Tuesday 25 August 2015

Try not to let power makes you arrogant, stupid and corrupt

Power can do weird things to people. especially weak people with limited ability.

And these people are not necessarily bad people....initially.

It's the power, placed in their hands which turned them bad.

Power makes them lose their head, so to speak.

And of course in most instances, having power means having more money.

Perfect ingredients to corrupt people.

They also get arrogant and almost always turned stupid.

This is particularly true among Malay men.

Example - Nice Malay man, work hard, get promoted into position of power and make extra money, became arrogant, get itchy, use extra money to chase other women, abandon wife and kids for other women, extra money not enough to sustain life with newly acquired trophy wife or cute girlfriend, get corrupted because need even more money....and the story goes on.

Sounds familiar isn't it?

Well, men of other races are actually the same, except probably they are better at earning more money.

Chinese men for instance also have the same tendency except that they go the other way around - get corrupted first, then get more money,  then get more power, then become arrogant, then chase after other women....and so on and so forth.


Indian men....errr, I don't know much about Indian men....even if I know, I won't write about them because if I do, they will probably come here and start to threaten to sue me....banyak leceh want to layan them when they are like that.

Well. all men are by nature bastards.

No exception....

Errr...I think I had went off topic lah.

Actually, I just want to write about how people lost their brain once they have or thought they have power.

Let me go straight to that, because otherwise I may start to bitch about men again.

Okay, I know this guy whom I used to regard as a nice guy.

The latest I heard was that he has turned not so nice.

The reason was probably because he had been selected to join the team of recently installed Deputy Prime Minister DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

That means he is on his way to be in a position of power.

I learned that even his language has changed.

He publicly used words such as "jahil" on people who disagreed with him when discussing the current political mess.

"Jahil" means ignorant or stupid in Arabic but in the Malay language, it carries a harsher connotation.

I think it's unnecessary for him to use that word just to show that he is defending his boss and the current establishment.

Seriously, I don't think that it's going to make things better.

People will simply get angrier not only with him but also his boss because of such arrogance.

They may not be able to do much now but two and a half years from now,  things will be different at the polls.

If the guy continues on this path, I'm afraid he will sooner or later become corrupt and stupid like the example I gave.

Why can't people get powerful and remain good, humble and honest?

Is it so difficult to be like that?

Personally, I respect people who remain cool and nice despite being powerful.


  1. Jadi ko kata semua lelaki ni bastard la ya? No? Semua tu termasuk bapak ko, datuk ko, moyang ko, ..... termasuk Musa, Isa, Muhamad, Adam sekali lah kiranya. Kalau nak membastardkan lelaki pun janganlah pukul rata. Macam juga kalau saya kata all women are bitch/slut/whore/bohsia/jalang/sundal/chikaro by nature...tu dah keterlaluan la kan? Itu ja komen seposen saya pagi yang syahdu ni.

    1. Agree. It's always best to avoid making sweeping statements.

  2. Chinese man get corrupted first! You mean they corrupt by paying a Malay?


  3. The Bugis origin cum Malay ,saying those Malays who are not with him are "bangsat"

    The Jawa origin cum Malay ,saying those Malays who did't agreed with him ,are "jahil".

    The DAP's Lim is saying that UMNO is "United Morons National Organisation" ,it means to say that all Malay are "Morons".

    Apa lagi yang Melayu mahu ?.

  4. Dr M is good, humble, honest and powerful! Hehehe. Oh he also never shout and he get things done. And he's cool. Oh one more, when he speaks he use simple language... hehehehe that's cool

    1. Wisdom and authority:
      Cheers to classic Malay gentleman!


  5. Its ok la people also become more angry with his boss... his boss has meet the billion rm donor already... Malaysia people not important as long as you know the Arab donor.

  6. Annie,

    Woman by nature are more emotional then man.

    Long time ago, woman was created from the rib of a man. A rib is not straight, it is curve. (like the shape of The Curve at Damansara Utama).

    So, because it is curve, the women are more emotional unlike men which tend to go straight to point.

    Being emotional is not a bad thing because the make up of woman with more emotion is needed as it is the woman that makes the babies. The Men only cooperate.

    Sometime, some woman becomes too emotional and this drives the men crazy. Sometime no longer "boleh tahan" and they start notice other women which are less hostile and you know how the story goes.

    Bottom line is women are more emotional then men. You have to appreciate that fact.

    This is what I gathered from experience.

    Now about that power corrupts. I agree with you completely.

    That is why, because of this, the thinkers and smart people in western countries modify and continue to improve the governance of their country by "limiting" the power of the head of executive, the PM or President.

    Power is not centralize but distributed to the executive, legislative and judiciary.

    For instance in America, the US congress is very powerful and will have the power to impeach the President. Furthermore, the President position is limited to 2 terms maximum or 8 yeast in America, UK and etc.

    1. Women, if power fetish gets into their outsized hairdos will turn into veritable serpents that seduce and poison.

  7. Sorry..off topic annie.

    Nak membebel pasal GST. Mana menteri dan so called pakar ekonomi yg kata kononnya gst akan kurangkan kos hidup rakyat? Where are they? Skrg semua jadi bisu ka?

    Kamu semua telah menganiaya rakyat tau tak? Stationery pun gst..Internet pun gst..tiket flight balik kampung pun gst..are you all crazy? At which point gst can lower our cost?

  8. Annie, if you think all men are bastards and are good for nothing, there is a second option.............you can always become a Carpet Muncher............you know like one woman MP from Johor.......hi hi hi hi hi.

    1. Anon 10:54, Annie's favourite seafood is sotong lah, why are you asking her to eat kerang.

  9. Indian men are ok lah, Annie. They don't run after women but women run after them especially the chapati eating Indians. They are also famous for belakang kira jokes.

    1. "Famous for belakang kira jokes", huh. At least our women dont suffer from constipation like malay, chinese , tamil women do.

  10. Ha ha oh Annie

  11. OMG, I'am a bastard ...... hehe

  12. KUALA LUMPUR: Politics is all about perception, political analyst Aspan Alias writes in his latest blog posting.

    Unfortunately, Prime Minister Najib Razak can no longer change the negative perceptions Malaysians hold towards him. As a result, he will not last long in office, Aspan predicts.

    And here’s why.

    Referring to the ubiquitous RM2.6 billion ‘donation’ issue, Aspan says, “We have heard numerous answers, but in truth there can be only one.” The multiple contradictory answers given by Najib and those around him to date, he says, are merely intended to confuse the public.

    “Many have formed the opinion that the money which ended up in Najib’s account did in fact originate from 1MDB after it had passed through multiple channels,” Aspan writes. “Whether he likes it or not, Najib has to accept that accusation.”

    He can no longer ask the public to await the outcome of “investigations,” Aspan says, because Najib himself has already interfered in those very investigations by “displacing” those who were engaged in them through various departmental transfers.

    As a result, Najib will never be able to furnish an acceptable answer to the accusations against him.

    “That is why the people seek change in leadership, even if that change is within BN and UMNO,” he adds.

    The people are not so evil as to want to kill off Umno, Aspan hastens to add, but the problem is that UMNO’s leaders nowadays lack the required dedication and finesse to command the people’s respect.

    “The people are now afraid,” he says, because UMNO’s leadership has become so rotten that there is no one who is worthy of taking over the mantle as leader of party and nation.

    “That is why while Najib may not last long, the nation’s problems are likely to persist indefinitely,” Aspan says.