Sunday 15 December 2013

Men need to be disciplined

Last day in Kuantan.

Things here seem to be going back to normal. Unfortunately I was quite useless in my effort to assist the flood victims. Had been mostly sick while here.

I'm now writing this in front of the TV. The Fox channel is playing "The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo". Superb movie. I had watched it a couple of times.

I had also read the book which the movie was based upon. Män som hatar kvinnor – literally, men who hate women by the late Swedish journalist Stieg Larsson.  The following books of the trilogy were unfortunately not as good.

As it is, I find a lot of men who actually hate women. They would not say it or behave as if they hate women, but they do things in their life which convince me that they hate women.

To put it simply, they treat women like shit. 

It's just a matter of degree. There are the sadists like those depicted in the movie and there are those who deep in their heart just could not take it when a woman does better than them.

Of course, there are those who are genuinely good men. Not many though.

But still, better be safe then sorry. Women just need to be careful when dealing with men, either it be at work, or in love.

Anyway, talking about good men, some men are made to be good. Most of the time it's the women who have to make them good.

Like in the case of this guy,

Yes, men need to be disciplined by their women, otherwise they end up doing nonsense stuff like these guys,

Or this guy,

Ok, I need to pack up. It's going to be a lonely drive in the dark for me tonight.



  1. Annie, there is a good man out there but it is far between :P. To finds someone who is perfect is hard enought but maybe there is someone for us but he is not as perfect as we want to be. But who's know what God has install for us. Just pray and ask him to give you a good soulmate and perfect for you. Cheers girls and have a positive outlook yeah...;)


    1. Aiyah Annie, nowadays women also so havoc one, dua kali lima sepuluh lah!

  2. Annie, please grow up.

    1. Some where down the road, Annie . . . . . .

  3. pakatan leaders are all clowns
    lim guan eng the sepet clown is the most idiot scumbag cina bodoh

  4. Annie, you have too much hatred for others, reconcile with yorself and get rid of the hatred inside you, you will feel better instantly. The venom and hatred in you is eating you up from inside. Live and let live......Try meditation, will do you some good.

  5. t is better to be in the dark rather than be in the water pool. But some men would prefer to be in both, to hide somethings by all means.

    To relieve his persisting feelings of guilt or seduction, he dip himself in a home build-in Jacuzzi with his family members, echoing the family feud of repulsion and fervor.

    In the spacious Jacuzzi, they were not allow to be naked. The family rules say so. The session is a family thing, their feeling of being together and communicating among them about current issues. Politics has been their common theme slips into plenty of jokes with new inspiration. It is their usually of family happy moment. But today, the dialogue in the Jacuzzi has taken a little turning.

    The father began to tell the story about his trip back from Germany.

    "You know Zah, I had the opportunity to be at the cockpit with the pilot, you know while we were flying over the Himalayas, I could see the open sky. It was a very clear day and I could see the top of the Mount Everest far down below. It was just beautiful up there, you know at that very moment,  I was really thinking of you Zah."

    "Really!  Betul ke ni Bang! You must be kidding, are you really sure Bang? the wife replied with her pursy face.

    "Of course lah Sayang, I swear and sincerely swear, I meant what I said," the husband
    solemnly  answered. 

    "If you can swear then, and why can't  you swear before the Quran as requested," her returned words to the husband.

    The wife continued, "I am tired of you Bang, of defending you and I don't want to really believe what people have been saying about you, it just because I have not seen it with my own naked eyes you know."

    "Why are you so upset? what are you talking about? you ni over lah Zah" he responded with little cricking voice. "Hope you really don't mean that," he continued with softer tone. "What you hear are all nonsenses, defamations and I don't stand to swear because I do not do it, swear Zah!" the husband tried to cool down his angry wife.

    "Do I look upset Bang, of cause I am upset and I am very very upset, you know why I am upset, because I just watch that video tape, at my first glance I know it is you, why I have to bluff for you," the wife declared with frustration. At the top of her voice she continues, "You know I am the president of an established party, a wife to you and mother to your children, don't you know that?"
    "It can't be me, Zah! Joe tells that the tammy is not mine, the nose is dent, my hair is not crew-cut style, my chest is not that floppy, and Joe also says my bum is not like Jennifer Lopes's, I don't have that broad shoulders either," the husband persistently tried to convince his wife who was in grieved and troubled. Continue.....

  6. Continue......"Bang, you must be kidding, how in the hell Joe knows about your physical feature well, you know how long we have been married, I am your wife you know!  don't you think that I did not know you from top to tail, you must be out of your mind, I know every spots marked on your body even with your holy robe on, I could see through, do you know that?   the way you did to that betina Sial, you also did it to me same same, my God! I am lucky, didn't you try to force me to do that ice cream act, if I did I won't be abled to eat solid food again and I be ending up living on liquid food spooning through of using straws"

    The daughter who was all along keeping herself still and quite, suddenly voiced out, "please you Mami, Dad stop bickering and I already lost my mode to be around you guys, you guys don't even respect I am the vice president and also your eldest daughter."

    There was a pause:

    "By the way Mami, while you were arguing, I saw these jellies like Ameba floating, what is that Mami?" 

    "Ahh! Itu lah! Bapak kau ni....dia baru KENTUT  dalam air lah tuuuu." Patut lah, Bapak kau tu....dan betul lah tuuu,  tadi Mami dengar bunyi kereta Bapak kau, jam 4 tadi, tapi Mami tak nampak muka Bapak kau pon, Bapak kau tak naik naik ke bilik atas pon, apa dia buat dalam bilik bawah tu lama lama? entah lah, tahu tahu dia join kita dalam Jacuzzi!"

  7. I like your blog. If I were as good as you in expressing my thoughts, it would exactly be the same.