Monday 3 August 2015

Rebels' two choices

I think PM DS Najib Razak has decisively crushed the rebellion.

Most of the rebels have gone silent.  Only a small number of bloggers who are still continuing the attack against Najib, albeit at a lower tone compared to previously.

His method may not be the best but it has definitely been effective.

The price he has to pay was that he can no longer be seen as a nice man.

There were indeed a lot of unhappiness all around but I don't see any way the rebels could continue the fight.

Najib is safe at least until the next general election which deadline is two and a half years from now.

The key move he made last week was in neutralising his deputy TS Muhyiddin Yassin who is actually the only real threat to Najib's position.

Without Muhyiddin, the rebels can't win.

Effectively removing key people from the investigation of 1MDB was also crucial.

These moves will be the subjects of debates for years to come, but whatever it is,  Najib is still in power and whether we like it or not we have to live with it for now.

The way I see it, those who were unhappy with Najib have only two choices,

1. Continue to spend all time and energy sniping at the PM at the risk of punitive action which Najib had indicated he is willing to take against his detractors.

2. Go back to work and life, bear with the unhappiness, keep all the anger bottled up inside so that no one can arrest and charge you for trying to topple a democratically elected government and wait for revenge at the polls in the next general election.

As I wrote before, life has to go on.

The family needs to be fed and clothed.

The bills need to be paid.

Those leading the rebellion have apparently eased off their attack.

I think I know why...

They also have a life other than going after Najib

Probably, only now that they are also aware that Najib is actually capable of fighting them back and has the means to do so.

Najib is not so lembik, after all.

Nonetheless, Najib should not be too happy with the success of putting down the rebellion.

The anger among a lot of people is still there despite the open rebellion being more or less effectively over now.

It's for him and his team to win back the support of the people.

They have two and a half years to do it.

Najib may not be able to claim that he is a nice PM anymore, but I think he can try to be an efficient PM who delivers the goods to the people.

That, he and his team need to strive hard from now on, to convince the people that he deserves to stay in power.

As for myself, I have been defending Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad ever since the rebellion started.

And I will continue to do so.

So, some may see me as a rebel too even though I never directly attacked Najib.

I don't mind that.

I think I explained my stand several times in my past postings.

I did that not because Dr Mahathir or anyone asked me to do it.

In fact I have never met any of the rebel leaders since the fighting started.

I defended Dr Mahathir because I appreciate what he did for the country when he was the prime minister for 22 years.

Right or wrong, I still feel no one should demonised the elderly statesman.

Now that the fighting is actually over, I want to get back to my usual routine so that I can be a useful citizen of this country once again instead of just bitching to no effect.

I will wait and see what will happen these next two and a half years.

If Najib still screws up, his people continue to be arrogant and stupid, abuses continue etc, then I think I know what to do.


  1. You know what Annie.. I once voted TSMY in Parliament but PAS Dr Mahfuz Mohamed for ADUN. In GE14, my vote will definitely not for BN, IF Najib still the PM and I'll make sure that my mother and my extended family members will not vote for BN.

    1. I will also vote for anything but BN. I will make sure my family, relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues, teachers, students, to NOT vote for BN. Can't wait to see Najib & his 1MDB cabinet go to jail post GE14.

    2. Me too, gone are the days when the whole family voted BN..... It will be PAS or we will stay home and watch The Asian Food Channel

    3. The sudden death will now be a slow death. RIP (Regret In Pain) in two years for UMNO. Many votes will be intentionally spoilt to show protest or no show by voters that used to vote BN.

    4. Don't talk cock.
      TSMY is MP for Pagoh, Johor, while Mahfuz is MP for Pokok Sena, Kedah.

    5. DR Mahfuz Mohamed is MP for Pokok Sena???? Now who is talking cock. Malunyu.

      Btw GE13 my family of 4 voted for Datuk Johari BN P. Titiwangsa. Come GE14, there will be 7 votes from us, and all will go to PAS if Najib still the PM.

    6. Datuk Dr Mahfodz Mohamad - Dun Senggarang not that MP Pokok Sena Mahfuz Omar

    7. RD.. Hello i'm not talking about Mahfuz MP Pokok Sena.. That is another guy Mahfuz or Mahfodz Mohamed in Johor...

    8. Why vote for PAS, vote for GHB. PAS are incompetence. They were given the opportunity by voters in Terengganu and Kedah, they had failed. Even implementing Hudud, they failed also.

    9. Vote for GHB a bunch of sore losers? No way.

  2. The war is over? Really, you are losing touch of the reality on the ground. Let Najib and gang enjoy the next two and a half years. Be ready to cross to the opposition then. Just like UMNO in Selangor, they will be there for a long long time.

    1. Before this episod was revealed Ahmad Maslan said it will be very stupid if PM to receive 2.3 billion under his personal account. Now proven Najib is a very stupid PM. Not me but Maslan said this.

  3. Well said Annie. We just observe how UMNO members will play this out. If they still support Najib despite the obvious misuse of power, then the ballot box will give them their just desserts. Come PRU14, no more Chinese tsunami (we all know that Chinese no longer support BN, it is given).. but right minded BN supporters tsunami.

  4. If the politicians who are seen to be fighting against Najib and his capos back down and keep quiet, all the burden will be shifted back to the rakyat. With the economy slowly rolling downhill, expect more Low Yat-type skirmishes to happen and believe me, there will be a time when the oppressed gets fed-up with the injustice they receive, they will rise.

    And the spark will catch fire. When the fire becomes to big to put off, you will either run or be engulfed by the flames.

  5. Annie,

    My imagination run a bit wild. Let say Najib wouldn't be able to administer the country effectively ( based on 5 years achievement is very bad) do you think he is capable to defer General Election?

    1. The law of the land requires new mandate every 5 years. Hence, election have to be held in year 2018 latest. It cannot be deferred.

    2. What about something bigger than low yat happen can goverment declare emergency

  6. Actually the crush not came from's from Rossie....Najib being used as a frontliner.

  7. Sejak Bekas AG TS Gani Patail di pecat terlalu banyak cakap cakap mengatakan Najib memecat TS Gani Patail sebab untuk elakkan dirinya didakwa , sekiranya kita merujuk kepada klip video TSMY yang menyatakan wang sebanyak RM 2.6 billion di masukkan kedalam akaun Peribadi Najib jelas cakap cakap yang bekas AG di pecat untuk elak didakwa ada benar nya kerana disana sudah ada kesalahan dibawah Akta Bank Nagara dan juga elemen rasuah kerana mana mungkin orang memberi dengan jumlah yang besar tidak mengharapkan kan sesuatu kembali apa lagi memberi kepada orang yang ada kuasa . Jadi sekiranya senario ini benar , Boleh kah kita sebagai rakyat malaysia ,malah sebagai manusia yang ada maruah dan hak boleh membenarkan seorang individu untuk berada diatas undang undang.

    Sedangkan sultan pada masa ini akan dihadap ke Makamah khas kalau terlibat dengan sebarang tuduhan jenayah ,mana mungkin ada seorang individu boleh mendapat kelebihan begini , Apa jadi dengan sistem pentadbiran negara ,apa jadi dengan sistem kenegaraan kita ,apa jadi dengan nilai moral kehidupan ketemadunan kita , malah apa jadi dengan kepercayaan agama kita . Saya harap apa yang saya lontar ini tidak benar ,tetapi kalau benar sekiranya perkara ini di biar , sudah tentu MALAYSIA sedang menuju kearah kegelapan .

    1. Setuju sangat.

      Apa ke benda ni cuba dikelirukan dengan mainan politik najib vs the rebels.Apa ni Annie?

  8. Well let me put this way Annie, Najib may have silenced his oppositions in UMNO but the hatred among the citizen still there & seriously with lots of buffoon type of ministers in his cabinet, it gonna an uphill task for BN to win GE14~ after all now the malay can afford to vote for PAS without worrying about handing their vote to DAP

    1. Betul tu! Walaupun keadaan semasa kelihatan tenang tetapi di bawah api kemarahan amat membara menyala nyala! Tunggu masa engkau akan tiba wahai PM. Mungkin PRU 14 akan menyaksikan KEJATUHAN MU dalam keadaan yang hina dan memalukan!

    2. Shhhhhh ....... jangan cakap.

      Clean sweep to PAS. It is for PAS to screw it up. Orann kampung semua dah tahu.

    3. Vote for PAS in GE14. After that PAS will join BN for unity government. BN still rules.:)

    4. Pas will win the most of the malay votes, and they have quite a say should unity govt is needed. Pas will call the shot. Furthermore, hadi awang will no longer around in mid 2017 as he will be replaced by his deputy.. Pas will win BIG this time around.

    5. Even if BN still win if PAS join them, PAS will have very big say. Most Important is, Ahjibgor & Flom are kicked out. That's one of the main agendas we need to achieve.

  9. re: "I think PM DS Najib Razak has decisively crushed the rebellion. The price he has to pay was that he can no longer be seen as a nice man. There were indeed a lot of unhappiness all around ...."

    It is narrated on the authority of 'Abdullah ibn Mas'ud that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) observed:
    "None shall enter the Hell-Fire who has in his heart the weight of a mustard seed of true faith (Iman), but none shall enter Paradise who has in his heart the weight of a mustard seed of false pride (Kibr)."

    That he's now caught between a rock and a hard place was wrought by his own hands.

    1. You mean he cannot be honest to himself anymore so don't expect his honesty towards the rakyat?

    2. The Revolutionary Cry: LONG LIVE LIFE! (to King Death and all his fiery friends)

      "For some reason I can't explain
      I know Saint Peter won't call my name
      Never an honest word
      But that was when I ruled the world"

  10. Annie, will you permit me to put my savings a/c. number here? I'm not asking for anything. Who knows, right? Some samaritan may just ...

  11. And now the time has turned around to really finish off any enemies in politics by the PM. No second chance or live to regret it in politics.

    Do you really expect the PM to forgive and stay status quo after all the plots and defamation and slander to force him out from office undemocratically?

    You must be joking. The long arm of the laws will come after one another sooner or later.

    In politics, there are no prisoners. It's either kill or be killed in this game where the Victor takes all.

  12. The Rebellion had been crushed but the force is still strong with the rebellion.

    Few had been tempted to the dark side but many righteous citizen still behind the force.

  13. Saya doakan semoga ahjib dan menteri2 nya semuanya mati dengan hina, kalau dapat sebelum pru14. Dah tahap menyampah sarap dengan ahjib,godzilla dan beruk2 yg jadi menteri, dan monyet2 ketua bahagian umno yg makan taik haram jadah ahjib tu.

    1. Mendoakan yang tidak baik adalah tidak digalakkan dalam Islam. Doa yang baik-baik.

    2. anon 0021

      islam mana yg kamu pakai? sebenarnya wajib kita mendoakan kecelakaan kepada manusia yg munafik macam najib tu..

      sedangkan nabi sendiri berperang menentang para munafikun..

      kau ni islam versi mana?

    3. Takut2 kau yang munafik kut.

  14. Annie,

    Apa yg nak dibanggakan dgn pencapaian memecat TSMY dan DPSA?..apa yg najib da menang?..pergi la mana mana di malaysia ni..siapa yg maukan najib?..tengok saja la facebook dia..hanya manusia tak tau malu akan ignored reaksi rakyat bawahan..sekurang kurangnya Pak Lah tau yg rakyat menyampah dgn dia dan berundur..

    Sebelum letusan 1mdb 52% pengundi da menolak dia..sekarang ini kau (annie) rasa bertambah ker sokongan terutama pengundi muda?.

    Rakyat tak peduli lar siapa yg dia pecat...selepas dia pecat rival dia dlm umno, dia tukar AG, kepala SB..dia gempak org org SPRM, Bank Negara...akar umbi umno (aku jugak)..makin bertambah org menyampah dgn bijak mana yg pergi declare dia pahlawan darah bukan sebarang?..YA sekarang dia punya kuasa..tetapi penyokong penyokong dia hanyalah kayu kayu dan sampah sampah jadi menteri dan ahli MT Umno..itu lar penyokong yg dia ada..di sebabkan dia dan bininya tg tak tau MALU..nama umno yg semakin membusuk!!..even the rebellion have been crushed.. dia hanya tinggal 2 stengah tahun jer lagi..yg sedihnya inilah juga pengakhiran parti keramat UMNO..parti yg berjasa pada bangsa dan bukan melayu ( bukan melayu tak nak akui diaorang punya pasal lar)..budaya feudal telah memakan parti umno..sampaikan kaca yg memimpin di kata permata!!

    1. Bukan penyokong pun sebenarnya. Tarik pangkat dan duit, takde la orang sokong dia.

    2. Dalam media, Najib kata 3 juta ahli UMNO dibelakangnya. Betul ka? Tak payah lagi tangguh PAU.

    3. Ikut contoh chedet.

  15. Annie, is it really 2 and a half years away? Or, is it just another 18 months at the max? When UMNO defer its election by 18 months recently, when is the exact starting date?

    I wonder, would it not be suicidal for UMNO to go to GE14 just after its Pemilihan?

    If I may, i would strongly suggest Najib to call for GE14 by end of year. UMNO's health is not perfect, but so does Pakatan's health. Waiting too long would just give the GBH and PAS to settle down and settle their feud. I believe that it a bigger risk for UMNO.

    1. UMNO election have absolutely nothing to do with GE.

      GE have to be executed to get legitimate mandate before 5 years, that is 2018.

  16. Wait for GE14, Annie?

    What if, in 2.5 years:-
    - 1USD = RM10. (Yes Najib is successful with his High income nation, where a peon could earn RM5k/month, but a cup of teh-tarik cost RM5.)
    - Price of oil = USD5/barrel.
    - Price of Rubber = RM0.5/kg.
    - Price of Palm Oil (FFB) = RM50/Tan
    - Price of Gold = RM1000/gm.
    - Price of Rice = RM150/10kg.

    Don't you think there will be chaos in the streets, especially if Anwar is already a free a then?
    What if Najib declare a state of emergency, hence postponing GE indefinitely?
    We will lucky though, if there are no racial strife.

    1. I think you are taking your imagination a bit too far.


  17. re , Najib Razak has decisively crushed the crushed the rebellion .

    Don't be to sure of the outcome , calm after the storm ,is always useful to assess the damage , never expect that it won't be another.

  18. Saya akan terus mengundi UMNO/BN sebab Najib kata Melayu akan jadi bangsa terbangsat selepas pemergian dia. Saya amat takot la...

  19. Annie, kalau kita menonton filem seram, james bond, dracula..kita masih ada masa untuk makan kuaci atau berbisik bisik tanpa hilang plot cerita.

    Tetapi kalau kita menonton Maharaja Lawak Mega dengan pelakon utama seperti amat maselan (Hassan Malek tersingkir masuk suku akhir) maka fokus dan diam sangat perlu untuk menghayati bahan lawak mereka.

    Bukankah lucu, kalau dulunya mat maselan kata Najib tidaklah bodoh dan bebal untuk masukan duit dakam akaun peribadi...
    Tapi hari ini SPRM sahkan...

    Itulah lucunya dan sebab itulah pengkritik Najib banyak diam sekarang ini, mereka lebih ketawa...

  20. Nolah Annie. Terpaksa buat. Kalauy tak ada kemungkinan masuk penjara. Jadi terpaksa.

    Bukan pandai mana pun mamat ni. Jadi tak payah lah kata mamat tu pandailah crushing rebellion la.

    Rebellion apa ke bendanya. Nak halang orang mencuri pun nak panggil rebellion ke.

  21. I think they are all gone quiet not because of contenting neither they are quietened by bugis. Its actuallt they are fed up and come to term that bugis is not going to accept defeat at all cost. All these 2.6 billion or 1mdb or whatever they are, proved that all the key geists are true after all. I cant remember the initial geist about personal account episode - whether they said it something related about 1mdb or it just they say huge money went into someones personal account.

    When it was first mooted all from sky to ground vehemently denied it. 3.85 even said it was stupid to do as such. One minister even say if it was him he wouldnt put in his personal account. I wonder what they are now eating shite under bridge or what. And the 1mdb, unfortunately the issue came out from opposition. Bugis said it wasnt true at all and suddenly FM 2 announced it was a problem and rationalisation plan required. Then bugis 180 turn. If it wasnt a problem then why the plan is required. Would love it if no plan and then whole thing just kaput. But as much people like it to happen just to prove a point, they know if dont say anything this country going to the dogs. Bugis is well off after all but how about their children?

    But bark all day also nothing happen then people get fed up. Now all tone down and do own business but be warned when the ballot days come they will let bugis know how they feel

    1. NO Shit! Let it be known, this anger will not quell down so easily, this disappointment will not be forgotten.
      If we do become a high-income nation (I doubt it), I'll use the extra cash to support the opposition, or just stay at home; unlike in GE13.

  22. Annie,

    The storm is gathering it strength ,never knows when it will hit back and do remember that Mahyudin is far from being like Anuar who drive people to the street to make his defence ,neglecting whatever outcome to achieve his objective .

    Though he might not be as ambitious ,do remember he is the UMNO timbalan president and the love of the party and the stability of the party are believe to be his main concern
    1 MDB is to big for him to absorb ,when the party is concern .

  23. Petikan dari FB Dr Maza
    Dalam riwayat al-Bukhari menceritakan bahawa ada penduduk Kufah yang mempertikai kepimpinan gabenor mereka Sa’d bin Abi Waqqas sedangkan beliau sahabat Nabi s.a.w yang besar dan pemimpin yang soleh. Khalifah ‘Umar mengambil tindakan menggantikan Sa’d bin Abi Waqqas dengan ‘Ammar bin Yasir. Ketika siasatan sedang dijalankan didapati rakyat memuji kepimpinan Sa’d, kecuali di Masjid Bani ‘Abs seorang yang bernama Usamah bin Qatadah bangun membuat dakwaan seperti berikut:
    Sesungguhnya Sa’d tidak menyertai peperangan, tidak membahagi harta secara saksama dan tidak adil dalam hukuman”. Sa’d menjawab: “Demi Allah aku akan berdoa dengan tiga perkara: “Ya Allah! Jika hambaMu ini (penuduh) seorang pendusta, tampil untuk menunjuk-nunjuk maka panjangkan umurnya, panjangnya kefakirannya dan dedahkan dia kepada fitnah”. Maka lelaki tersebut hidup dalam kefakiran sehingga umur terlalu lanjut tapi masih mengganggu gadis-gadis di jalanan dan cuba meraba mereka.
    Sehingga orang yang melihat Usamah bin Qatadah dalam keadaan begitu menyebut: "Dia telah ditimpa doa lelaki yang diberkati (iaitu Sa'd bin Abi Waqqas)
    Doa-doa di atas jika kita lihat mereka tidaklah terus meminta bala kepada muslim yang dianggap zalim itu, sebaliknya diikat dengan ungkapan “Ya Allah, jika dia ini berdusta maka…” atau mungkin kita sebut “jika dia telah menzalimiku maka..”. Ini kerana kita mungkin tersalah anggap, atau silap tafsiran maka wajarlah berlapik kata dalam hal ini dan serahkan kepada Allah Yang Maha Mengetahui.

    Marilah kita bersama-sama berdoa meminta pertolongan dari Allah SWT:
    “Ya Allah, jika Najib dan konco-konconya ini berdusta dan menzalimi kami rakyat Malaysia, maka panjangkan umur mereka, panjangnya kefakiran mereka, dedahkan mereka kepada fitnah dan matikan mereka dalam kehinaan"
    Najib dan geng sangat berkuasa sekarang dan sanggup melakukan apa saja demi menjaga kepentingan duniawi mereka. Ciri-ciri kezaliman mereka terserlah keada umum. Teruskan berdoa dan bersabar kerana Nabi Musa berdoa selama 40 tahun sebelum Firaun dihancurkan.

  24. question is wht do u think about najib now?

    i dont mind a kind of dictator leader, msia after kinda need tht. but for wht purpose.

    so najib has only been seen trying his ass off only when it comes to saving himself.

    thts the kind of leader he is. its him and him only, umno, the country are expendable.

    well life do has to go on, but he will not be safe comes PRU later.

    if the umno people care at all about umno survival they would do something about najib.

    but it sure doesnt look like tht.

    for us tht is dangerous, because knowing its their last term, those people would stole as many as possible.

    at least this time it wont be on private account anymore i guess.

  25. I will definetly not going to vote bn. So for all my family members

  26. Annie there's a third option. Have a big heart, accept that dsnr IS our pm and work hard to win the next pru and vote for BN. Dsnr is a man and man cannot lives forever. He will one day letak jawatan or be defeated in party elections. One has just to think long term and have a big heart. It is idiotic not to vote for BN or vote for DAP, especially for BN supporters.

  27. UMNO forever..