Wednesday 26 August 2015

Memorable race

I'm not sure why, but when I woke up this morning I felt like watching a motorcycle race.

It was my favourite past time when I was a teenager.

I used to ride a motorcycle too, but not a superbike.

I can only ride bikes up to 250cc because of my small frame.

 One day I will write about those days.

But for this posting, I just want to put this video of a memorable 1997 Dutch MotoGP involving my favourite rider of all time, Tatsuya Harada on the black Aprilia.


  1. Haahh...sound of 2 strokes..Annie, wondering if u go to catch sepang motogps?

    1. Yup, my father used to take me there to watch the races when I was a kid.

  2. Deym.. I missed Bt 3 *typicalrepentedrempit*

  3. Great video of an exciting race, Annie. You go girl!! : D

    Brings back wonderful memories of riding those "racing" sort of big bikes all those aeons ago although nowadays I just stick to my weather beaten road weary, trusty ol Harley : D

    "Fast" Freddie Spencer was my all time favourite, though on the lower CCs I had a soft spot for them Japs...especially Norick Abe, Daijiro Kato and Shoya Tomizawa. Would you believe it or not, all three of my Jap favies died tragically one way or another and after Shoya, nowadays I just watch them races for the fun of it with a sake in particular racer being a favorite.

    And yes, Harada was good too, stylish even with his peculiar sort of dare devilry...but Fast Freddie was another league altogether....

    By the way, wonder what the Malaysian Transport Ministry will say of this:

    Looks like another piece of our tattered credibility will be soon blowing in the global wind given the French apparently give little credence to the serial number claim which Liow Tiong Lai mouthed off confidently about well before analysis was complete:

    Sometimes, I wonder why they love to mouth off without thinking things out calmly and cogently with all the data in hand. Are they still not aware that the whole MH370 thingy is more than a mere disappearance as it has morphed into a credibility issue of sorts now given all the initial mishandling, confusion and ineptness. Wonder too what they will say now if indeed, as many now suspect, that flapperon turns out to be another red herring. Face palm betoi.....


    Warrior 231

  4. Just to add, here is the latest take on the Flapperon "mystery":

    Warrior 231