Saturday 29 August 2015

I love them too

A commenter in my last post

Be safe, T-shirt banned already

wrote this;

...i love my chinese friends

...I love Malaysia too.....


Thank you, whoever you are.

I love my Chinese friends too.

I also love my Chinese mother, my Chinese cousins, my Chinese relatives....even those who live in Singapore and my Chinese ex-boyfriend.....

Yes, I did bitch about them from time to time, but the truth is, I love them.

I don't support Bersih 4.0, but I do wish those who participate to be safe.

I hope the police don't beat them up.

I don't want to see Malay FRU guys beating up Chinese Bersih protesters....or any other protesters for that matter.

I don't want what happened today be the start of a racial war in this country.

I don't want to be forced to choose between the Malay and Chinese sides of myself.

Yes....peace Malaysia.


  1. If Malaysia continue to support chicken despite his inability to explain 2.6 billion in own account then Malay will become pariah and doomed race in their own country. They got no one else to blame. NOT THE CHINESE!

  2. Rubbish. You're a racist dumno scumbag to the core.

    1. Have taken your prescribed medication prior to making this stupid comment ?

    2. And you're a Dapig to the core sus barbatus....oink oink..

    3. If your only respond is to call him/her a Dapig, I can only conclude that you are one of the bangang cyber troopers that belong to umNO

    4. Likewise, if you can call other people dumno or bangang, then you should stop bitching if other peoole call you dapig.

  3. Somebody wanted to start a war kot....

  4. ...and you Anon is a DAPig motherf**ker.

  5. Yea..blame it on the chinese, the jews, the americans, or whoever is convenient to be blame but it's never the UMNO government 's fault that we are in this shape. Maybe if the malays have join in the chinese tsunami the last election and choose for good governance instead of being suckered by UMNO that malays would lose everything if they lose power then we would have a better government by now.
    Anyway it's still ok la..
    The present government have no corruption just donation only so this government is very
    And malays are still in power through UMNO although just the economy and the currency keep dropping only...but then who cares..Malays are still in charge..that's most important. Who cares for good governance...

    1. Yeah only DAP is good in your eyes RBA scumbag? The fucking racist, , ultra chauvinist and manipulative chinese based party. They will push the Malays into the jungle or the sea once they get political power.

    2. Don't worry too much.. By the time UMNO and gang finish with their donations from this country not only you Malays will end up in the jungles and sea.. All Malaysians will end up there too...

    3. Najib is buddy-buddying with Singapore's Hsien loong who is pushing hard for Malaysia to approve the highly secretive Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement a.k.a. "Global Mega Corporate Legislative Lobby"

    4. Those of you who think that DAP can take over the Gomen are living under some kind of tempurung. The Cina population is very small compared to Malays and Bumi's. they are NOT going to get sufficient seats to take over the Government. People like you swallow hook, line and sinker the lies perpetuated by UMNO. Grow up and grow a pear.learn to live in the real world.

  6. “We have appointed a law and a practice for every one of you. Had God willed, He would have made you a single community, but He wants to test you regarding what (knowledge) has come to you: So compete with one another in doing good. Every one of you will return to God and He will inform you regarding those things about which you differed.” (Quran, al-Ma’ida: 48)

    Heart Counsel from a Sufi Master

    “God does not love corruption”. (Quran, al-Baqara: 205)

  7. Tun M come to give support to Bersih 4... , thank you Tun. As Malaysian Chinese, wishing you and family have long healthy life and continue being patriotic and share concern for our lovely country. Thank you Tun. =)

  8. ...i love malaysia.....

    it is is just need to smile........

    tunku rahman smiles
    tun razak smiles
    tun hussein smiles
    tun mahathir smiled at dataran just now....

    Malay, Chinese, Indian ...we all need to smile...