Tuesday 3 December 2013

Differentiating the good, the bad and the ugly

Hypocrites are the worst.

Second were the arrogant bastards.

And third were the shallow people.

These are the top three types of people I dislike most.

Hypocrites are such as those claiming to be champions of democracy but running their party like the communist party of North Korea, or claim to be good Muslims but enjoy cursing fellow Muslims or claim to be of high moral but went around having too much sex with girls...and boys.

Arrogant bastards are those who think they can get away with anything. These are of the types who demands these and that because they think it's their God given birth rights. These type of people are also known as selfish bastard.

The above two types are of the evil variety.

Shallow people on the other hand are of the annoying variety. These are innocent gullible types normally used and abused by the two types above.

They are not evil, but just plain too shallow that they can't even tell that they were being used by people of the other two categories. Example : Malay members of DAP, and Malays who took part in Bersih rally (including that silly shallow silver spoon fed old girl Marina Mahathir).

There are other types of people whom I dislike, but these three I mentioned above were the ones I encounter most on day to day basis.

Why I'm making noises about them today?

Well, it's because Umno general assembly starts today.

There are many among those of the three categories who will talk all sorts of things at the assembly, trying to look good in front of everyone.

We need to separate them from the other good Umno people.

If we listen carefully to the speeches this one week, we can tell who are the good, the bad and the ugly in Umno.

The good actually are in the majority. Unfortunately the bad ones who are always getting the highlights.

Bear in mind, Umno got over 3 million members. Most are decent people who sincerely believe in the perjuangan untuk agama, bangsa dan negara.

Selamat bersidang.


  1. "Bear in mind, Umno got over 3 million members. Most are decent people who sincerely believe in the perjuangan untuk agama, bangsa dan negara."

    Very true, but its the few thousand leaders and office bearers who are your arrogant bastards!

    1. 3 million members ?? kah..kah..kah... berapa yg bayar yuran ? kah..kah..kah...

  2. JALUR GEMILANG: Honoring Chivalry, Compassion & Competency


  3. Sudah la tu. Your masters are gone. If you have an ounce of integrity, you will focus on the needs of the country, not your heroes.

    1. Nah, ini master class pasal integrity, fokus baik-baik ...


  4. Don't take hearts of all this cowards anons' words annie. Pengecut and bacul, if they have any sensibilities left in them, at least put down your name. Pegi sembah lar tokong kau kat Pulau Pinang tu.

  5. from surah an-Naziat to the hypocrites and arrogant souls: "On the day when that all things movable will be in convulsion (due to the first Trumpet blast). To be followed by the subsequent blast. Every heart on that day will be in great trauma."

    Allah Most Sublime and High describes the terrible and calamitous arrival of the Day of Judgement. The word Ar-Rajifah denotes the first Trumpeting of the Archangel Israfael which will occur during the demolition of the natural world. This will be followed by the second Trumpet blast known as Ar-Radifah which will summon every human soul from its grave on the Day of Resurrection or Yaumul Ba‘ath. The interval between the two Trumpet blasts will be forty years long. Humanity will shrink from fear to learn that the Last Day has arrived. Their eyes will be downcast and many will be burdened with remorse and sorrow at a time when regret will have no more effect. They had aforetime rejected the Messengers of the Lord who had informed them of the certainty of the Last Day, and about heaven and hell, and of things unseen, but they had denied these teachings, turned away and even disgraced the Prophets.

    1. Why are you preaching here? Your PAShit dungus don't want to listen to your sermon?

  6. Would it be a demonstration of perennial hand-over over one who thinks that man is born evil or that man is born good which concerning for his human nature?

    Moreover, a pessimistic view portraying of one who is depressed. Being man own nature, he sees himself is not only evil but nasty, ugly, brutish, arrogant and hypocritical as yet to be realized. But then come man who engages himself into civilization, he becomes a good man who by mean has saved himself to be good. A thought that man without civilization, man would regress to a beast-like state.

    The irony is, there is also belief that man is born good, though he is free but everywhere he is in chains. Civilization is not good for man. It follows, he has to be free from the social contract in placed. At the same time he should restore himself from the technological life and lead to more of natural existence could be the awareness to the question. 

    It is interesting with this jargon mind-warbling interest, Umno convention would be there to demonstrate the actually of practical in human nature.

  7. ya lah.... Annie and the UMNO geng is the bestest person in the whole wide world hehehehehehe !


    1. wow..
      u laughed at your own stupid joke.