Sunday 1 December 2013

Stories of nut case

Today I'm going to just stay at home and have a thorough rest.

Yesterday, despite my intention of taking a rest, I ended up doing quite a bit of work. Came back late last night too tired and fell asleep in the living room.

Now, just woke up. It's quite late.

Checked and saw some messages on my phone, one of which was from NST alert about a sister of enslave Maoist activist Siti Aisyah Abdul Wahab coming back from visiting her in UK police custody.

I do wonder what turned Siti Aisyah into a nut case like that. Something like those loony anarchists Hishammudin Rais and PKR's Tian Chua.

She was after all a brilliant student who won a scholarship to go to UK. Instead of coming home with knowledge to serve the nation, she got stuck there being a slave to someone called Comrade Bala.

There were actually many more cases like Aisyah. Her case reminds me of all those university students who choose to abandon their studies and family to be second, third or fourth wife of Al Arqam people. The deviationist group which gain prominence in the 70s and 80s was shut down by the BN government after it became clear that their teachings consist a threat to the country.

Earlier than that, there was the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM)which recruit mostly impressionable young Chinese into their rank. They brainwashed these recruits and forced them not to think for themselves, the same as how Siti Aisyah was made into a slave. In fact the CPM's ideology was Maoist too. It's an ideology which regulate the life of its followers in total.

The leaders such as the late Chin Peng has even the right to decide who should marry whom among his people. This is the type of people the Pakatan people wanted to bring back into the country and elevate as national heroes.

Leaders may be good and admired but they shouldn't be worshipped as if they were gods.

For instance, a leader shouldn't be regarded as a tokong.

Lim Guan Eng is just a man whose father is a leader of a political party.

That's how he became the secretary general of DAP.

He is not even very smart, charismatic, visionary or even handsome.

As the chief minister of Penang, what were the brilliant things he had achieved for the State so far?

How about this story,

Penang budget - four years of deficit, nary a surplus

Not so brilliant, isn't he?

And if we hang around people like Guan Eng for a little more while, we will realize that he also eat, sleep and shit like we do. Guys like Guan Eng also have desire and urges like us all, okay. Seriously, you think Guan Eng is godly that he is not susceptible to like pretty girls....or pretty boys like some other people?

The same applies to the likes of Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin, Nik Aziz, Hadi and of course Mat Sabu.

Anyone worshipped Mat Sabu out there? Anyone?

Well, that would be a real nut case, if any....of course, he is the deputy president of a party whose members were promised with paradise....most divine, isn't it?


  1. Come on friends ... let's enter into inter-communication & explore what the Truth about the reality of life might be for you and me ......

  2. for Annie, Mukhriz is the most handsome, smart, charismatic, and visionary !!


    1. Anon 20:35

      So you think LGE is not as described. Red Bean Army?

    2. handsome la jugak dari LGE tu..tak merembes langsung!

  3. But Mukhriz is daddy's son. He will forever be in his silhoutte

  4. You sound like helen angs bitch. The two of you need help

    1. You too need help. You sound like biaDAP bastard who had no other works to do except 'maki hamun' orang!

    2. you need to move to australia, your 'homeland'

    3. It takes a bigger one to know one! takes a bigger one to know one!

  5. Only Cina bodoh worship Iguana Eng and Mat Sapu (oops, my bad!). "We love abg Sabu"? WTF? This goes to show how stupid the Chinese are!

  6. re: "Anyone worshipped Mat Sabu out there? Anyone? Well, that would be a real nut case, if any....Of course, he is the deputy president of a party whose members were promised with paradise....most divine, isn't it?

    Mat Sabu in retrospect: Going nuts over Bukit Kepong for the sake of worldly power. Will Siti Aishah the Maoist chant prayers over the grave of comrade Mat Indera in her homecoming - and receive a heroine's welcome in Penang?

    President Sukarno's 1965 National and Communist Celebrations: a silent past

    Tracing the Parti Komunis Indonesia bloodbath

    1. Adab (or Propriety) is integral to wisdom and justice. If we lose our culture of adab then our society will descend into stupidity and secular and religious extremism, tyranny and crazy terrorism. Of course, the world today is a global village where education that cultivates good men and women is of paramount importance, rather than merely training people to be useful economic contributors and players to the system.

  7. " We love abg Sabu" , I am sure abg Sabu will love her too.

  8. KUALA LUMPUR: The electricity tariff will be increased by about 15% for Peninsular Malaysia, and by about 17% for Sabah and Labuan from next year, said Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Dr Maximus Johnity Ongkili.

    Semua naik! Hidup UMNO, Hidup BN.

  9. I don't think Siti Aisyah is a nutcase. She just want to be human whose concerned with the interests and welfare of humans. 

    Nevertheless, she got caught in the idealogical and philosophical networks of secularism and naturalism, then being sucked into political webs of the 60s. Wandering by her inception, she soon could not get out from modern capitalist environment.

    The so called a closed environment, an undefined Maoist she is and in, is just her economic shelter and of much she feels belonging in her congregational cocoon in order for her to survive in the free world of the capitalistic urban London. 

    She reminded me of Pik Sen Lim (Chung Su Lee, Singaporean, I think), portrayed as a Maoist in the television series, Mind Your Language. In class, she always had her little red book of Mao. Taro, her Japanese classmate was her ideological rivalry portraying Siti Aisyah's endeavor and essay of her entity.