Tuesday 11 August 2015

Tired of Malaysia, go to Singapore

Okay, let's admit it - we are quite fed up with the current mess in this country.

Even Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said so in his latest posting



46. What Najib is doing is unprecedented in Malaysia. The people are at a loss as to what to do. The prospect of Najib continuing to rule this country is utterly depressing. The Malaysia where elections can even see opposition parties winning whole states will be no more.

Honestly, I believe that if the current situation persist till the next general election, Barisan Nasional is definitely going to lose.

Its support base is now broken and no real effort is being made to fix it yet.

I'm sceptical that the two and a half years before the next general election is enough time for the camp of PM DS Najib Razak to fix the damage.

As it is, they are now more keen on hunting down the rebels who on their part are not also willing to give up fighting even though it's almost certain that they have failed to topple the prime minister.

At the grassroots level, I'm inclined to believe that the ground is tilting to the rebels' side.

Even if by some miracle BN wins the next general election, I think it will suffer an even less percentage of popular votes than in GE13.

Bear in mind that even when all its forces were united under Najib in 2013, BN won just less than 48 per cent of the popular votes as compared to 51 per cent of the opposition.

If not for winning the seats in the rural areas, BN would had lost that year.

Now, I don't know how Najib and his people are going to fix it, but if they intend to do it, then they better start now.

This time they have to come up with something themselves.

I'm done with volunteering my advice.

Done that in the past and it's no good.

Najib's people simply don't need advice from people like me.

They just chase people like me away.

Others treated the way I was turned around and rebelled....me, I just walk away.

Not really worth my time and energy to fight them.

I admit it, the rebels are more patriotic than me.

They believe that they are fighting for Malaysia.

Heck, maybe even Najib's people are also patriotic....fighting for Najib is fighting for Malaysia.....maybe that's how they think...I don't know.

Really, I'm tired of it all.

Maybe I should really consider moving to Singapore and stay with my cousins there.

I love the beautiful parks in Singapore.

Well, maybe I should even get myself a Singaporean husband.

After all, Singaporean guys tend to be more handsome than Malaysians.

If you don't believe me, just compare these two, okay.

And they also tend to have more money too.


  1. Contoh Orang kecil berjiwa besar:Bapak Dahlan Iskan sahabat saya adalah mantan Menteri Badan Usaha Milik Negara Indonesia(Minister of State Enterprise) era SBY(Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono).Beliau dituduh korupsi oleh KPK(kat Malaysia MACC).Bpk Dahlan minta di bawa ke Pengadilan(disini disebut 'meja Hijau') untuk beliau buktikan bahawa beliau tidak bersalah dengan segala fakta,data dan bukti dari beliau(kes ini semasa beliau jadi Direktur Utama PT PLN/macam TNB)dan dituduh bila beliau jadi Menteri.Akhir sewaktu di Pra Pengadilan(Mahkamah)beliau didapati TIDAK BERSALAH setelah beliau kemukakan segala bukti,data dan fakta.Dan sahabat saya ini keluar Mahkamah dgn tenang,senyum dan bersih dan pujian dari masyarakat kerana keberanian beliau minta dibawa ke Pengadilan.(Dato'Dr.Fauzi Mohamad-Ketua Seketariat Perhimpunan Gagasan Nusantara(Coalition of Malaysia & Indonesia NGO's-Jakarta)

  2. "the rebels who on their part are not also willing to give up fighting even though it's almost certain that they have failed to topple the prime minister"

    What are u expect they do...??help najib win the election....???

  3. Haiyaa annie...picture no 2 tu mata sudah kuyu maa....sudah stim lor...belum apa2 buat sudah jadi itu mcm.....ramai amoii sudah wet dream tengor itu gambar maa..lain kali jgn post pic yg ada adult content ya...

  4. You are thiniking like a rational person.Najib and his gundahs are irrational and not smart. Burn everrything to the ground mentality just to remain in power. Kind like Russians in World War 2.

    Also, UMNO is corrupt. Expect nothing from UMNO. KJ is mumbling something but just ignore his charades. That guy is Anwar Ibrahim in the making - possibly even worse than Najib.

    Different wavelengths so don't try to understand them.

  5. "If not for winning the seats in the rural areas, BN would had lost that year."

    Well a bigger factor which will turn rural voters away from BN is the rising cost of living and GST.

    Hope you find a really handsome Singaporean hubby.

  6. This is indeed good news. We just need to bear a few years of short pain before we can have something better by voting out BN. I am looking forward to see Malaysia has the 1st ever go change after 50 plus years under the corrupted BN.

  7. SG$ 1 = RM2.81

    Wikend boleh fly Airasia dari Changi gi shopping kat Pavilion. Atau lintas tambak pegi Tesco. Shiok betoi.

  8. Quickly go Annie.The exchange rate is in your favour.

  9. It's a war of attrition, Annie. The rebels will always be there trying to ensure that the current government are always distracted by the real hard-pressing issues faced by Malaysians.

    If you ever head down to Singapore, try hiking the Southern Ridges which are beautifully landscaped trails passing by some World War II historical sites, including Lt Adnan's last stand. It truly is a wondrous garden city.

    1. Many of the original leaders of the PAP were very competent men of honor. Its really too bad LKY retired them all in one fell swoop in the 80s. You don't find any of their sons and daughters serving in the cabinet of Lee Hsien Loong.

    2. They are being used by Harry.

  10. Dear Annie,

    Kami rakyat biasa dah tau lama. Bila kami cakap/tegur dikatakan kami ini tak tau bersyukur, tak sedar diri sebagai Melayu. Tak guna bernada kecewa di setiap posting dgn masih lagi menaruh harapan, just make up your mind...

  11. Annie,
    Nobody is stopping you,if you think Spore is better than Malaysia to live,Good luck and we will missed you when GE 14.

  12. Well, serves you right, Annie. Padan muka. Sorry, but that's all I can say. Kita orang yang kat bawah ni dan tak de keahlian Umno melawan kepimpinan sekarang sebab ianya ternyata korup, kuat berdusta dan angkuh dalam menegakkan kebatilan.

    When you support the fight against injustice for the sake of fighting of injustice, you won't give up or feel frustrated. Only people like you would feel frustrated and "sia-sia" because your niat is not on the right track.

    The truth is this. Kepimpinan teratas Umno terbelah dua: yang satu yang buat salah tak akan mengaku. Yang lagi satu cuba menegur tapi kena tendang keluar. Ketua Bahagian majoritinya dah dibeli dan tergam mulut. Pasukan Khas yang diharapkan boleh membawa kebatilan ke muka pengadilan dah dipancung dan dikasi. Demonstrasi jalanan tak akan menyelesaikan apa-apa.

    Siapa lagi yang boleh kita harapkan? Ahli-ahli akar umbi Umno. Tapi bila ahli akar umbi ini mula nak bersuara, Annie kata sia-sia belaka sebab Najib dah memagar kedudukannya. Habis Annie nak kita harapkan siapa lagi? Mengikut teori Annie: letakkan senjata dan bersatu kembali menyokong kepimpinan atasan, walaupun kepimpinan tu dah ternyata songsang.

    Itu beza kita rakyat biasa di bawah ni dengan Annie.

    Good luck on finding your Singaporean love of your life and may you have a pleasant time dwelling in Singapore. Because obviously you're of no more use here. Your words, not mine.

    1. Singapore pu dah sesak, kena bersaing dengan orang negeri cina, india dan lain-lain.


  13. re , Barisan National will definitely going to lose .

    Wa manyak sukak lengar itu macam punya cekap maa aa , tapi Wa ingat ini kali ahh UMNO mesti habit punya maa aa , Kalau UMNO habit itu Balisan grenti habit punya lea aa .
    Apa macam mau atak Balisan ,itu MCA ,Gelekan and MIC grenti lompat punya maa aa ,apa lagi mau tunggu maa aa.

    Kamopng punya lalam sikalang semua olang manyak malah sikalang ,ini olang stak malah siapa mau undi UMNO .
    Wa ingat ini kali betut-betut jadi UBAH maa aa , Bulayu sutak malah maa aa ,Cina malah tatak bolih jadi lea aa , tapi Bulayu malah grentee bolih ngam maa aa.

    Siapa mau jadi PM , maa aa ?.

    1. Yang cakap kalah itu monster mata hijau, Kunan,