Sunday 27 August 2017

Another place where Dr Mahathir can contest in Johor

Someone took the trouble to call me up yesterday and asked why I teased Shahrir in my last post,

Dr Mahathir to contest in JB?

Well, to tell you all the truth, I find Shahrir annoying.

Everyone seems to overrate him so much.

Seriously, what are his achievements which were beneficial other than to his own personality?

What are his memorable contributions the several times he was a minister?

Think about it, okay.

Anyway, I actually intended that last post of mine as a reminder of the real and present danger to BN should Pakatan decides to go all out in capturing Johor in the next general election.

After all, Johor is the key to break Umno as it is the birth place of the party.

What better way it would be than having Dr Mahathir to personally lead the attack.

Pakatan actually tried it in the last general election with Lim Kit Siang leading the attack at Gelang Patah.

This time, I think Dr Mahathir could try it in Johor Baru, the parliamentary constituency bearing the name of the state capital.

I always think that the handsome old man should just rest, but since he had proven himself  incapable of resting, then I suggest for him to go all out instead.

For that, he should not settles on contesting a safe seat such as Langkawi, where everyone is grateful to him, and he is sure to win.

What's the fun in that, right?

I think, just for the heck of it, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah should contest in Langkawi.

I'm quite sure she can win there even without campaigning. No joke.

If Dr Wan Azizah can be Anwar's proxy,  what's wrong with Dr Siti Hasmah being Dr Mahathir's proxy?

Dr Mahathir should contest in JB instead because of so many reasons.

Of course he shouldn't contest in Pekan against Najib because that would be stupid.

I know Pekan very well and there's no way Dr Mahathir can beat Najib there.

JB on the other hand is different.

Dr Mahathir actually have a chance to win there against Shahrir.

More importantly, the anti-BN people in Johor will be so hyped up by Dr Mahathir contesting in their state that they may even manage to capture what used to be the Umno's stronghold.

That's what Lim Kit Siang tried to do when he decided to contest in Gelang Patah in the last general election.

Lucky for BN at that time the retiring TS Abdul Ghani Othman was willing to fight a losing battle at the Chinese-majority constituency to contain Kit Siang from wrecking more havoc in Johor.

Maybe Khaled Nordin would be interested to stand in for his former mentor Shahrir in JB in the event Dr Mahathir is to contest there?

Well, I doubt it.  Furthermore that would not help much, I think. Dr Mahathir will go on rampaging around Johor and beyond no matter whether his opponent is Shahrir or Khaled.

Khaled is no Ghani, okay.

Anyway, just imagine what would happen if Dr Mahathir actually wins and becomes the JB MP.

I can instantly think of a few,

1. He can actually shuts up Shahrir for the final time.

2. It would be easier for him to irritate Singaporeans that they are his next door neighbours.

3. He can annoys Sultan of Johor more if he wins. After all, Istana Pasir Pelangi is in the JB constituency.

Hmmm....those are just off my head.

If I'm Dr Mahathir, I would be quite tempted to try it.

Well, why not? Nothing to lose what.

I know, some of you all think I'm a bit crazy writing this.

After all, Shahrir still have over 10,000 majority.

Okay, how about this instead.....Dr Mahathir to contest in Muar.

BN MP there Razali Ibrahim got just about 1,600 majority.

Imagine Dr Mahathir as the MP of the royal town of Johor.

That could be quite uncomfortable for many people in my home state, I think. about that, eh?

Okay lah, enough with my Dr Mahathir in Johor crazy theories.

Here, listen to this better,

Nice, right?



  1. Annie,

    Saya rasalah, lagi baik Zahid Hamidi lawan kat JB tuu.

    Bandar besar ibu negeri Pakatan sapu bersih, Seremban, Kuantan, K.Terengganu, Alor Setar, sumua Pakatan sudah sapu.

    Patut BN hantar champion Jawa kat JB. Zahid pun sudah Wala dengan Najib. Ini ikrar pendekar Jawa kepada Pahlawan Bugis.

    Sekarang ini banyak perkataan Arab digunakan oleh BN dalam pilihanraya seperti Wala, Jihad dan lain-lain.

    Dato P Ramlee juga dulu ada buat cerita Arab berkenaan dengan saudagar Arab Al-buaya.

    Saudagar Al-buaya kawinkan anak dia dengan orang kaya dan orang miskin.

    Yang miskin ini orang yang baik tapi yang kaya ini rupa-rupanya pencuri intan belian untuk bagi isterinya....

  2. As a Muarian myself (even though my kampung is actually in Pagoh constituency), I don't think Mahathir would want to contest in Muar.
    Muarians in general are proud people.During my chilhood whenever any of my kampung folk went to work in Johor Bahru we would always tell people he or she has gone to work in Johor.As if Muar is not a part of Johor.
    So,in conclusion, let anak Johor be our representative.Tun is welcome co contest somewhere else.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Bukankah, dulu Prof. kata berasal dari Kelantan, menetap di Johor?
      Sekarang Muarian dan menetap di Pagoh pulak. Yang mana satu betul?
      Kalau nak terus menipu pun, ingat la apa yang pernah ditipu, kali pertama dulu.

      Dari mana la gamaknya, Prof belajar menipu.

    2. the lion den kepitman pekanman

    3. Anon 1712
      I was born in Muar but I have spent the past 30 years of my life in Kelantan

      Prof Kangkung

    4. Pros Kangkang,

      For more accuracy, can we say:

      You were born in Muar but I have spent the whole of your life being a talentless dedak eater.

      All KBU are also talentless dedak eaters but they are T1 Melayu because they get more dedak than you.

      Hope you are clear.

      Prof Sawi

  3. Annie. You said:

    "I think, just for the heck of it, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah should contest in Langkawi."

    I do think you really have much respect and affection for the handsome old man and his gentle lady

  4. Yes Annie. I agree Dr. Siti Hasmah to contest in Langkawi, while Dr.M, in JB.

    And since Dato Siti's singing profession had been hampered by UMNO-Najib's gomen, I suggest that she become a Politician instead. She would surely stand a better chance in Pekan.

  5. Annie. Thanks for sharing the video. Such a sweet talented pianist. I followed the link and discovered this:

    If all man expend their energy on feats such as this, there's no time for war.

  6. Tun M should contest in Pekan, to save the country from the Chief Thief.

  7. Annie. I think TDM will be outstanding in JB. Yes. It's not at all a crazy idea. I am all for it. Muar is too tame. A Panglima does not fight his battle in the backyard.


  8. Kalo dah taraf pengurusi, tak malu ke nak bertanding berlawn dengan org bawahan... Cari le yang setaraf, baru nama dia kalah mati.

    1. Setuju anon 1522

      Kalau berani pergilah lawan kat Pekan.Fight the lion at his den.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. orang muda biadap dengan orang tua kat pekan. education tak boleh percuma.

      jho low

    3. TDM tak perlu contest kat mana2 pun..dia bukan tamak kuasa..yg tukang sibuk2 nak memandai cadang tu cadang ni..memang saje je dah takde idea kot. Kalau boleh yg dah tua2 tu bagi je la yg muda2 jadi calon.Hangpa2 tu semua dah expired..Thanks

    4. Prof kangkung tk jwb pn dakwaan anak kltn, agar mak prof beranakksn prof beralih alih tempat ya, klau mcm tu awak ni prof kong kali kong

    5. Anon 1939

      Dah jawab tu

      Prof Kangkung

    6. Election after election, BN has always given empty promises. After they hv won the election, its more taxes, higher inflation and more divisive policies. Why do you still think the rakyat is stupid to vote for BN again?
      Malaysians mudah lupa?

    7. If you are guilty, only you will know PM.
      Own up and be a gentleman.
      Donation? What bullshit!
      The wicked deeds will catch up with you sooner or later.

    8. Pros Kangkang,

      "Kalau berani pergilah lawan kat Pekan.Fight the lion at his den."

      There is no lion.

      There is a massive 3-ton hippo wearing stolen diamonds, and a pink-lipped Bugis coward hiding behind it.

      That's all.

      Prof Sawi

  9. Pakatan Harapan is toast come GE14, that is my preditcion. Unless they undergo major surgery now and PKR stop flirting with PAS even Selangor may fall.
    Pribumi is riding on the back of the grand old handsome Mahathir (that i to quote Annie).He has been the face of Pribumi hogging the national media, but where are the voices of Muhiddin and Mukhriz nationally?
    It will come as no surprise many Malays and even some non Malays may still think they are still with Umno. So I think their presence or influence come GE14 is negligible.
    As for PAS, i think they overplayed their hand after GE13.If only they are a little patient and kept their so called liberal faction intact, come GE14, they most probably could have replace Umno and be the anchor for the then Pakatan Rakyat. Let us face it , non Malays were then warming up to PAS, trusting their slogan of a welfare state, thus voted in droves for their candidates.Afterall, non Malays understood whatever it is, it will always be a Malay dominated party that will lead Malaysia, there i no ifs orr buts on this point. So I think Pas may have missed an opportunity.
    So I suppose Selangor will be filled with political intrigues. All will depend on the foreplay and afterplay of PKR and PAS. I think as of now, Pakatan Harapan as a whole would be losers. Big gainers of course will be UMNO/BN.
    Non Malay voters will not be as generous with their votes for PH come GE14 if the status quo remain as it is now and if PKR still insist in wooing PAS. And for its deputy President to say it is none of PH partners business, i would think that is rather arrogant. This episode will cost DAP dearly come GE14. DAP must remember, as a majority Chinese led Party, , if the Chinese can bring MCA and Gerakan to its knees, DAP if not careful face the wrath of the Chinese as well.
    Dap and PKR if it were to look back at voting trends of past elections, there are certain issues non Malays will not agree at all costs and would rather vote bn. AS of now the ball is at PKR's feet. For the others esp.DAP ignore history at your own peril.

    1. Well,Mukhriz ia still young.If he plays his cards right I will not be surprised if he rejoin UMNO when the handsome old man i no longer around.
      As I believe only UMNO can lead anybody to the path of Prime Ministership

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Ini orang masih dalam dreamland.
      Elok bangun cuci muka, read Menteri Besar N9
      DS Mohammad Hassan's speech, otherwise U
      ketinggalan kapalterbang.
      Orang Melayu tidak lagi bergantung pada UMNO/BN.
      Mereka ada banyak pilihan. Jadi, jangan sakiti
      hati kami.

  10. Veteran party leader Syed Hamid Albar was upset and offended of being treated like a disposable item. Pretty much like diapers. No prime minister had ever treated him such a way..

    -The 73-year-old has served under three prime ministers – Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib Razak – in the posts of   legal minister, defence minister, foreign affairs minister, and home minister.

    He expressed regret at the manner in Najib treated his resignation as SPAD chairman. He said he received the letter accepting his resignation one day before he was to leave.

    The letter "came as a shock" as he had submitted his resignation weeks earlier and had not heard from the prime minister.

    "When I wrote my letter of resignation, it was a week or two weeks before. In the letter, I told the prime minister... I don't know who you want to appoint but you have to be quick to appoint because my term will end at such and such a date.

    "Although I had given enough time, I didn't get any feedback on what was (to be) his decision.

    “If he had told me earlier, there could have been a proper farewell for me," Syed Hamid said.

    Instead, he ended up leaving quietly with some of his staff not even aware of his departure.

    "I don't know, I am not used to this. Usually in the government, we have a proper handover of duty. Although it is not legally required, it is just courtesy.

    "I exited the building for the last time without my staff knowing about it. They were only told later and they came to my house in the evening to say goodbye, sad that I had suddenly decided to go.

    “And they apologised if they had seemed rude, but I said no, it is okay." – August 27, 2017.

    Read more at:

    1. Syed hamid Albar feel slighted for not being given a send off??? Hahaha, typical politicians, they think they are the center of the universe.

      It shows that Najib only values those that openly display their undying love & loyalty towards him.

    2. "It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest... To feel much for others and little for ourselves; to restrain our selfishness and exercise our benevolent affections, constitute the perfection of human nature."
      - Adam Smith in 'The Wealth of Nations'

  11. Annie,

    //Johor is the key to break Umno as it is the birth place of the party.//

    UMNO's tactic in Johor will be to claim that it has absolute control over the state.

    There will be no need for UMNO to substantiate its claims, of cos, because most Malaysians seem to just accept any statements by anybody as fact, without any checking.

    Expect to see lots of feel-good UMNO propaganda coming out of Johor.

    UMNO will defend Johor aggressively and money will be no object.

    //I think, just for the heck of it, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah should contest in Langkawi.//

    I almost thought you were serious there but then maybe you were.

    Nah... you can't be.

    //I know Pekan very well and there's no way Dr Mahathir can beat Najib there.//

    Yupe, I think Najib is untouchable in Pekan.

    //Lucky for BN at that time the retiring TS Abdul Ghani Othman was willing to fight a losing battle at the Chinese-majority constituency//

    I have great respect for Ghani for his dedication to his party in embarking on the suicide mission that is Gelang Patah.

    Personally, I felt it was madness for UMNO to order Ghani into Gelang Patah. It just seemed a total waste of a valuable asset.

    The usual tactic that I have seen used by political parties elsewhere is that when one candidate is strong, the other candidate is usually a nobody, a mere sacrificial goat, maybe even a political newbie put out there to learn the ropes.

    But then, I am sure Ghani is not complaining about it as he is probably happy where he is now in Sime Darby and with a fraction of the stress he used to have as a politician.

    //After all, Shahrir still have over 10,000 majority.//

    That 10,000 majority alone would dissuade anybody from having a tilt at JB :)

    It's almost like saying that Teresa Kok can be dislodged from Seputeh.

    //Imagine Dr Mahathir as the MP of the royal town of Johor.//

    Hahahah, that would be funny.

    But I think if Mahatir did contest any seat, he will be looking for a super safe seat, so my guess is that he will be looking for something like Langkawi, or somewhere else in Kedah.

    Right now, PPBM needs parliamentary seats to seal its legitimacy as a political party and Mahatir cannot afford to take too many gambles on where he might contest, that is, if he does contest a seat.


    1. Trust me if Tun M is contesting in any seat in Johor, the Sultan of Johor will be be sitting quietly.
      Remember his remark ' orang tua dah hilang akal'

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Prof Kangkung,

      I trust you.

      But being a Johorean yourself you know that johor is different now.

      Since DEB, Malaysia is divided into two different political ideologies. For bumiputera, it is a socialism. For the rest, liberalism. When there's a conflict, the bumiputera interests will take precedent, and this is the so-called "ketuanan", or more politically correct: kontrak sosial.

      To help the bumiputera, BN government through governmental agencies and GLCs, distributed various kinds of helps, employments, opportunities and aids. To do this, the control of resources is vital.

      But in Johore the control of state resources is no longer in the hands of the BN government, or at least not as much as it used to have.

      So the bumiputera here in johor, when they find it challenging to earn a living, will go elsewhere like prof Kangkung. They are very near to Singapore, the lies about Singapore malays being sidelined has long been broken.

      UMNO's challenges in johor, is how to utilise the state resources for redistribution to the bumiputera.

      You think umno boleh buat benda ni kat johor?

  12. Annie,

    Tun Mahathir said that the voters of Pekan had increased from 35,000 in 1999 to 80,000 in GE13.

    How come so much ahh?

    This is strange.

    The Malaysia population only increased at 2% every year

  13. Why he complained now...LOL

  14. Anon 11:22: have u ever visited Pekan? That place has changed tremendously since 1999.

  15. GE14 consolation prize for a losing BN - najib can be MO1 for only pekan LOL

  16. Siapa yang percaya 1mdb ni bersih dia memang seorang yang bodoh.. Satu dunia dah mula pendakwaan berkaitan 1mdb. Apa sahaja berkaitan 1mdb semua disita. Swiss France US Singapore. Semua dah dakwa. Hotel, apartment, kapal terbang, lukisan bodoh, barang kemas, apa sahaja berkaitan 1mdb semua akan dirampas?. mengapa?? sebab pihak berkuasa negara luar dah temui banyak salah laku berkaitan 1mdb. Duit 1mdb dicuri dan semuanya digunakan utk beli barangan peribadi. Termasuk bayar hutang judi.. Bila terbongkar hal 1mdb dan derma 2.6b, terus semua penguatkuasaan kita jadi kayu
    > KP SPRM ditukar,
    > Pengerusi PAC ditukar
    > Gabenor ditukar
    > AG ditukar
    > FAIL2 Sprm dirampas
    > Siasatan di OSA kan
    > DPP disimen.
    Kerajaan pula menipu dan terus menipu rakyat. Najib mulanya tidak mengaku terima duit akhirnya mengaku pula.
    "bodohlah saya jika masukkan wang sebanyak itu dlm akaun saya"
    "Walaupon wang itu masuk dalam akaun saya, tapi saya tak buat seperti wang peribadi saya". Jawapan lain pula..
    "Wang habis digunakan pada PRU"..
    "Wang digunakan utk lawan keganasan dan isis"
    "wang dipulangkan semula
    tidak tahu siapa yang bagi wang"
    "Wang bukan dari orang perseorangan"..
    "Wang dari timur tengah"
    "TPM jumpa siapa bagi wang"..
    "Wang dibagi raja saudi"..
    (kantoi pula sebab raja saudi dah mati).. Cakap pula anak raja saudi.. Arab Saudi pula keluar kenyataan tak tahu berkaitan wang derma..
    Menteri luar arab saudi keluar kenyataan
    "Pihak arab saudi tidak tahu menahu berkaitan wang derma, jika ada pon itu mungkin sebahagian wang perlaburan antara MAS-Saudi.. Bermacam2 jawapan bodoh diberi pada rakyat.. Cukup2 la bodohkan rakyat..
    sebab itu aku cakap, Siapa yang percayakan 1mdb ni, Dia seorang yang sangat2 BODOH..

  17. A 3 way fight is the only way PH is going to win Putrajaya

    In a 3-way fight - the conservative Malay votes will be divided among the conservative PAS and an increasingly conservative UNNO who are basically fighting for the same pool of voters as the progressive flees from PAS as the progressive fraction have left PAS and formed Amanah and also the same with UMNO because the progressives diehard UMNO voters flees for Bersatu and they see Bersatu as a mold of the old UMNO and are assured that their special rights and benefits will be protected. The progressives are pragmatically and do not see that PAS or UMNO will win GE14. Better to throw their lot with the Wining party which is PH which have the progressives Malays and majority of the non-Malays on their side

    Fear is sweeping BN and PAS as their tie up is like olongapo like a death sentence and need a progressive voice and look. That is why they are courting and destroying PKR , thus numb the pain of defeat

    PKR is going for a split with the Azmin faction forming their New party called a PKR-Azmin or going Gerakan

    Tun is a very smart tactical and now have corralled all the conservatives into BN and PAS and also drafting and chasing the PH traitors out of PKR

    This PH is going to be a very mean and strong party

    PAS will have the most number of candidates losing their election deposits and also next in numbers will be UMNO . A total wipe out and it will not be good for Malaysia as the winners will have total majority and power and will be too drunk with too much power as how BN was

    I fear for Malaysia

  18. Remember how BN use to win 3 cornered contests in the election is by putting fear into the progressive Muslims and the non-Malays and if the progressive liberal BN loses than the conservative PAS comes to power and Malaysia turns into a taliban country . That is why in 1999 the non Malays rescued BN and every election befor GE12 the opposition could not get the overwhelming non Malay votes. But now with PAS and UMNO making live openly , the fear is very real and that is what Tun is doing , turning PH into BN of the past where the progressive malays and non Malays took refuge against the conservative taliban Muslims

    Now the battle lines are very clear on what type a government the majority of Malaysians want . A country ruled by the laws of the constitution or laws of clergy

    I think the choice is very obvious and that is what Tun is pushing thro and assuring the Malays that the rights will be preserved and plight will be improved and for non malays more of the political and economic slice and better governance. Also make all the corrupted in money and power accountable in law

    It is win and win for PH .

  19. Just ask this question , if the Malays want religious law as the paramount law in Malaysia , than why have PAS not won federal power in the last 60 years and why all of sudden the Muslims want religious law as the paramount law in Malaysia

    I think UMNO have been have compromised by PAS sleeper agents in UMNO who have now been activated by PAS



    Will this be the faith of MO1

  22. Anonymous @ 29 August 2017 at 09:59,

    //A total wipe out and it will not be good for Malaysia as the winners will have total majority and power and will be too drunk with too much power as how BN was//

    I may be biased but I see no evidence of any "drunkeness" in the Penang or Selangor governments.

    I am quite sure that MACC must stay up very late every night looking for any sign of "drunkeness" no matter how small or how trivial it may be.

    Yes, I accept that running Putrajaya is different from running a state government but I think that governance will not be a problem for Pakatan.

    My fallback position remains the same - I will vote UMNO/BN back into Putrajaya in GE15 if Pakatan pisses me off.


  23. So anybody going to be worried going to meet Trump as Trump need a Public Relations coup to recoup all his PR disasters

    Maybe this will redeem his image and start of his legacy with the arrest of MO1 in US soil and take credit for getting him out of Malaysia and into USA

    Who knows there is a Secret Grand Jury indictments for MO1 and FLOM

    It happen once and can happen again

    Remember they use to accuse Tun as a CIA spy and maybe he is fixing this to get MO1 and FLOM arrested in USA

    Haha let see which side of the coin will it flip heads to jail tail to The chopping block

    Prof of RM 1 Rubber chicken