Sunday 29 November 2015

The need to win back hearts and minds

Had a pleasant surprise.

The family of a friend visited me where I am now yesterday.

My friend passed away last year but I'm still close with his family.

I first met my friend a long time ago when I was still an opposition sympathiser.

Despite not being an Umno member, he was a staunch supporter of Barisan Nasional and so did his wife and children.

My friend, who was from Perlis and much older than me, used to give me lectures about my foolish political views at that time.

I listened to him without arguing because he was so adamant that he was right.

I don't like to debate because I don't believe that it solves anything.

Once someone has made up his mind, I believe words alone will not change his belief.

Nonetheless, despite our differing opinion at that time, we were still good friends.

My friend and his family members actually disliked the then Perlis Menteri Besar DS Shahidan Kassim but ignored their personal sentiments as they believe in the ideals of Umno and Barisan Nasional.

I continued to visit him and his family from time to time until he died of a heart attack last year.

So, it was a great pleasure for me to meet his family yesterday.

My friend's widow, Kak Yah was visiting her youngest daughter who is living near where I'm spending my weekend.

Her son-in-law and grand-daughter were also there.

We chit chatted about the good old days and also about my late friend and his infamous pro-BN lectures.

Then to my surprise,  Kak Yah suddenly asked me,

"Is it true what they said about the RM2.6 billion?"

She was referring to the sum in the personal account of PM DS Najib Razak which were used by the Umno rebels as among the controversies in their attempt to topple him.

"I honestly don't know...," I said to Kak Yah.

Later, her daughter told me that they were quite unhappy with what is happening in the country.

"I wish ayah (her late father) is still around as he would know what is going on," she said.

Her husband,  a nice young man from Terengganu who is also a BN supporter chipped in at that point,

"If things continue like this, we are not going to vote in the next election.

"We supported BN not for people to do bad things to this country.

"They better convince us that the allegations are not true."

I hope, for the sake of the country, the Umno and BN leaders will do the necessary to win back support from people like my late friend's family.

Come clean and stop continuing to believe that people, including Umno and BN hard core supporters will swallow the less than convincing explanations they were being told so far about the controversies.

They also need to stop being arrogant and assume that the rural folks will automatically support them just because they are Malays.

The barely over two years left before the next general election is not a long time.

They better realise that.


  1. and how would they win our support if what was alleged is true ?

  2. Annie ,
    The problem with UMNO is not only Najib but the bunch of current leaders in UMNO have to go than may be there's come some sympathized from the rakyat unless the people still love to be fools , Yes 6 month ago the sentiment is more on Najib to step down but later (thanks allah for this) after alot of foolished act by this idiot, its shown that they were corrupt and not fit to manage this belove country . Sorry annie liked Tun M said yesterday that if the party stay in power for so long they intended to be corrupt unless they have a good and capable leader to run with but with what seen right now a bunch of corrupt clowns , Yes there still some good personalities in UMNO and still young (not KJ he also corrupt before) . This good guy let them struggle and built up umno in the new enviroment so rakyat can have the trust in them dont worry annie I believe in our rakyat and I believe we heading to a better future if our political scenerio change , and the struggle for races ( because it intented to corrupt if one races hold on to one particulars party) have be moves to the struggle for the good of all nation like Dato ONN have intended before but now the country need to be built with one identity and this has to be force no wonder some people like it or not , because annie this is what new politics all about ," The struggle for the survival of its people and the nation".

  3. How do you expect the (UMNO especially) to "come clean" bila bontot sudah penuh terpalit dengan najis and the best part of it they still can't see it or even smell it.

    1. Bani al-Najissiyah wa as-Sharru bil Bathilan at-Takkabur.

  4. Assalammualaikum wbt Dear Annie,

    1. Malays need Knowledege and Taqwa.

    2. With these two, insyaALLAH they don't need UMNO,PAS ,DAP or PKR.

    3. My generation got these two through the NEP,and now we are independent,alhamdulillah.

    Wallahalam and thanks.


    1. NEP was put in place by leaders who put the country's interest above themselves. Many of them died without leaving much inheritance, The product of NEP gained so much that many of them gather so much inheritance to last for generations. They think that they achieved those by sheer hard work. The worst lot is those who inherit the leadership and start to plunder whatever wealth accumulated by the country.

      The country don't need the sons our our leaders to continue to lead the country. At best, they are only half as good as the father. On the same note, UMNO had outlived its usefulness too.

  5. "There's barely over two years left before the next general election is not a long time."

    I doubt that statement.
    By the looks of what's happenings; postponing and delaying tactics of Auditor General & PAC report to UMNO's election etc, I'm afraid GE14 would face the same fate.

    The powers that be, can make-up any excuses as they go along. Most probably, the 'ISIS threat' is the best option.
    e.g; George Bush and Tony Blair once lied to the whole world about Saddam Hussein's weapon of mass destruction, just to invade Iraq in 2003 which inseminated ISIS into existence.

  6. Annie minta merema perjelaskan isu rm2.6b dalam akaun najib untuk pulih keyakinan pengundi. Kalau ada keterangannya dah lama najib beri penjelasan. Tidak mungkin najib berputar dengan menafikan siaran wsj pada peringkat awal. Sumber siaran wsj adalah dari maklumat yang disalurkan oleh pasukan penyiasat kerajaan Malaysia sendiri. Perkara ini pun ramai yang keliru. Ada yang menyangka siaran oleh wsj yang mendahului siasatan task force. Yang sebenarnya task force 1mdb telah ditubuhkan lebih awal daripada siaran wsj. Hasil siasatan task force yang mengesan wujudnya rm2.6b disalurkan ke dalam akaun peribadi najib. Maklumat itulah yang dijadikan sumber oleh wsj dalam laporannya.

    Kesimpulannya memang tidak ada keterangan yang boleh menjelaskan tentang kewujudan wang sebanyak rm2.6b dalam akaun peribadi najib. Terdapat juga sebanyak rm42 juta yang disalurkan melalui ihsan perdana yang diketuai dr shamsul anwar sulaiman dalam akaun yang sama. Jika rm2.6b itu adalah derma, macam mana dengan rm42juta yang disalurkan oleh ihsan perdana ke akaun najib? Tak pasal2 dr. Sam direman empat hari oleh sprm tentang kes itu. Sebab itulah diulang untuk kesekian kalinya bahawa najib tiada pilihan selain meletak jawatan untuk memulihkan keyakinan pengundi sebelum pru-14. Jika najib masih kekal di putrajaya, kuta tidak boleh menjangka berapa banyak undi untuk bn akan disimpan pada hari pengundian nanti.

    Tidak perlu terangkan, tidak perlu jelaskan, hanya letak jawatan. Itu sahaja pilihan untuk najib.

  7. Well, 3rd December is only next week. As promised by those them the PM will answer all questions on 1MDB plus th RM2.6bil then. Let see what excuses or where is the RM2.6bil comes from. Just be patience.

  8. Actually BN missing a lot on opposition's bungle. The land reclamation issue in Penang is one of them. No build up of support from blogs, academicians, environmentalists... Basically no coordination at all.

    It is one of the biggest mistake ever made by Penang government, and the voices of reason are drowned out by the overwhelming noise made by opposition medias and blogs.

    Why no action? Those who sit at the highest office has no interest in pursuing the matter. They only think about their pockets.

    1. you can go snd dig and fund the land reclamation was approved when umno was the penang gomen who earlier gave the approve. kick own bucket

    2. A lot of bullshit. But typical oppo cyber troopers, believes anything Guan Eng feeds them. Even if BN approved, present gov so scared to shelve project?

    3. you tidur. penang gomen pay boustard millions. bn gomen approved boustard to build highrise in uneso heritage zone.

  9. Annie dear,

    tengok2x DSN istihar letak jawatan masa PAU nanti mcm mana?

    - Hantu Siber -

  10. BN will never learn it's lesson.In 2008 they lost 5 states and they still acted like the country belongs to them!.Race and Religion issues dont work so well as it use to be.Many are fed up of the 'dividing' policies of BN.Instead of uniting the rakyat,BN policies is dividing the various races.