Wednesday 11 December 2013

Don't you dare defend the Malays

Still in Kuantan. Today I got this message to tell.

Do not ever try to defend anything Malay these days. It's very unfashionable to do so.

Worst, you will end up being accused of being a racist. Well, I kena already liao.

If you are an elderly woman, and you speak about Malays being discriminated, you will most likely be labelled as a racist grandmother.

Really, that's what a chief minister said. You can read about it here 

Guan Eng calls Jahara 'racist grandmother

But it's okay to defend things such as Chinese schools or Chinese heritage buildings or other Chinese these and that.

"Why the local council only tore down the Malay stalls and not the Chinese restaurants?" : That's racist.

"Why the government only give money to Malay (actually national) schools and not to Chinese (actually private) schools?" : That's not racist.

Why is that so?

Because the Malays are the majority who bully the Chinese all the time. That's what they will tell you.

Really, if you don't believe that, just go around and find out how badly bullied are the Chinese in this country.

They are the worst off among the ethnic groups of Malaysia. Really, they are so oppressed, okay.

That's why they have every right to shout racist at their Malay oppressors.

Of course they can't shout "Melayu racist!", that would make them racists too. So, they instead shout "Umno racist!"

That's what Lim Guan Eng did when he called that State opposition leader, who is an elderly Malay woman a racist grandmother.

Yes, now you know how to get away with throwing around the Melayu Rasis label without being accused back of being a racist.

This tactic had worked well, in fact even some Malays are beginning to believe it.

A friend who is now a hardcore Pas supporter completely believes this logic of calling her fellow Malays as racists whenever they talk about defending their rights as Malays.

Anyone who tried to reason with her on the need to preserve the Malays' interests would get this from her,


Really, she wrote that on her Facebook wall to postings by friends on Malay issues.

Well, the irony was that, being educated at ITM, now UiTM, I believe she would not get to have her tertiary education if not for her being a Malay. After all, she only got second grade for her SPM.


  1. yup totally aggree. You even being recist when you want to help a Malay if you are a Malay. Hmmmm


    1. sarah, what else you are not agree with Annie ? Everything she wrote or puke you also agree with her wat.

    2. Annie wrote : Because the Malays are the majority who bully the Chinese all the time. That's what they will tell you.

      Kalau Annie nak spin, tolong spin dengan cerdik sikit, boleh ?

      The Chinese never accuse the majority Malays bullied them, but they discontent about UMNO thru their evil policy not only bully and cheated them but also the majority of Malays, Indians, orang asal, kadazan, Iban dan lain-lain pon kena kelentong oleh UMNO.

      UMNO berkuasa, Rakyat Susah
      UMNO Kaya, Rakyat Miskin
      Annie Spinning, UMNO Paying
      UMNO Racist, Annie lagi kuat Racist

    3. Ya ya ya the only rich ones in Malaysia are Umno people. Everyone else are poor. All Chinese are poor because oppressed and cheated by Umno people. They only can drive Honda, cannot drive Mercedes. All Malays are poor except Umno people. All PKR and Pas people are poor because oppressed by Umno people. Orang Asli are starving all the time because all food eaten by Umno people. Many Kadazan and Iban people also starving because Umno people steal their food, Some more?

    4. aNNIE..YOU ARE THROWING A TELOR TEMBELANG ON THOSE FACES YOU SEE??..THEY DESERVES TO HAVE IT...(mereka tidak tahu malu..semua nak salah pada UMNO..orang PKR tu bukan ke dulu UMNO juga kebanyakan nya..? Si-Nua tu bukan dari UMNO ke dulu nya???

    5. Altantuya's dad is crying because UMNO took his daughter away.

    6. Yup. The flood also because of Umno.

    7. Kepada mamat2 dan minah2 UMNO ini izinkan saya terangkan bagaimana UMNO kaya. UMNO kaya kalau (1) dapat saham percuma atau 100% pembiayaan (2) UMNO dapat konsesi tanah seperti Mustapha Kamal dapat ribuan ekar di Cyberjaya (3) UMNO dapat AP –kereta, impot sayur, lada, kobis, daging, beras, gula dan macam2 pun ada (4) UMNO dapat kontrak dan tender terpilih dan tender tertutup (5) UMNO jadi orang tengah membeli atau menjual untuk kerajaan.Ini cara orang UMNO kaya.

      Quote : SAKMONGKOL AK47

    8. Looks like Annie has gone demented, defending the undefendable regime UMNO. 'The flood also because of UMNO'....kah..kah..kah... dah giler kot !!

    9. Betul betul betul. Aku sokong Umno, sebab tu aku kaya. Dapat kontrak juta-juta. Sebab tu aku ada ferari dan lain2 kereta mewah, macam ostat yang popular tu, apa nama, aku pun tak ingat. Orang panggil Ustazzz Ferarri. Tapi kalau tak silap aku ostat tu sokong Pas. Entah lah.

    10. Pada ketika dulu, orang UMNO pon selalu panggil Annie Ustazah Annie pasal Annie banyak kuat kutuk orang2 PAS, sampai Nik Aziz pon kena di hina oleh Annie.
      Tolong check dengan NAZA, Kroni UMNO, siapakah yg selalu datang beli kereta Ferrari di showroom mereka ? Geng UMNO ataupon Geng PAS ?

    11. Annie ni memang penyokong UMNO yg Che-Kai, maki hamun tak tentu arah, paling teruknya Najib pon kena bantai !!
      Dengan seluruh barisan pemimpin-pemimpin besar UMNO, kononnya Mukhriz saje yg paling best, the one and only can save UMNO, yg lain semua uninspiring dan half past six.

    12. Bila masa aku ada maki hamun korang. Kan aku setuju je apa korang cakap. Umno jahat, rasuah dan macam-macam lagi lah. Semuanya yang tak elok tu sebab Umno lah.Kuching Nik Aziz jatuh dalam perigi pun sebab Umno juga. Aku setuju pun engko kata aku maki hamun. Apa punya tak cerdik da.

    13. Mallay don't need any help. It can survive, no problem. it is the UMNOputra that need help. Endowed with contract worth many millions, in fact billions, they all sub the contract to the chinese, who else, and happily become Dato' 3% (mo more 10% nowadays). Now that they have squandered virtually all the ill-gotten wealth buying ferraris, condos, wives and mistresses, they are in dire straits to maintain that lifestyle. These are the people who cry for help, and put the blame squarely on the chinese.

    14. Yup, Malays don't need any help. No one should help them. In 1970, 70 per cent of them are happily living in poverty. then came Tun Razak who introduced New Economy policy. Now Malays are suffering with less than two per cent of them living under the poverty line. Umno people are the only rich Malays. Anwar Ibrahim and other Malay opposition leaders are living in squatter area.Chinese ones are even worse, they are totally oppressed and living in poverty. Umno is indeed very evil.

    15. The Chinkies are indeed stupid. They highly regard a mentally retarded person LGE and even worship him as Tokong.

    16. Stupid Annie, yes,the malays needed help, but the poor and the very poor of Indians, orang asal, kadazan, Iban and chinese also need helps. So, it is not right if UMNO only helps Malays and ignore others poor. The problem here is UMNO.
      Malaysia has enough resources to help every poor in the country but UMNO has hijacked the resources by way of stealing the money from the poor. How on earth for all the UMNO big shots are rich beyond imagination. Mahathir alone is believe to be worth some USD44 billion.

    17. Anon 21:27, you are really stupid, only you believe LGE is tokong. hahahahaha

    18. Want? That evil Mahathir only worth USD44 billion? I thought he has stole gazziliion USD. Well, you all know what, during his over two decades as PM, All Malaysians, especially the non-Malays are starving because Mahathir stole everything for himself and his family. You don't believe me, go ask Kit Siang, Anwar or Hadi lah. I'm sure they agree with me.

    19. Good one Annie, the saying goes.... you can't fight stupidity (annie) with facts. You can only fight stupidity (annie) with more stupidity.

    20. The Chinese are trying / preparing to impose apartheid on the Malay majority just like South Africa ,the only difference is they are not yet in full controlled of the government .
      They believe one day, they will and it would be worst then South Africa .
      In South Africa ,the white's speak (Afrikaans) 'the language of South Africa where hear the Chinese didn't even want to attend National school and speak (rojak) National language for the purpose to 'cari makan ' and become rich .

    21. To those who think that I totally agree with Annie, think again lor. I'm not like some people who when you don't agree just post a comment and maki hamun one.

      I'm not like orang tua perangai macam budak-budak types who terloncat-loncat tahap Gaban whenever you don't like some comment.

      I read it (even a worthless comment) and then think if it is worth my comment or not.

      Do I comment at every post by Annie? NO lor. That's means some of her post was just a post and some I'm not totally agree on lor.

      I still can think for myselves lor. Not like some anon who come and maki hamun in this blog, and it was so familiar that I come to think it comes from the same persons over and over again.

      And it come with every post by Annie. Surprising enough they don't agree with Annie and still read and visiting this blog. Trashing Annie by calling her name but getting angy when Annie call them names. Aiyoh, you give some you get some lor...


    22. Kalau you all gentlemen patut kamu minta maaf kpd Puan Annie

      Maafkan Kami ya maafkan kami

    23. Peduli apa orang kata ya Annie, rasis itu Melayu, rasis itu Cina, rasis itu India, rasis itu UMNO, rasis itu DAP, rasis itu manusia. Rasis tidak pandai diskriminasi mana dia nak lepak. Laung sahaja apa yang benar. Ramai kawan facebook cina saya yang unfren saya sebab dia orang hanya 'mentowering malaykan' saya bila saye defend yang bukan melayu, bila saya bukak pekong si cina terus katanya saya rasis. Saya peduli???? Hmmmmm lantaklah yang merrah telinga kau bukan telinga aku, pedas kan cili - Aidil Yunus

  2. Last para...I like very very much

    1. Hasnan, please be reminded that the gal that got into UiTM not only because of UMNO made it possible for her but also by million of non-Malay tax payer money to fund the UiTM to keep it going. UMNO is spending the rakyat money and not the money coming out from their own pocket.
      Unfortunately, Annie with her stupid mind think that UMNO owned the Malays and the country as well.

    2. Yup, Umno spending rakyat's money to set up UiTM so that Malays could academically catch up with others. Indeed, Umno is truly evil.

    3. UMNO is truly evil in the form of providing below par education to the Malays masses despite spending billions of tax payer money in the education fields. A good example is ANNIE, the one that UMNO produced. Mocking and demeaning other races is her forte. Annie is spending so much of her precious time defending an evil regime that bring harm to the rakyat.
      Evil UMNO will wants to keeps the Malays uncompetitive so that they can be easily manipulate and control. Make the Malays less qualify, incompetent, weaken their mind so that the Malays will be relying on UMNO for sedekah !! Annie is here to help UMNO to achieve the evil aims.

    4. Anon 20:39,

      Your comment above shows how shallow your mind is. Tu lah. Too much worshipping of the Tokong, you are becoming just like him - lacking grey matter in your brains.

    5. Umno bring harm to the rakyat...true again, Malaysia is the worst country in the world because Umno has been in power for half a century. As you all can see all Malaysians are suffering under the oppression of Umno. That's why the Banglas, Indons, Nepalese, Myanmarese, Pakistanis, Chinese and other knees want to come work and live here under the oppression of Umno.

    6. Stupid Annie, hope someday you will married a bangla.
      Because of UMNO, now we have many bangla, indon, nepalese, pakistani holding Malaysia IC. These foreigners are targeting Malays pussy, so that they can masuk Melayu, and soon UMNO will have a bangla as its President.
      Annie will tetap sokong as long as bangla is an UMNO member.

    7. anon 21:31, you are really stupid, only you believe he is a tokong!
      Any sane mind would not have come out with this kind of stupid suggestion.

  3. Annie cry RACIST ! RACIST ! RACIST ! but not knowing Annie herself a die hard UMNO racist, what a joke lol !!
    Yo Annie, you got to do a better spin in Jahara & LGE sparring next time, pls go learn from you mentor Rocky okay.

    1. Hell! this is neither spin nor whirl:

      Racist or not racist, the worst of their kinds are perverts, bigots, immigrant minds and chauvinists. They are the worst known of human creatures who conceived by their justification of hatred and intolerance, a double of DAP's political kind.

      No matter what! You agree or disagree, you are either racist or racism, the Malays are here to stay. You perverts! will be in fingering your shit hooks, would Umno and Pas are soon to bury their hatchets. Mind you! This consignment is not an option but a solution in against political bigotry and perverters.

      Because of your perverted minds and bigotry, the accommodation toward the unification of Muslim Umah will be soon to become a reality, prevailing for a new political order and governance. Many of you perverters will be dejected and bleeding deliberately to the rest of your life.

      The present Administration, near buttress of Multiracial Government will be the amount of your past. Have you Assholes mindful of your existence and have you aware of the circumstances? Do you know that, the Malay psychic is being threaten because of your bigotry and chauvinism?

      Who would have thought that the emergence of Perkasa would have become your nightmare ? What would it be if the Malay psychic as defined as racist embracing the elements of pervert, bigotry and chauvinism? Malaysian freedom will be in a shit-house. You witless moron! Get back to where your minds once belong!

    2. Ur indeed a moron chinese

      pls wash ur arse wth water yeah

  4. so.......the Grandfather of all racist is LKS the father of an all time racist son who has no shame to stay on as the Secretary of DAP though other candidate have better vote than him.

    un DemocraticActionParty.

  5. Who crazes for dirty laundry?

  6. itu melayu atau mamak yang lompak lui melayu apa macam?...haiiiya racist.

  7. Padan muka melayu, masih tak sedar diri lagi, Mintak tolong dengan Kak Ros Lah!

  8. Cina ngan keling yang asalnya pendatang kerja kuli di lombong dan ladang dibawa masok oleh british kemudian 1 juta dibagi di bagi kewarganegaraan. ..........INI MEMANG SEBAB UMNO ...........


    1. anon 21:02, jangan jadi bodoh macam kerbau. Tolong pergi kaji. Bagaimana kaum buruh cina dan india di beri kerakyatan. Tentunya bukan dari UMNO !!

    2. woi anon 21:02, mamat ni baca dari sekolah mana ? Jangan baca sejarah terbitan UMNO, semuanya tipu belaka. Jangan jadi poyo dan
      jangan malas, pergi kaji baik-baik.

    3. Silap lah engkau, India jadi buruh, si cina cina memplunder the ountry wealth while bribing the british official. Lepas tu they people help fund communist yang menyembelih Melayu - Aidil Yunus

  9. cina kena oppressed sbb mampu pakai honda bkn mercedes atau ferrari..i setuju sangat..hahahhaa..ramai pulak tu melayu yg "baik hati" dok sokong cina DAP..yg lawak tu kalau susah semua cina pegi mengadu kat Biro Aduan MCA. I told my friend, apasal lu taknak adu kat Biro Aduan DAP yer? kalau susah cari pulak MCA!

    1. Anon 21:19, orang cina pergi adu kat MCA sebab MCA kadang kala bagi angpow pada orang2 cina yg datang adu.
      Selalunya MCA cari angpow, ada masa dia cari amoi, dan ada masa pulak dia buat orang cina marah.
      MCA : Mahu Cari Angpow
      MCA : Mahu Cari Amoi
      MCA : Make Chinese Angry

  10. Not sure how i could read it all the way down but annie keep lighten it a bit. Somehow I agree with you annie, trying to reason is so difficult when one place hatred more than anything so the best way is to play along. What makes me shudder is that they think this country better off with pkr or pas at the helm. What a naive thinking...anyway try to entertain them more often, they really need that.

  11. Annie,
    I really don't know where you have studied and what type of parent and background you have.

    But there is one thing I know of - you damn brilliant! You and Helen Ang are simply genius.

    1. Annie studied in UiTM (tapi tak lulus diploma in whatever, law)
      Age : mid 40's
      Father : Malay
      Mother : Chinese
      Race : Malay
      Habit : Smokers (Marlboro the best)
      Alliance : UMNO
      Admire : Mukhriz, Ghani Othman and sometime KJ
      Dislike/hate : Chinese, particularly members of DAP, Indian and other non-malay origin in the country.
      Daily Punching bag : LGE,LKS, Anwar Ibrahim, Regina Lee, leaders and members of PR. Najib also frequently kena from her now.
      Hobbies : blogging,mocking the Chinese, reading and 'kekpo' with UMNO affairs.
      Her Mind and Life : belongs to UMNO.

  12. Annie,
    These dapsters are really akal pendek. They keep disagreeing with you and maki hamun u when u say UMNO is very evil.

    I agree with u Annie, really think UMNO is really evil overall and to this friend of yours who studied at UiTM. Sudahlah curi duit rakyat utk bina Uitm etc, dah tu pulak paksa this girl to attend such educational institution yg dibina dari duit curian rakyat (thereby corrupting her 'suci dan bersih" principles too) whereas she would been better off to stay at the kampung, anyam tikar or if she is Bandar girl, kawinkan dengan Bangla or Indon jer. Kan kan? Dapsters, u agree or not?

  13. DAP MP's, before and after winning election: before - was driving old proton saga, after - is driving luxury imported car. And all they could say is UMNO politician is using rakyat money la, blabla. The DAP MP's are all millionaires in the making. I cannot forget this DAP guy from Perak. Before winning election, the way he dressed, ouch, just like he had finished his 18 hours taxi driving. But now, with blazers and all. Najib pun kalah. And to imagine how much money that Selangor speaker is making. I think DAP supporters should stop making such claims, because takut gelaran sama terkena pada MP's kesayangan mereka.