Saturday 21 November 2015

Obama in town, I'm going on a ride

Getting ready for a ride to Janda Baik.

The weather seems nice this morning, just perfect for a slow peaceful ride.

There's this beautiful place there which I discovered earlier this year and I wanted to visit it again.

I intend to read a book by that pool the whole day.

I was very happy the last time I was there.

Hopefully I will be happy like that again.

Don't want to worry about anything for today.

I know, Obama is in town and everything, but all that seem far away from my own personal life.

I'm sure you all have read or saw the interesting news of those interesting happenings elsewhere.

I think it's not so bad for Malaysia to be friendly with the USA.

Maybe we can be like Singapore that way.

I'm sure the DAP people will like it.

Okay, enough of that.

Need to do final checks on the bike now.

I always love riding alone in a beautiful weather like this.

Hopefully it will not rain in the evening.

Here's a bit of American music for the road,

Peace and cheers.


  1. That song, don't tell me we are from the same era.
    Peace! Make Love not War!

  2. Note to the President: This is my American hero ...

    "What's normal (these days) anyways?" asked Forrest Gump.

    "You have to do the best with what God gave you," answered Mommy Gump.

  3. Ride safe, Dear Annie. Have a nice weekend.

    "I think it's not so bad for Malaysia to be friendly with the USA."

    When Najib said that China will also be joining the TPP, I relieved. Anyway, I looking forward to The Mole's:
    "The content of the TPPA and two impact studies would be tabled in Parliament in January next year as it needs parliamentary approval before it is ratified two years after the signing of the pact."

    Already sealed and signed????

  4. We support TPPA. Don't want chinese!

  5. Hi Annie the place is very scenic. Mind sharing the exact location. Thanks

  6. Thanks Annie. Will definitely give the place a visit during school holiday with the kids. Might even bump into you 😆. Cheers.