Sunday 9 August 2015

Agreeing with Bujai

It's raining again today.

So, I didn't go to the beach.

Just slept the whole day.

Surfed the blogs just now.

Basically, I went through Rocky's blog roll.

His is the most balanced around.

I think the political dynamics are changing.

Even the usually apolitical Anas Zubedy seems to be subtly taking sides.

Surprisingly, he posted,

Honesty is the best policy by Dr. Chandra Muzaffar

Someone actually forwarded that article to me a few days ago via wassap.

The person who sent me the link used to be a staunch supporter of PM DS Najib Razak.

So, it was interesting that Anas chose to highlight that article.

I also noticed that Perkasa is recalibrating itself, thanks to this posting by my blogger sister Helen,

Bukan takat khalwat tapi dah zina dah nih

Helen as usual never let up on her crusade against the evangelists.

Friend of my enemy is my enemy, I guess.

Well, Helen should understand why Perkasa is changing.

She was anti-Najib too before the rebellion started but stop being so when the real fighting started.

Everyone has the right to change sides as this is STILL a free country, yes?

Meanwhile, the rebel blogs continue to whack Najib.

They just didn't seem to tire or accept defeat despite the ongoing crackdown on Najib's detractors.

It's a pity because they used to be among the staunchest  defenders of the establishment.

Then there's Bujai, who complained about,

PMO, Umno do not recognise good keyboard warriors!


Well, let me tell you this. We used to have many good keyboard warriors who worked round the clock to 'protect' the government, some had to sacrifice their precious time and going around the country to gather info and shared it with the PMO media team.

They held the party high above everything to the expense of their own life and family.

But where are they now? Some had to stop blogging, twitting, etc just because they were not appreciated or rewarded. They got nothing in return, not even a recognition for the hard good job.

I don't usually agree with Bujai, but on this one I have to say that he is right.

Well, people like me are not even expecting to be rewarded, but at least don't la do bad things to us after all we had done to help the establishment.

Don't treat your loyal supporters who contribute to the cyberwar efforts like in this story,

Nasib penyokong marhaen Najib

How do you expect such people to continue to support Umno and BN?

And on top of that, you let mere mercenaries to do that to people who freely give their time and energy for the perjuangan.


People who are in power tend to get stupid because of their arrogance.

Quite a number of Najib's people are like that.

Yup, the political dynamics are changing.

Two and a half years....that's not too long from now.


  1. You are making the same mistaken assumption as Helen Ang. Bringing down Najib does not mean bringing down Umno. Najib made this mistake when he conflated his personal problems with that of the position of Umno President.

    No. The fact of the matter is, people are telling Najib to step down because they want Umno to go down, but because they want the exact opposite.

    And we the people on the fence who are pro Umno are attacking Najib not because he is the Umno President, but because he is corrupt (check SPRM Act 2009, what does "donation" mean), not just in monetary terms but also now encroaching into possible abuse of power. We are against him because he is a proven liar, time and again. We are also against him because he is being ruled by proxy. Not by Chedet, but by his own spouse.

    Your continued wishy washy stand is part of what enables Najib the Corruptor. You have been told before, yet you don't seem to get it -- if he was surrounded even by 1,000 advisors, would Tun M have been duped? Simple matter. Only an idiot can get duped by his advisors. So FFS, stop with the "oh he's just got bad advisors around him" shtick. Not only is it ultra lame, but it also means that your stupid hero is an imbecile.

    1. Kalau Helen, Annie Rocky Bru join then it is all over for Najib. Tapi dia tak nak.

      On life support the dying Najib can be there for a long long time.

    2. I think you should set up your own blog. Then you will feel for yourself how easy it is to condemn someone who is yet to be proven guilty. You so easily made up your mind about Najib from the start. I have seen people who think they are so moral that they think they can be judge, jury and executioner at the same time. Most of the time, they turned out wrong and by the time they realised it, the damage has been done. Me, I give even the devil the benefit of the law before I pass judgement on it.

    3. Political donation is not acrime ma.

    4. Is Tun M wrong in his assessment?

    5. The opposition received donation and they never reveal from where and how they got and keep it. The law of this country says it's not a crime. As for Tun's assessment, if you care to read my past postings, I defended Tun in this blog but as proven in the past, Tun's assessments were wrong in the past. Example; Anwar Ibrahim and now as you all yourself admit - Najib. Then again, this assessment of Najib may be wrong again. That's why I'm trying to be very careful when passing judgement and condemning someone.


    6. Apa pasat mau galoh-galoh lea aa , tatak pengalah semua pemenang lor rr .

      Itu Najub eaa aa , atak belum didapati bersalah , tapi eaa aa telah diperchayai atak melakukan kesilapan amat besar maa aa .
      Apa macam tau salah,, atau tatak salah itu ,itu mahkamah tatak pegi lagi lea aa ,sikalang macam itu PM mau kasi bicala maa aa ,lia atak manyak besr lor rr lagi atak kuasa maa aa .

      Itu Mahyudin kasi hukum pecat apa atak salah ,sudah atak bukti atak salah , manyak helan nea aa , kasi cekap mau kasi siasat pon manyak salah ,Wa pening maa aa .

      Itu 2.6 billion mungkin olang bolih telima maa aa ,kalau kasi betut telang lea aa ,tapi sutak kacau sana kacau sini itu sutak manyak losak lea aa .

    7. Annie

      This is your blog so you can write whatever you wish or feel right. I assume that since you open up the comment section you are willing to see all comment pros or cons.

      1. About the donation. I am not sure why you are trying to implicate opposition in this? Are you saying that if the opposition steal then its ok for UMNO to rob? first did the opposition get a 2.6 billion donation park into the personal account of Lim Kit Siang?

      Tun M has been the PM for over 20 years. Did he ever get UMNO donation into his personal account? and to the tune of 2.6 bill??

      2. Time and time again evidences pointing to Najib "wrongdoing" has surface. The only thing is he has not just been "declared" wrong in the court of law. How do you expect the court of law to work independently when they are controlled by Najib? If there is nothing wrong, why is Najib messing up with PAC, AG and SPRM?

      You can further read chedet here:

      It sums up nicely the event that leads to us all saying that indeed something is very wrong with Najib without even going to the court of Law!

      Any half brain will get this and even an immoral person can see how immoral Najib is!

      And as for you claim that "I have seen people who think they are so moral that they think they can be judge, jury and executioner at the same time. Most of the time, they turned out wrong and by the time they realised it, the damage has been done."

      I have only one word: Please look at the evidence!

    8. I'm not trying to implicate anyone. As I said, it's legal for the political parties to receive such donation. Anyway, no one will know if Kit Siang received donation into his personal account, isn't it? That's because no one asked. Or do you just assumed that he will never do such things. Well, I never stop anyone to express how guilty Najib is in this blog. I let all such comments through. Similarly I expect readers of this blog to respect my right not to pass judgement on Najib until I'm beyond doubt of his guilt. As you may noticed, i have yet said that he is innocent either.

    9. Obviously a wise person can foresee problem by analysing symptoms while not so clever person will only wait.....

    10. 2,600,000,000 is a lot of money. Wake up to the reality that as mentioned on the advice scrip , the transfer was for a payment. Payment for what and by whom. Tun already said 2 billion for donation is bs

    11. Yes it is legal but is it morally right? where did the donor get the 2.6billion? If you ask further question then you will find that something is really wrong with this "donation". At first it appears legal but then again may be not.

      No one will know if Kit Siang ever received donation into his account?? Nope...I think this is wrong....the LHDN would have known...the Bank Negara would have would have been red light all over the place if it is to the tune of 2.6bill.

      Nope...I never assume....Kit Siang should be put to the same scrutiny as Najib with regard to the political donation.

      So come again...does this means that its ok for Najib to receive 2.6bill donation to his personal account?

      If it is ok then why take month to admit...even is not him who admit is SPRM who made the declaration!

      I dont expect you to change your not at all...not after seing a few of your writings.......this is actually more for your readers.

      I am just as you when all this started i.e. I dont want to pass judgement until seeing further evidence. But Najib himself doesnt help to prove his innocent...You see there is now multitude of evidence pointing to his wrongdoing...except from period of silence and denial...there is no evidence offered to prove that his innocence!

    12. I did foresee the problem and analysed the symptoms. Otherwise I would not bother to write what I wrote. What i don't do is to condemn someone prematurely. The amount of money involved is not really important as I'm more concerned on how we deal with the issue without ending up being a lynch mob..

    13. Political donation? Again, you have fallen for Najib's spin hook, line and sinker. Point to me where in their media statement did MACC say it was a political donation? "Derma politik"? Did MACC say that? No. They just said "derma". And "derma" is one of the categories of rasuah. So is abuse of power.


    14. Anon 15:30

      Banyak lupa lea aa , Wa balu ingat itu Nik Aziz atak cekap ,itu kalau cekap delma ,itu tatak lasuah punya maa aa , kalau kasi itu atak lasuah ,pasat mesti atak sebab punya maa aa .

      Uncle Lim pon lapat delma ,so Najib mesti lapat busat punya pasat lia PM maa aa ,apa atak hat , undang kata atak bolih ,so tatak salah lor rr .

      Wa ingat itu Uncle Lim pon mau cali lebih delma lea aa.

    15. Lufang,

      your stupid faux Cina accent is tiresome and not even funny. Who cares what Nik Aziz or what you think Lim Kit Siang might think? Who cares what Lim Kit Siang would or would not like to do.

      We go by SPRM's definition of rasuah. And it explicitly includes "derma".

      Today Utusan goes into overdrive. "Tipu sunat" untuk cover "Presiden Parti". Padahal yang buat salah ialah Najib Razak, seorang individu who happens to be the president of Umno and Prime Minister of Malaysia.

      This is the same man says he is merely following precedent in accepting donations for the good of the party. Tun M in his blog post specifically says no President has ever received money in his personal account -- it has always been akaun amanah.

      Najib's army spun this Akaun Amanah issue into "akaun peribadi Presiden pun sama macam akaun amanah leeee". You fell for it. Doesn't bode well, does it, if you keep falling for the same shtick again and again.

      But you are in good company, Annie. Your fellow Johorean, Shahrir Samad, is another idiot who we previously thought highly of. Conveniently forgetting that akaun amanah has three signatories, and the Treasurer knows all the goings in and out.

      Go ahead, ask Husni: what was the 2.6 billion used for? Ask Shahri Samad, he would say I don't know, I don't need to know and I don't want to know. An ostrich that buries its head under the sand because it doesn't like the answer it might get.

      Husni wouldn't know. If he did, he would have piped up by now. He doesn't know, just as the (ex) TPM didn't know. What does that tell you?

      Today in Utusan Najib is on the front page saying, MACC had cleared him of rasuah because MACC had said it was derma meant for the good of the party. Mana ada statement MACC yang cakap macm tu? Najib has exonerated himself! Like a thief who says, Aku tak mencurilah! And the judge lets him go because the robber himself had said so.

    16. Lufang is basically saying that Umno's President is now the same as Nik Aziz and Lim Kit Siang. That's the problem with falsehood and lies -- when you try to defend it, it sounds ridiculous and makes the person you are trying to defend seem even worse than before.

    17. Aiya itu Iskandr pun banyak pandai cari wang sampai RM100bil.Tapi sikalang proxies, nominees & trustees sudah cabut.

  2. It is not about money, the source or how it was used or siphoned out but all about a liar and his lakeys who are bent in destroying the country to save his and get backsides.

  3. Anne , did you read Helen's latest post.
    No, she is not just having a crusade againts the evangelist ,she is also a defending Najib to the point of attacking Tun M.
    Comparing 1MDB with 13 May...what bullshit.


  4. Heard of the alamo during the texas mexican war?

    Defending a merely impossible fort.

    Sometimes withdrawing is the wisses shame in losing a battle when your winning the war.

  5. There is a right and wrong, and they way this whole episode has been managed has been very very bad.

    I think Anas sharing Chandra Muzaffar's comment does not make him Anti-Najib or Anti-BN.

    This is clearly something not quite ethical and raises a lot of questions that people want answers to.

    Is wanting answers make a person Anti-Najib?

    Should not conflate specific issues with supporting or not supporting.

    The world is not bnlack of white, if someone criticises or disagrees does not manke them an enemy

  6. We Malaysians do not need issue after issue hamging unresolved. The present issues may not be as bloody as the one 46 years ago but these issues today meloyakan. Dah tak ada ada apa nak dimuntahkan lagi tapi masam loya nya kekal berlendir.
    Derma 2,600,000,000 ringgit ni boleh ke diterima akal yang waras. Jawab lah ! Tak payah tanya bertalu talu lah. Orang pekak sampai boleh dengar pun nak jadi pekak balik ! Kita ni dah tak larat nak dibodohkan lagi. Se kuku besi orang kata Dr Mahathir mengepalakan kerajaan pun kita semua tak terasa sangat dikerdilkan.
    Ini jenis manusia yang dah tak ada langsung rasa nak betulkan diri bila ditegur. Ini bukan game siapa hebat. Ini kes betapa gentingnya keadaan yang ditimbulkan akibat kelalaian, ketaksuban kuasa, membelakangkan tatasusila kepemimpinan dan macam macam lagi yang tak senonoh lah.
    Jadi sekarang memang boleh disahkan lah BR1M ni alat orang yang mengaku pemimpin tapi masih perlu dipimpin. Tengok la keliling puas puas. Ini semua asas asas perak peranda yang umpama retak memanti belah.
    Najib betul ke, Najib tak betul ke, Rosmah menteri perdana ke, umno bangsat menjajah bangsa sendiri ke dah tak bermakna lagi dah. Is Malaysia having a decent chance to remedy these unfortunate events that unfold before us ? It looks unlikely, doesn't it ? This is the worrisome part. There is always catastrophe waiting a week administration. Get accustomed to this.

  7. Kalau Melayu sanggup menerima alasan bahawa 26 billion adalah derma tanpa menyoal detail terperinci maka bangsa Melayu adalah ditakdir sebagai bangsa yang malang dan gagal di bawah UMNO.