Sunday 16 August 2015

Remember, Umno people unanimously made Najib their leader

The rebels are still pounding Najib.

They are now mostly urging for the Umno grassroots to force their divisional leaders to pile pressure on Najib to step down.

It's the only way forward for them after Najib recently shut down all the threats to his premiership.

But from what I know of the Umno grassroots,  I don't think it's going to happen.

It simply doesn't work that way.

They will follow their local Umno warlords, who are mostly Najib's people instead of the other way around.

There are a few rebellious divisional leaders, but they are far and in between.

Some, from among the Umno grassroots will be making some noises, but that's about it.

Najib will ignore them.

That's how I see it's going to be.

Still, I find the efforts by the rebels admirable.

They were fighting while knowing well that they can't win.

They were convinced that Umno and Barisan Nasional will lose the next general election if led by Najib.

But, Umno and Barisan Nasional will indeed go into the next general election led by Najib.

That's the reality.

Still, the rebels keep on fighting.

Well, what else can they do.

Much to my surprise, my friend SatD has also apparently joined the rebellion.

He has been writing more on Facebook and Twitter rather than blog.

I'm not on both social media platforms, so I only knew about his stance when he updated his blog with this,

Warkah buat Ahli UMNO: The One Step Guide on How to Remove PahlaWANG BooGees and HUsNit Ulam Jawa

SatD was suggesting that since Umno doesn't know the details of the RM2.6 billion "loan" as the money is not in its account, then the party president who had at one time holds the money in his personal account should answer for it.

He cited this,

Well, that's neat dear SatD.

But who is going to lodge a report on it and will the matter proceed further than that?

Bear in mind ya, even the special task force investigating 1MDB had been shut down.

So, as far as I'm concerned, that's how it's going to be.

Right or wrong, Najib will remain as Umno least until GE14

Umno people, including some of the rebels, who are Umno members have to accept the fact that they are actually the ones who unanimously placed Najib where he is now.

No one else did that except themselves.

Remember the last party election in 2013, just months after the near disaster of GE13?

Yup, Umno members returned Najib as their president, unopposed.

They even voted in the entire leadership as per status quo as wanted by Najib.

I was tearing my hair out in frustration when that happened.

If you bothered to check this blog's archive back to September and October 2013, you will find that I was heavily promoting Kedah MB DS Mukhriz Mahathir for one of the vice-president posts.

I was hoping for Mukhriz to bring some hope for Umno's rejuvenation.

But it was not to be.

Umno people voted as according to what their top leaders wanted.

It was status quo.

I wrapped up my campaign for Mukhriz with these postings,

The thing that sadden me most at that time was because Umno will be going into GE14 with the very same line-up as in GE13 when BN lost the popular votes.

And the Umno members who voted in their leaders don't seem to mind that.

They just voted according to what their division chief told them, and I guess you all know who the division chiefs got their instructions from.

And now the rebels are expecting the Umno grassroots to go on an uprising?

Sorry, let me repeat - IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

By the way, this just came in via NST SMS alerts minutes ago as I'm writing this posting;

NST 16/08 PM Najib calls for closure on political funding issue. Says Umno should focus on greater issues affecting the rakyat.

Well, Umno people, that's your president whom you all unanimously elected speaking.


  1. Things will come to an end eventually annie....never doubt the heart of a volunteer.

  2. UMNO members have just proven the old adage that orang melayu malas dan bodoh...malas berfikir dan bodoh ikut ketua. Confirm UMNO melayu MEMANG bodoh dan malas. You get the leader that you deserve!


  3. UMNO has been strong all these years , not because of their ketua bahgian or it president ,but a solid believe and support of from the grassroots "the ordinary members" of their undivided trust in their perjuangan .

    They had mistake , that the weakness of the Malays , (trust their leaders) which they has realize now ,be sure that ways and means to put their perjuangan back to the right track .

    Once beaten twice shy ,the should learnt from it .

  4. Not so fast Annie... You seems to forget that this time it's involved billions. When the warlords realised that they only get a very small fractions of the billions, when the grassroots start asking for more, when the taps run dry, the ball will start rolling again. This is UMNO. It happened to the 'slumberman', it will happen to 'boogesman' as well... UMNO never keeps biawak for long.

  5. The allegations are just allegations and there are no proves to reason the removal of PM Najib. Until such allegations are proven beyond doubt, I'm going to stand behind the leadership and give my support them. And I enjoy seeing him giving the middle finger to the grand old man. At last someone with guts to say no to him.


      "Ariff Sabri also noted that Najib’s attempt at rhetoric in Pasir Gudang fell flat. When he asked whether delegates wanted to hear him spill the beans and can of worms, delegates told him to go ahead. But he declined to do what he said. Ariff said the whole fiasco for Najib began with the “very sarcastic speech” delivered by the Pasir Gudang Umno chief, Johor Menteri Besar Khaled Nordin. "He told delegates about being lucky that the Umno President invited himself to the Pasir Gudang meeting. In other words, the President had gate-crashed.”
      At the end of the meeting, he said, Najib was presented with a memorandum, which included a recommendation for him to go on leave. “That is actually a polite way of asking Najib to leave office permanently.” "

    2. How to prove beyond doubt? You tell me. Zero investigation. Terang lagi bersuluh lah brader

  6. So the grand samseng Tai Gor Jib has ordered a closure on investigations into his RM2.6 billion crime eh?

    1. My Singapore friend's brother-in-law was a very successful businessman; he was a Freemason who dabbled in Satanic worship. My friend is a Christian who converted to Islam, and she says that those devil worshippers are almost always punished for their ill-gotten wealth when death is near when their internal digestive system will erupt.

    2. Stop your hocus-pocus. Have you noticed if ever any Muslim who took ill gotten gains have returned to earth after death complained about life after death. There is no such thing including exploding digestive system. Maybe release of compressed gas or usually known as fart. No one has ever heard of a Freemason suffering exploding organs. My family have strong Freemason lineage, since 1824.. Just attend our Lodge (if invited) and worshipping our Creator.. We are all doing well and are well off. It is the same we know afterlife in our Freemason heaven, exclusive to us.

    3. Good luck to you and Lucifer!

    4. Cerita apa ni? Praktikal la sikit. Cerita - cerita Tanah Kubur ni, orang melayu je reka. Tak pernah dapat direkodkan pun.

    5. "O you who have faith! Save your souls and also your families from the tortures of hell!" [Quran: at-Tahrim verse 6]

      "There is no greater gift from parents to their children than the cultivation of good moral character."
      [hadith narrated by Ibn Majah]

  7. "I was tearing my hair out in frustration when that happened.'
    You sure have a very unique way of putting you thought into words.

    Yes Annie. I was frustated too, then.

    Maybe, part of that RM2.6 billion was also used for PAU 2013. That's why we have to bang our head against the wall in frustration when "Umno people voted as according to what their top leaders wanted."

    Anyway, by hook or by crook, something has to be done to make him go away. Waiting for GE14 is just like, 'menunggu bulan jatuh ke riba'.

    He had rendered all investigation regarding the 1MDB fiasco, ineffective or futile.
    And now, "PM Najib calls for closure on political funding issue."

    Therefore, I will not be surprised if GE14 suffer the same fate. What if he declared an emergency for whatever reason?.

  8. Regardless Annie...

    As a muslim we must continue to voice against something that is "incorrect".

    The outcome whether Najib will go or not is not an issue. that is up to Allah AlMighty.

    1. Allah loves Najib.

    2. Allah loves us all to death .... then He sends the Oppressor to Hellfire and the oppressed one hopefully go to heaven if he got no major sin.

    3. Please don't make up stories.

    4. You could go to hell on your own terms having your own selfish ways .... seriously

  9. Unanimous how, exactly? The first one he inherited from the previous president. The next round he got his people to declare the top post cannot be contested.

    Bila masa Najib Razak pernah dipilih oleh ahli Umno?

  10. Tak apa la annie dah memang umno nak tersungkur di PRU 14 nak buat macam mana , saya tak salah najib sebab dia ini lanun , mesti dia akan buat apa saja untuk elak daripada dia didakwa walau pun terpaksa merasuah menteri menteri , warlord warlord malah sesetengah ahli umno yang tak tahu malu yang berimankan kedudukan/jawatan dan wang . Begitu juga kita tak boleh salahkan Tun M kalau beliau terpaksa pilih Tun Dol tidur dan Najib lanun kerana semua ini dipilih oleh orang umno mereka memilih dari jawatan ketua bahagian , naib presiden ke timbalan presiden jadi Tun m tak boleh tolak nanti dalam umno pengikut bergaduh.

    Kita serah kepada allah swt , bukti dah jelas , sejak mantan AG patail dipecat , SPRM diganggu dan task force dibubar dan PAC digantung jelas sudah najib memang bersalah untuk elak dirinya didakwa dan penyelwengan 1MDB diketahui umum ,kalau yang ini pun orang umno tak faham Annie U tak boleh buat apa apa ,macam saya juga , memang kita tak mau PR memrintah , tapi terima la hakikat yang Najib lebih bahaya dan jahat daripada sesetengah pemimpin PR , banyak kes kes besar sebelum ini tak terjawab motifnya ,ini masuk pula bab menyeleweng wang berbillion billion . Jadi sekarang apa beza UMNO dan PR , dalam UMNO pun hampir kebanyakan warlord ,menteri dan sesetengah ahli dah tak tahu malu dengan skandal najib ini kemudian hanya berimankan jawatan/wang dan kedudukan , apa ini ka etika yang boleh orang melayu harap untuk masa depan mereka , sebenarnya annie sejak isu 1MDB ini dibawa oleh Tun M politik umno , malaysia sudah rosak ditahap membusuk satu pun dah tak boleh di pakai saya nasihatkan pada generasi 45 kebawah lebih baik lah anda fikirkan perjuangan baru ,imej baru dan matlamat baru dengan pemimpin muda untuk masa depan tak payah lah diambil daripada pemuda umno yang juga dah rosak untuk ketika ini .

    1. setuju. Pilih PR ajelah. UMNO bukan lagi pilihan yang selamat. Baik bakal penipu daripada penipu yang handal.

    2. Tak sempat lah nak pilih bakal penipu, sebab PR dah lingkup.

      So, kalau Najib tak resign, saya pilih PAS pada PRU14.

    3. PAS pun dah terbelah. Pilih DAP.

  11. UMNO - Malaysia's most effective political opposition party.


  12. Manyak kesian lor rr , itu 3 juta UMNO punya ahli semua kena kasi salah maa aa , pasat pilih sama Najib .

    Tapi eaa aa , ini UMNO punya hat ,Wa tatak bolih manyak cekap lea aa ,nanti olang malah lor rr , itu pasat MCA ,MIC sama itu Gelekan manyak senyap lea aa .

    Uncle Lim manyak bisisng ,tapi tatak bolih apa buat , Najib pon tatak bolih kasi pecat sama lia maa aa. Selupa itu anjing nampak itu penculi ,kasi bising-bising ,tapi tatak bolih tangkap itu penculi lor rr ,pasat itu anjing kena ikat maa aa.

    Wa tak tau lea aa ,ini 3 juta UMNO punya ahli ada patut kena kasi salah ,kelana pilih salah punya president maa aa , atau itu president yang salah kasi itu 3 juta punya ahli halapan hancur lea aa .

  13. If Singapore govn insisted not to release the frozen account, Najib then cannot fulfill his promise of money to Ketua Bahagian, Wait for the resentment when promise cannot be fulfilled.

    1. This headstrong Jemuan full of empty promises to rakyat, a lot of personal motives ...

    2. US warns Singapore over money laundering.

  14. Annie,
    You think Ajibgor and his gangs are stupid.Surely they have their own strategies facing the coming GE 14.UMNO had learned a good lesson in GE 13 esp the so called Chinese Tsunami and this time around they will be ready for it and the victims will be BN components Chinese parties.Do they cares these Chinese parties voters whom they suspect as backstabbers.UMNO will demand all seats with majorities Malay voters which normally MCA or GERAKAN contested before.The other point is the Persempadan kawasan is a bonus for BN,until this boundaries are adjusted I think it is not that plain sailing for any parties to topple BN.e,g.Total sum of voters in Puchong is equavilant to 3 Parliament seats in rural areas and that was why in GE 13 51% voted Oppo but still BN achieved simple majority in Parliament.Here in your blog we ,esp the urbanites confidently and optimisticly forsee BN to fall in next GE,but this was the same ho hah before last GE 13,but the result frustrated us.Do the majority of the rural folks read your blog?.do they really understand the 1 MDB debacle,even GST ,they were only grumbling few weeks and now quitened down as they even said that what is there to lose few cents when they will received more through BRIM.BN votes banks in Sabah and Sarawak are solid ,until such times the Oppo can really make a breakthrough in these states,the path to topple BN will be more difficult.Last but not least with the political scenerio nowadays ,we have too to consider if PAS becoming BN friendly,anything can happened.

  15. Annie... It seems everybody think opposition really wants 'Boogesman' booted out right now. They make so much noise and attack him daily. But don't you think their attacks are kinda lame. More smoke than the real fire. Not as vicious as they did back during Tun M time. Why? I think they're just pretending! They want him to remain as PM. At least until next GE. They've learned their lesson during 'Slumberman' era. They defended 'Slumberman'. UMNO removed him swiftly. Now, they're attacking 'Boogesman', naturely, UMNO is defending him. It's in the UMNO bloodline. So, what's the real plan for the oppositions? Attack 'Boogesman' until the rakyat really hates him, but not so much for UMNO to remove him. Come next GE, total annilation of BN!

    1. Ini bukan pasal politik. Ini pasal orang mencuri.

  16. can we stop the politics for a while and focus on the economy...why waste time on hounding over money that is not even ours and kept pushing to change leadership when u guys dont even know of one who is actually clean and reliable.

    1. Who gave you the idea that the money does not belong to us, the Rakyat?
      Do meant to say, the PM does not work for the benefits of the Rakyat's livelihood?

    2. Senang je. Najib resign, the economy will stop bleeding and start fixing itself.

      Apa yang susah sangat nak faham.

      Apa yang istimewanya Najib yang tak boleh nak diganti ni?

  17. Perwakilan yang terus menyokong DSN hanya adalah penjilat buntut dan mendapat habuan semata-mata.

    Sila bercakap dengan rakyat biasa. Jika anda tidak percaya, just pick anyone on the streets. Dengar apa pendapat mereka tentang 'derma RM2.6 bil' itu. Dengar pendapat mereka tentang keadaan ekonomi sekarang. Dengar pendapat mereka tentang inflasi, harga melambung.

    Berapa orang yang akan kehilangan pekerjaan bulan September ini? BERAPA? Jangan cakap ekonomi kukuh, pertumbuhan GDP 4.9%! Rakyat merana kini. Tanya je peniaga-peniaga, jualan sejak GST naik ke tidak? Ini ditambah dengan matawang MYR menurun. Nak suapkan dengan BRIM? Nak beli sepatu DSN pun tak cukup dengan sedekah BRIM kerajaan. Jangan cakap tas tangan Puan Sri Rosmah.

    Jadi kenapa sebab seorang ini, rakyat berjuta merana? Sebab 1MDB dia? Satu Malaysia merana sebab polisi bodoh dia? UMNO sekarang tolong siapa? Rakyat? Tidak. Agama? Tidak juga. Bangsa? Lagi tidak. Negara? Berapa yang ada PR di Negara-negara yang mereka suka pergi bershopping sakan? Nak tanya je?

    Rakyat dah naik MUAK. Dikencing dan sekarang dikelilingi BAU HANYIR KENCING.

  18. Sorry Annie u failed because your blog influence on Umno nor strong enuf compared to ppl like brick, Wenger , big dog, etc

  19. 11.24,
    Do not show your dissatisfaction here,so give suggestion how to topple the most hated man on earth by you.I bet you are not even an UMNO man,you are just like other arrogant urbanites who possessed a thick anti establishment attitude and once had branded the rural folks as stupid for giving BN mandate to govern in GE 13Siapa yang merana sangat di Malaysia ini,ada ke yang mati kebulur tak makan,jangan salahkan GST,bukan banyak hanya naik 20/30 sen.Janganlah tunjuk BANGANG sdr di sini apa yang masaalah yg sdr hadapi...dan segelintir bertperangai macam sdr hasil dari perbuatan PM.Siapa rakyat yang muak,sdr saja ke rakyat.Cakap berdentum dah masuk 9 bulan dah Najib masih PM lagi,kalau lah rakyat dah betulx muak terutama ahli UMNO ,dah tercantas dah Najib......ops lupa ahli UMNO penjilat buntut...itu kata sdr.........sdr jilat sapa pula....SR,EDGE,LKS Tony Pua.Jangan marah ,sebab ini ada kemungkinan.