Saturday 29 August 2015

September soon


No one was hurt at the rally today.

My salute to the police for using their good discretion in handling Bersih 4.0.

Politically, I don't think the rally will make any difference.

I am totally convinced that PM DS Najib Razak will not step down from his office as demanded by the Bersih organisers and participants.

Why should he? He has everything under his control.

Najib will still be our prime minister until at least the next general election.

It also doesn't make a difference to me that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad went on a tour at the site of the rally where some of the participants are camping tonight.

Malaysia is a free country....for now.

Dr Mahathir has the right to go anywhere he wants.

Anyway, it's not that he borrowed Marina's Bersih T-shirt and wear it to go there.

He didn't even give a speech.

What ever it is, I do feel a bit silly for initially worrying too much over the whole thing.

I think things will be okay with Malaysia.

We just need to be patient.

I also need to relax a bit.

It's nice here at my friend's place.


My friend's son, who is autistic keeps playing this song on his mini I-pad,

The boy can't speak or understand much but I guess he loves the music.

It just so happens that September is the most important month of my life.

Hopefully I'm still around when the month ends.

Well, I need to rest for the night now.

Take care and stay safe.


  1. Pakai baju kuning OK. Cuma jgn otak kuning.

  2. You got that right. Pencuri got scots free no matter what we do. We should all celebrate.

    1. Ofcoz my friend. We also got pencuri in Penang and would be pencuri in Selangor. And the Bapak pencuri is in Sungai Buloh, albeit for a different reason.

  3. ...don't play play with my Chinese friend.... politically ...

    ...they do have balls too....

    I love my chinese friends


  4. Why should the rakyat afraid of a crooked 2.6 Billion Najib? How the SRC International 42 millions to his account investigation ongoing. Steal from the Rakyat, pay the price!!

  5. Salam .Pejuang Rakyat sebenar tidak pernah mengenal warna asalkan niat dan tujuannya sama . Memperjuangkan hak rakyat , tidak mahu rakyat diperbodohkan olih sekumpulan penyamun penyangak perompak yang bertopengkan sebagai pemimpin dan menggunakan ugama dan mengaburi rakyat dengan lakonan akhlak mulia untuk kepentingan diri dan kumpulan yang bersama dengan nya . Berhatilah kita memilih pemimpin .