Thursday 5 December 2013

A bit more about Regina and saving Johor

Today is the start of Umno's general assembly proper.

The party's wings meetings ended last night.

I think they ended with a whimper.

Shahrizat got no other thing to say except demanding more recognition for Wanita as being the tulang belakang (spine) of Umno. Berapa kali mau cakap itu rhetoric la makcik. May as well demand Wanita to be the sirloin steak of Umno. Lagi best.

The new Puteri chief whose name I can't really remember demanded that the movement not to be treated as cheerleaders or decorative item anymore. Mas...whatever...don't really have to say that, I think. Act mature and people will treat you accordingly. You don't demand respect. You earn it, okay.

Khairy's speeches were rather dull this time, except for his pantun about Siti Nurhaliza and when he whacked TNB for the electricity tariff hike. The only real excitement of the day was actually when his press secretary lashed out on twitter at The Malaysian Insider for writing a garbage article about her boss, or something like that.


The once darling journalist of DAP's handsomest boy Lim Guan Eng is at the moment the brightest spark at the Umno general assembly. Not bad at all.

Maybe Umno should hire an entire DAP's cybertrooper battalion to spear head its cyber war effort...led by Regina, of course.

The present ones, whoever they are, were quite useless. They can't even get their wi-fi connections right.

Ok, on to more serious stuff.

Party president DS Najib Razak will present his presidential address this morning and then the debates begin.

It will be bla bla bla again.

I think there will be a lot of fiery speeches about Melayu and Islam.

Those were the most popular at the moment after the Chinese tsunami of GE13.

Everyone would like to be a bit like Zahid Hamidi, who rode on those vehicles to become the most popular Umno vice president at the moment.

Well, that's up to them. After all, everyone want to be popular.

 I just hope that the one or two speakers could instead speak about doing something substantive like saving the Umno's tiang seri - JOHOR.

Honestly, at the current rate, I think Johor will be lost in GE14, four years from now.

That is, if Pakatan doesn't implode first.

I think even Najib knows this and worries about it.

My suggestion is for an independent audit team to be send to check on the running of the Umno-led STATE GOVERNMENT itself, in order to curb all the excesses which will piss off the rakyat.

For instance, check why the menteri besar got so many special officers (10 or is it 12?) and why their salary is more than double than that of the state assemblymen.

And while the audit team are at it, maybe they can check if any of those guys had ever demanded direct negotiation contracts from agencies such as Iskandar Regional Development Authority (Irda). That would be interesting.

Also, the independent audit should also be done on Irda itself. I'm sure the people want to know about big stuff such as sale of land to foreigners by the billions of ringgit to the small stuff such as how Irda finance golfing trips (disguised as corporate visits) to Indonesia among others.

Well, I'm not really counting on it, but, it would be nice if the Umno people could once in a while talk about real issues like that instead of just talk with the intention to be popular at the party assembly.


  1. I have similar thoughts to yours on the second point. They will need a solution to tackle this growing issue. Perhaps to develop a scheme specifically to tackle the unique attribute of the place, demographics, urbanization, etc. The smart people in the organization must have seen this long ago but then its always up to the head honco to really do something about instead of acknowledging passively like that of a passing remark. Maybe this issue would strike a deeper chord with the second in command. Its his playground after all. They need to get him on it. And oh my dear Regina, rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, and summer's lease hath all too short a date as the evergreen sonnet would have it...

  2. Pernah jumpa Regina ni kat gomen function kat Intan Mount Kiara baru-baru ni. Dia iring KJ untuk satu forum kat situ. Cun beb orangnya. Nampak manis je pakai baju kurung.

    1. Takkan baru nampak amoi pakai baju kurung dah lembik kot. Ni jenis senang kena jual.

    2. Ni spesis melayu kuat seks tapi lemah semangat mcm ni kalo ko bagi kuasa memang hancurlah melayu senang kena jual.

  3. Annie,

    For an Ardent UMNO Supporter, you don't sound too enthusiastic about UMNO. Perhaps that is the reason for your constant Pening Kepala and Sickiness.
    Its your Brain telling you that you have gone off tangent. Insanity is not too far if your love hate relationship with UMNO continues unabated.

    1. Annie is supporting UMNO because of Mukhriz. If Mukhriz joins MIC tomorrow, Annie too will support MIC from tomorrow onward.

    2. Jangan cakap nonsense lah! Be more serious when serious matters are discussed.

    3. "Well, I'm not really counting on it, but it would be nice if the Umno people could once in a while talk about real issues like that instead of just talk with the intention to be popular at the party assembly."

      The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said:
      "Whoever has faith in Allah and the Last Day, let him speak good or else keep his peace; Again, whosoever believes in Allah and the Day of Judgement, let him honour his neighbours; And again, whosoever has faith in Allah and believes in the Day of Resurrection, then let him honour his guest and friends."
      (Bukhari & Muslim)

  4. For someone who writes a lot about politics, you are very naive la....The Johor MB will say ok independent auditors are acceptable but i also want the same for the state of Kedah (got a lot of new projects starting now...wonder the new MB's advisers or officers asking for projects or promising one...), Pahang for the ongoing stuff, Terengganu and needless to say, Sabah... and since the key word is accountability he will demand that Sarawak and Perak too are independently audited....hmmm very interesting...can the reports be made public....

  5. Annie jealous kat Regina pasal tak dapat jadi press secretary KJ, kalau ikut kelayakkan academic Annie memang seribu jauh ketinggalan jika dibandingkan dgn Regina.

    1. Annie I appreciate your ability to write on subjects which are close to our interests. Dont reply to immature comments as above.

  6. "Special officers paid twice what the State Reps are" - that's the market (and because Khalid is not MB of Johor). Careful what you wish for.

  7. dalam akhbar cina, banyak tak liputan umno? mungkin orang cina yg baca akan kembali menyokong bn. setakat regina tu, no hat la. media baru umno dah ada ketua yg baru. dengan cara lifestyle yg baru, penambahan undi dijangka akan meningkat 5 tahun lagi. no hat apa yg pemimpin umno nak buat.

  8. Hear me moo ooo

  9. Keep the good work Annie , never mind about that Regina Lee ,keep tracking on Johore ,make them feel that they are being watched .

  10. I appreciate that you are closer now to your home state. I hope that SPRM can be more comprehensive in examining the decisions made by the State in the years and in the presence. Take for example the taking over of Tebrau Teguh Bhd by Lim Kang Ho. I understand that no due deligence audit was made on the value of Lim Kang Ho's shares swapped with Tebrau Teguh Bhd shares. Send professional auditors so that Johoreans can get back the coastal lands acquired dubiously by Lim Kang Ho. Examine also his joint-venture with those in "power" in constructing the Nusajaya highway. I feel disgusted with abuses made by those in power. Who else, orang UMNO laa!

    1. Fyi, the new administration at Kota Iskandar had set up an audit team right after taking over from the previous one and park it at KPRJ to dig out the dirts such as you mentioned. It's half a year now and they have not find anything. It's because there was nothing to be found. You don't believe me, go ask Tok Moi, and while you r at it check how much he's being paid at KPRJ.

    2. Annie how to audit when the previous CEO had resigned before the auditors came. Of course they have moved or destroyed the records. The first CEO fled to Australia after making a lot of money. No action taken against his criminal act. The second left after becoming unpopular with Lim Kang Ho. Of course after enriching Lim. By this time Lim was close to the highest in the state . Police acrtion needed. Not only auditing.

  11. KUALA LUMPUR: Conmen have cheated Malaysians a total of RM5.2mil since last year, said Datuk Seri Michael Chong.

    “In these two years, there were 22 cases involving 17 female victims and five men,” said the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head.

    I think he is missing at least four zeroes at the back. He is seeing the ants but missing the elephants, or I should say the sharks, the alligators and the piranhas. Many of the them are currently gathered in PWTC.

  12. Anon 12:16,

    Who normally complains to MCA? Definitely not Malays or Indians. Don't tell me the Chinese (I'm sure 100% of the complainers are Chinese) who are expert cheaters themselves are being cheated by other races other than Chinese? Which race dominates loan shark/ah long business? Which race runs legal as well as illegal gambling? Which race runs tontine and pyramid schemes? The answer is always cHINA cibai, cHINA cibai, cHINA cibai! C'mon lah use your brains the next time you post a comment!