Saturday 22 August 2015

Either we are really blind or Najib really sucks

PM DS Najib Razak had reiterated his stand that he will not step down from his post while speaking at the Tunku Abdul Rahman Lecture yesterday.

Najib insisted that he has been doing the right things for Malaysia.

Among others, he listed down the achievements of his administration in his speech

Leadership In Challenging Times 

21. From 2009 to 2014, Malaysia’s Gross National Income grew by 47.7 percent.
22. 1.8 million jobs have been created since we established the Economic Transformation Programme in 2010.
23. We have reduced the deficit for six years running, and in each of the last five years, total investments have reached new records.
24. It has always been our priority to make sure that our growth is sustainable and equitable. Since 2009, the income of the bottom 40 percent households has increased by a compound annual growth rate of
12 percent, even higher than the national average of 8 percent.
25. Through the implementation of minimum wage legislation, the government has lifted 2.9 million people immediately out of absolute poverty.
26. Unemployment has declined to under 3 percent – from 3.7 percent in 2009.
27. We have increased women’s participation in the workforce, with a higher percentage of management positions in Malaysia being held by women than in Hong Kong and Singapore.
28. And we have maintained the reforms necessary for Malaysia to reach the goal of becoming a high income status nation by 2020. Some of these reforms have not been popular, like the introduction of GST and the removal of subsidies. But I am here not to make popular decisions; I am here to make the right decisions. Saying we could achieve strong growth without hard choices would be to make empty promises.
29. We had to broaden our tax base and reduce our dependency on oil and gas revenues. Every serious economist around the world agrees that these reforms were necessary and will benefit Malaysia in the long run.
30. The IMF recognised our progress in a report this March, titled: “Favourable Prospects for Malaysia’s Diversified Economy”. Its key conclusions were:
 Growth likely to remain healthy in 2015, despite lower energy prices – and it has. Growth for the second quarter was a strong 4.9 percent.
 End of fuel subsidies and start of Goods and Services tax is timely, and good for efficiency, equity, and the environment.
 Exchange rate flexibility will help non-energy exports.
31. The IMF does not hand out compliments lightly. Nor do the ratings agencies. Yet in January, Moody’s maintained Malaysia’s A3 rating with a positive outlook. In February Standard and Poor’s maintained Malaysia’s A- rating with a stable outlook. More recently, Fitch maintained Malaysia’s A- rating – and actually upgraded its outlook from negative to stable.
32. Despite the volatility of the world economy, other organisations, including the World Bank and the World Economic Forum have placed us high in their rankings for ease of doing business and competitiveness. Bloomberg rated Malaysia as the world’s 5th most promising emerging market in 2015.
33. And an independent study, which has nothing to do with us, recently declared Malaysia to be the top country for the Global Islamic Economy Indicator 2014-2015. Malaysia led by a large margin. Does that sound like a failed state to you?
Ladies and gentlemen,
34. Economic reforms have been matched by those in other areas. As well as the ISA and the Emergency Ordinances, we repealed the Banishment Act and the Restricted Residences Act. We passed the Peaceful Assembly Act, changed the law to allow students to participate in politics, and amended the Printing Presses and Publications Act.
Fine, those were indeed achievements. It's not a lie or spin. 
But why then does Najib faces a rebellion from even within Umno, which prompted him to sack his own deputy and conduct the recent (or is it still ongoing) purge?
With all those achievements, Najib shouldn't need to go through the current crisis.
He should have the full support of the rakyat instead of the trust deficit which is choking the breath out of people who used and still want to support him.
There must be something wrong that many can't seem to see those achievements.
Yes, there are those issues such as 1MDB, RM2.6 billion donation and such, but if the rakyat have truely benefitted from all those achievements, then by right they should give Najib the benefit of doubt instead of judging him guilty even before the allegations managed to be proven.
Some may argue that Najib had purged those investigating the mess and even chucked out anyone in his administration who dared to raise questions about it. Nonetheless, it should be remembered that many have believed in the allegations even before that happened.
In short, many Malaysians actually want to believe in the allegations against Najib more than they wanted to appreciate what he did for the country.
There must be something wrong that it has come to this.
I don't know, maybe we Malaysians are so blind that we can't see what a good leader Najib is based on his achievements, or perhaps that there are too many wrongs in Najib himself that they eclipsed the goodness of him. 


  1. RM 2.6 billion "donation" ? It is NOT donation. He steals RM 2.6 Billion. He steals OUR money. How u feel if i steal your money and claim it is a donation. How do u feel if i steal your father's money and claim it is a donation. It could be whole malaysians are blind ... or ... it could be u the onli one who is blind. Those who received this duit haram to promote and protect the Pencuri are not counted as people who support him. They are just "dogs" ... yup ... the anjing peliharaan.

    1. Your money? Poorah! Arab money is NOT our money, OK. Not YOUR money, definitely.

    2. Stoopid, its 1MDB money made its way to Arab land then siphoned back thru layers to Ah Jib OK?

    3. Najib has made himself with absolute power. Of course he is corrupted absolutely.......he sucks and the people who received habuan from him suck and lick is king.

    4. Stoopeed..,

      It's 1MDB borrowed money (guaranteed by Gomen) ciluk into Najib personal account.

      Where got Arab want to give away money to Najib..!

      Don't be stoopeed mah..!

    5. Only idiots and morons would believe the hefty sum of RM 2.6 Bil is a donation from Middle east. There are plenty of them, ranging from Ministers, BN MPs and some Umno goons.

    6. The sheer arrogance of Najib. Zero effort to explain 2.6 billion.

  2. Oh I kill your Mom, but I give your Dad a job...does this make me a criminal?

  3. This F**ker lets other people do the work but he usurps the credit for the results of the rakyat's blood, sweat and tears. If this country is left to this F**ker and his henchmen, lama kelamaan Malaysia will be exporting bananas and cheap labour.

  4. What is the point of bragging all of his "achievements" and all of the positive points give by foreign entities (which Malaysians don't really give two hoots about!), when we, the people, are suffering daily just trying to survive? What is the point of caring how outsiders rate us when our own people are living poorly, when the number of urban poor has increased (don't even talk about those who are already poor) and normal people are feeling oppressed?

    Najib is morally bankrupt. How can a leader of a country accepts a "donation" worth billions into his private account and think nothing is wrong with that. A leader who thinks cash is king, where money is everything and shows no honour, integrity and lies/spins selamba-ly. He is a weak leader, a coward and has tainted the honour and memory of his father, and a disgrace to his family. He "buys" unworthy and corruptible people and basks in the adulation of said people. You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with and he is surrounded by some of the dumbest and arrogant UMNO leaders that Malaysians have ever seen. There is nothing to be proud of if you are a pathetic, spoilt individual who believes that people owe you loyalty and that the power given is your right to do as you please. Najib is pathetic! His UMNO cronies are pathetic. The only consolation we, the people have, is the knowledge that any wrong will always be made right again and those that do wrong will always be punished. This is Allah swt's promise and this too shall come to pass whether Najib and his geng want it to or not. Amin.

  5. Annie...kebahagian kasih sayang, harta dan kehidupan mewah..anda nikmati bersama suami...

    Tetapi setiap malam..anda tidor bersama seorang penjenayah, pembunuh, perogol, perasuah...

    Mahukah anda suami sebegitu..

  6. Created 1.8m jobs but need to import 1.5m Bangla than TPM's brother tender for online registration job. That was he called transformation.

    Increase minimum salary consider as an achivement , what purchasing power?

    He reduced Budget deficit but what about external debt and household debt?

    Suruh dia kencing kat tempat lain la...

  7. AAAaaaa... just shut-up you thief

    1. AAAaaaa Jiiib Goor believes God is Dead?

      Rivers of evil
      Run through dying land
      Swimming in sorrow, they kill, steal, and borrow, there is no tomorrow
      For the sinners will be damned
      Ashes to ashes
      You cannot exhume a soul
      Who do you trust when corruption and lust, creed of all the unjust,
      Leaves you empty and unwhole?
      When will this nightmare be over? Tell me!
      When can I empty my head?
      Will someone tell me the answer?
      Is God really dead?

      To safeguard my philosophy
      Until my dying breath
      I transfer from reality
      Into a mental death
      I empathize with enemies
      Until the timing’s right
      With God and Satan at my side
      From darkness will come light

      But still the voices in my head
      Are telling me that God is dead
      The blood pours down
      The rain turns red .....

    2. Jibby Jemuan is playing God over us but he's using the tactics of Satan to jam us all.

  8. Can najib tell us why hide the 2.6b from us until WSJ report?
    Can he tell who donated 2.6b?
    Why on personal acc if for politics?
    Where was the money spent and where the balance?
    What all the manouver for? Cabinet reshuffle + sacking TSMY, PAC, AG, SB, SPRM, PDRM??? Not to cover himself?
    We are not talking yet about 4b KWAP money, 40m SRC money and more...
    Why chicken out from Tun on Nothing2hide?
    The motive are so clear.. someone are really guilty...
    To answer Annie question... Rakyat tidak buta.

    1. Like the sheriff says: "We're gonna have to kick some big ass .. before the sun goes down."


  9. Apa pasat semua olang mau malah-malah sama itu Najib lea aa ?.
    Lia sutak cekap ,"tatak olang bolih, kasi soal lia punya kedudukan yang lakyat sutak pilih and lia punya cala kasi tabir ini negala " apa lagi mau cekap maa aa

    UMNO tatak mau ubah lia punya president ,lain olang apa bolih buat maa aa ,bising sana bising sini tak jadi apa lea aa .

    Atak olang mau kasi itu demo ,lagi manyak kacau lor rr ,itu kepala !, duduk liam-liam kat lumah , ikut punya olang mamput maa aa .

    Apa macam mau ubah ,kalau UMNO tak mau ubah ,itu undi tak pecaya lagi tatak bulih pecaya maa aa ,nanti lagi mayak tarik sana ,tarik sisni maa aa.

    Semua olang mesti mau kila untung maa aa . .

    1. Oi melayu tulis elok elok la. Bangga sangat buat telo cina pasal

    2. hahaha dah kena sebijik lufang
      aku x pernah baca komen dia
      myemak bahasa saja


    3. Ai yaa aa !, jangan malah sama Gua lor rr , itu Najib sutak cekap lea aa ,semua 1 Malaysia maa aa , tatak Cina ,tatak India ,tatak Bulayu maa aa .

      Uncle Lim pon itu macam selupa lor rr , Malaysian Malaysia ,semua sama lata ,tatak beza maa aa .

      Wa ingat pon itu macam juga maa aa ,tapi lea aa ,itu Cina pegi Cina sekolah ,India pegi Tamil sekolah ,Bulayu pegi kebangsaan sekolah , tatak campor.

      Wa pon pening maa aa ,apa macam mau jadi sehati sejiwa lea aa.

  10. Syarikat Mas pun dah berapa ramai takbada keja...JARING dengan rasminya ditutup semalam lagi sekali berapa ramai tak ada keja...dan sampai sekarang jawatan penjawat awam masih dibeku...1.8 million job?bullshit!!! Yang tu saja dah nampak benor pembohong....kalau yg tu pun dah bohong...yang lain2 pun tak baca pun tak pa pencapaian atas kertas buat apa realitinya habuk pun tarak....

  11. The PM needs to wake up NOW!

    Ini macam kahwinla Najib. Walau bagaimana anda selesa dengan kehidupan berumahtangga, dan anda benar-benar cuba menjalankan tanggungjawab dengan sebaik mungkin, tapi kalau pasangan anda sudah tidak mahu dan tidak cinta lagi, rumahtangga anda tidak akan bahagia dan selamat. Lepaskan sajalah dengan redha.

  12. The PM may have created 1.8 million jobs, but in 2015 we have seen MAS letting go of thousands, banks downsizing, JVC closing shop. Itu yang besar belum kira perniagaan kecil yang dihimpit oleh kenaikan kos kesan sampingan GST.

  13. Even without 1MDB, people would still hate him.

    In the age of Internet, everything is under scrutiny.

    He has a very weak media team, poor coordination between propaganda organisations, plus the inability to appoint right people to the right position.

    He thinks he has done something good to the people, but it is not how people see it.

  14. Cakap la apa pun....
    Kita nak tukar perdana menteri aje...

    1. komen anda walaupun pendek tapi amat tepat

    2. Setuju sangat lah. Yang penting si penipu dan perasuah RM2.6 billion itu di ditukar segera kalau tidak kami akan tukar UMNO jadi pembangkang di PRU14 nanti.

  15. The key word here is DS Rosmah. Trust me its chain reaction starting from the hate campaign propagated by the oppo.

  16. Dajjal promised and achieved a lot more that him. However, if one want a little taste of the coming of Dajjal, this is a fine example.

  17. I started as a supporter of Najib and GST but I know believe Najib will lead Malaysia to a path of destruction. Najib is a weak leader, heck, I am not sure he is fit to be call a leader. He did not make his stand known when there were key issues/ events that threaten Malaysia's civil liberties. In trying to gain the Malay votes, he allowed the government & Umno to be turned into more Islamist than even PAS at least outwardly. He dares to remove fuel subsidies but he didn't dare to remove APs. Najib IMO is really a coward.

  18. I like this post. Especially this statement which is worth repeating again and again -

    "But why then does Najib faces a rebellion from even within Umno, which prompted him to sack his own deputy and conducted the recent (or is it still ongoing) purge?"

    The answer is obvious. But let's ask it again and again until those who don't see it as obvious do so. And, more importantly, do something. Like asking it to the UMNO members. Especially those in a position to demand a change in the party leadership.

  19. YES!!!We arr really blind

  20. There is a malay proverb that says panas setahun dimusnahkan olih hujan sehari.Najib can claim that he did hundreds of good things for malaysia.But once he did one evil thing people will know and remember him only by his evil deeds forever.

    1. Tuan, dia bukan saja khianat dlm suatu perkara .... malangnya kesalahan bertimbun2

    2. nice proverb....:)

      >james bond

  21. Annie...Boogeesman time is running out... tik-tok...tik-tok...tik-tok...

  22. i have no job and nobody wants to hire me because i only have spm qualification,najib please help me

  23. Anon 17.10.....If your nama is Saiful, Najib mesti tolong anda .

  24. Storytelling competition ah? Everyday got new stories and it gets more creative each day.

  25. Ooo. Is this what they call, "reverse psychology"? So what if Malaysia is _said_ to be earning RM10,000 per head now. Ask the average person at the mamak, see if he/she isn't grumbling about 'kesempitan hidop'. Cost of living has been noticeaby higher post-GST and it aint coming down. That's why people are pissed with the stupid donkey. Negara kaya, rakyat merana.

  26. why? because malaysians believe too much of fitnah.
    take anwar liwat case ....the same people believe its conspiracy from pak guard at the apartment , police, apartment landlord, doctors, lawyers, judges, to the PM himself.....also they believe teh superimpose pics of Najib and the monggolian lah...wake up people!

  27. Trust me, you all are emotional lot than rational..
    Najib is doing a right thing..why cant you all see it. You all prefer to listen to fitnah than facts...if the country failed its not because of Najib...but because of you all emotional lot...

    1. Riiiiight. Because we emotional fools were the ones who took out an $11 billion loan to do... err... dunno what oso.