Friday 27 November 2015

Another weekend away from KL

No mood to write since yesterday.

Too much nonsense going on that I lost the motivation to update this blog with anything serious.

I'm actually rambling a bit here because I'm bored and sleepy.

Slept very late again last night.

Need to keep awake now.

Will be driving long distance in a short while after wrapping up work.

Going to spend the weekend away from KL.

Lately I find weekends alone in KL to be depressing.

It makes me miss my ex.

I hate that.

Anyway, I decided to drive instead of riding this time due to the rainy weather, especially in the evening.

Maybe I can hang around the beach at the place I'm going to, tomorrow morning.

That would be peaceful and lovely.

Sorry, can only offer you all a bit of music for today.

I will try to write a proper posting when I'm in the mood again.

Have a good weekend guys.



  1. If you love the vast ocean so much ma'am, you might want to join me diving next weekend at Padang, West Sumatra. Just get to Yani's Homestay at Jalan Nipah by Friday and tell boss Julius you're "lifeofAnnie" wanting to go diving with "pakcik N" ..... adventure trails those who follow their good sense. Salaams and have a good weekend.

    1. Thanks for the kind offer. Unfortunately I can't swim, let alone dive.

    2. You have to learn sometime and nothing's impossible.
      Where there's a will there is a way.

  2. ...........nak ikut....boleh?

  3. Have a nice weekend, Dear Annie.

  4. chill annie... smell the roses along the way...

  5. get a bf. dont tarik harga. just throw a stone and it will hit a malay than chinese. why get a chinese bf? mat rempit have style on chopper.

  6. Get a grip on yourself Annie. Stop pining. He's just not worth it. There are more fish in the ocean. You're so much better off away from the b****** and the c*** he's dishing out to you. You should tell yourself that you deserve someone better. And believe it..

    1. if pas and umno was once divoiced , you all accept umno married to dap? you only hear one side story. who ditch. who is the b^^^^^d?