Friday 6 December 2013

A good ordinary Umno member

The Umno general assembly this year is totally overshadowed by the massive flood in Pahang, Terengganu, Johor and Kelantan.

It's heartening that Umno delegates, especially from Pahang, had rushed back home from PWTC to assist in flood relief efforts.

I read in the NST yesterday that one of those who was first to get back to badly affected Kuantan was former Umno Youth exco member Datuk Mohammed Suffian Awang.

He was interviewed while busy on the ground helping the evacuees near his home  in Tanjong Lumpur and other part of Kuantan.

Suffian is the BN candidate for Kuantan who was defeated by PKR's Fuziah Salleh in GE13.

Fuziah had on the same day busy in Parliament making rhetorical statements about the flood in her constituency and having a verbal fight with Bung Mokhtar who had told her to just shut up and go back to help her constituents.

The irony of the whole thing is that, Fuziah is now a big shot in PKR, a member of parliament, and known by her admirers as an environmentalist and expert on Lynas  rare earth radioactivity.

Suffian on the other hand is now just an ordinary Umno member whose political career is probably at a dead end after the people of Kuantan choose Fuziah over him as their MP. He didn't even contest for any divisional post in the party election in October.

But still, Suffian is the one who was first on the ground helping the flood victims of Kuantan.

You can read the NST report here

Rushing back to help flood victims

Knowing the guy a bit, I think Suffian may just shrug it off and say "Tak apa, tolong orang ni dah memang kerja saya."

I had wrote about Suffian before the GE13. You can read it here at A good young Umno leader

Well, good work Pian. All the best.

p.s For those who have never had a conversation with Fuziah, do try to do so for about 30 minutes. You may have the same conclusion as mine - SHALLOW


  1. it is her job to raise it in parliament as she is an MP and her constituent is effected by this disaster... half the peninsular is suffering from floods...this is a national crisis now...if she does not raise it who is gonna do it ? That's why she was voted for...likewise if your Johor MPs onad Aduns raises these issues that you keep bringing up in your blog then you don't have to do it...they are not doing a thing about that extent and by your own exasperation about this issues, she is doing a better job then them but you are not going to admit it....very deep indeed....

    1. D'oh...You also know how to say ma...National Crisis. If National Crisis still must raise in Parliament for what? Stupid ah? No better things to do ah? Can go help those people in need first or not? Talk later la. Keep your saliva first. Do work first. Talk later can? You highlight in Parliament what can MPs do? I mean Ah Jib Gor is blur sotong la but come one la Pahang is his home state. Don't think he blur until dunno how to do anything.

      If like that I also want to know who is the dude or dudette representing my area in Kota Kemuning. Hello? Road full of pot holes leh. Can tar a bit ah? Why raise salary but the roads like shit?

      By the way horrr...don't call Malay people hypocrites la you Holier than Thou Evangelists beanies. Just read in The Star horrr...that it was a CHINESE company that went and destroyed the Lembah Bujang candi 11 site. Eh why so quiet already one? So if Chinese do shit it is okay issit? You don't see Malays going ahhhh...tengok tu. Jangan cakap kita orang Taliban bila Cina yang robohkan candi tu. Got ah?

      So damn tired of politicians from both side of the divide. Bodoh bebal got la.


  2. oh and I need to add, while all this is happening...UMNO watches Tanda Putera...aiyo please least show some compassion and spend that time to raise funds from your delegates whom are not supposed to be ashamed of their wealth...

  3. This is what I observed always happening - the good guys will not go far in the hierarchy be it in politics or company. Why? These people focus on work and they feel that their work will speak for them. They are not the masuk bakul angkat sendiri kind. I will call this group the "work horse".

    The ones that will go up and get all the "glory" will be the tong kosong with very good work horses supporting them. Unfair? Fair? I suppose it will depend on which side you are looking at from.

    Having said that I think this Pian will have a good and fulfilling life since he surrounds himself with good positive energy. Whereas shallow Fuziah will have a lousy life. I cannot imagine anybody can be happy living a deceitful and self-righteous life. Shallow Fuziah maybe richer and more powerful than Good Hearted Pian but fortunately wealth and power does not equal happiness.

    The world is fair after all huh?

  4. If Bung Mokhtar can asked (using the polite word) her to go back and she ignored it, who do you think people in Kuantan can rely on? Maybe she think as a Parliament representative, her job is only to represent not taking care of her area. That how the shallow people will think lor.

    Well my opinion, She is not only shallow lah Annie she also..... (cannot find the kinder word lah)


    1. Sarah, did Annie and you go help Kuantan flood victims ? don't cakap saje pandai ! Sarah and Annie also shallow lah and both are full of shit !!

    2. Anon, how about you. I'm in Kuantan since yesterday afternoon. it's only 4 hours drives to Kuantan you know

      Today I will go back and will continue helping from Seremban. How about you anon. When you will visit and helping out or you just like Fauziah. Talk talk and comment comment comment.....


    3. Anon also in Kuantan you know, helping the flood victims. So, where is Annie ? Meeting with pemimpin UMNO in PWTC ?

    4. Not only Sarah is full of shit, but also bull-shit a lots !! Mana tahu, mungkin Sarah tengah berpeluk-peluk dengan boyfriend di Bali, mana lah ada kat Kuantan, or going back to seremban, kononnya.

    5. folks, folks let's not descend a downward spiral alright?

      give a little love, get a little love, don't break our hearts ....

  5. Annie - I know Suffian and I can vouch for everything that you have written about him is correct. A good people-friendly politician who serves the people at the frontline. Too bad the voters voted emotionally but I believe time will expose the poor service politicians like Fuziah and the people will vote her out.

    1. Jason, the voters in Kuantan is out smarting you and Suffian for they know who is the gem and who is batu.

  6. re: "Knowing the guy a bit, I think Suffian may just shrug it off and say "Tak apa, tolong orang ni dah memang kerja saya."

    dedication for Datuk Mohammad Suffian Awang: "A Horse with No Name"

    "And having thus chosen our course, without guile, and with pure purpose, let us renew our trust in God, and go forward without fear, and with manly hearts." (July 4, 1861, Abraham Lincoln's message to Congress)

  7. Yo Annie, please stop promoting your yet another idol named Mohammed Suffian Awang. There are thousand of people from all walks of life are helping the flood victims in Pahang now and not only si Suffian.

  8. Annie,

    Thanks for reminding some of us on this side of the fence about good decent UMNO members.

    I do vaguely recall your previous article about Suffian Awang but not being an UMNO supporter myself I have not paid much attention to the man. He sounds like a person who does puts in a genuine effort to serve his constituency in Kuantan.

    The thing is this though - it is no good complaining about why PKR's Fuziah Salled did or did not return to Kuantan to help out in the flooding.

    Firstly, what can she realistically do? She is a PKR parliamentarian in a BN-controlled state government.

    I grant that Fuziah could have gone back to Kuantan to offer moral support and show her face, but let's be honest here - the people affected by the flooding don't want moral support, they want real material support which only a BN-controlled state government and a BN-controlled federal government can give.

    Secondly, how often have we been having these floods causing havoc on the East Coast of Semananjung? Is this the first time?

    No, these floods have occurred time and time again for years and years.

    Why hasn't the BN-controlled state govt been putting money into infrastructure which will fix the flooding problem?

    Lots of money have gone in building wonderful mosques, the stadiums, the ports and the like but this is not quite like building flood mitigating infrastructure, if you know what I mean.

    Of cos, I have no problems with anybody who wants to go to the masjid and "negotiate" with "The Man Upstairs" about how much hujan we should be receiving but it is also just as important to put in the drainage, the pumps and the levees and whatever else needs to be built to keep the waters at bay.

    I can understand Kelantan's constant moaning and groaning about not receiving their oil money BUT Terengganu, Pahang and Johor do have plenty of oil money, timber money, etc.

    So, where have terengganu and Pahang and Johor been spending their money?

    It sure as hell ain't in flood mitigating infrastructure.


    1. Gladiator, Annie is under the payroll of UMNO, her jobs is to mock PR leaders and supporters (everyday, even in sick bed), while promoting the UMNO goons and their evil agendas.
      She for a thousand years could not answer to your questions above.

    2. Anonymous 16:41,

      Annie has declared that she is a normal person who is not being funded by UMNO.

      I cannot speak for others but I have chosen to take her word in good faith and on that basis I expect her to believe that I am not a paid Pakatan cybertrooper.

      As Annie is an unashamed UMNO supporter, it would be expected of her to promote her favourite UMNO/BN personalities on her blog :)

      To be fair to Annie, she has questioned some of the actions by BN-controlled state govts, eg the Ramsar sites in Johor.

      You see, as Malaysians we are programmed to wildly and blindly criticise those who do not share our political agenda.

      I don't intend to be one of the herd and I will give credit where credit is due.

      Whether Annie chooses to answer my questions is not important to me.

      What is, perhaps, more important to me is whether Annie and others here feel they are legitimate questions to be asked.

      Right now, I am a die-hard Pakatan supporter BUT if there is an UMNO/BN supporter out there who can convince me that UMNO/BN have better policies than I am quite willing to listen.

      Notice I did not say I would change my political allegiance but I can be convinced although not with money or power or any special treatment or statues erected in my honour :)


    3. If you eat peanuts for breakfast you might be behaving like monkeys the whole day. But nuts are highly nutritious with high protein content which give you energy but not to nourish your brain. Rice water is the nutrient that feed the brain organ. Research shows rice water builds up your brain capacity and perhaps make you more sober and rational. But too much rice water it might lead you into a ditch in your three piece suits just after midnight.

      The selection and due choice of the mindful be that of the BN or the Pakatan may be the result of what they eat for breakfast. If they eat peanuts they will get monkey brain of their own choice. If they consume rice water for breakfast he might be brainy being. That also go to the political party of their choice, also depend what their representatives eat for breakfast. Unfortunately, they are quite a number who eat peanuts for breakfast.

      That is why we get too many monkeys running and clinging around the concrete jungle who have been eating too much peanuts regularly for breakfast. Eighty nine of them can be found roaming in the dry-house of Parliament. They are afraid of water.

    4. apparently, Najib and Muhyddin were seen having nasi lemak with peanut for breakfast on Saturday morning together with all the UMNO supreme council members at the PWTC cafeteria before the starting of the assembly.

  9. Owwhh come on guys...we need more people like Fuziah and Nurul Izzah decorating the Parliament. They are doing a wonderful job unlike BN reps who wants to show-off....

    1. Yes, we have people like Fuziah and Nurul Izzah in parliament to strip tease! Just install a dancing pole in the middle of the dewan and these 2 bitches will start to strip and gyrate up and down the pole. PAS leaders' air liur akan meleleh and mata terbeliak! Anyway, that is what these 2 hitches are good for!

  10. Mana ada good UMNO member lagi. They are all gone, either gone to meet their maker or retired to their kampung. Those left are all marauding pirates, dressed as pembela nasib melayu. lots of bullshits.

    1. Manyak mutut lu cakap maa! Semua Umno punya olang balik hutan Gua diam atas bukit Bendela lo. Gua nampak manyak munyit bawa lo. Hali hali Gua baling makan, takada makan maa, nanti munyit naik atas bukit culi Gua punya makan lo, cilaka punya munyit!! 

  11. Dear Annie, there are many-many good peoples in UMNO, like the Pian guy you mentioned. The problem is, these ggod-good peoples will not go far. UMNO's system prefers to breed and propel peoples like Shahidan, Bung Mokhtar, Ibrahim Ali, Nadzri Aziz and etc. Not that these peoples are jaaahat, no! It is just that they are not these Pian and Tok Pa's mould lah

  12. UMNO berpesta di PWTC, makan besar dan bersuka ria, rakyat di Pahang dan Terengganu pulak tersesak pasal banjir besar, makanan pon kurang.
    Ini macam kah UMNO bela nasib orang-orang Melayu ?

    Najib dan Muhyiddin melawat mangsa kebanjiran, tapi kaki tak sentuh pon setitik air, rupa-rupanya berterbang di ruang udara dengan jet lalu lihat ke bawah, boleh ke mereka berdua ni nampak mangsa-mangsa dari udara tingggi ?

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