yang di beli tuh, aku harap dia orang pening kepala, sakit perut, demam 2-3 hari sebab kena tamparan komen komen di sini.

    Bukan aku busuk hati. Cuma nakkan kem Najib tau bukan kita di sini ni boleh di goreng atau di temberang atau di keji atau di pandang rendah aje.

  30. Sedap kata kata berasiam tu - "Najib kena berundur, tidak ada pilihan lain." Setuju, setuju, setuju.

  31. Ntah la akak..dlu msa pak lah sya rasa tun jatuhkn pak lah sebab kebaikan utk umno dn negara tpi bla msa dato najib ni...saya rasa agenda tun dah lain dn sya nmpk tun dh x pedulikan psl umno dn negara asalkn dia dpt jatuhkan dato najib. Yes dato najib can do better to engage tun or with more finese tpi dgn tun its either his way or no way at all..

    1. Tak betul, dik. Kan Tun dah pigi jumpan Najib berkali kali dulu, bercakap, kasi nasihat. Kan Tun dah kata banyak kali. Dia orng tua pun, sebab Najib PM, dia pigi ke Pjabat Perdana Menteri, jumpa Najib.

      Tapi Najib taknak dengor nasihat dia pun. Bila kes 1MDB dan RM2.6 bilion pun, dia cuma tanya so'alan so'alan, mcm yang ramai rakyat nak ahu juga. Takda pun Najib nak beri penerangan, atau suruh 1MDB bagi briefing kpd dia.

      Di Amerika pun, bila ada kes hal besar besar di lakukan dek Presiden, bekas Presiden di kasi tahu. Mcm Barrack Obama dapat tahu aje Osama Ben Laden dah keok, dia talipon Presiden Clinton, George Bush dll kasi penerangan operasi dia.

      Najib tak berani. Sebab ada udang di sebalik batu 1MDB dan RM2.6 bilion tuh. Ko tak rasa gitu pun ke? Kalo Najib dah suruh 1MDB Board ke, management ke kasi briefing kpd Tun, tentu tak sampai mcm ni skarang. Mungkin Najib dah kena ganti sebab maklumat dari 1MDB incriminate Najib.

  32. TSMY as PM.....
    If he is PM material by now he is already PM
    After he was sacked as Deputy PM he should rally his supporters in UMNO,but this not happened because he knew he did not have grassroots support
    Through enough traditionally esp in UMNO politic the no 2 will suceed the no 1,but in what circumtances this tradition to be followed
    Now the no 1 is still commands the majority support from party members,so you think no 2 can just take over that easily.....use your brain
    You think TSMY is without contravasies.....find out yourself and I think Annie can give you the answers

    1. U got it wrong mate

      We are not going to the extent of Anyone But Najib. Just get him resigned first. It seems u are tying to tell who else after najib. Dont worry on that mate

      Its very heartening that u agree najib is replaceable. Thank you. He is replaceable. We can ask jamil khir to be next PM as long as he doesnt invent another 1company or receives some dubious money from arabman somewhere

      And ah jamil got to have no kitchen kabinet. And most importantly got Egg. Umno will help jamil khir on this

    2. 2134,

      You should thank, respect and support Muhyiddin. What he did - and did not do - were all for the love of UMNO.

      He raised questions and advice on 1MDB because he loved UMNO. He pointed out that the RM2.6 billion should not have been put into Najib's personal accounts because the UMNO President would be accused ll sorts, like he has been. If the money was for PRU13, worse still, the Oppo Hippos would whack UMNO for spending much more than allowed under the laws.

      He did not rally his supporters because it would have split UMNO much more than just him asking questions and giving advice on 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion.

      You cannot see all those arr? How come?

    3. 2134,

      "Now the no 1 is still commands majority support from party members"? Says who? The silent majority of the 3.4 million UMNO members do not support Najib. Only the Ketua Bahagian and Supeme Council members support. Many must have received money from Najib, like Ketua Bahagian Johor Bahru Shahrir Samad openly said that he received RM1 million. And Ketua Bahagian Pontian Ahmad Maslan was said to have received RM2 million. Corruption openly admitted. Done by no less than the UMNO President Najib.

      But who the kepala bengap says the "no 2 can just take over that easily"? Only you .....not using your brain

      Now you want people to believe you saying TSMY has "contravasies" ..... but you ask readers to "find out yourself". Isn't that the most stupid thing to do? Like DAP Red Beans do - accuse but ask people to find the facts. Pro-Najib flers have become like DAP Red Beans issit? No wonder Najib is in dire straits now.

    4. Najib must be replaced by Muhyiddin, the No. 2. Not by any other. Otherwise kecoh, kelam kabut in UMNO some more, factional fights some more.

      And if Teuku (the Achinese title, not Tengku, the Malaysian itle) Adnan instructing UMNO HQ to do the "investigations of the 7" is aimed at removing Muhyiddin, that is a damn despicable act.

      Teuku sure wants to protect his position. Never made a Minister before except under Najib. Najib goes, he goes. But Najib has to go. UMNO will suffer very, very painful death if Najib continues.

    5. Adnan a damn ugly politician literally

  33. "Tun dh x pedulikan psl umno dn negara asalkn dia dpt jatuhkan Dato Najib."
    Bukan kerana sayangkan UMNOkah yang TDM minta Najib berundur?
    TDM telah kemukakan beberapa soalan yang sehingga sekarang tidak mendapat jawapan yang memuaskan.
    Kerana soalan-soalan ini Tun dianggap tidak mempedulikan negara?

    1. Sokong apa Abang ni kata. Kalau Ajib berterusan sampai ke PRU14, lingkup UMNO/BN.

      Yang pro-Najib tuh, coba jawab le so'alan so'alan yang Tun keluorkan. Mesti mengarut punya. Duit dari Arab la, Putera Arab la, Sheikh Arab minyak la. Nak kasi RM2.6 bilion dengan gitu saja. .

    2. Mengarut amat sangat lah siapa yang mengata "Tun dh x pedulikan psl umno dn negara asalkn dia dpt jatuhkan Dato Najib." Kalau dah Najib nak lingkupkan UMNO tak mau berundur, mana tak nya Tun usahakan sehabis habis nya?

      Sampai sekarang, ini dia masalah Najib buat yang belom selesai:

      1. Buat sovereign fund 1MDB di 2009 walau pun itu biasa nya di buat bila negara mewah, amat berlebihan ekspot dan dana wang negara

      2. Bank Negara dah kata ada jumlah jumlah wang yang 1MDB hantar keluar negara menyeleweng dari kelulusan yang BNM beri - hantar ke ekaun lain, tak guna bank yang di sebut dalam permohonan/ kelulusan. Di arah di bawak masuk ke Malaysia semula sejumlah US1.83 billion, sampai sekarang belom dengar khabar tindakan nya.

      3. Yang di tuduh di SR, WSJ, NYT belom di jawab. Tak mau saman depa. Loyar WSJ dan NYT dah kata tak akan bikin senang Najib nak menang kalau saman depa, tapi Najib masih nunggu depa jawab sama ada akan kecualikan dari US Free Speech Act apkedarahnye.

      4. Kalo saman di Malaysia, tak dapat nak enforce keputusan Mahkamah kalau menang pun, bakpa nak pedulikan itu. Cari helah aje. Pada hal, menang aje, boleh tebus nama dia yang dah macam tahi bukan saja di Malaysia, juga di luar negara.

      5. Belom jawab apasal 1MDB tukar firma odit nya dua kali dlm masa yang singkat dan mutu kerja odit nya "at the lower end of standard practice", kata Pengerusi PAC dulu, Nur Jazlan, seorang kontan juga.

      6. Pegauam Negara (AG) baru belom ambil tindakan di atas apa Pesuruhjaya SPRM dan KPN kata yang bermaksud adakan mesyuarat Pasukan Petugas Khas menyiasat 1MDB yang AG sendiri kata tidak di bubar dan masih berfungsi lagi.

      7. RM2.6 bilion - sejak 2013 hingga sekarang, Najib ha nya kata "Saya tak ambil duit untuk faedah sendiri". Satu hapah lain tak cakap. Dari mana, sapa kasi, untuk apa, rakyat tak tahu.

      Banyak lain yang belom selesai.

  34. Wah, about 80 comments to this post now. Let it ride until as long as possible, Annie.

    This is a matter of national interest, so very important, overseas interest also, because WSJ and NYT wrote about it and last night BBC reported about the Police interviewing Tun Mahathir at his office.

    7 lawyers attended to Tun. 3 with him during the interview, others waited outside. The number coincided with the 7 UMNO members Teuku Adnan asked UMNO HQ to investigate.

    If that leads to the Tun being arrested, that'd be so sad and repugnant. As the "suddenly transferred" Deputy Director of the Police Special Branch said, he would never betray the Tun for all the good he has done for this country during his 22 years rule. And, as Annie said, he is a 90 year old man.

  35. Who said they are "potshots"? They are relevant facts, applicable quotes, considered, well thought-out and reliable opinions.

    Some of the writers can even write theses like for Master's or PhD degrees, like the humble Professor Kangkong who does not wish to one-up Annie by taking more space for comments than Annie does for her post.

  36. Last PRU I vote for BN, and so my wife.
    Next PRU, if najib still there, tak kuasa aku nak turun ngundi.

    1. Jangan lah macam tu. Turun lah, undi PAS.

    2. Oooooo orang PAS rupa nya si RD nih. Nampak nya menangguk juga di air UMNO yang keroh sekarang ye? Jaga jaga jangan dapat biawak, ye?

    3. Apa nak hairan. Daripada menyokong penyamun yang berlambak di PWTC, lebi baik aku sokong PAS. Parasite dan talibarut Al-Juburi semua dah disingkir. PAS sudah kembali suci.
      RPK yang satu hari dulu pernah menuduh Rosmah berada ditempat diman Altantuya dibom, pun sokong PAS.

    4. Oh. Lupa.
      Saya sepert RPK, menentang Hudud PAS.

      So....Annie jangan risau. Saya sokong sesiapa yang tak selesa bertudung. Panas-lembab di Malaysia ni.

  37. Continuing to reply to Anonymous7 November 2015 at 08:57 below here as the Reply function up there is not working -

    "government coffer .. whatever left is being disputed between the warlords"? You mean distributed? Not true. And who are "Those underneath who are used to pieces of the cakes, will now turn against its master"? You mean we here turning against Najib got pieces of the cake before? Nonsense.

    Now who on earth says the Malays will strike when the opportunity arise, even at the demise of the race? You would? Derhaka to bangsa? And negara? Like Anwarul al Juburi?

    You are very mistaken, man. UMNO will fight for the rakyat until kingdom come. Only Najib doesn't. He gives RM1 million to Shahrir Samad, RM2 million to Ahmad Maslan for support but not to the Rakyat That's why people are now asking him to resign or get him replaced.

    Tun Dol didn't do those but went sleepy and let his son-in-law rule fro the Fourth Floor. Even Tun Dol was eased out. Now people are trying to get Najib out but you already want to abandon the Malays? Are you made of any mettle? Or made of metal.

    1. Orang UMNO mana ada teloq nak buang Najib? Teloq depa dah di mortgage dengan 2.6b. Hang boleh berangan sampai Malaysia menang World Cup.

    2. Sebut "Orang UMNO" nih mesti puak sana nun. Hang pernah tengok ke teloq orang UMNO? Ooooooo mak, hang melompat nanti bila nampak.

  38. 0857,

    It doesn't matter if you don't really care about UMNO. It may be rotten - like other parties like PKR, DAP, too - but there are still good ones like Tun Dr Mahathir who are trying to de-rot it.

    Certainly it's not time for UMNO to go. It never will. The Malays will be worse off without UMNO. Relying on Insya Allah only is not sufficient for the well being of the Malays.

    Mat Sabu or Anwar Al Juburi won't care about Insya Allah. PAS is very strong on InsyaAllah but not only DAP, all the non-Muslims object to Hudud. So for you to face the future based only on InsyaAllah is not adequate.

    You have to do, to act, as even Allah will require us to do. And if you abandon UMNO before people manage to get rid of Najib, and just depend on InyaAllah, mana sense of responsibility kita to bangsa and negara.

    You should instead be persuading your family and your "vast" circle of friends to shout to Najib to resign or to UMNO to replace him. But if you don't, we know they are not many, anyway.

    1. When you talk about the future, you always say Insya Allah as only Allah know what will happen. It's not about leaving it all to Allah.

    2. Ada masa kalang-kalang ,itu pijat sutak telalu banyak maa aa ,sutak tatak bolih buat apa lagi lee aa ,lumah kena kasi bakar ,balu bolih habit lor rr .

      Tatak manyak pilihan .

    3. Apek aaaaa kalu marah pijat jangan bakar rumah.......kasi simbah minyak tanah sudah cukup semua pijat sudah mati - tak payah kasi bakar lor rr.
      Kasi bakar rumah itu tatak baik punye idea.....nanti kena duduk bawah jambatan!

  39. Annie says They should have engaged Dr Mahathir with finesse and intellect instead of .. crude stupidity. Mana depa boleh, mana depa ada finesse and intellect? In the cabinet pun tarak.

    Nazri Aziz is said to often have a foot in his mouth, a bouncer for Najib, having declared loyalty to Tun Dol, maybe taken in by Najib on that score.

    Zahid is said to have a PhD. Really? Genuine one like former Minister Dr Rais Yatim, who, when no longer Minister, went to study for a PhD in law at London University. Yet there has been so much talk of PhDs acquired thru the Internet, issued by institutions that didn't have a license to issue degrees in the US. The former (still is?) President of Dong Zong, administrator of Chinese schools, Yap Tien Sin, even used 2 PhDs. Waaah, terrer, the feller. Maybe wanting to show Chinese schools are best.

    Khairi Jamaluddin is Okspod fella but does not have good attention span, forgot his paw in law was PM, engaged in corruption, was found guilty of money politics by the UMNO Disciplinary Cttee.

  40. Annie feels that the pro-Najib's camp's approach was rather shallow and lack the necessary imagination.

    They cannot do better, Annie. They don't have the facts. Not even the basic facts like who donated, what for.

    So, the spin was purely on guess work, not even realistic imagination. Imagine, one bloke said the RM2.6 billion was for fighting DAP. Crazy.

  41. The bottom line has always been on winning the next general election. That's why Najib has to resign or be replaced. If he stays, it will be a loss.

    To get Najib resign or replaced, whatever that needs be said, must be said. It's not Machiavellian at all. Nobody speaks about doing unlawful things. Even Tun Mahathir dropping in on Bersih 4 was not with the intention of ousting the Government, only to get Najib resign or replaced. Democracy allows that.

    The Police reportedly asked him about what he said when there. 7 lawyers were there advising him what to say and not to say. To ensure nothing could be construed as bad intentioned or offending the law. So, he answered most of the questions and did not answer some, as advised.

    We want Tun Mahathir to continue to try and get answers on 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion. So that the voters would understand or action taken to their satisfaction and they will make the bottom line good at PRU14. Let not he be prevented from doing so as a result of the Police meeting him in his office the other day.

  42. Where got finesse? Salleh Said Keuak, the man in charge of disseminating information, got finesse? Alamak, terbalik le dunia if anybody says so.

    Even after appointed Minister, he still resorted to his blog to run down Tun Dr Mahathir. In words unbecoming of a Minister, also.

    Yet he has a whole, vast array of tools and budget to put Najib's image up and counter the accusations against the bossman. Including tv, radio, the national news agency Bernama, the written media.

    Tak jalan. Because the basic materials - the facts on 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion have been scarce. His predecessor could not do much, mostly grinning and going askance. But Salleh was worse - attacking the enemies instead of explaining and persuading.

    And in the process, Salleh was not defending Najib. If Salleh could not do it, how could the pro-Najib blogs do it? They followed suit and became antagonistic, hated and boycotted by the readers.

  43. You should check your Reply button function, Annie. Often not working like now when trying to reply RD's latest short comment.

    You need not publish this comment. Txs.

    1. Trying soon after that, it worked. Either you did something to it or the Pakatan Toyol must have got scared after I complained, hehe

    2. Could also be the Toyol virus got into my machine. Must ask some from the RM2.6 billion.

    3. Obviously Najib's days are numbered. It is better to throw the whole lot into the dustbin in next GE than having a re-branded hoodlum with different leadership.