Monday 10 August 2015

Envy the Singaporeans

I guess by the time I'm writing this, most of you all have already read the latest posting by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, which was simply titled


It's basically a recap of what transpired over the past weeks and his lament of the current situation.

Dr Mahathir seems to agree that the rebellion has not much room to maneuver after the recent crackdown.


44. With the PAC, and the Task Force paralysed and the A.G. sacked, investigation work on the 1MDB and the 2.6 billion in Najib’s private account grounds to a complete halt.
45. Najib is now safe from being charged with illegally amassing funds. His claim that it is to be used for the coming elections is half-true. He had always said that cash is king. With the huge funds at his disposal he would be in a position to bribe his way to victory. He may also use the money to rig the election.
46. What Najib is doing is unprecedented in Malaysia. The people are at a loss as to what to do. The prospect of Najib continuing to rule this country is utterly depressing. The Malaysia where elections can even see opposition parties winning whole states will be no more.
47. Democracy is dead. It is dead because an elected leader chooses to subvert the institutions of Government and make them his instruments for sustaining himself. There is no more democracy for anyone to undermine. Certainly talking about 1MDB will not undermine something that no longer exist. If anyone should be questioned by the police, it is Najib.

I had last month wrote on

How they probably going to get Najib

It was to charge the prime minister in court for committing something illegal.

As admitted by Dr Mahathir, that's not likely going to happen now.

So, what else there is for the rebels to do other than making lots of noises?

I think the most they can do now is to persuade Umno members to pressure their president to step down.

But I doubt that it will work.

Umno members are not that brave, anyway.

And almost all of the division leaders and supreme council members are with Najib.

The noises will nonetheless continue, Najib will ignore them, and the rest of us simply have to bear the gloomy mood for days on end.

I sucks.

But that's how I think it's going to be, at least until the next general election.

Meanwhile, Najib in his latest posting expressed his wish for Malaysia and Singapore to keep on

Moving Forward in a Spirit of Mutual Benefit 

in conjunction with the republic's 50th independence day.

My young Singaporean cousins, along with their Malaysian or ex-Malaysian parents took part in the celebrations during the weekend.

I envy them.

They have such a small country yet they can be so proud of it.

At the moment, we in Malaysia have a lot to sort out first before we can move forward with the Singaporeans, as per Najib's wish.

I wonder how are we going to celebrate our Hari Merdeka at the end of this's so gloomy now.


  1. Just FYI arahan turunkn bendera Malaysia hari ini d kluang sgt memualkan. Satu penghinaan kpd keluarga askar Melayu.

  2. Don't blame others for our nation's woes. The people fucked it up and there are no easier people Malays can make fools of except their own kind.

  3. from

    "At this time of opportunity between our nations, I urge Singaporeans not to judge Malaysia by what you may read on social media, or by politically motivated statements from certain quarters running down our country. I will ensure that Malaysia remains stable and safe – for guests and Malaysians alike . . ."

    He's going head over heels to sign up with Lee Hsien Long - the greatest proponent of TPPA - in the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. Goodbye to government by the people for the people ....

  4. Let all Malaysians wear BLACK from 31 Aug to 16 Sept as a sign of protest.

    1. Please tell Haji Hadi to wear BLACK turban too.

      Kit Siang and sons have reinstated Mat Sabu and his geng back into the Pulau Pinang State government administration. Looks like DAP is also practicing the strategy of 'Money is King' to lure the liberals and those Anwarinas in PAS to jump-ship. Surely these Malays who join GHB are traitors to the PAS' President and they are motivated by solely by money.

      Pitty that ketayap-guy from Kedah who seems more religious and that's the reason PASMA was ditched by DAP.

      GHB (Gerakan Harapan Baru) which in English is 'New Hope Movement' sounds evangelistic in nature and more acceptable to the Non-Muslim, especially in Sabah and Sarawak.

      No wonder PAS is very supportive of Najib of late. Come GE 14 there might be a 'Pakatan of UMNO and PAS' to rule Malaysia. Sarawak's State election is not too far away though.

    2. PAS will continue to play their chameleon politics and ditch ethical principles to gain political mileage. What does Hadi have to do with spiritual sanctity?

  5. Hi Annie,

    Now 1 Singapore Dollar , RM2.85 ringgit.

    Nothing more to say.

    Their reserve is about more then US250 billion.

    Ours are depleting less and less, heard now under US100 billion.

    Janji Dicapati.

    1. Singapore's Sovereign Wealth (Temasek and GIC) - US538 billion

      Malaysia's Khazanah - US42 billion

    2. Singapore doesn't pay back the employee CPF retirement funds to the person until he reaches the age of 65, and then only in small monthly payouts. The govt has amassed tons of wealth from the peoples CPF and made the public HDB flats unaffordable to many citizens. Cars are the most expensive in the whole world. And public healthcare is also the most expensive worlwide.
      The grass may appear to be greener in the small red dot state - but if you look harder it is not the case except for the wealthy.

    3. #Anon 07:29

      And your point is.....?

      How many Singaporean Malays have upped and relocated to Malaysia? How many have become Malaysian citizens?

      Things in Singapore are expensive. Maybe. Why? No subsidies, no handouts (except recently). Nothing comes free.

      Something Malaysia could learn from....

    4. Not true are no subsidies in Singapore.

      The biggest one is in public housing. For example:

      When Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Tharman Shanmugaratnam, said in Parliament in 2012 that “a family with a monthly income of as low as $1,000 can now purchase a small flat”, it caused an uproar.

      Many felt that Mr Tharman and the government were out-of-touch and being unrealistic.

      Minister for National Development, Khaw Boon Wan, later explained the math behind Mr Tharman’s remarks.

      The Finance Minister, who was speaking during the debate on the Budget, was referring to new two-room HDB flats, Mr Khaw said. And if government grants were factored in, such a home buyer “will also be entitled to housing grants of up to $60,000.”

      “So the net selling price to him is about $40,000, and the monthly mortgage payment of such an HDB loan can be fully recovered from his Central Provident Fund contribution,” Mr Khaw said.

    5. Ask M Nasir to start with . And Aaron Aziz too on what his future plan is.

    6. A word on Singapore's political economy:

    7. Singapore ERECTION is just around the corner.

  6. Annie,

    Singapore didn't have tin, rubber, oil palm, oil and gas, much larger land mass, and has to import most of its food.

    But it is now so much more advanced than Malaysia. One is respected by much of the world; the other a joke.

    Is it a good time to write about whats makes Singapore so much more successful (eg in terms of wealth, social stability, lack of corruption, longer life span, international respect, patriotism and national pride) than Malaysia? Especially when we were one country once.

    But it will not be fair to blame everything on Najib.

    The rot began well before he became PM.

    1. You're right. It's not solely Najib's fault.

      The rot initially started when Dr.M brought Anwar Ibrahim into UMNO to neutralize PAS' Islamic influence. Dr.M was duped by Anwar pious ways. It turned out that he was the 'father of corruption' and a sodomite at that too. Still Malaysian are lucky that he was in jail now for the second time.
      The rot escalated during Pak Lah and became worst under Najib's 'Money is King' policy.

  7. Not so fast Annie... Najib downfall may come from out-side, not from within Malaysia. Swiss, UK, and US monetary authorities are still investigating. And Singapore's too...

  8. Its the rakyat own doing lah.....asik tau kondem but never actually contributing.
    watever the government give they abuse ...its never enough for them...its take take take but never give give give....if they dont get what they want into the streets they go or hate comments everywhere and spreading lies.


  9. Singapore eaa aa , satu bangsa satu negala maa aa . Satu bahasa ,satu sekolah untuk semua maa aa .

    Malaysia , atak manyak sekolah ,atak manyak bangsa lea aa , itu pandei punya olang cekap eaa aa , " bahasa menyatu bangsa " , Malaysia aah ,jelit-jelit 1 Maaysia , Maaysian Malaysia ,lama-lama sutak manyak penat mau jelit maa aa .

    1. And English. Don't forget English!

      And Mandarin, Malay & Tamil.

      That one also don't know, ah?

  10. The daughter of a single mum (beauty saloon owner), age about 25, highest level of education reached spm/Singapore o-level, has gone to Singapore to become a

    Bus Driver

    Starting pay SD2500/month plus allowance. Training given by the government owned bus company.

    She had been helping her mother in the saloon since spm. Her physique is what one would call petite.

  11. The grass is always greener, as they say.


    KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 4 — Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria reminded federal ministers yesterday against issuing statements based on logic and intellect when it comes to Islam, claiming that the intellect is influenced by desires and subsequently susceptible to the devil.

    See more at:

  13. For those who hate this Country.. Pls move foward to other countries.. Be other citizen.. Because of our elders so kind to let your grandparent live here and and have a great life... Your all become no manners.. Remember to whom the Singapore lands belongs before it turn out ditch by pendatang cari makan...

  14. Singapore is a ditch? That's new.