Friday 14 August 2015

Cheer up, the good lady is alright

It's not all doom and gloom after all.

Yesterday, Bank Negara governor TS Zeti Akhtar Aziz had a press conference where she announced that,

Malaysia’s economy grew 4.9% in Q2, outlook steady

Bank Negara not in favour of pegging, currency controls

Bank Negara’s report on 1MDB given to AG

and most importantly,

I'm not quitting, will serve full term


I'll sue those spreading rumours 

It feels so good to know that the good lady is alright.

Have heard all sorts of nonsensical stories about her these past weeks.

I really hope she will manage to sue those responsible for those hatchet blogs which spread vicious  rumours about her.

Please also read what I previously wrote about Zeti

The credible figure that is Zeti

Meanwhile, PM DS Najib Razak's reaction to Zeti's announcement was that,

Q2 GDP Growth Reflects Malaysia’s Economy In Good Shape

There were some interesting points added to the Najib's story which can be used to gauge Malaysia's 2nd quarter growth of 4.9 per cent this year,


Developed countries like the US and the UK expected slower growth in the second quarter of this year at 2.3 per cent and 2.6 per cent respectively compared with 2.9 per cent growth (for both countries) in the first quarter.
As for China and Indonesia, the growth for the second quarter remained at the first quarter level of 7.0 per cent and 4.7 per cent, respectively.
Meanwhile, Chinese Taipei targeted a growth of 0.6 per cent in the second quarter compared with 3.4 per cent in the previous quarter, while Singapore at 1.8 per cent compared with 2.8 per cent in the first quarter.
Well. all that was not so bad, okay.

Some people said Najib is dragging the country into the drain.

Fine, but if we all also decided to continue being gloomy and talk about nothing else other than negative stuff about the country, then we will also be contributing to the depressing atmosphere which is not good for Malaysians.

Come on, cheer up everyone.


  1. Ah Jib Gor is the deadweight that's dragging the country down DESPITE the great work of competent loyalists to keep Malaysia afloat ...

  2. annie things will get worst. sometimes they hide details as to not cause panic.

    they also need to keep the confidence, whtever there is left, so tht investors wont pull out their investment.

    in these times especially, we need to be very careful, and read btw the lines and not take whtever tht is given to us by the gov at face value.

    i trust zeti but even her hands are tied.

    i thing the sueing, she meant the indian tan sri who had made allegations about her, i dont think its regarding the rumour that she was admitted in the hospital.

    and her last remark, its about najib wasnt it ?

    shed given everything to the AG. new AG kwn najib ma. bank negara did their job, but will AG.

    tht means najib stay and BN will lose for sure. well so be it.

    dark future ahead.

    how can we be positive. a lot of friends talking about leaving the country. my malay friends mind you. 2 years ago this is unheard of. so thanks najib. and F*** u

    1. Please leave.
      The quicker the better.

    2. A lot of green card available in the market. Let it go.

  3. Poor Annie

    If fairy tales keep you happy go ahead but remember when you wake up their is no Prince Charming to rescue you.

    So when you have to work harder to pay off 1MDB loans you might want to keep stock of extra strong panadol.

    Keep smiling,

    1. What fairy tale. ?
      1MDB is an unwanted mess and no denying and we don't need it. But of your mind remains stucked with pessimism, how would you expect any recovery at all. Get out it.


  4. This Wharton-School-acclaimed Tan Sri of a gem, adinda Ms Annie
    had kept our nation finances on even keel for so many years and in-sya-Allah for many years to come.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  5. Annie the UMNO bitch! Stupid as always!

    1. Such language!!

    2. 0950

      If you got nothing to say..meaning your brain got worms, just shut the fook up will you

    3. Mental problem.


  6. re, Some people said Najib is dragging the country into the drain.

    I just wounder ,that some people could be wrong , maybe !, money and power can clinch everything .

    1. These people are born loser. Nothing good to say about their own country.

  7. Najib should just go quietly. After all, the party is bigger than one president.

    1. Correct correct correct

    2. Their members love him more than the erractic green eyed old man.

  8. Hai Annie ,

    Adakah laporan BNM mencerminkan bahawa ekonomi dibawah najib sungguh cermerlang , dia sepatutnya bernasib baik asas asas ekonomi masih boleh beroperasi dengan baik , Tapi hakikat sebenar tak semestinya baik seperti yang kita harapkan , Bagi saya apa saja nak dilakukan kerajaan untuk memulihkan imej dan nama baik adalah sudah terlambat selagi Najib sebagai PM kerana imej 'penipu' sudah terlekat dimuka beliau , sejak dari bulan March bila isu 1MDB ini meletus pelbagai janji di tabur untuk mendedahkan apa yang berlaku tapi apa yang kita lihat tindakan menutup dan cuba melindungi penyelewengan , kemudian pelbagai kenyataan songsang , penipuan dan putar belit dikeluarkan oleh menteri menteri dan kuncu kuncu najib yang berimankan kedudukan/jawatan dan harta benda yang takut hilang semuanya kalau tak mempetahankan najib .

    Sebenarnya orang ramai yang dah bosan dengan putar belit ini terutama selepas pendedahan WSJ ,tetapi tiada saman fitnah secara resmi dibuat oleh pihak najib langsung terhadap WSJ yang jelas semakin hari menunjukan WSJ adalah benar , begitu juga dengan pemecatan matan AG Gani patail yang sungguh meragukan dan begitu juga gangguan keatas SPRM serta membantutkan badan PAC yang diperingkat untuk memanggil CEO dahulu dan sekarang serta Jho Low untuk sosal siasat semua terbantut ini semua tindakan yang menjijikkan bagi melindungi Najib .Semua imej penipuan ini tak hilang dan akan kekal pada diri najib ,dan tolong lah kepada pengemar najib semua perkara ini fakta dan benar yang batil ada pada diri najib yang seban hari hidup dalam penipuan .

  9. Since we're on the subject of Sovereign Wealth Funds and the Lady of Bank Negara here's some related info about transparency and accountability across the causeway....

  10. It doesn't matter we have the most corrupted Najib with 2.6 BILLION donation, making stupid decision that lost money and use our EPF, Tabung Haji,raising taxes to cover his STUPID business decision. That damn bugger is sucking us dry.....oh...economy grew 5%.....grew what balls? Your nasi lemak grew how many % already? How much average citizen is paying nowadays as everything goes up. This is due that damn bugger Najib did not know how to manage the economy. As finance minister...he is INCOMPETENT!! and corrupt as well working on "brotherly" Saudi nation....he is also a TRAITOR to Malaysia.....foreign agent. Who does he work for? Saudi agent or Malaysia....damn bugger Najib!

  11. That's right aunty Annie, it's not doom and gloom after all. The fact that you deleted your post shows that you have let him go and your feelings toward him was superficial, as I said before, it was feelings of being unwanted. Hehehe.


  12. Zeti said report of 1 mdb sent to what AG doing on the report..trying lay telur on it to give to najib or what