Wednesday 4 December 2013

Umno's clunky cyber war machinery

This is going to be a rather short one.

I am now at PWTC, dropping by to check a bit on the Umno assembly.

Met some friends and talked about some issues.

The main concern was tbe major flood in Johor, Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan.

The worst appeared in Pahang, especially Kuantan.

Pahang Umno chief DS Adnan Yaakob had even ordered Pahang delegates whose areas were affected to return home to assist the relief efforts.

Congrats Tok Nan. Thats what Umno needs. More works less talk.

I have wanted to write more on this but when I opened my laptop, it simply can't connect with the Internet.

The wi-fi connectivity  here is so lousy.

I tried using my broadband device, and again it's flowing like mud.

I gave up after awhile.

I'm writing this using my phone. Can't write too long as I'm not use to writing long pieces using my phone. In fact this is my first posting using my phone.

Umno really need to address issues such as this.  How are they to fight the cyber war if they can't even have proper wi-fi connection at theiy general assembly?

Just yesterday Umno president DS Najib Razak insisted for party members to master the social media. I even saw picture of him waving his smart phone at the delegates to stress the importance of mastering the ICT in order to win over the younger generation who will make up the bulk of six million new voters in the next general election.

Personally, I think Umno and its BN allies will be thrashed in GE14 if they don't fix their cyber war machinery.

Okay, I better stop now. My eyes and fingers sudah letih....


  1. Annie, your write up is an anti-climax. Mudah letih? Any thing very serious on your health?

  2. Annie :I am now at PWTC, dropping by to check a bit on the Umno assembly.
    Mukhriz ada kat PWTC , dah jumpa Mukhriz ke belum ?

    1. Anon 20:17,

      Just shut the fuck up! Or better still pergi berambus! You are the same Red Beanie who has been hounding Annie all this while. Lu apek tatak kerja lain ka?

  3. Take a musical interlude from your busy schedule Annie,

    dedicated to the UMNO delegates: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

  4. Enjoy the carnival atmosphere there. It is about the only thing that malays are good at, berpesta libur lara. In the meantime, everything that matter to rakyat, except income, all have gone up. What UMNO has to say, "kenaikan tidak membebankan". I think the people hatred to UMNO elitism is definitely rising. The mood may be cyclical but the trend is on the rise. Every empire will one day fall. We are seeing the fall of Manchester United, right in front of our eyes.