Sunday 8 December 2013

On the road to Kuantan

On my way to Kuantan.

Stopping at a Petronas station just before the toll into the Karak Highway. There is a Starbucks joint here. I'm having a Redbull to suppliment my energy for the drive.

I am writing this using my phone
Trying to get used to it. Very difficult leh.

Anyway, I had worried the past few days about the flood situation in Kuantan but can't do anything as I was tied up with works.

No, I'm not like the PKR's Fuziah who got to showcase herself in Parliament  at a time when her flood wrecked constituency needed her. I need to work to earn my keep.

Now I got some time off, I'm going to see what little bit I can do to help in Kuantan. See lah how.

Okay, need to continue my driving now. Cheers everyone.


  1. Cheers Annie. Have a safe trip and get yourself recharged ok?

  2. Take care Annie and 2nd wave expected to start tonight. I am not sure as what the rainfall system now in term of source of origin. The impact differs if it is coming from the interior or from the sea. I wish our weather station engaged the public about this but they are keeping so quite and early warning system is supposed to come from them - at least public awareness of thing. Anyway, you take care and drive carefully.

  3. "Now I got some time off, I'm going to see what little bit I can do to help in Kuantan. See lah how! "

    Wonderful spirit of fellowship! let us be together, Annie:

  4. What I wounder most , when there is banjir why only Melayu are affected ,look like Melayu has no choice of decent location to live though .

    Adaptation and tolerance are at their best .

  5. Annie,

    Thanks for trying to helping out Malaysians in need.

    Seeing as you took a poke at PKR's Fauziah Salleh, (thereby making this visit of yours somewhat political cum humanitarian) may I suggest that while you are in Kuantan, you have a look around and tell us what the Pahang State Govt and/or the BN Government have done to prevent floods in the past AND what they intend to do in the future.


    1. The Pahang State Government have to look SERIOUSLY into the flooding issue and better/bigger/systematic drainage/discharge system
      have to look seriously into to avoid the flooding repeated and become an
      annual affairs not only they created inconveniences, losses and damages to lots of things and in particulars Kuantan residents,.