Tuesday 10 December 2013

A plea to Datuk Najib

I was lying on bed in this house in Kuantan, feeling rather sickly, when the phone rang just now.

It's a call from a friend in Johor.

After the usual greetings and enquiries of each others' health, the guy asked me what do I think of the Umno general assembly last week.

Boring, was my answer.

Really, there was nothing memorable at all about the whole event. Except for the massive flood which happened at the same time as it.

Then my friend, who is an Umno member said he was so upset with PM DS Najib Razak for praising his wife DS Rosmah Mansor in his closing speech at the assembly.

Well, I told my friend that in my opinion, Najib is acting as a good husband. People are whacking his wife, so, it is only natural that he has to stand up and defend her.

What do you expect the man to do anyway?

Whatever it is, Najib defending his wife was not the worst at the general assembly.

For me, what was the most nauseating was Shahrizat's speech that day. Her apple polishing, self-glorification etc was beyond my level of tolerance. Doesn't she realized how ugly Umno is in the eyes of so many because of her?

My friend agreed with me on that one.

He sounded sad though.

He is after all a hardcore Umno member and had been attending the Umno general assembly for many years. This year he can't attend it because he is no longer in the Johor Umno list of delegates.

My friend said he was frustrated with how Najib now handles the party and the government.

He pointed out the excesses which were happening in Johor which I had highlighted in my past postings as well as several appointments by Najib which we feel was not made wisely.

We also talked about Najib's highly paid bungling advisors. You can read the latest on that here : PM's Advisors Insult Mandela, Keep Bungling Along

"Can't Najib do anything about it?" my friend asked.

"If things continue like this, I may not even vote for BN in the next general election. I will never vote for the opposition, but I don't have the heart to support the current leadership anymore," he added.

It's not the first time I heard this from a BN supporter.

The difference was that, this friend of mine is a true member of Umno.

The others I know who said they had given up on BN leadership were just pro-establishment neutrals like myself.

I'm doing this posting in the hope that someone may forward it to Najib and make him realize that if things doesn't change, he will lose even more support on the ground.

Sorry, but I need to say this,

Datuk Najib, you need to realize that more are getting disillusioned with the establishment. Please do something about it.

Thank you.


  1. Kau ni asyik sakit je Annie. Dah sakit tu duduk je la kat rumah. Gagah juga nak berjalan.

    1. kan Annie ni drama queen, yg sakit belum lagi tentu, mungkin nak dapat simpati dari pembacanya saje.
      Standard line dari Annie the drama queen :
      sleep late, reach home late, sakit, sick, tired, no enough sleep, can't sleep, sleepy, bangun awal, mimpi Mukhriz opps silap, mimpi negri dan sebagainya.

    2. Dah engko tau aku drama queen, engko baca juga blog aku ni apa hal? Engko tak de life ke?

  2. When did Najib ever listen to voice on the ground , he believe he had all the support that he needs.
    Thank to Chinese tsunami ,that Malay ground voters had anticipated early ,if not Najib had full time service to his loving wife.

  3. Assistance for the Prime Minister:-
    Khutbah on The Nature of Authoritative Religious Leadership:


  4. To be quite honest Annie, I am sure Najib is “peka” as to what is going around him, what is said about him, what is commented about his leadership and not forgetting about what is said about his Lady. But unfortunately he has decided not to do anything about the whole thing and instead left everything to his "Punaitaksihat-punaitaksihat".

  5. I'm sure by now this articel has reached him...

  6. Ladies and Gentlemen, I agree with all the comments that were written . Yoyo

  7. Assalam...
    err..ni kira bersangka baik kew dak ek...gamaknye najib dikenakan ilmu hitam yg dia dgr tohmahan kejian jd sanjungan dan pujian kowt...gamak kena berubat kew dak ek....payah klo jenis takmo berfikir..2 pm las cuma fikir dia dan kuarga dia jew...hal rakyat p mampuih kat hangpa..janji aku pm...dok berbillion abis kt punahsihat yg tak nunjukkan kemajuan pown..pastu tekan rakyat ngan gst subsidi terlalu tinggi kepala bana haper....bila kata semua nak nyenangkan pm n the gang marah...haku tak marah kaler nak kurang subsidi..yg haku marah n tak puas hati nih..depa dok perabih berbillion ringgit tak tentu hala..bkn ratusan ribu....

  8. Annie,

    Oh, stop it, will yer? :)

    You know and I know that come GE14, you and your friend in Johor will dutifully line up to vote UMNO/BN regardless of what happens between now and GE14 :)


    You will be reminded how everything you have has come from UMNO/BN.

    Your sense of gratitude to UMNO and the shame you will feel for even thinking of forsaking UMNO/BN will play on your mind and then, voila...

    When, GE14 rolls around, everything is forgotten, everything is forgiven, and UMNO/BN will get the vote - as usual.

    Don't believe me? Make a note of this post and re-read it again in 2018 :)

    Me? I doubt if much will change in 2018.

    I predict corruption will still be rampant. racial discrimination will still be practised, double standards will still be applied, the poor and the marginalised will still be oppressed and I will still vote Pakatan.


    1. Gladiator,

      Yes we will continue to vote UMNO as we have no choice. We will never vote for PAS as long as it is in pakatan with DAPig and PKR Aljuburi. The majority Malays hate DAPigs and Anwar Aljuburi. Now do you understand or not?

    2. Yes Gladiator, we will still vote for UMNO/BN next PRU. Not because we are blind to some of UMNO/BN wrong doing but we disliked ( hate ) DAP more !. Vote PAS,PKR also means you vote for DAP.! Just hope by than the UMNO/BN's red lips PM are gone!

    3. "..the devil i know..." or whatever.

      We will still vote for BN.

    4. Well, there you go :)

      My prediction is already coming true even BEFORE GE14 has come around.

      Actually, the powers-that-be in UMNO already know they are guaranteed of your votes in GE14 regardless.


  9. Why Najib should care about what bloggers think of him , or his wife, or his long lines of consultants. He might not be around coming next GE, UMNO would have thrown him out. He is concern about now, how he can secure his future, economically and his wife and children.

    You bloggers can should for all your larynx can withstand, it is of no use at all. Might as well shout to the cat, at least it might ran react by running away.

    The smart one amongst you will sing praises to Rosmah's unpublicized deeds to help our citizen in dire straits abroad. (Those deeds might even get her to heaven in the hereafter.) At least you might be able enjoy some of here leftover spoils.

  10. Stupid Annie, your plea must go to the REAL PM (Rosmah), Najib is just the husband to the real PM.

  11. ala ingat Annie pergi kuantan utk bantu mangsa banjir, rupa-rupanya pergi sana tidor.
    Kalau nak buat kerja amal serta bantu mangsa banjir pon tak payahlah Annie nak heboh seluruh negeri, sampai Najib pon tahu Annie pergi ke Kuantan.
    Muka Annie dah muncul kat TV3 ke belum ?

    Tolong ikuti teladan budak-budak yg berbaju merah, comment dari Ah beng : "I really salute ini budak-budak baju merah. Every time ada disaster you boleh nampak dia orang. They come in quietly, do their work, and then quietly they leave. No fanfare, no TV3,"

    1. Aku cerita yg betul je. Kalau aku nak glamer tak de la aku cerita aku demam kat sini. Lebih baik aku cerita aku tolong beribu-ribu orang. Betol tak?

  12. Annie dear, maybe you need some relief from J.S.Bach:



    and perhaps this to warm your heart?